ToyKeeperSorry, I can't discern any change from silo 6.  The scenario in the bug doesn't actually fail, and the silo doesn't appear to change the behavior.00:08
sil2100ToyKeeper: hmmm00:13
ToyKeeperI note it was tested originally on an image from a different server and different feed, with different numbering... and the two sets of images don't always behave the same.00:15
sil2100Anyway, it's already super-late here so I need to go to sleep00:30
sil2100Goodnight o/00:30
bzoltananybody who knows how to fix the phablet-click-test-setup?03:57
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Mirvbzoltan: it's again the same remove basic_packages, since now they are from the overlay by default05:17
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jibelbzoltan, good morning, is silo 17 ready for QA?07:17
jibelbzoltan, ping08:56
sil2100bzoltan: hey, how's silo 17?09:21
Mirvsil2100: jibel: he's eating now, from what I've gathered they changed their approach (/MP) and need a rebuild which I just kicked since zoltan's build attempt failed as seen above10:21
sil2100Mirv: ACK, thanks :)10:21
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Mirvsil2100: oh, so someone still sets the overlay field without doing a reconfigure sometimes.....11:04
Mirvso annoying11:04
Mirvso regardless if it's set or not, it still pretty much holds true that whenever doing a publish, always reconfigure + build watch_only first since there's no way to know11:05
bzoltanogra_: is there a particulal reason why this MR was not laneded? It is a super simple fix and it does fix my problem :) https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/phablet-tools/single_quotation_for_spaced_SSID/+merge/25550011:05
sil2100Mirv: the dashboard has the right info it seems11:10
sil2100Mirv: if you look at the CI Train Dashboard, it will tell you when the silo is configured for the overlay PPA11:10
Mirvsil2100: oh!!11:10
Mirvsil2100: thanks to robru for that I guess! that should do it..11:11
sil2100Indeed :) Although we tend to forget about that anyway and blindly push the monkey button11:11
Mirvthe monkey team11:11
sil2100If the trainguards had an LP team, our logo would be monkeys on the train in train-conductor hats11:20
Mirvsil2100: exactly! :)11:28
sil2100Oh god...11:32
* sil2100 on lunch11:50
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ogra_bzoltan, the particular reason is that i didnt see it yet :)13:46
ogra_not sure how to go about landing it though13:46
bzoltanogra_:  OK, that one I can accept13:46
bzoltanogra_:  SRU? LOL13:47
bzoltanogra_:  My network here is "Foo Bar" and I have had problems pushing it to the device13:47
ogra_well, we only need it in the PPAs i guess ... at least for a start13:47
rvrsil2100: I found an apparently new crasher for oxide. It is not happening in RTM/krillin. davmor2 confirmed, and oSoMoN and chrisccoulson are investigating https://bugs.launchpad.net/oxide/+bug/145002113:51
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1450021 in Oxide "Crash in oxide::WebFrame::Destroy()" [Undecided,New]13:51
sil2100rvr: *sigh* is it something new in the new oxide, or does it happen on the arale already?13:58
rvrsil2100: Already, AFAIK14:06
rvrsil2100: At least using image 2614:06
jibelsil2100, when 17 lands, can you respin a new image? or you prefer to wait for oxide?14:31
sil2100jibel: do we need a new oxide built? Since the reason it failed QA is because of the crash, which seems to be an old issue, right?14:32
pmcgowansil2100, jibel  the crash is in 1.7.3 as well14:33
pmcgowanso 1.7.4 is better but not yet perfect14:33
pmcgowanso we can land it and loo at the new crash14:33
sil2100Then is oxide-qt still in sign-off?14:34
pmcgowanthe crash is not in 1.6 howver14:34
jibelpmcgowan, OK14:34
