robert_ancellbregma, I'm trying to get the convergence demo set up - do you happen to know what version of Ubuntu touch that is based on?00:48
bregmarobert_ancell, no idea, you'll need to ask Will I think01:01
pittiGood morrning05:00
didrocksgood morning06:00
seb128hey didrocks & desktopers06:07
didrockshey seb12806:08
seb128hey larsu06:29
pittihey didrocks, seb128, and larsu! wie gehtsZ?06:30
seb128hey pitti06:30
seb128zzehr gut, danke! und dir?06:30
didrockshey pitti, larsu!06:30
larsuI'm great, thanks!06:31
larsuhow are yo guys?06:31
pittilarsu: ... apparently not paying enough attention to IRC :) quite well, thanks!07:01
* pitti enjoys working on non-emergency things for a change07:01
larsupitti: haha enjoy ;)07:03
willcookedidrocks, you know all that packet loss I was telling you about.... and how once it had arp'd again pings would work for a little while before stopping....07:17
willcookeduplicate IP address07:17
seb128hey willcooke07:17
willcookehey seb12807:17
willcookeseb128, I've signed you up to a few UOS sessions07:17
willcookeseb128, I'll just go for blanket coverage and then we can work out what is really needed once all the sessions are there07:18
willcookewe should try and spread the load a bit07:18
willcookeI think I will have to be at all of them, but we should spread the others around07:18
willcookeI dont think robert_ancell will be able to cover any of them though :(07:18
larsumorninf willcooke!07:19
willcookeg'day larsu07:19
seb128willcooke, I saw, thanks07:19
willcookeIn other news....07:19
willcookeI am very concerned that it's nearly May already07:19
didrockswillcooke: ahah, nice one on duplicated IP address… We always think about firewalling banning, and iptables rules before thinking about the easy guilty one :)07:19
willcookeWhat happened to the rest of the year !?!07:20
didrockswillcooke: I hope you blame your dhcp now!07:20
willcookedidrocks, worse - I configured it wrong, plain and simple.  What an idiot! :)07:20
didrocksahah ;)07:20
willcookeSo I'm now running a load-balanced set up which seems to be working.07:21
willcookeMore testing today, and then I'll write it up07:21
* willcooke -> school run07:32
hikikohello :)07:32
hikikodidrocks, do you think it's safe to temporarily uninstall systemd and use init in vivid? I have troubles each time I restart services and when I restart lightdm I have to reboot (and even reboot doesn't work, I need to press the button after running reboot)07:34
hikikoI ve uninstalled it successfully on debian unstable07:34
hikikobut I didn't take the risk in ubuntu yet.. :)07:35
hikiko(+I had several other minor problems)07:37
didrockshikiko: what do you mean by init? like sysvinit?07:42
hikikoand install systemd-shim for the services07:45
didrocksit's been years that sysvinit isn't supported, I doubt it will even boot, upstart should still work though, but unsupported for the ubuntu desktop image07:45
didrockshikiko: what would be more interested is to debug your issues07:45
didrocksas most of people don't seem to have this07:45
didrocksI'm sure pitti or I will be pleased to help you07:45
hikikoI think other people have this lightdm issue too +I'm sure debugging is better I was just wondering because it happens to have 2 vivid installations so, maybe it's faster to work in the non-systemd one while we debug the systemd07:47
seb128hikiko, what do you do exactly and what is happening?07:48
didrockshikiko: well, I guess you will be the "we" as there is no other bug report (AFAIK) about such issues07:48
didrocksso better to debug it with you, (now ideally)07:48
hikikosure :)07:48
didrocksso let's start with this "I have troubles each time I restart services"07:49
hikiko:s/services/desktop services!07:49
didrockswhat command are you running, what are you trying to restart and what happens?07:49
hikikoi try to restart with sudo daemon restart07:49
hikikois this correct?07:49
didrockswhich service, for instance?07:49
hikikosudo lightdm restart07:49
didrocksthis isn't supported07:49
didrocks(and never was)07:49
didrockssudo systemctl restart lightdm07:50
hikikook :)07:50
hikikolet me try :)07:50
didrockssure :)07:50
hikikook now I ve run this it worked (so, apologies the restart was a pebcak) but I got another problem07:51
