MobileRoeyquestion.. how can I make sure that my system upgrade from 14.10 ->  15.04 finished successfully?  I think it stopped in the middle, rebooted, experienced that hard-to-track bug that turned out having to do with BTRFS.  Fixed that, then I get stuck in Emergency Mode at the prompt.00:04
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MobileRoeyjohnflux:  hi00:47
JMichaelXanyone else unable to get desktop effects under OpenGL, using intel/i915, in kubuntu 15.04?01:13
electragicianJMichaelX: is this it?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/144791901:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1447919 in xf86-video-intel "Intel DRM GPU hang in Kubuntu 15.04" [Medium,Confirmed]01:15
phoenixz I have just installed kubuntu 15.04 with full encryption, and amongst various problems, the biggest issue I currently have is that for every sudo command, I get this: "Please enter passphrase for disk kubuntu--vg-swap_1 (cryptswap1) on none!"01:25
phoenixzIt's driving me nuts, because I have had about a hundred of those in the past few hours alone... Is there a way I can remove this??01:26
MobileRoeyis anyone here?02:11
MobileRoeyHello all, I am trying to figure out why my system (just recently upgraded from 14.10 -> 15.04) seems stuck in Emergency Mode during bootup.02:27
z4g47hi i haven't  sound in kubuntu 15.0403:18
z4g47somebody can help me?03:19
NoviceUmm hey guys, I need some assistance.03:27
NoviceTrying to install Kubuntu 15.04 but I think it's stuck on Detecting file systems 100%03:28
NoviceThe slideshow still works though03:28
SockFluffCan someone walk me through the Dual Boot installation process? I've tried a few times but it keeps messing up. :/03:34
re_I have to setup my home network03:42
re_Could anyone   help me?03:42
SockFluffDoesn't look like anyone is here03:43
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gunndawgAnyone know how to increase the font size of skype conversations? changing General font setting in Kubuntu font settings didnt change anything04:33
EtriaphUsing ktp?04:34
EtriaphIf you're using Telepathy you have to change it in the chat window settings.04:34
gunndawgEtriaph: I'm usint Kubuntu 14.04 not sure if that uses ktp or telepathy04:35
EtriaphWhen you have the chat window open, select Settings -> Configure Chat Application04:44
EtriaphFont and theme settings are in there.04:44
gunndawgEtriaph: there is no "Configure Chat Application04:45
gunndawgin skype04:45
EtriaphOh, you're using the Skype provided binary?04:46
gunndawglinux version of skype yes04:46
* hyper_ch heard that Skype is evil04:48
EtriaphThere are other options other than Skype for VOIP too.04:49
gunndawgyeah but I need to use skype04:49
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mccHi… I'm installing 15.04... I'm staring at the "disk setup" pane...05:40
mcci'm curious... i have a /home partition and a os partition.05:41
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EtriaphOS is where Linux, all of your software and configuration will be stored.05:41
Etriaph/home is just your files, your personal settings.05:41
EtriaphIs this your first time installing Ubuntu?05:42
Etriaph*ubuntu rather05:42
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mccuhh, well, i installed 15.04 beta.05:46
mccso what i'm curious is, if i point it at a /home that already exists.05:46
mccwill it be able to just calmly reuse my existing home directory.05:46
mccthe 15.04 beta i installed was my first time installing ubuntu on a desktop. before i had used it only on VPS.05:47
valorieyou can reuse your /home if it is on a partition by itself05:50
mcc'k cool05:51
mccjust wanted to make sure before i hit "OK" on the "format drive' button :D05:51
mccthanks as always05:52
valorieI know, it's the scary moment05:54
mccwell, i successfully installed, and it doesn't accept the password I just set D:06:04
valoriethat's weird06:04
EtriaphYou should see in the UI which drives are to be formatted and which ones will be left as is.06:05
mccoh no06:05
mccone try out of 10 or so I get in06:06
mccwhen i originally set the password, I apparently got one letter off * _ *06:06
mcccan i use the usb boot stick to manually change my password?06:07
EtriaphBoot in recovery mode and just passwd your user06:12
EtriaphIt'll drop you to root.06:12
mcci can recovery mode from grub?06:12
EtriaphI know you can do it by booting from the image, likely from grub as well.06:12
mcc"passwd: authentication token manipulation error. password unchanged"06:18
mccoh. / is mounted readonly.06:19
EtriaphPretty morning pictures:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1422687/breeze_light.png06:21
SerSelmy_Hello people06:25
SerSelmy_Can someone help me with EiskaltDC++06:25
SerSelmy_I know this is not the right place06:25
SerSelmy_but I could not connect to their IRC channel06:25
jonahHi I hope someone can please help. I've just installed kubuntu-desktop from my original Ubuntu installation. I've then tried to delete all the old ubuntu apps to have a pure kubuntu system. But in the package manager apps still have orange ubuntu logos next to them. the system still seems to think it is ubuntu as it was first installed that way. is there a way to make it Kubuntu and have the blue base system/depends logos there instead?06:28
jonahI had to install ubuntu first due to using a special boot flash stick for my touchscreen laptop so couldn't install kubuntu to start with...06:29
jonahI can't figure out how to make the system Kubuntu only and recognise itself as that, doesn't kubuntu use the same repos as Ubuntu... so nothing to update or change there?06:29
EtriaphThey're the same distribution with different default packages and installers.06:30
EtriaphI'm not even sure where I'd begin answering your question, definitely a very different way to start06:31
jonahEtriaph: sorry it was the only way I could find to get kubuntu on this machine... but for some reason in synaptic package manager there are ubuntu icons next to certain packages/apps - so if you try remove or add others it sees them as dependants of the ubuntu system... but kubuntu-desktop for example doesn't have a kubuntu logo next to that and isn't seen as part of the core system...06:33
jonahi hope that makes sense!06:33
Etriaphjonah: If you can get onto your Plasma 5 desktop, the rest is just some disk cleanup.06:34
Etriaphjonah: I have some GTK+ apps installed, just no unity.06:34
Etriaphjonah: GTK+ is still not easy to avoid.06:34
jonahEtriaph: i'm on the plasma 5 desktop and everything works great and I've cleaned up what I can. but it is just this part about ubuntu logos on packages and not kubuntu logos on the kubuntu ones in the package manager. it is as if my system still thinks it is running ubuntu or that this is the core/base with certain dependancies...06:36
gunndawg15.04 annoyed me too much. I went back to 14.0406:36
Etriaphjonah: Well stray away from synaptic06:36
Etriaphjonah: Use Muon06:36
jonahthe other question i had was about onscreen touch keyboard support. does kubuntu and plasma 5 have any apps or support for this?06:37
jonahEtriaph: ok I'll replace it with muon and see how it goes thank you06:37
EtriaphIf you have kubuntu-desktop you should have Muon06:37
