ohmbaseanyone else get an email saying that we aren't active enough?22:39
geniiohmbase: We made a decision not to renew. We don't have enough people with enough time to devote to it right now, and most members are disenchanted with lack of support from Canonical anyhow.22:42
ohmbasefair enough22:45
ohmbasealso never did get a chance to float the idea of starting a LUG  at the key signing party here in tbay... the party was such a gongshow22:46
ohmbasewe hit 8+ showstopper bugs on ubuntu (+one each on debian and windows).  took 3 of us an hour to get a single signature to work >_>22:47
geniiIf there's enough motivated people later on, and maybe Canonical starts helping a bit more with holding events and supporting their LoCos, we can always re-apply.22:47

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