hikikomaybe it's another pebcak... :D07:51
hikikowhen i start unity and compiz crashes (because for example I ve done a bug in the code or sth)07:52
hikikoI return to the lightdm login screen07:52
hikikoand if I re-login successfully07:53
hikikothe previous session is gone and lightdm starts a new one07:53
didrockswhen you say "when I start unity", it means:07:54
hikiko+this happens every time i try to run unity --replace ...07:54
didrocks1. you are in your session07:54
didrocks2. hack hack hack, build…07:54
willcookeseb128, did you see on the snappy mailing list, sergiusens said they're working on an insaller for Snappy this cycle \o/07:54
didrocks3. unity --restart07:54
hikikoyes or ./unity --restart07:54
didrocks(meaning, restarting unity… actually compiz from inside the session)07:54
didrocksinteresting that this crashes the session07:54
didrocksso, first, this has nothing to do with systemd (it's still upstart managing the session)07:54
didrocksI doubt anything change, I'm looking at the unity7 upstart script, it doesn't seem to have any magic to kill the session if compiz fails07:55
hikikoI know for sure that other people get this too07:55
didrocksseb128: do you know if we still have this "RequiredComponents" or if any change in gnome-session for this?07:55
hikikochris townsend for example got it yesterday07:55
hikikodidrocks, also, I don't know if that helps07:55
hikikowhen I ran07:55
didrockshikiko: do you have any other .crash in /var/crash than compiz? (like a gnome-session one or whatsover)07:55
hikikosudo restart lightdm07:56
hikikoI got an upstart error07:56
didrocksthose commands are upstart ones07:56
hikikoso it's normal07:56
hikikoto get the errors07:56
didrocksso, basically until lightdm (included) everything is managemed by systemd07:56
didrocksand there is no lightdm upstart script07:56
seb128didrocks, gnome-session still has required component, but some jobs got moved from being gnome-session spawned to be upstart services07:56
didrocksafter that, it's upstart07:56
didrocksseb128: yeah, unity7 is one of them07:56
didrocksI wonder why compiz crashing trash the session though…07:57
hikikoin var/crash i have the compiz crashes07:57
didrocksnothing else?07:57
seb128didrocks, pitti, I think I mentioned it before, but could be make "restart" being a wrapper and make it call "systemctl restart" under systemd?07:57
hikikoand some very old from07:57
hikikoguvcview (a broken camera app)07:57
didrocksseb128: restart is still used for session job as well07:57
hikikoskype, chromium07:57
didrocksseb128: so you need to know which kind of job are used07:57
seb128willcooke, just saw for the installer, that's great!07:57
hikikoI have a usr_bin_signon-ui07:58
didrocksyeah, nothing that's related to the session-components itself :/07:58
seb128didrocks, well, check the uid?07:58
didrocksseb128: that can work, sure07:58
willcookeseb128, I've poked them in #snappy to see if they need any input from us - I might follow up with an email to the ML as well07:58
seb128willcooke, good, I should probably be on that channel, joined07:59
didrocksseb128: btw, taping "restart" only close the current g-t window07:59
didrocks(actually all)07:59
seb128Try `restart --help' for more information.07:59
seb128it does here07:59
didrockshikiko: let's wait for Laney (he should be around soon), if he heared about such behaviors)07:59
didrocksseb128: tried 3 times, it closes the g-t window here08:00
seb128didrocks, weird08:00
didrocksand I can't ctrl+alt+t now :/08:00
seb128didrocks, do you have the binary installed?08:00
didrocks"the binary"?08:00
seb128"which restart"08:00
hikikoalso didrocks I don't know if I made this clear: unity --replace always sends me to the login screen not only when compiz crashes, +compiz crashes send me to the login screen too (2 different cases)08:00
didrocksand it's the upstart one, of course, I checked it08:01
didrockshikiko: interesting, I guess it's something for Laney08:01
seb128hikiko, didrocks, could be that restarting unity this week screws the job state and makes other job act in response08:01
hikiko+also: didrocks  thanks for the help :) +sure, I ll wait for Laney :)08:01
didrocksseb128: quite a lot of things in the session restarted08:02