EtriaphLaunch -> System -> Muon Discover06:37
jonahEtriaph: ok thanks06:37
Etriaphjonah: Never taken the route you did to get it up and running, Ubuntu before installing kubuntu-desktop, but you should have no issue running with KDE.  If drive space is an issue you could chat around here tomorrow and see if anyone knows how to swap the distribution setup over to Kubuntu06:39
Etriaphgunndawg: Sorry to hear that, but 14.04 is technically a safer bet as it's LTS.06:39
jonahEtriaph: ok thanks - do you know if plasma 5 or kubuntu 15.04 has any good touch screen keyboard support? I can dock my keyboard and that works but when I undock and just use the tablet I can't type anything. I've tried "Onboard" but it is useless. I wondered if there was a touch keyboard in Kubuntu?06:41
Etriaphjonah: I have no experience with laptops WRT Linux, I'm workstation Linux laptop Win Vista for testing crap in IE06:42
chrissgAnyone here got OwnCloud (Client) to autostart minimized to work?06:42
Etriaphjonah: I'll do a quick search, hold on.06:42
jonahchrissg: yes my owncloud client starts ok minimised06:43
chrissgWith Plamsa?06:43
jonahchrissg: but I just installed it through package manager and ran it from the menu. yes with plasma 5.06:43
jonahchrissg: what does yours do?06:44
jonahEtriaph: thanks. I searched too but couldn't find much and I'm not sure what is supposed to work best with new kubuntu/kde06:44
chrissgWell I installed mine thought apt-get too (via repo from owncloud.org) but it keeps popping up on start, ie, the configuration box is always there.06:44
chrissgIt does work, but it's annoying :)06:44
jonahchrissg: hmm. how did you set it to autostart? i did mine through the kubuntu Autostart manager which is on the menu when you type "startup"06:45
jonahchrissg: I added owncloud-client i think in there.06:45
chrissgI only got owncloud and owncloudcmd06:46
jonahchrissg: i don't get a box or popup or anything on boot up. very odd. have you tried deleting your .cache folder in the home directory? i'm not sure if that would help or not...06:46
jonahchrissg: ah mine is owncloud-client - i just checked in package manager...06:47
jonahchrissg: that may be why.06:47
chrissgWhat repository are you using?06:47
chrissg(for owncloud-client?)06:47
EtriaphIt should be in the main repos.06:48
EtriaphI have only the Plasma 5.3 repo added additionally and apt-cache search owncloud shows it's available.06:49
jonahchrissg: i don't think i added any repos and just used the main kubuntu repos. yes 15.04 - can't remember though i will check i didn't add a repo, i may have done!06:49
chrissgRemoving owncloud and the repo :)06:49
jonahchrissg: no i'm just using the standard kubuntu repos plus the partner extras.06:50
chrissgTried that. Seems to work better, but owncloud(client) now complains about needing a systray. I'll figure it out from here on. Thanks for the pointer :)06:55
chrissgThe supplied version is a "tad" older, tho.06:55
chrissgAnyway, thanks! o/06:58
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde »07:25
Unit193Sadly that is outdated. :(07:26
valoriedoesn't work anymore?07:26
valorieah, I see "gnome" packages07:26
valoriethat's oooold07:26
Unit193valorie: Look at the version. ;)07:26
phoenixzHow can I disable my touchpad on Kubuntu 15.04? The fn+F9 key combination to do this no longer seems to work, and my laptop has a horrible touchpad that responds every 5 seconds with clicks while I"m hovering with my hands over it while writing text, and as such its clicking all over the place.. I have a separate mouse and I need this touchpad disabled..07:28
dubisHi, on my new plasma 5 I installed the bleutooth manager from Muon is it the good way ? or there is a corporate kdebleutooth I've to07:29
valoriedubis: bluetooth is waiting on the ubuntu developers07:31
valoriePlasma 5 needs a newer bluetooth stack than they are allowing yet07:32
valorieUnit193: this might be the basis for a new post: http://www.tecmint.com/remove-unity-and-install-cinnamon-and-mate-desktop-in-ubuntu-14-10/07:32
dubisvalorie I didn't understand well : is it available or not?07:33
valoriebluetooth is not working yet07:33
valorieand it will not work until bluez5 is in the archive07:33
dubisvalorie: So Bluetooth manager is the good way in waiting :-)07:34
valoriewe don't know when they will let it in07:34
kustodianI updated yesterday to 15.04 and it made my system almost impossible to use. Everything is too slow, I'm not sure what to do.08:05
kustodianCPU isn't used that much, it's like the graphics are too slow08:05
kustodianI have an Nvidia Quadro 2000 and I installed the latest nvidia drivers08:06
kustodianI'm not sure what to do08:06
kustodianbrowsers work the slowest (FF and Chrome), but FF is extremely slow08:07
soeekustodian: updated from what version ?08:07
kustodianthe previouse one (was it 14.10?)08:07
hateballkustodian: How did you install the drivers, using the GUI installer or from nvidias website or some such?08:07
kustodianGUI installer08:07
kustodianlet me check which drivers are currently enabled08:08
kustodianeven while I'm typing in the webchat in FF the text which I'm typing lags from time to time08:09
hateballOh, just googling this seems like it's an optimus card?08:09
hateballIs it a laptop?08:09
kustodianoh no08:09
kustodianit's PC08:09
kustodianIntel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz08:09
hateballAlright, that's good then08:09
kustodian8GB RAM (2.5GB is currently free, so it's not swapping or anything)08:09
hateballkustodian: does "lsmod|grep -i nvidia" return anything?08:10
kustodiannvidia 346.5908:10
hateballso you can see the driver is actually loaded08:10
kustodianit says that one is recommended08:10
kustodianI tried glxgears08:10
kustodiansince those don't work if it's not loaded08:10
kustodianI will check in xorg.log08:10
kustodian[    36.596] (II) Module glx: vendor="NVIDIA Corporation" [    36.596]    compiled for 4.0.2, module version = 1.0.0 [    36.596]    Module class: X.Org Server Extension [    36.596] (II) NVIDIA GLX Module  346.59  Tue Mar 31 13:38:58 PDT 2015 [    36.596] (==) Matched nvidia as autoconfigured driver 0 [    36.596] (==) Matched nouveau as autoconfigured driver 1 [    36.596] (==) Matched nvidia as autoconfigured driver 2 [    3608:12
kustodianuf too much text08:12
kustodian[    36.596] (II) LoadModule: "nvidia"08:12
lordievaderGood morning.08:12
kustodian[    36.596] (II) Loading /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/xorg/extra-modules/extra-modules.dpkg-tmp/nvidia_drv.so08:12
kustodianbut after that I think I see nouveau being loaded as well08:12
kustodian[    36.597] (II) LoadModule: "nouveau"08:13
kustodian[    36.611] (II) Loading /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/nouveau_drv.so08:13
kustodianwhy would it load both drivers?08:13
hateballbecause nouveau hasnt been blacklisted properly perhaps, which the GUI should do08:13
kustodianlsmod finds nvidia08:13
kustodiannouveau is not found with lsmod08:14
kustodianso I guess it's not loaded08:14
phoenixzOkay, touchpad disabled, yay.. Keyboard shortcuts were missing for some reason, I added them. I tried adding the shortcuts for screen brightness up and down as well, but for some reason, fn+F5 and fn+F6 are not being recognized, so I can't set those08:15
