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bbradleyi'm having trouble with cloud config apt_sources working. anyone spare some help?03:37
bbradleyi am using debian's cloud-init
bbradleyi'm not going anywhere so just ping me.03:40
bbradleyexpect to bed but back after03:40
bbradleyit seems i'm experiencing this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cloud-init/+bug/135534303:52
smoserbbradley, can you give exmaple of cloud-config ?06:44
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bbradleysmoser: indeed14:45
bbradleyand, everything else in the cloud config file works except for apt_sources.14:46
bbradleyi may not be experienced that exact bug. but my sources.list is not being created by cloud-init and my sources.list.d is empty.14:54
bbradleyi am going to attempt to try using a new version and see if that helps. but it seems hard at best since the only way i see to use cloud-init is install by package.16:11
bbradleymeaning i have to create a package from the codebase to try.17:28
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