didrockshikiko: yw!08:02
didrocksseb128: u-s-d, and so on08:02
seb128didrocks, weird...08:02
didrocksweird you don't have the same "restart" behavior08:02
seb128$ restart08:02
seb128restart : nom de la tâche manquant08:02
seb128Try `restart --help' for more information.08:02
seb128$ which restart08:02
didrocksand no crash either, it really restarted some session services08:03
didrockshey Laney!08:03
seb128howdy mr Lane08:03
hikikohi Laney :)08:04
hikikoLaney, I've got an issue after I upgraded to vivid I don't know if it's something in my settings or my use of systemd or a bug in the setup08:05
hikikobut I remember that chris had it too yesterday when I first got it08:06
hikikowhen I run ./unity --replace ... (for a unity I ve built) I see the lightdm login screen and if I login, I login to a new session08:07
hikiko+sometimes this happens when compiz crashes and I try to restart it08:08
darkxstLaney, late pong, we don't ship overlay-scrollbars, so no problems there. how it gtk 3.16 looking for update?08:19
Laneydarkxst: try the ppa08:19
Laneyyou had some problems last time i remember08:20
Laneyhikiko: is this new?08:20
darkxstLaney, problems mixing gtk 3.16 with gnome-shell 3.1408:20
darkxstbut we won't do that08:20
hikikoLaney, this started at the time I upgraded to vivid (a few days ago)08:23
darkxstLaney, there doesnt seem to be any easy way around the theming issues, so will just upload core 3.16 along with gtk08:26
ricotzLaney, darkxst, please take a look at the gtk packaging, iirc there are several manpages missing08:28
Laneywe should get this running --fail-missing08:30
Laneyricotz: I can merge your branch, bzr is up to date08:31
ricotzLaney, no bzr branch here yet, this just came into my mind, I stumbled over it while merging 3.14.1308:32
ricotzLaney, I think the location of gtk-encode-symbolic-svg was weird too which should be in libgtk-3-bin08:34
ricotzsorry, g2g08:34
seb128Laney, --fail-missing doesn't work well with multi-builds08:35
Laneyseb128: just tried, the results seem sane here08:51
Laneyshows that there are some .desktop files, icons and manpages missing08:51
Laneyhikiko: Got it, somehow compiz got back into RequiredComponents in /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/ubuntu.session08:52
Laneythat is a bug08:52
seb128Laney, is that standard debhelper or do we still have a custom hack script?08:52
Laneybut using the dh tools08:52
LaneyI guess it understands --sourcedirectory or whatever, maybe didn't do that right in the past?08:53
seb128so the debian/dh_listmissing.pl is deprecated?08:53
LaneyI don't even know what that is08:53
* Laney shows his youth08:53
seb128that's the script we used to have for --list-missing in gtk08:53
seb128because the cdbs/dh tools didn't understand the multiple builddirs08:53
seb128e.G debian/build/shared debian/build/static08:54
popeyis there any way to "reset" compiz back to defaults?08:54
popey(other than creating a new user or deleting all dot files)08:54
seb128popey, there is a reset button in ccsm08:54
popeyproblem I have is my GUI freaks out when I add/remove a display. A new clean user doesn't have this problem.08:54
Laneyit could be that if I fix these fail-missing files then it breaks later on08:54
seb128popey, "dconf reset -f /org/compiz" should work as well08:55
Laneythis fails at the first dh_install call for the normal lib08:55
* popey presses "reset to defaults" button08:55
popeyunity disappears.08:55
Laneywill try after ricotz gives me his patch :-)08:55
seb128Laney, k :-)08:55
seb128let me know how it works!08:55
Laneyricotz: I want to keep that tool out of the main -bin package, it's not for normal users08:56
Laneynot an "example" but didn't feel like making a new binary for it08:56
popeyseb128: yeah, the dconf reset didn't fix it, will reboot and see if the reset to defaults did, thanks!08:56
seb128popey, shouldn't need to reboot08:56
popeymy unity died08:56
Laneyhikiko: try removing that "compiz;" and see if it works for you?08:56
popeyI'm unable to alt-tab anymore08:56
Laneythis is a darkxst bug btw!08:57
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darkxstLaney, what is a darkxst bug?08:57
Laneyyou changed RequiredComponents for ubuntu.session when updating gnome-session to 3.1508:58