kustodianI can see a few /etc/modprobe.d/ rules for blacklisking nouveau08:15
hateballkustodian: I guess you could try switching to the 340 driver (it's still there right?)08:16
kustodianyea it is hateball08:16
kustodianI'll try08:16
soeefor vivid i would recommend 34608:16
hateballI've got a GTX770 and it works with 346, but who knows what regressions may exist08:16
soeekustodian: just for test ->08:17
kustodianwhat is the difference between 340 and 340-updates?08:17
soeebackup .config and .kde folders08:17
soeeand remove them, than reboot08:17
kustodianI think I tried a new user account08:17
kustodianwhich is the same deal as what you described08:17
kustodianand it still felt slow08:18
kustodianfor example08:18
kustodianI have a dual monitor08:18
kustodianwhen I try to move the window from one screen to another, it lags everytime between two screens08:18
kustodianthe same happened on the other account08:18
kustodianand performance felt the same08:18
hateballkustodian: You could also try changing OpenGL options for KDE, to use 3.1 instead of 2.0 etc08:19
hateballalt+f2 (krunner) search for "compositing"08:19
kustodianI think I tried that as well, but I didn't notice any difference08:20
kustodianI'm changing the driver now08:20
kustodianI'll try all the things you suggested and get back to you when I try them all08:20
phoenixzIs a disappearing mouse cursor on 15.04 a known issue?08:22
kustodianalso I disabled all animations to check if they were the problem, but it's the same08:22
Azuuhello. Can someone help me out here and tell me, how can I make the calendar widget to show week numbers. It worked fine in 14.0 but not in new 15.0208:33
gunndawgI've never heard of that08:35
Azuuof what?08:35
gunndawgof what you just said "yes" to08:35
Azuuit's 15 something... the one available for Kubuntu08:35
Azuu15.04 i the correct number08:36
phoenixzAzuu: All (k)ubuntu version numbers are year.month where month is either 04 (april) or 10 (october), so 15.04 is the version of april, 201508:41
nighterhow can I change the "look and feel theme" in kubuntu? It's not possible to choose anything else then breeze. Desktop theme I can change but not look and feel. In my archbox kde plasma5 looks different there I can change look and feel theme. Why?08:47
nighterI want to use evenos theme as I use on my arch kde plasma5 installation.08:48
nighteris plasma that chips with kubuntu to old?08:48
hateballnighter: What version of Kubuntu are you using?08:49
hateballnighter: That has Plasma 5.208:49
hateballWhich by default should also have oxygen theme08:50
nighteryes but I cant switch from "Breeze" look and feel theme08:50
nighterthat sucks.08:50
nighterthat makes kde look ugly.08:51
nightertry to figure out how to check plasma version.08:51
nightersince i tried to upgrade from backports but not sure it went ok.08:51
hateballBackports is 5.308:52
hateballnighter: apt-cache policy plasma-desktop08:52
nighterthanks Installed: 4:
nighterthanks Installed: 4:5.3.0-0ubuntu15.04~ppa108:54
nighteri mean :P08:54
nighterok guess is not the plasma version then.08:54
hateballAre there no readmes included with the theme you're trying to use?08:54
hateballIt might have some other unfulfilled dependency08:54
* hateball only uses whatever is default really, fullscreens all the things08:55
nighterno readme08:56
nighterbut it looks like i run plasma 5.2.2 on my archbox.08:56
nighterstrange if they remove that feauture to change look and feel theme.08:56
Azuuphoenixz: thank you for the information. But my question is still the same :) how can I see week numbers in this damn calendar widget that pops up if you click on a clock widget08:59
AzuuI use KDE for work and I need week numbers08:59
kustodianhateball: I tried all combinations and finally I disabled compositing09:16
kustodianI also disabled baloo, which was hoging my disk09:16
pkulasIs any way to search channels in Konversation?09:18
lordievader!alis | pkulas09:19
ubottupkulas: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*09:19
pkulasubottu : Yeah I know I can use bot service, thought there is any plugin or something for Konversation09:20
ubottupkulas: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:20
nighterthanks guys I solved it. It was my fault they have changed so much so you customized it on a different place.09:22
nighternow everything works perfectly09:22
hateballkustodian: baloo shouldnt be hogging more than on the first run when it has to index all the things09:24
kustodianI guess baloo would stop later on, but everytime I boot it indexes again which slows down my PC a lot, since I don't have an SSD09:25
Azuuhello. Can someone help me out here and tell me, how can I make the calendar widget to show week numbers. It worked fine in every 14 but not in new 15.0409:29
yossarianukok - Tried 15.04 + 5.3 PPA last night on 2 machines09:29
yossarianuk1) Laptop - Intel GPU = Fine, 5.3 is great09:30
yossarianuk2)Desktop - Nvidia GPU - OMG it ruined my machine!09:30
yossarianukWith the Nvidia desktop it no takes about 2 minutes to boot (instead of seconds)09:30
yossarianukOnly after installed Plasma 5.3 oddly...09:31
Azuuboot or load KDE?09:31
yossarianukTo load KDE09:31
yossarianukI also cannot see what it is doing - i.e if I remove quiet splash you see nothing but black09:31
yossarianuki.e I cannot see the boot message.09:31
yossarianukAlso I cannot access any console on the other TTY's - i.e CTRL+ALT+F2 just sees black.09:32
Azuu15.04 is also slow to load. Takes 34 seconds. Not happy about it at all. And if you got 2 users and 2 sessions, one active, it starts to suck really bad, sucking up all the CPU09:32
yossarianukAzuu: It seems fairly fast before I added 5.3 PPA...09:32
yossarianukMy Intel laptop boots in less than 5 secs (its on an SSD..)09:33
Azuumots annoying is that I have to log out (not just lock the screen) for kids to use PC or my kwin session slows the PC down to a crawl09:33
Azuuand vice versa09:34
pkulasFor me Kubuntu 15.04 load way longer compared to Ubuntu or other on SSD but  I don't really care09:36
Azuulets put it this way. KDE has slowly turned in to huge pile of bloatware. It all started with this version 4 :(09:36
Azuuand now I they have lost the fkn week numbers form the calendar widget.09:37
Azuu(mandatory Fuuuuccc... guy picture)09:37
kustodianwhat's up with instant messaging?09:39
kustodianwhy it's not loaded on startup09:40
kustodianlike before, and09:40
kustodianwhen I click on the icon, it opens a big popup from bottom which displays a big person icon09:40
AzuuHuh...I just realized, I have used KDE for 12 years and for real life work09:40
kustodianwhich then I need to click to display contact list09:40
kustodianso it needs two clicks to display contact list09:41
pkulaskustodian : You can add im to startup09:41
hateballpkulas: Are you using things like "fade to desktop" features for the login manager?09:41
hateballI find it adds extra seconds for no good reason09:41
pkulashateball: defaults settings09:42
hateballFeels like it's a set time, rather than fading proportionate to how long it takes09:42
kustodianpkulas: how can I add to startup?09:42
pkulaskustodian: find Autostart in menu09:42
