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lazyPowerstub: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lazypower/charms/bundles/sentiment-analysis/bundle/view/head:/bundles.yaml06:27
jcastro_tvansteenburgh, can we kick off tests for this? http://review.juju.solutions/review/108706:35
jcastro_I tried to click the button but it didn't do anything for me06:36
jcastro_robert would like to test his latest pushes06:36
tvansteenburghjcastro: kicked06:37
jcastro_bcsaller, https://askubuntu.com/questions/611564/how-does-juju-get-the-private-address-of-a-node07:38
mbruzekjamespage Please send me a link to the actions document.07:59
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BardhiHello everyone. I am new with juju and maas and im trying to get that installed and running in our company. I managed to get installed maas and juju, but when i want to deploy a service with juju it gets stucked in "allocating units" and it doesnt advance from there. It remains yellow it doesnt become green. If someone could help me how to solve this i wold appreciate it. Thank you08:15
ludvigxanyone got a sec to help me out ? Trying to deploy the latests trusty/ceph-36 via juju, and it returns a agent-state-info: 'hook failed: "mon-relation-changed"' every single time.09:20
ludvigxor is this more just a ceph related question ? not sure :)09:21
lazyPowercory_fu: another fyi re: sync-watch - i'm getting consistent errors when watching subordinates09:34
Bardhi|2ello i am trying to deploy some services with juju but it gets stucked on allocating units and services are not deployed. i just started using juju and i am not an expert in using it and i dont know very well how it all works but i09:53
g3narohello! is anyone here able to help noob09:58
g3naroroot@falcon:~/.juju# juju deploy apache09:59
g3naroERROR environment is not bootstrapped09:59
hazmatlazyPower: any presentation deck you recommend for giving a presentation on juju?10:04
lazyPowerhazmat: i do, 1 sec10:07
lazyPowerdo you want the raw deck, pdf, or speakerdeck link?10:07
lazyPowerhazmat: https://speakerdeck.com/chuckbutler/service-orchestration-with-juju10:07
hazmatlazyPower: looking, thanks10:08
hazmatlazyPower: that looks solid, thanks10:10
hazmati'm giving a presentation on juju in a few hrs, and my decks are moldy ;-)10:10
lazyPower:) want the .odp file to make tweaks?10:12
hazmatlazyPower: that would be great10:12
lazyPowerhazmat: the biggest change is juju is the modelling language, and not "the orchestrator" - we're enabling orchestration through the language model10:12
lazyPowerhazmat: ^10:13
hazmatg3naro: you have to bootstrap an environment before deploying10:13
hazmatlazyPower: that distinction seems subtle, so juju is not an orchestrator but a language runtime for orchestrator?10:14
lazyPoweryeah, basically its a universal language to describe your infra as SOA10:14
cory_fulazyPower: You and your damned subordinates.  ;)  Thanks for opening the issue10:24
cory_fumarcoceppi: Where was that tool you showed for rendering a bundle svg?10:25
marcoceppicory_fu: svg.juju.solutions10:25
cory_fuHrm.  No form?  How do you post the bundle?10:26
lazyPower(۶ૈ ᵒ̌ Дᵒ̌)۶ૈ=͟͟͞͞ ⌨  GIVE US THE KNOWLEDGE MARCO10:26
marcoceppicory_fu: read the instructions?10:27
cory_fuIt says post, but there's no form to post10:27
cory_fuWhat am I, a wizard?10:27
marcoceppiyes, use HTTP to post to it10:27
marcoceppior http://svg.juju.solutions/?bundle-file=http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bigdata-dev/charms/trusty/apache-analytics-sql-hue/trunk/download/head:/bundles.yaml-20150420030716-vycsb0pcenhst8wt-1/bundles.yaml10:27
marcoceppicory_fu: I thought you knew kung fu10:27
marcoceppicory_fu: or http://svg.juju.solutions/?bundle=cs:bundle/openstack-telemetry-3110:27
marcoceppino instructions, sorry, forgot I didn't write them yet10:28
marcoceppistill a WIP10:28
cory_fuFair enough10:28
marcoceppicory_fu: I'll be adding caching and faster processing (plus embedding SVG so it downloads more cleanly) soon10:29
rogpeppejam: hiya10:31
jamrogpeppe: /wave10:31
rogpeppejam: just wanted to give you a head's up regarding some changes we intend to make to the juju/charm repo10:32
