Manj-811-Xfce2hi veverybody i need som ehelp16:29
Manj-811-Xfce2du francais ici ?16:30
Manj-811-Xfce2lubuntu sur un imac ppc !16:30
Manj-811-Xfce2anybody to help me ?16:40
ianorlinManj-811-Xfce2: I don't speak french and most in this channel don't16:40
ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en fran├žais, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:41
ianorlinbut they might not have that much expierence with lubuntu16:41
Manj-811-Xfce2no problem16:41
Manj-811-Xfce2i have a black screen16:41
Manj-811-Xfce2on my imac16:41
ianorlinafter install on boot of the medium when?16:41
Manj-811-Xfce2could u help me ?16:41
Manj-811-Xfce2i instal lunbuntu16:42
Manj-811-Xfce2all is ok16:42
Manj-811-Xfce2and after restart the imac16:42
Manj-811-Xfce2black screen16:42
ianorlindo you know what kind of graphics?16:42
Manj-811-Xfce2not a valid elf image16:42
Manj-811-Xfce2graphics ?16:42
Manj-811-Xfce2yellow screen when i install16:43
Manj-811-Xfce2all is ok choose all hard drive16:43
Manj-811-Xfce2and after nothing16:43
ianorlinwhat happens if you press control alt f1 at the black screen16:43
ianorlinthat will switch to a tty16:43
Manj-811-Xfce2afetr restarting ?16:44
Manj-811-Xfce2after restarting ?16:44
Manj-811-Xfce2ok i will restart now16:44
Manj-811-Xfce2a message press I for gnu linux or c to boot cd16:45
Manj-811-Xfce2and few seconds after lines and black screen16:46
Manj-811-Xfce2and a screen with grey lines and blaxk16:46
ianorlinhmm what happens if you hold down shift during boot ?16:46
Manj-811-Xfce2it's a lbuntu version 14.0416:46
Manj-811-Xfce2hold down ???16:47
ianorlinmeaning when you turn it on press shift and keep it going16:47
Manj-811-Xfce2shift on mac what is it ?16:47
ianorlinit is the key to make capital letters16:48
Manj-811-Xfce2i restart16:48
Manj-811-Xfce2i have a message16:48
ianorlinwhat is it?16:48
Manj-811-Xfce2and choose cd or16:49
Manj-811-Xfce2and restart alone16:49
Manj-811-Xfce2and again screen grey lines16:49
Manj-811-Xfce2and -16:49
ianorlinwxl you know anything about this you know more about ppc than I do16:49
Manj-811-Xfce2so any solution ?16:50
Manj-811-Xfce2i try with lubuntu old version 12.0416:50
Manj-811-Xfce2same problem and i can use the live cd16:51
Manj-811-Xfce2ok thx16:54
wxldid i hear ppc issues?17:25
ianorlinwxl the user left unfotanetly it was manj-811-xfce219:46
geniiI find it strangely satisfying that people are still running *buntu on PPC19:48
ubottuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture until 6.10. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ19:52
wxlthat pretty much covers every issue ianorlin :)19:52
wxlevery general issue19:52
chechehave anyone noitce "going to the back of dialog-windows" problem on lubuntu? or this is a LXDE desktop issue?23:20
checheI notice on a ERP application.23:20
ianorlingoing to the back of dialog windows?23:20
checheianorlin: yes on an ERP app. If I click on the print button, the printer dialog goes to the back23:20
ianorlinwhich ERP app23:21
checheso you must move the previous windows to access the printer dialog.23:21
ianorlincheche: is there a icon on the taskbar23:21
checheianorlin: yes23:21
ianorlinbut if you click on it still on back23:21
ianorlindo you have the windows on top set to stay always on top?23:22
checheianorlin: yes, I must move23:22
ianorlinif you press alt space on the windows on top are they set to always show to top23:23
checheianorlin: no it say, normal23:24
ianorlinhmm what happens if you switch with alt tab23:24
cheche(I will try to record a video )23:24
checheIf I click alt + tab the only icon is the "preview" before the printer dialog23:25
ianorlinI am not sure about this program23:25
checheianorlin: I found this topic. http://yabb.jriver.com/interact/index.php?topic=95435.023:26
chechediferent application, but that user complains about   "going to the back of dialog-windows"23:26
chechethere is another tread but with TUXPaint https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/lubuntu-users/2014-November/008904.html23:27
checheDiferent apps. Same behaviour.  so I want it to know if it was something more general.23:28
checheI use the ERP  aplication on Ubuntu, but this problem does not show up.23:28

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