hateballpkulas: Did you upgrade so you're using SDDM rather than lightdm also?09:43
kustodianok, I know that one09:43
kustodianI thought there is a setting in im09:43
pkulashateball: fresh install + backports ppa for 5.309:44
hateballAzuu: did you see https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=338195 ?09:44
ubottuKDE bug 338195 in Calendar "(regression) week numbers missing in calendar" [Wishlist,Resolved: wontfix]09:44
Azuuthose guys are turning KDE int a fkn toy :(09:46
yossarianukAzuu: i have also been using KDE for my main work desktop for about 13 yrs...09:52
yossarianukStarted with Mandrake Linux...09:52
Azuuyossarianuk: I am getting more and more disappointed by every new version :(09:52
pkulasMandrake Xtreme Edition was best distro ever :P09:53
yossarianukAzuu: no way Plasma 5.2 is excellent09:53
hateballWell the framework is there to fix the missing week numbers09:54
yossarianuk5. is great on non Nvidia hardware...09:54
hateballfwiw, I'm having no issues at all with 5.2 on my gtx770 with nvidia binary09:54
pkulasIs it hard to code week number function :?09:55
pkulasnumber of day - weekday and divide by 709:56
yossarianukActually I would argue in some ways Mandriva was more usable that most modern distros.09:56
yossarianuki.e the fact it had a centralised control panel.09:56
pkulasNot Mandriva09:56
yossarianukthat controlled everything...09:56
pkulasDay when it changed to Mandriva it was poor distro09:57
yossarianukThey changed their name...09:57
Azuuyossarianuk: eye candy has 0  value in my book :)09:57
yossarianukplasma 5 is faster seemingly than gnome3/cinnamon/kde4.09:57
Azuugnome is a joke and was ruined by some half ass ideas long time ago09:59
Zerkalerkaplasma so beautiful09:59
Azuulooks like KDE is taking that same road09:59
pkulasAzuu: because week number is missing?09:59
yossarianukAzuu: I completely disagree09:59
Azuuit started with this idiotic nepomuk or what ever this horror was called09:59
Azuupkulas: no, lots of small things10:00
yossarianukAzuu: Gnome took away most config/control from the user10:00
Azuuyossarianuk: exactly10:00
yossarianukAzuu: KDE is just as configurable as it always was10:00
yossarianuk(presently missing the weather applet in Plasma 5.x but that is coming)10:00
Azuubut it's getting more and more bloated and some features can not be turned of - like this semantic desktop BS and so on10:01
yossarianukIts less bloated.10:01
Azuuare you sure?10:01
yossarianukKwin memory use has been cut by a rather large amount10:01
Azuuyossarianuk: not so. at some version I can not have 2 sessions (2 users) running at the same time10:02
AzuuIf I lock the screen and kids log in, my kwin sucks up CPU and memory like nad10:02
AzuuKids lock the screen, I log in, my kwin acts normal, but the other starts the same10:03
Azuuit happened few versions back10:03
lordievaderAzuu: Did you report a bug against kwin?10:03
yossarianukare you running Plasma 5.2  or 5.3 ?10:04
Azuureally annoying because I usually for not log out for weeks10:04
Azuunow I have to do it every damn day10:04
yossarianukreport a bug then - maybe your H/W combo that has a rare issue.10:04
AzuuI do not have a bug tracker account10:06
AzuuI had once but my reported stuff just sat there for years and years10:07
lordievaderAzuu: Create one ;)10:07
lordievaderWithout a bug report you cannot really expect things to get fixed. Especially if they are bugs that are rather specific.10:08
yossarianukAzuu: so this is not a bug with Plasma 5.x then ?10:09
Azuuwhy bother. I hope there is someone else wit a Radeon HD 6950 card out there and has a same problem :)10:09
Azuuyossarianuk it has something to do with kwin and not Plasma 5.x10:10
yossarianukAzuu: but kwin has been redesigned for Plasma5.x I believe10:11
lordievaderJup, there is quite a lot of development in kwin.10:12
lordievaderAzuu: Talk to mgraesslin in #plasma about your kwin bug ;)10:13
hateball"why bother" is the sort of attitude that doesnt really change things :p10:16
yossarianukis anyone else having loads of issues with Plasma 5.3 + Nvidia ?10:18
lordievaderyossarianuk: I've heared of many problems with Vivid + nVidia.10:19
yossarianukIm beginning to think it was something else - it doesn;t make sense that upgrading KDE would make me loose the abilit y to view a TTY (i.e ALT+CTRL+F2)10:19
yossarianukafter upgrading all I get ais a black screen (no login) on any TTY except F7 (the desktop)10:19
yossarianukI wish I had used BTRFS, I could have easily reverted...10:20
yossarianuk(Or LVM)10:20
yossarianukone thing the (k)Ubuntu desktop installer NEEDs to improve and that is LVM10:21
yossarianukUnless you want to use the entire disk you need to  make the LV volumes before installing - which is bad.10:21
lordievaderyossarianuk: mini iso ;)10:21
yossarianukits either (1) the entire disk (minus boot) (2) no LVM (3) use premade partiitons.10:22
hateballJoe Average probably does not care about LVM on his laptop, so no focus is placed on that10:22
lordievaderLike I said mini iso, its capable of doing luks + lvm just fine, however you like your lvm/luks to be.10:22
yossarianukbut seems silly to remove the option to configure how you want...10:23
lordievaderExactly if you know what lvm and luks are you can probably set it up yourself.10:23
yossarianukFedora/Debian/Opensuse all have the option...10:23
yossarianukAnd Ubuntu server...10:23
hateballI'd argue that they target more "tech savvy" users in general10:23
hateballAs does server10:23
hateballAnyhow, it's quite !ot :)10:23
yossarianukWell I guess hopefully everyone will be using BTRFS soon anyway for root...10:23
Azuulordievader: thanks. I'll talk to mgraesslin10:24
lordievaderyossarianuk: Hehe, no.10:24
yossarianuklordievader: you don't think ?10:25
yossarianuklordievader: OpenSUSE and SUSE enterprise use it as default now.10:25
lordievaderyossarianuk: I'm fine with ext4, tried and true.10:25
yossarianukThe ability to quickly snapshot is useful - i,.e before any update..10:26
lordievaderBut like hateball said, lets continue this in #kubuntu-offtopic10:26
yossarianukBTRFS is faster in some benchmarks also.10:26
yossarianukanyway - after putting plasma5.3 on my machine i couldn't really use it - I reinstalled just before bed ...10:33
yossarianukI will this time make a backup (clonezilla, etc) pre -upgrading10:34
yossarianuki'm almost sure it wasn't due to plasma5.3 but something else.10:34
yossarianukif it happens again i'll bug report.10:34
yossarianuki should point out that my intel GPU laptop is running fine with plasma 5.310:37
lordievaderSame here.10:40
alvinI agree with the Luks+LVM. The installer does a good job, but shrinking the partitions afterwards is not that easy.10:41
lordievaderHeh, shrinking such stuff still gives me nightmares. Luckily I have only done it once, successfully.10:41
Azuuthanks you for your help. hopefully kwin guys can figure this out10:43
lisacvukHi, I have no transparency in Plasma 5, can anyone help me?10:43
lisacvukOS Is kubuntu 15.0410:44
yossarianuklordievader: another advantage of BTRFS - easy live online shrinking...10:44
lisacvukand graphics are Intel GMA 94510:44
yossarianuklisacvuk: where are you missing it?10:45
lisacvukEverywhere: WIdgets, taskbar, windows etc.10:45