jamsure, what's up?10:32
rogpeppejam: we've had some cyclic dependency issues between the charm repo and charmstore10:32
rogpeppejam: i made a little doc to explain things to ourselves: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10Ol5g2T688fih2wBTDk6ZO5h2I8dXjVI3hWTSpMaUew/edit10:32
rogpeppejam: after some discussion, we've decided that solution 3 is the best way forward10:33
rogpeppejam: YMMV so any feedback would be good10:34
rogpeppejam: essentially this means moving the charmrepo package into a new repository. for juju-core, the implication should just be a simple import path rewrite with no other code changes required10:35
jamrogpeppe: what is "publicly depends on" vs "depends on" ?10:36
jam(it has a public API that uses a type defined in the other repo?)10:36
rogpeppejam: yes10:36
rogpeppejam: you said it much more neatly than i was trying to :)10:36
rogpeppejam: this is also a possible precedent for a pattern that we might use more generally and eventually something that might be worthwhile for juju-core to use (so that juju Go clients don't have to incur all juju-core's dependencies)10:38
jamrogpeppe: so I'd like to understand why cycles in tests is ok10:39
jambecause you have to set up the underlying objects to test against?10:39
rogpeppejam: because it's possible to make forward progress even when there are cycles in tests10:40
rogpeppejam: in the worst case, you might need to temporarily disable some tests10:40
rogpeppejam: whereas in the situation we were in (with cycles in exported APIs) we literally couldn't make forward progress without some really nasty hackery (including charm.v6 needing to import charm.v5 in tests)10:41
jamrogpeppe: so its not *actually* possible to upgrade a version and have all the tests pass10:41
rogpeppejam: it should be in most cases10:42
rogpeppejam: you'll end up with the tests importing two versions of the package, but that is usually ok10:42
jamSo charmstore is the actual server internals code, csclient is a consumer of the public API, what is charmrepo ?10:43
jam"charm" is the core data structure, right?10:43
rogpeppejam: charmrepo is the API that juju uses, that layers onto csclient10:44
rogpeppejam: yeah10:44
rogpeppejam: charmrepo implements local repository handling too10:44
jamand params is shared implementation of types exported and imported between the server and clients?10:45
rogpeppejam: charmrepo already exists, BTW: http://godoc.org/gopkg.in/juju/charm.v5/charmrepo10:45
rogpeppejam: yes10:45
rogpeppejam: similar to juju-core's params package10:45
rogpeppejam: ha, this probably isn't the right channel for this discussion - i had intended #juju-dev10:49
philip_stoevHello, how does one deploy a charm using uncommitted changes in a local bzr repository?10:55
philip_stoevI am using this command:10:55
philip_stoev juju deploy --repository=. --config galera.yaml local:trusty/galera-cluster10:55
philip_stoevand the charm being deployed does not contain the local uncommitted changes10:55
rogpeppephilip_stoev: AFAIK the juju deploy command doesn't know about the bzr repo at all11:08
rogpeppephilip_stoev: so it should just see all the files as they are (including uncommitted changes)11:08
rogpeppephilip_stoev: what does it do if you try to deploy the charm when there's no .bzr directory at all (for instance, move it out of the way or make a copy of the charm dir without it) ?11:09
rogpeppephilip_stoev: it's possible that this is an existing bug with juju deploy with respect to local charms actually11:09
rogpeppephilip_stoev: have you already previously deployed that charm to the environment?11:10
philip_stoevI found out that it is safer to destroy the environment every time. Otherwise it seems I am always getting a cached version of the charm11:10
philip_stoevActually committing to the local repository did not help11:11
philip_stoevso, with a fresh environment11:12
philip_stoevI am still getting files from the Charm Store11:12
philip_stoevEven though I provided  --repository=. local:trusty/galera-cluster to juju deploy11:12
philip_stoevDoes juju have some local cache that I need to purge?11:13
