Kilosmorning africa07:02
Kiloswb Neo3111:00
Neo31hi Kilos :)11:00
Neo31i got ur message by spotty_11:00
Neo31wasn't so clear11:00
Neo31what's up about that translation?11:00
Kilosi cant even remember that11:00
Kilosoh that was long ago11:01
Kilosnm its sorted ty11:01
Neo312 days ago11:01
Kiloshows you project going11:01
Neo31it's live now11:02
Neo31still have a lot of issues to fix11:02
Neo31one to two weeks11:02
Neo31depending on the client11:02
Neo31hopefully not more than than11:02
Kiloslets hope so11:02
Neo31I have to move on very soon11:03
Kilosto where?11:03
Neo31off of this project11:03
Neo31it has to end11:03
Kilosyes i agree11:03
Kilosthe odd bit of support now and again is ok11:03
Neo31you know the client can always keep asking for more11:04
Neo31but i need to close this at least11:04
Kilosthey alwasy want more11:04
Neo31and in the next months we can do maintenance and changes11:04
Neo31how r u doing ?11:04
Neo31what's up ?11:05
Kilossame old but we finding new countries for here now and again and the new site gets some visitors11:05
Kilosyou seen the new site hey?11:06
KilosNeo31  http://ubuntu-africa.info11:09
Kilosrefresh a few times and watch scenery changed11:09
Kilosand the cc sees no infringements and canonical hasnt answered so all seems good11:10
Neo31now it's a website :)11:19
Neo31we have the basic pages there already :)11:19
Neo31and a good front page :)11:19
Neo31thx Kilos11:19
Kilosyeah i think its all there but we have some improvement to add still11:20
Kilosonly time holds things back11:20
Kilosyou like it so far11:20
Kilosthe irc link in join us come straight here too11:21
Kilosand the mailing list link works11:22
KilosQA  wish11:37
QAI wish all you geek types a very successful day11:37

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