faustHow do you make launchpad to compile a .deb for my PPA using "hardening-wrapper" (in particular I want to compile a packages with PIE)08:18
seb128I guess that's a known bug but I can't find it in the bugslist...10:03
seb128does anyone know if there is a bug open/being worked on about the fact that you can reassign bugs to projects that don't use launchpad for bug tracking and that it's impossible to list those bugs then?10:04
seb128(e.g you can reassign a bug to unity8 but https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/ is a page saying that unity8 is not configured to do bugs)10:05
wgrantThat's basically https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/33321510:05
ubot5Ubuntu bug 333215 in Launchpad itself "Launchpad permits tasks to be added to projects that 'do not use launchpad for bug tracking'" [High,Triaged]10:05
wgrantThe problem is that tasks are also used for bugwatches, so they must be able to be created.10:05
seb128is there  a known workaround to list those bugs to be able to reassign them to the correct source?10:06
seb128k, so nothing from the web UI I guess?10:07
seb128cjwatson, wgrant: thanks10:07
wgrantYou could use launchpadlib.10:07
wgrantRight, that.10:07
cjwatsonI love that that list includes https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/139590510:08
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1395905 in Canonical System Image "better product handling required" [High,Confirmed]10:08
cjwatsondescription = "the way how bugs are managed needs to be improved"10:08
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tewardcjwatson: my guess is users don't understand that bug handling is difficult, confirming bugs needs explicit replication steps, having good bug reports means providing as much about the circumstances of the issue as possible (such as when it started, what changes you may have made etc), and so on12:27
teward(just commenting about the 'description =' statement you made about two and a half hours ago)12:28
cjwatsonNot really in this case.  That bug was from a product manager in Canonical, and appears to be a workflow bug about general improvements to phone defect tracking.12:29
cjwatsonThe description was just an amusing thing to run across in this context.12:29
tewardcjwatson: ahh, well, i think the issue still applies globally - there've been complaints in the past about bug triage workflows12:53
teward(so it's still a valid assessment globally)12:54
* teward shrugs12:54
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yuciyuaris there a package for lemp all in one folder like xampp?19:48

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