philip_stoevI have no ~/.juju/charmcache on the local machine11:14
philip_stoev--upgrade has been deprecated11:17
philip_stoevso what is left apart from committing every revision to the charm store?11:17
rogpeppephilip_stoev: i think the problem is the revision number of the local charm11:22
rogpeppephilip_stoev: i encountered this problem with gocharm, and worked around it11:23
philip_stoevI think I got what the problem is, for some reason I had multiple copies of the charm locally, so --repository=. was picking the wrong directory11:23
rogpeppephilip_stoev: if you create a "revision" file and increase the revision number in it each time, it may fix your issue11:23
rogpeppephilip_stoev: ah, that can also be a problem11:24
rogpeppephilip_stoev: the local repository logic is weird11:24
rogpeppephilip_stoev: it ignores the name of the directory and just looks at the charm name in the metadata.yaml11:24
rogpeppephilip_stoev: and then takes the one with the highest revision, or the last alphabetically by directory name11:25
philip_stoevI was able to make it pick up the right files ...11:25
philip_stoevso I am good11:25
rogpeppephilip_stoev: cool11:25
philip_stoevthanks for the help11:25
philip_stoevI have a more conceptual question regarding Juju11:26
philip_stoevAssuming I have started a service, e.g. MySQL , is it a strict juju requirement for other services to connect to it only through juju relations and interfaces?11:27
philip_stoevIf not, then it seems it is difficult for the user to simply obtain the IP of the service and then use that IP as needed11:28
philip_stoevjuju status seems to be the easiest way11:28
philip_stoevas it is difficult to have juju create a database and spit out the complete connection URL11:28
philip_stoevunlesss relations are used11:28
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lukasa_workIs there any way I can force Juju to run a hook?13:18
lukasa_workneutron-api seems to have rendered an incorrect neutron.conf, and I'd like it to re-render13:18
cory_fulukasa_work: Easiest way would be to change and reset a config value.  If you don't want to do that, you *might* be able to manually run the config-changed hook using `juju run`13:25
cory_fuBut I'm not at all certain that won't cause you more issues13:26
cory_fuIt depends heavily on how the charm is implemented.13:26
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plarsSo I got python-jujuclient upgraded and now juju-deployer tries to run at least, but I'm hitting this now. Any ideas?13:47
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g3narojuju deploy apache14:55
g3naroERROR cannot resolve charm URL: "cs:apache"14:55
g3naroany ideas?14:55
lukasa_workThe charm is called apache2. =)14:55
g3narowhat what!! first lxc-local deployed14:56
jcastro_g3naro, \o/14:58
g3narobut what is the defualt user/pass :(15:18
roadmrg3naro: use juju authorised-keys to add an ssh key to your containers, then you can ssh into them, no need to use user/password15:22
roadmrg3naro: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/howto-authorised-keys15:22
g3naroroadmr, thanks! looking now15:33
g3naroi found in .juju/environments/local.jenv15:34
g3naroit has correct ssh key but still giving me denied15:34
roadmrg3naro: how are you doing ssh into the container?15:35
g3narossh -i ssh -i juju_id_rsa.pub juju@
g3naroalso without the juju@15:40
g3naroanhd without .pub of course15:40
g3narossh -i juju_id_rsa
g3naroohh its ubuntu@15:41
g3narowhat hwat :D15:41
jrwrenjuju ssh is your friend :)15:42
g3narojuju ssh ?15:42
g3narooh leet15:43
g3narois anyone running juju for prod15:43
stubtvansteenburgh: I will need to add Adam's actions in a separate branch, as it needs to be taught how to connect to a cluster with authentication enabled.15:43
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tvansteenburghstub: ack16:32
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AlignerHi, if I upgrade charms with juju upgrade-charm, do I need to redeploy everything for the upgraded version to take affect?  I am trying to upgrade some charms but I can't tell if the applications are newer version17:32
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