lordievaderyossarianuk: The filesystem is not the problem when shrinking luks...10:45
yossarianuklordievader: ah ok - sorry didn;t see you were talking about luks.10:46
yossarianuklisacvuk: If your h/w is opengl 3.x compatible possibly try changing the rendering backend ?10:46
lisacvukErrr... My open gl is 1.4 :(10:47
yossarianuklisacvuk: you can find out - install mesa-utils, then run10:47
lisacvukI did :)10:47
yossarianukah ok10:47
lisacvukglxinfo | grep gl10:47
yossarianukSo you are using the Xrender renderer ?10:47
lisacvukHow do I check?10:47
yossarianukif that is the case that is why you are missing the feature.10:48
yossarianukcheck in - systemsettings -> display config -> compositor10:48
lordievaderXrender can do transparency. (In Plasma4 anyways)10:48
yossarianukok I didn't realise that...10:49
lisacvukahhh, it was 2.0, now it works10:49
lisacvukI changed to xrenderer10:49
lisacvukthank u10:49
lisacvukWTF? Transparency works! Lol10:49
yossarianukyou may have other performance issues using it (possibly)10:49
yossarianukglad you have the feature ....10:49
lisacvuk:) I'll be getting new graphics this year10:50
lisacvukAnd year is a lot of time :) I hope there will still be transparency in Kubuntu 15.1010:50
lisacvukthanks again, bye10:51
yossarianukit would be good for KDE to detect your GPU and change to correct renderer automatically (i.e opengl3, etc)10:52
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pkulasSad. After I installed Qt Creator plasma is broken for my user, need to use diffrent acount11:08
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pkulaswhat files should I remove to reset plasma/kde settings and get plasma working for my user again?12:12
jlotonahcopy all the content from /root to /home/your user, chown -R youruser /home/youruser12:13
jlotonah&& done12:13
pkulasjlotonah: thanks12:14
jlotonahsudo cp -rf * /root /home/pkulas && sudo chown -R pkulas /home/pkulas12:14
MobileRoeywhy do I see this error message a lot?  error getting authority: Error initializing authority: Could not connect: No such file or directory (g-io-error-quark, 1)12:15
pkulasWell It worked for first time I logged but after I added default bottom panel all crashed again12:22
pkulasHowever can run apps by alt+f212:22
jlotonahi suggest backup everythink before " rm -rf * /home/you"12:23
jlotonahand copy from root && chroot12:23
lordievaderA lone *, yikes.12:23
jlotonaheh chown.12:23
pkulasoh. What about just remove all hidden files?12:23
jlotonaherase everythink, backup your work with dolphin now12:24
pkulasWhen I backup everything better will be just to remove user,userdir and add it again12:24
jlotonahyou can do adduser yep12:25
jlotonahor usermod -l12:25
jlotonahpkulas: that odd because thr root files overwrite  your user settings, probably something "extra" is causing the problem12:28
pkulasjlotonah: I installed Qt 5.4 SDK before crash, it crashed just when installation was finished12:29
jlotonahsorry i cant help much12:29
jlotonahyoure with root?12:30
jlotonahidk i run kernel 4.0/Xorg12:30
jlotonahhave myself selfies problems with this box12:31
pkulasnot here*12:32
jlotonahthat is a bug indeed12:32
Squidyhello... I usually use an application called nagstamon on systray to monitor my nagios server... So I've upgraded my kubuntu to version 15.04, and the nagstamon icon does not show on systray anymore.. Do you know how to fix this?12:42
lordievaderSquidy: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/12:43
rghvdberghi all, when I connect my Canon EOS to kubuntu 15.04 (fresh install) nothing really happens. No pop up and I don't see a device in Dolphin.12:47
rghvdbergShould I install any aditional drivers ?12:48
rghvdbergthe camera shows up in lsusb and in /var/log/kern.log12:48
rghvdberghuh ? when I type camera:/ in Dolhin it shows up ?12:52
MobileRoeyhi lordievader12:53
MobileRoeymake my ship go?12:53
lordievaderMobileRoey: Wut?12:53
MobileRoeyfirst,hi.  Second, was wondering if you've seen this error before:12:53
MobileRoeywhy do I see this error message a lot?  error getting authority: Error initializing authority: Could not connect: No such file or directory (g-io-error-quark, 1)12:53
lordievaderWhere do you get that error?12:54
MobileRoeylordievader:  "make our ship go" is a reference to a particular episode of "Star Trek: The Next Generation".12:54
* lordievader has never seen any Star Trek episode.12:54
MobileRoeylordievader:  when  I exit from the Emergency Mode shell, and hen I try to manually start networking services.12:54
MobileRoeylordievader:  aha12:54
pkulasThat's strange. Now plasma crash for every user12:54
pkulasme : Kubuntu 0;112:55
pkulasIt was working before for new users12:55
MobileRoeyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KeFoGo3N_4g  <-- lordievader12:55
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lordievaderMobileRoey: What kernel do you run? (I suppose this is Vivid?)12:57
MobileRoey15.04's stock12:57
MobileRoeyLinux kernel:  3.19.0-15-generic #15-Ubuntu SMP12:57
z4sk4hi all12:58
lordievaderMobileRoey: What do you run to get your network up?12:58
z4sk4 i see that now compact wirelles its called backports, i download backports 3.19-rc1-1 for my kernel 3.19.0-15-generic on Kubuntu 15.04 but i cant compile... i have build essentials, linux-headers, etc. there are any repo for this packet?12:58
MobileRoeylordievader:  I manually ran this as a test (it normally runs on bootup):  /etc/rcS.d/S11networking start12:58
MobileRoeyand also got an additional error message,12:59
MobileRoeyFailed to start S11networking.service:  Unit S11networking.service failed to load: No such file or directory.  failed!12:59
lordievaderMobileRoey: You need to use the systemd stuff to setup your networking, not sysvinit scripts,12:59
lordievaderMobileRoey: No NetworkManager?13:00
MobileRoeywhat;sthe process name13:00
MobileRoeyI'll look it up13:00
MobileRoeyand I eognize that Kubuntu followed suit and changed to systemd13:00
MobileRoeyI don't kow how this will change my network confivgration13:01
MobileRoeyBluesKaj:  hi :)13:01
BluesKajHowdy folks13:01
lordievaderMobileRoey: What's the output of 'sudo systemctl status NetworkManager"?13:01
BluesKajhi MobileRoey13:01
MobileRoeyit says:13:02
lordievader!paste | MobileRoey13:02
ubottuMobileRoey: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:02
MobileRoeyloaded (/lib/systemd/system/NetworkManager.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)13:02
MobileRoeyActive: inactive (dead)13:02
MobileRoeyApril 29 12:03:18 gear systemd[]: Stopped Network Manager.13:02
MobileRoeylordievader:  yeah understood wrt/ pasting.13:03
lordievaderMobileRoey: sudo systemctl start NetworkManager; then configure your networking through the Network Manager.13:03
MobileRoeyNow it says:13:03
MobileRoeyError getting authority:  Error initializing authority:  Could not connect:  No such file or directory (g-io-error-quark, 1)13:03
lordievaderMobileRoey: Odd, check journalctl to see if that shows more.13:08
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nikola_upgrade to 15.04 broke my kubuntu in so many ways13:40
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alvinStart listing them. Maybe we can help.13:44
alvinWhat's the replacement of nm-tool ?13:45