sil2100If it is in sign-off, I wouold wait for oxide14:34
sil2100(if, of course, it doesn't fail somehow else)14:34
jibelrvr, if nothing else than this crash and it is not a regressino in 1.7.4 compared to 1.7.3, can you sign it off?14:35
rvrjibel: Is it not a regression compared to 1.7.3. Signing off.14:36
sil2100bzoltan: we need this approved :) https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk-old-header/+merge/25768414:37
sil2100jibel, rvr: thanks guys :)14:38
sil2100Ok, assuming all is ok14:43
sil2100Overriding the unapproved branch14:44
josephtmichi: disk space has been freed and jobs are running and succeeding again.14:44
sil2100Ok, anything else we need?14:46
sil2100I guess we have all packages we need14:47
sil2100Let me kick a new image soon14:47
pmcgowansil2100, what did you decide on oxide jibel ?14:48
sil2100pmcgowan: it has been published14:48
pmcgowanoh too quick14:48
sil2100davmor2 didn't see anything besides this crash which is not a regression :)14:48
jibelpmcgowan, landed as it not a regression in 1.74 compared to 1.7.314:48
davmor2sil2100: credit where credit is due rvr found the bug not me I just confirmed it14:49
sil2100Indeed, sorry ;)14:50
sil2100pmcgowan, jibel: once the PPA fully publishes the copies I'll kick a new image14:50
rsalvetisil2100: pmcgowan: we got a small fix for the device tarball (creating a missing dev entry) that fixes the hotspot support for arale15:17
rsalvetisil2100: pmcgowan: I'm reviewing the change, but then don't know what will happen once approved15:17
rsalvetidoesn't affect anything else, as it was a missing device file only needed for hotspot15:18
rsalvetiwhat should we do?15:18
pmcgowanrsalveti, seems we can wait15:21
rsalvetiabeato: pmcgowan: alright, approved the mr but didn't yet merge it, will merge once we can land new changes there15:23
abeatorsalveti, ok15:24
sil2100rsalveti: hmmm, ok, so merging it in results in the change being released into the device tarball?15:27
imgbot=== IMAGE 187 building (started: 20150429-15:30) ===15:30
pmcgowan187 ftw15:30
rsalvetisil2100: I think so, iirc they were all automatic15:31
rsalvetisil2100: but even if not, in case we need to trigger a new device tarball, it will be included then as a side effect15:31
michijosepht: Thank you very much for you help!15:49
josephtmichi: my pleasure15:50
davidbartho/ morning trainguards, looking for a silo for the request on line 3015:55
sil2100davidbarth: silo assigned, but both packages are already in silo 1016:01
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sil2100Image rootfs just finished building16:29
imgbot=== IMAGE 187 DONE (finished: 20150429-16:45) ===16:45
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/187.changes ===16:45
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* ogra_ wonders what that lxc-android-config is there 16:48
ogra_rsalveti, lxc-android-config 0.220 ? not 0.219vivid1 ?16:52
jibelogra_, it was a fix for bug 142588016:52
ubot5bug 1425880 in lxc-android-config (Ubuntu) "location settings doesn't persist upon reboot" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142588016:52
ogra_jibel, sure, not objecting that :)16:52
* ogra_ needs to reboot ... silly arale killed my whole USB stack on the laptop16:53
rsalvetiogra_: right, was thinking about syncing that right once w opens16:57
rsalvetiogra_: but yeah, maybe it's just better to append vivid for all native packages16:57
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sil2100pmcgowan: ubuntu-rtm/landing-003 silo has the back-port of the disappearing scopes fix :)17:32
sil2100Once QA has some free cycles after RC testing I'll ask them to sign that off too17:32
pmcgowansil2100, ah forgot about that one17:34
pmcgowansil2100, problem is if we dont spin another image that missed the boat17:35
