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dholbachgood morning06:29
leandrosansilvaHello to all. Is there any generic installer for ubuntu snappy? I found some kvm appliances and images for r-pi and bbb, but  no "iso" image06:43
dholbachyou can find all the available images on http://developer.ubuntu.com/snappy/start06:45
dholbachbut I guess that's already where you found the other images06:46
leandrosansilvadholbach: What I need is install snappy in a physical machine (atom processor)06:46
dholbachI don't know if we have instructions for that06:47
dholbachyou can either wait for somebody else to answer the question, or you could mail snappy-devel@lists.ubuntu.com06:47
leandrosansilvaoh, thank you06:47
dholbachno worries :)06:48
tbrleandrosansilva: I'd highly suspect that just DD'ing the KVM image to a drive/usb-stick would work07:33
tbrI'm a bit unclear about how the snappy hardware adaptation is done. As ubuntu obviously runs on physical machines, etc.07:35
leandrosansilvatbr: thank you, I`m going to try this approach07:37
willcookehey sergiusens, I saw on the snappy ML that you guys are working on an installer this cycle.  Do you need any desktop-style requirements from us?07:54
willcookeo/ seb12807:59
dholbachwillcooke, sergiusens and co is at a sprint right now, so I'm not quite sure how much they pay attention to IRC08:01
dholbachif nobody responds, maybe send a mail to snappy-devel@lists.u.c?08:01
willcookeah, thx dholbach - I'll follow up on the ML08:01
dholbachrock and roll08:01
willcookeI'm going to do that now, otherwise I will forget...08:02
willcookeThis marks an important stage in my life:08:07
willcookeThe second time ever that I've learnt something good from a mailing list.08:07
sergiusenswillcooke: yes we are; we only brainstormed until now, we would need to put our notes out in the wild and I guess you can work it from there; we are going to focus on the core side of it and leave it to olli's team to work on personal (UI)08:22
sergiusenswillcooke: but in a nutshell, it's run live with an option to install08:23
willcookesergiusens, sounds great - thank you!08:23
willcookeseb128, I wonder if we can wrap ubiquity around it?  Get that Ubiquity port to Mir everyone wants too?08:24
willcookesergiusens, do you know if there will be a UOS session on in?08:24
sergiusenswillcooke: I'll be spending time off next week and I think uos is next week, but maybe we can add one08:26
willcookesergiusens, no worries, I'll keep an eye on the schedule.  If not, if you could ping me when the docs are available and we can pick it up from there.08:26
seb128willcooke, I'm unsure ubiquity is a fit, it's based on the debian installer and quite much on debs systems08:28
seb128willcooke, what we need there is closer from e.g usb-creator08:28
willcookeseb128, NEW INSTALLER! \o/08:28
seb128something that dump an image on a disk08:28
willcookeI'm going to write it in bash script08:28
seb128though part of ubiquity would make sense to reuse maybe, like partitionner08:28
sergiusenswe talked about it, it's a simpler problem to solve that ubiquity08:29
willcookeoh, yeah - partitioning will be interesting08:29
seb128at the same time, does partitionning is a feature we want to support?08:29
seb128or is snappy just a "take over the disk" type of system?08:29
willcookehrm - good call, probably dont need to worry about it too much at this stage08:30
sergiusensthose question are in our notes, but feel free to ramble on, you might end up with good ideas08:30
mvosergiusens: https://bugs.launchpad.net/snappy-ubuntu/+bug/144990408:36
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Wish Day! :-D09:02
sennnwhat is snappy?11:13
zer0xi have a problem installing remotely a .snap11:22
zer0xWARNING, trying automatic key setup, if it fails use --pub-key [path-to-key] or input your password on every request.11:22
zer0xFailed to setup keys: no pub ssh key found, run ssh-keygen first11:22
zer0xand then it ask me for 3 times the password:ubuntu11:23
zer0xbut it give me error: issues while running ssh command: Usage:snappy [-h] [-v]11:23
zer0x             {info,versions,search,update-versions,update,rollback,install,uninstall,tags,config,build,booted,chroot,framework,fake-version,nap}11:23
zer0x             ...11:23
zer0xsnappy: error: unrecognized arguments: --allow-unauthenticated11:23
zer0xthen I try to use eclipse to copy paste my .snap and then to install it locally11:25
zer0xand i get the error: Package architectures "all" not compatible with system architecture "armhf"11:25
zer0x(I forget to mention I use beaglebone black)11:25
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leandrosansilvaHello to all. How can I generate a ubuntu snappy image? I mean, how is the kvm image available for download generated? I`d like to do the same process but internally in the company I work. The basic idea is creating a snappy image with a few more things installed, as I could not find a way to install things on it except for snappy.11:50
leandrosansilvaI`ve been researching about system-image-cli command11:51
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Odd_BlokeWhere is cloud-init able to write to on boot?  Would it be able to write in to a temporary directory?15:01
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mwenningHi snappy guys, has anyone modified the snappy image so that it can be netbooted?15:43
dholbachmwenning, many folks working on snappy are at a sprint now - if nobody answers, you could try to write a mail to snappy-devel@lists.ubuntu.com15:48
mwenningdholbach, in Malta?15:49
mwenningdholbach, that's where I am ;-) , I'll ask around15:49
dholbachfind sergiusens or mvo or asac or lool15:49
dholbachI'm sure they're going to have answers for you15:50
tbrhmmmmm, so the current snappy amd64 generic image doesn't have capability to boot on a EFI system out of the box?16:18
dholbachtbr, many folks working on snappy are at a sprint now - if nobody answers, you could try to write a mail to snappy-devel@lists.ubuntu.com16:26
tbrdholbach: yeah, no need to repeat yourself. no I'm not at the sprint myself. yes, if nobody answers I'll email the list, like I did before.16:27
dholbachtbr, sorry about that16:27
dholbachI couldn't quite remember who I replied to in this channel16:27
tbrthough it's faster to just install a virtual ubuntu server image on uefi and copy over whatever will be missing16:27
dholbachI just realised that many are interested in snappy after the release16:28
tbrdholbach: someone else, but it scrolled through my view just minutes ago16:28
dholbachand that some might be disappointed if they come here and don't get their questions answered16:28
dholbachyeah, I didn't check when you actually joined16:28
tbrdholbach: I was disappointed by the lack of help /before/ the release. ;-)16:28
dholbachsome folks were sprinting there as well ;-)16:29
dholbachall right... I call it a day - have a good one yourself!16:29
tbryeah, I know. the usual "ZOMG release day comethfast!" frenzy16:29
dholbachexactly :)16:30
dholbachsee you around!16:30

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