Roeyhi all13:45
nikola_I resolved most of them, skype gone nowhere to be found13:45
nikola_installed it again, but the notification area (tray) icon doesn't work13:45
nikola_had two login screens the first time system booted13:46
nikola_had to enter my password in both13:46
nikola_lightdm greeter stuffed13:46
nikola_had to remove the package and install it again13:46
nikola_then I realized it's not even supposed to use lightdm but sddm, installed that, got the new login screen finally13:47
hateballnikola_: SDDM is the way to go on 15.0413:47
nikola_my ram usage was around 10gb13:47
nikola_I had both kdeinit4 and kdeinit5 in the list of running processes13:47
nikola_with all the children13:48
nikola_had to remove plasma-desktop and kubuntu-desktop packages and install them again13:48
nikola_it would have been easier to do a clean install :(13:49
nikola_the only thing still not working is device notifier, it doesn't recognize my camera13:50
nikola_I can access it by typing camera: in dolphin13:50
Roeyhateball:  hey do you know systemd much?13:51
nikola_but there's no entry for it in the file manager13:51
hateballRoey: Nope13:52
Roeyoh ok13:54
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mparillonikola_: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/03/system-tray-in-plasma-next/14:03
Roeylordievader, BluesKaj:  I have a journalactl -xb log here:  http://pastebin.com/ztnWD6S9  <-- what exactly is failing here on system startup?14:06
Roeyhateball:  ^14:07
nikola_mparillo: I guess I'll have to wait for them to update skype :)14:08
Hamsterjamnikola_: I had to set the resolution on the camera to get it work in Skype, if that helps14:18
alvinYeah, the system tray thin is irritating. owCloud doesn't like it too.14:20
soeealvin: owncloud works fine for me14:21
alvinsoee: It works fine, yes. But it does no longer start minimized.14:22
alvinAs does quasselclient. The --hidewindow option is ignored since plasma514:22
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z4sk4hi all i try to install backports but i cant see my usb wifi14:56
z4sk4i need install the original drier first?14:56
z4sk4i user kubuntu 15.0414:56
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z4sk4hi please help to install drivers of backports... i install on kubuntu 15.05 and nothing happen15:14
PiciTheres nothing newing than 15.04, so I wouldn't expect to see anything backported yet.15:16
z4sk4please somebody can help me15:27
z4sk4i install and reinstall, uniinstall, reboot and nothing15:27
BluesKajwondering if dropbox icon shows in the system tray at startup, can't see it in setings either15:28
BluesKajinstall what. z4sk4?15:28
z4sk4BluesKaj: the backports, for have all driver for vluetooth, rfid and wifi15:30
z4sk4i follow this: https://backports.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Documentation/packaging15:31
z4sk4but still havent got wireless and with airmon.ng didnt see nothing too15:31
BluesKajz4sk4:  for which kubuntu release?15:31
z4sk4BluesKaj: 15.0415:32
z4sk4BluesKaj: i try to search on the repo of vivid, but nothing too... and i need backports drivers for monitoring (normaly the drivers of repo arent pacth it)15:33
BluesKajz4sk4:  15.04, plasma 5.3 ? launchpad kubuntu-backports ppa?15:34
z4sk4i compile and install ok and i run  too : update-initramfs -u15:34
z4sk4BluesKaj: i have the vivid backports, but nothin in the repo about backports drivers, dont understand why15:36
BluesKajthose are all avaiilable the repos/package manager , dunno why you think they have to be compiled from source, z4sk415:37
z4sk4BluesKaj: i search backports, and only have a ruby and python package, no more15:38
z4sk4i search compact-wirelles too and nothin (its the old name)15:39
z4sk4but the compilation was ok, i install too, and ok, nut nothing works15:39
BluesKajz4sk4:  try this, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports15:42
Blu_hi guys ...can any one tell me how to install wifi drivers in kubuntu 15.4 ? when i use driver manager , it says i dont need any drivers.. .. but i need wifi and Nvidia drivers :(/... plz help15:43
z4sk4Blu_: same situation15:44
Blu_ooh :(15:44
Blu_ubuntu 15.04  can detect and install wifi and Nvidia drivers... but kubuntu cant ... :(15:46
BluesKajBlu_:  which nvidia gpu?  most work with the nvidia-340 driver15:46
BluesKajodd driver manager sees my gpu and gives me a recommended driver15:47
Blu_it cant detect my gpu ... its some 2gb Nvidia card .. :( ... i can live without graphics driver but its not detecting my wifi too ..15:49
BluesKajBlu_:  in the terminal , lspci |grep VGA15:50
Blu_terminaloutput >> 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller (rev 09) .................. not showing my gpu ..damn :((15:51
Blu_its fresh install ...let me update and reboot .... thx for help BluesKaj .. ty15:53
RoeyBluesKaj:   http://pastebin.com/ztnWD6S9  <--- where is the error here that stops normal system startup for me?15:56
BluesKajhe didn't update and upgrade after the install, no wonder15:57
BluesKajRoey:  where does it stall ? it's easier if we don't have to read long strings15:59
bipHello :)16:01
bipI have kubuntu 14 LTS but i want change in Testing mode16:02
bipHow i can make it?16:02
BluesKajtesting what?16:03
bipBluesKaj: LTS releases are not suitable for development16:04
RoeyBluesKaj:  it gives me several error messages.  Seems like I'm having an issue with systemd on my end.  Just upgraded to Kubuntu 15.04, get dumped into an Emergency Mode shell where I see no networking.  I try systemctl enable NetworkManager, and get an error: error getting authority: Error initializing authority: Could not connect: No such file or directory (g-io-error-quark, 1)16:04
RoeyBluesKaj:  I asked about it in #systemd and they said that it was an issue with one of my external backup drives not loading (I should make sure I have nofail mount option for this drive in /etc/fstab)16:04
BluesKajno, they're already developed , bip16:04
BluesKajRoey:  why not just tell us where it stalls in the boot process16:05
Roeyit dumps me to an Emergency Shell.16:06
Roeyand if I ctrl-D out of it, it times out for a minute and then dumps me back into Emergency Mode shell.16:06
BluesKajafter grub ?16:06
Roeythis is during bootup, after it has already mounted the disks.16:06
z4sk4BluesKaj:  that repo havent got the backports drivers too...16:06
Roeybut before it activates networking.16:06
BluesKajok drop to a tty/vt and do , systemctl enable sddm16:07
z4sk4imposible to have backports drivers of repo and if i try install of source install correcctly but nothing working...16:07
LGTraderHow does one restart X from the command line in Kubuntu-15.04?16:10
BluesKajLGTrader:  drop to a tty/vt and run systemctl sddm stop, the run startx16:12
z4sk4somebody on kubuntu 15.04 vivid, can install backports?? https://backports.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Documentation/packaging#Usage_guide       I install it, but cant see my wirelless USB16:14
LGTraderThanks. Much to learn about systemd. I'm coming from Gentoo where I never used it.16:15
BluesKajLGTrader:  it's new to kubuntu and us as well16:16
