holsteinOvenWerks: i agree about the menu structure.. and getting lost00:34
holsteinfor me, i think the question is, what can be consistent across the DE's, or most of them, with the least about of preperation per DE00:36
holsteinone place someone can do the setup, and it'll just apply00:36
holsteinthere may be no such indicator or whatever..00:37
OvenWerksholstein: yes that is the question. The main menu is no longer consistant across DEs, what do we replace it with? Or how do we fit with what they do, with their theme of things.00:43
holsteinOvenWerks: do you think the "dust will settle" so to speak, soon? and things will be more consitent?00:44
holsteinseems like, that would be a goal00:44
OvenWerksI don't see unity/kde/gnome ever being "the same"00:45
OvenWerksI don't see lubuntu going away from the menu00:46
holsteinlxqt seems menu like00:46
OvenWerksI think for me it will be installing them all and looking for common ground00:47
OvenWerkslxqt is lxde next and yes I think so.00:47
holsteinyou think, in vm is enough?00:47
OvenWerksI have 5 or 6 partitions of 20 meg or so each.00:48
OvenWerksI have never been happy with VMs00:48
OvenWerksmaybe I am just old :)  (double nickle next month)00:49
OvenWerksAnyway I can carve off a few more partitions if I need to.00:50
holsteini think i'll try VMs.. for space00:51
holsteinthough, i dont care for them either.. and, 3d can be odd in them.. which needs to be tested00:52
OvenWerksxfce-panel is a separate application. I have run it in unity before under the unity panel. I have also used it as first app with ssh -Y to give me a menu.00:57
holsteinits not heavy, either.. 00:58
holsteinxfce panel is pretty snappy00:58
OvenWerksit seems to me I did have some trouble with unity can't remember what now.00:58
OvenWerksI did not take time to work it out.00:58
OvenWerksI think it got hidden easy00:59
OvenWerksThis would be about a year and a half ago. Life has made ubuntustudio back burner for a bit.01:00
OvenWerksMy netbook is starting to fail. I can't see the boot screen (boot blindly) and the display is going blinky. I have not yet replaced the drive where I was doing my dev work because I am not sure it is worth it. But it meant I could keep my wife company and do dev work at the same time. With the android I can be on line (like now) but not develop.01:04
* OvenWerks should go cook a chicken.01:05
holsteinyeah, i still have that going on a bit01:37
holsteinim going to be finished with this house soon, though, and we'll see what i have time for01:37
OvenWerksSounds good.01:38
holsteinwell, theres always something.. but, i want to thin it back out a bit01:38
holsteini cant be running around like i am01:38
holsteinits been nice this week being on tour, with the days open, and being away from home and chores01:39
* OvenWerks has about 6 mo of "work" left.01:40
holsteinis that good?01:41
OvenWerksI am hoping so, My body has had enough of this work. I walk 10 to 15 miles a day with weight at speed.01:42
holsteinyeah, thats tough work01:42
holsteinyou building things?01:42
OvenWerksIt is a big part of why I stopped using the RIC as a bass01:42
OvenWerksI delever mail on foot.01:43
holsteinah.. thats rough, too01:43
holstein6 months til you retire?01:43
holsteinyou are not old enough to retire..01:43
holsteinthough, i would like an early retirement01:44
OvenWerksabout that yeah. it will give 30 years I'll get about 60% per mo what I get now.01:44
holsteinOvenWerks: thats great!01:44
holsteinand, 100% more free time.. 01:44
holsteinsounds like a good deal01:44
OvenWerksMy Yf is just starting her career as a nurse so I will take care of kids and house.01:45
holsteinwell, that aint easy, but its good01:45
OvenWerksThe house might actually get taken care of with one of us off.01:45
holsteini hear that01:46
holsteinits a lot of work to just keep things straight there01:46
holsteinalright.. im out.. i gotta drive 10 hours tomorrow and play a show01:46
OvenWerksholstein: later01:50
DalekSecSounds like "fun"01:53
DalekSecholstein: Live stream it! ;)01:53
zequenceOvenWerks: Ok, so you're going to become a full time Studio developer then? :P16:37
cubGood evening (at least here in CEST)18:31
cubAnyone tried LIghtworks for video editing?18:31
cubWow, things happened with kdenlive while I was gone18:52
cubnot so great stuff for US though18:52
DalekSecHowdy, cub.19:57
OvenWerkszequence: fuller than the last few cycles :)21:16

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