sil2100pmcgowan: that's for the hotfix OTA17:35
sil2100pmcgowan: it's from ubuntu-rtm :)17:35
pmcgowansil2100, oh right duh17:35
sil2100pmcgowan: we already have the fix in vivid so no worries here17:36
Saviqfginther, hey, does the artifact collection thingy (test*xml) look for the files recursively or shall I keep it flat?17:53
fgintherSaviq, it should be recursive, though I can't find an example anywhere to prove it17:58
fgintherSaviq, as long as the job has the right definition '**/test*xml' for example.17:58
Saviqfginther, we'll have an example soon, then ;)17:59
om26eroSoMoN, Hi!19:01
om26eroSoMoN, I am seeing a white area at the bottom of fullscreen videos in portrait mode.19:02
om26eroSoMoN, its probably related to the "exit from fullscreen videos inside browser" change.19:02
ogra_om26er, that was discussed here a few times at the sprint, i bet there is a bug for it19:08
oSoMoNom26er, nope, it’s bug #1449188, and it’s fixed by oxide 1.7.419:09
ubot5bug 1449188 in Oxide 1.7 "White bar when playing video fullscreen" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144918819:09
om26erogra_, oSoMoN thanks both19:09
om26eroSoMoN, when a video is being played in the browser and I try to open a new website in the same tab, browser disappears. poof!19:14
* ogra_ blames jhodapp :P19:15
oSoMoNom26er, what version of oxide do you have on that device? if 1.7.3, can you upgrade to 1.7.4 and let me know whether you can still reproduce?19:16
* jhodapp is innocent19:16
om26eroSoMoN, where to get 1.7.4 ?19:18
ogra_there is a silo somewhere19:19
oSoMoNom26er, in the overlay PPA19:20
om26eroSoMoN, aah I have 1.7.4 already19:20
om26eroSoMoN, 1.7.4-0ubuntu0.15.04.1~ppa119:20
oSoMoNlet me try and reproduce that crash then19:20
oSoMoNom26er, do you have a crash file?19:20
om26eroSoMoN, crash file is pretty useless atleast it looks like it19:22
om26erthe oops is empty https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/fdc517da-eea2-11e4-ac05-fa163e75317b19:22
oSoMoNom26er, how big is the crash file?19:23
om26eroSoMoN, the previous one was very small, I deleted that. The one that is created now is 17 mbs19:25
oSoMoNom26er, that’s much better, can you send it my way?19:25
om26eroSoMoN, I'll email that. In the meantime https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/5cf46740-eea5-11e4-a5c5-fa163e4aaad419:25
oSoMoNom26er, I can reproduce the crash, I’m getting a crash file here too19:30
om26eroSoMoN, hmm, hopefully it'll be a simple fix19:33
oSoMoNom26er, I suspect it’s a duplicate of https://bugs.launchpad.net/oxide/+bug/1450021 , I’ll be able to confirm in a minute19:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1450021 in Oxide 1.7 "Crash in oxide::WebFrame::Destroy()" [Critical,Fix committed]19:34
oSoMoNyup, confirmed19:34
oSoMoNom26er, this will be fixed in oxide 1.7.6, which will be building in a PPA very soon19:35
om26eroSoMoN, thats good to know, thanks19:35
pmcgowanom26er, ToyKeeper you guys still image testing?22:26
ToyKeeperpmcgowan: The regression suite for image 29 is about a third done.22:27
ToyKeeperHowever, the suite for 28 was about 85% done and I doubt we need to repeat all of it for 29.22:28
ToyKeeperpmcgowan: Oh, just realized the tests for 29 are already trimmed down...  so it's about a third done, and the simple answer is "yes, still image testing".22:30
pmcgowanToyKeeper, thanks22:42
ToyKeeper(have been a little side-tracked by bugs today, like we just found out the UI for adding a payment method is broken)22:43
ToyKeeperProbably related to the browser updates, but maybe not.  Need to try it on older versions and other platforms to find out.22:44
ToyKeeperMight block the ability to buy apps at all.  D'oh.23:15
ToyKeeperWill have more info in a bit.23:15

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