geniiz4sk4: There are only backports when there is a release which is later than the one you are using. So in this case since no 15.10 yet, 15,04 does not have anything backported to it.16:16
LGTraderActually, I just tried the command but it didn't work. "Unknown operation 'sddm'." I'll research16:17
z4sk4genii: thanks, but i try to install backports 4.1 for monitorinf wireless, but the drivers dosnt work...16:18
z4sk4i install the package manually16:18
BluesKajLGTrader:  did you choose lightdm at installation, I assumed you chose sddm16:19
BluesKajif so just sub lightdm for sddm16:19
PercyBIs someone maybe using Shutter? I'm just wondering: gnome-web-photo is installed, but taking a pic of whole websites still does not work16:19
LGTraderIt's running. "sddm.service                            loaded active running   Simple Desktop Display Manager"16:20
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BluesKajLGTrader:  then systemctl disable sddm , i kind of reaching as well here16:21
LGTraderActually the Arch Wiki for systemd had some nice examples. It's 'systemctl stop sddm', not 'sddm stop'16:23
BluesKajLGTrader:  ok , thanks16:24
BluesKajBBL, errands16:25
LGTraderAlso, startx restarted X with no login screen. Just right into a KDE desktop. (I'm doing this shelled into the Kubuntu machine from my long-term Gentoo machine)16:25
LGTraderI suspect I probably want to use 'systemctl start sddm' to get a normal login screen. Trying now16:25
LGTraderYeah, that's better.16:26
LGTraderI was looking for a way to reboot remote machines my family will be using when I convert them over this year. Tired of running Gentoo on 5 machines.16:27
LGTraderNot reboot, sorry. Restart X16:27
PercyBOk, sorry, it seems to work, just needed a restart.16:27
LGTradersystemctl restart sddm works also16:28
alvinWhat is the modern method to request an IPv6 lease?16:30
alvinpreferably using the command line, but network-manager may be involved.16:30
RoeyHey all.  http://www.itworld.com/article/2914850/linux/is-ubuntu-moving-away-from-deb-packages-here-is-the-complete-story.html  <-- wtf is with this Snappy shit?  Will Kubuntu also replace .debs with Snappy?16:32
RoeyLGTrader:  your nick looks very liberal and progressive16:32
alvinI don't know. I believe it's a bad idea, unless I don't understand it. PC-BSD had a system like that in the past. 'PBI'. All packages where put in a container together with the necessary dependencies. It16:34
alvin's a fine system for small packages, but eventually they stopped using it because it's next to impossible to package a KDE application for example.16:34
alvinToo many stuff that has to talk to each other using dbus and so on. I'll see if I can find the explanation16:35
alvinThis was th explanation: https://forums.pcbsd.org/thread-16632.html16:39
LGTraderRoey: Don't know why you say that but, OK, thanks. I try to be a nice guy... ;-)16:41
RoeyLGTrader:  because here in Washington DC it's all LG(B)T16:42
Roeyused everywhere.16:42
LGTraderRoey: <hehe> OK, cool. And I live near San Francisco so one needs to be tolerant living here but for me it was my old location (Los Gatos) and the fact that I trade stocks (Trader)16:43
Roeymakes perfect sense!!16:45
RoeyLos Gatos.  That sounds like a place name from Grand Theft Auto (note to self: better familiarize myself with California names)16:45
LGTraderRoey: And good for me to know so as not to step on anyone's toes.16:45
RoeyI mean if you go to #linguistics they'll probably start talking to you about that.16:46
Roeysame as #kde-cafe or other places full of young people16:46
LGTraderRoey: Cheers16:48
RoeyLGTrader:  l8r16:51
wldcordeiro_Is there a way to get KDE 5.3 on Kubuntu 15.04?16:52
mparilloKDE 5.3 = Plasma 5.3?16:55
gaboo"KDE 5.3" does not exist :)17:02
gaboobut yes, the latest desktop is plasma 5.317:02
PercyBI'm just wondering: There is Plasma Active for touch screen devices. If I have Kubuntu 15.04, how do I install plasma active? Or is it a completely different version?17:08
__CM__in KDE plasma 5 what does the push pin in the title bar do? anyone know?17:38
Pici__CM__: if its anything like any other DEs I've used, it pins that to always be on top. (I don't use KDE myself)17:40
__CM__for some reason it causes tbird to show on all screens17:40
__CM__on the other 2 work spaces17:41
z4sk4please help i install this, but nothing works: https://backports.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Documentation/packaging#Usage_guide17:51
RoeyRiddell:  hey Jonathan, is Kubuntu jumping away from .deb and onto Snappy like Ubuntu's doing? Should I be concerned? http://www.itworld.com/article/2914850/linux/is-ubuntu-moving-away-from-deb-packages-here-is-the-complete-story.html18:06
nascentmindHi. I did a sudo do-release-upgrade and interrupted it by pressing ctrl+c while it was downloading. Now when I do a sudo do-release-upgrade again it says "No new release found". How do I fix this?18:07
BluesKajnascentmind:  try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:10
ejayhi all18:10
BluesKajhi ejay18:11
nascentmindBluesKaj, did that. Does not help.18:12
nascentmindBluesKaj, Can I just change sources.list to vivid and just do a dist-upgrade?18:12
BluesKajnascentmind:  ok try do-release-upgrade -d, if that doen't work then you need to try a clen install18:13
BluesKajerr clean18:14
nascentmindBluesKaj, that too does not work.18:14
BluesKajnascentmind:  if your sources.list hasn't changed from utopic, then  yes, but do it this way in the terminal, sudo sed -i 's/utopic/vivid/g' /etc/apt/sources.list18:17
BluesKajthen do sudo apt-get update && sudo apt get upgrade , lastly sudo apt-get dist-upgrade , nascentmind18:19
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nascentmindBluesKaj, it was changed to vivid. I changed it back to utopic as I thought it might create some problem.18:20
nascentmindBluesKaj, I will change it back to vivid now and do the above  steps.18:21
BluesKajnascentmind:  I think it's too late18:21
nascentmindBluesKaj, why?18:22
nascentmindBluesKaj, It didn't start installing any packages. It was just downloading it.18:23
BluesKajok good then it might bwork18:23
BluesKajerr work :)18:23
ejayGuys, did anyone here tried to install radeon drivers on Radeon/Intel laptops? In Kubuntu14 it does not worked for me.18:25
BluesKajejay:  which kubuntu 14 ?18:28
ejayBluesKaj, it was 14.04 updated daily.18:30
ejayBluesKaj, just after installing 14.04 even had problem with two gpus running at once but X used only intel (no acceleration and such) but I did fixed this fast (my laptop was hot as hell!). After fresh installation of 15.04 it is using intel only but I didn't even try to install radeon drivers.18:33
BluesKajejay:  you have both intel and radeon gpus ...is this like the optimus system on laptops, that switches gpus depending the video load ? or are you talking about a pci gpu and one on the motherboard18:46
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ejayBluesKaj, it is laptop solution - two gpus fixed to motherboard. In windows you can switch between them. In kubuntu I found something like switcherooo but it is not working, at least it did not work for me (but thanks to this switcherooo I disabled radeon cards bc of issue with both gpus running at the same time).18:54
wldcordeiroHow can I update kde to 5.3 in Ubuntu18:55
ejayI tried both open radeon driver and AMD's Catalyst. I can live without acceleration, I'm just curious if someone did managed to make this work. ;)18:55
BluesKajwldcordeiro:  https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports18:57
BluesKajejay: not sure , I have heard about the intel and nvidia dual gpu sytem called optimus working with the nvidia-prime configuration. Maybe there's one for dual inteland radeon gpus as well.18:59
MoonUnit`ejay: did you try vgaswitcheroo?18:59
MoonUnit`ejay: never mind, read previous comments19:01
ejayMoonUnit, I did. On prev installation. I don't want to mess now with my laptop right now. Just asking. This radeon/intel is not very popular it seems. ;)19:02
MoonUnit`according to the arch wiki the fglrx drivers should support switchable graphics. hmm.19:03
ejayMoonUnit, oh, and there was an package conflict with fglrx and last version of wine. Not using wine anymore (and maybe there is no such conflict right now) so I will try to make this work this weekend.19:05
20WAA57N9My window manager just crashed, I have window contents, but not the windows itself with the taskbar, etc.. Plasma seems gone as well.. In kubuntu 14.10 I could restart that (iirc) with kwin and / or plasma-desktop19:23
20WAA57N9How do I restart these in kubuntu 15.04?19:23
20WAA57N9alt-tab is not working, going to other desktops is not working, yakuake is not working either, but I do have a konsole running19:24
acz32are other ttys working?19:25
acz32switch to one19:25
20WAA57N9acz32: yes, I have a konsole, I can also ctrl-alt-f119:25
geniiIf you have Konsole in your X, try: kwin --replace19:25
20WAA57N9acz32: alright, I cannot alt-tab, but I can start another one.. What do I do in that console?19:25
acz32can't you just log out from there and startx again?19:25
20WAA57N9kwin seems no longer to exist on 15.0419:25
20WAA57N9acz32: I have an e2fsck running in yakuake (yeah, I know) and it was like at 95% after 2 days, I don't want to restart that..19:26
acz3220WAA57N9: you would switch to whatever tty your session is, control-C to stop it, then startx19:26
20WAA57N9acz32: I don't want to stop this session because then I'll lose that e2fsck and have to start all over again19:27
20WAA57N9I did not really think that the deskopt would crash on me like that, or I would have run it on a text console19:27
20WAA57N9Any other way then to restart the window manager? The how to do that changed with 15.0419:28
genii20WAA57N9: I'm asking in the developer's channel aboput that but no reply yet19:28
20WAA57N9genii: it used to be kwin, right?19:29
genii20WAA57N9: Yes indeed19:29
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geniiI'm currently on 14.10 or could empirically look for it19:29
20WAA57N9genii: Just checked again to be sure, no kwin command on 15.04, and google is not too helpful19:29
BluesKaj20WAA57N9:  kwin ios onstalled by default on 15.0419:30
20WAA57N9BluesKaj: is installed? I have a clean 15.04 install, and I see no kwin at all19:31
geniiOdd, I see kwin as a dependency in http://packages.ubuntu.com/vivid/kubuntu-desktop19:32
geniiAh, 15.04 kwin has two possibles: kwin_wayland or kwin_x1119:33
BluesKaj20WAA57N9:  check your systemsettings>applications>default apps19:33
20WAA57N9genii: Ahh. alright, that will probably be kwin_x1119:33
20WAA57N9genii: but hold on.. 15.04 has wayland already?19:33
genii20WAA57N9: You could likely see what it's currentlo on with ps aux| grep kwin  ..or similar19:34
BluesKaj20WAA57N9:  15.04 has some wayland libs19:35
20WAA57N9genii: BluesKaj: kwin_x11 --replace did the trick.. I still have no alt-tab though, but at least I can see yakuake and the e2fsck output19:35
BluesKaj20WAA57N9:  yeah alt-tab isn't working here either19:35
20WAA57N9BluesKaj: but that means "wayland works" or not?19:35
20WAA57N9genii: thanks man!19:35
genii20WAA57N9: Glad to assist.19:36
20WAA57N9genii: e2fsck somehow got a ^C... at 98%... god I want to cry..19:36
geniiWell, shouldn't take as long next pass then, at least19:38
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BluesKajodd stuff going on here genii , suddenly alt-tab started working19:45
geniiVery odd19:46
geniiMaybe it's some focus thing19:46
BluesKajalmost like a daemon was enabled19:46
phoenixz*sigh*.. reboot,  sddm crash.. restart from console, yay, it works, go back to console, exit, back to GUI, X running at 100% CPU and all slow as hell...  I need a 15.04 bug fix update soon :(19:47
BluesKajsystem starts dropbox like init used to in startup , but doesn't link the icon to the system tray19:48
BluesKajsystemd that is19:49
blubberbopWhy do I have apps disappearing?19:52
z4sk4hi, i have this problem when i run airmon-ng... soooo strange: ALSA lib pulse.c:243:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Connection refused19:53
blubberbopMeaning, I have chrome, and its on the task bar, on desktop one.. then suddenly its gone.. I have komodo edit, on desktop 2.. and its gone.. I check pgrep komodo, its still running.. start it again from ALT-F2, the desktop seems to spin and sudddenly its visible again!19:53
blubberbopWhere can I file bug reports for kubuntu? I have about a list of 20 by now19:54
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genii8 seconds is not long enough to ansdwer that20:02
BluesKajheh, yeah20:02
Spec-Chumlong time arch use finally got fed up of having to configure everything so thought I'd try Kubuntu.  Very impressed so far!  New laptop with all bells and whistles working fine20:13
acz32Spec-Chum: did you use KDE on arch?20:18
Spec-Chumyes buddy, well that and openbox20:19
acz32i used openbox by itself. not having to write xml anymore is nice20:19
Spec-ChumI'm not new to KDE but I am new to Kubuntu20:19
Spec-ChumI just got fed up having to use nano every time I installed something new on arch :p20:22
Spec-ChumI've not touched a thing on this install20:22
Spec-Chumactually, that's a lie, I'm using the dark theme20:23
ejaySpec-Chum, I remember using slackware ~10 years ago. Arch is super user friendly compared to slackware. Been using arch for couple of years as well but, same as you, had enough of messing with conf files. Welcome aboard.20:24
Spec-Chumthanks :)20:25
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phoenixzWhen will the first bug fix packages come in?? Right now, on reboot, I need t reboot about 15 times before I get an sddm session that does not crash20:33
Spec-ChumOK dumb question time cos I've never used linux on a laptop heh, how the heck do I change the gamma?21:36
Spec-Chummy blacks are crsuhing from about 8 down21:36
Spec-Chumon windows I just bumped up the brightness in the intel display config21:37
MobileRoeyhi al21:41
MobileRoeyhi....so... my system boots now and SDDM lets me select the session type (fvwm, Plasma, etc.)--but I don't see any button for anything else.  What gives?? I have two monitors here btw.21:42
Spec-Chumnm, I got it, xgamma :P21:45
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coderuswill kubuntu 15.04 repositories be updated with Plasma 5.3 or should we use https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports?22:30
Hairoso, wifi ap mode is still broken22:33

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