* Laney tried to blame systemd at first08:59
Laneyannoyed that it wasn't that :P08:59
popeybah, not unity wont start at all :(08:59
darkxstLaney, did I?09:01
popeyseb128: any other ideas for debugging unity not starting :(09:04
seb128popey, type "unity" on a command line and see what is printed?09:04
hikikoLaney, what do you mean remove compiz?09:05
Laneydarkxst: probably an accident, but the diff says so - curl -s https://launchpadlibrarian.net/188763536/gnome-session_3.9.90-0ubuntu16_3.14.0-2ubuntu1.diff.gz | zcat | filterdiff -i "*50_ubuntu*"09:05
Laneyhikiko: e.g. sudo sed -i 's/compiz;//' /usr/share/gnome-session/sessions/ubuntu.session09:05
popeyseb128: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10937467/09:06
seb128popey, "Loading plugin: ccp"09:07
seb128popey, in ccsm change the settings backend to gsettings09:07
seb128"Info: Backend     : gsettings"09:07
seb128popey, nothing more than that?09:07
popeythats everything09:07
popeydisplay flickers and I end up with an empty desktop09:07
seb128in unity enabled in ccsm?09:07
popeyhah! no09:08
seb128popey, "gsettings get org.compiz.core:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/core/ active-plugins"09:08
popeythe reset must have disabled it09:08
popeyjust ticked the box and my launcher appears09:08
* popey hugs seb128 09:08
* seb128 hugs popey back09:08
seb128weird, that plugin should be in the default09:08
seb128popey, try to "gsettings reset org.compiz.core:/org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/core/ active-plugins"09:09
popeyhmm, no window decorations09:09
popeyis /usr/bin/gtk-window-decorator the right thing for window decorator command?09:10
darkxstLaney, I see, really don't know how that could happen though, the merge would have been based off the vcs-bzr branch09:12
popeyseb128: restarted lightdm, all back to normal. big hugs! Thank you!09:13
seb128popey, yw!09:13
ricotzLaney, https://paste.debian.net/plain/16984709:15
Laneywhy do you want that program in -bin?09:17
Laneythis diff isn't based on the ppa or bzr09:18
ricotzLaney, I kind of consider this a dev tool and hiding it in example makes less sense09:18
ricotzLaney, the diff is based on bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-desktop/gtk/ubuntugtk3/09:18
ricotzLaney, so lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gtk/ubuntugtk3 isn't the current one for 3.16?09:20
Laneyit is, lemme look in a bit, thanks09:21
hikiko Laney09:22
hikikowithout compiz;09:22
hikikolightdm restarts all the time09:22
hikikommm and with compiz it restarts once09:23
hikikomaybe there's something wrong in compiz09:23
hikikook it was not compiz I reinstalled it :s09:24
hikikoi ll replace the dconf user as well to have the default unity settings09:25
hikikoLaney, didrocks for the record: reboot doesnt work when you have nfs entries in fstab just found out09:32
didrockspitti: any idea? we have some tested together IIRC nfs entries in fstab successfully09:41
pittihikiko: not known, works fine here; can you please file a bug with a journal, using the "debug shutdown problems" steps in /usr/share/doc/systemd/README.Debian?09:42
willcookecould it be that nfs it starting before the NIC is up?09:43
hikikosure pitti :)09:43
pittididrocks: yippie! (bug 1423811)09:53
ubot5bug 1423811 in systemd (Ubuntu) "219-1ubuntu1 regression: boot hangs, logind fails" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/142381109:53
Laneyaccidental fix?09:54
pittiLaney: seems so, about as accidental as it got broken in the first place :)09:56
* pitti lets his computer cool down now, after some 500 VM reboots and 30 git builds09:56
didrockspitti: interesting10:00
didrocksagain a proof that coverity can be useful :)10:01
Laneyhikiko: did you file a bug for this --replace issue?10:03
hikikono Laney10:05
pittididrocks: yeah, and Murphy's law (the commit said "Should Not Fail™")10:05
hikikoLaney and pitti where should i file both bug reports?10:06
Laneyhikiko: gnome-session for me please10:06
* Laney will upload a SRU for this10:06
hikikook Laney, thank you :)10:06
pittihikiko: nfs-utils for now, we can reassign as appropriate10:06
pittihikiko: please tag it "systemd-boot"10:07
didrockspitti: of course! I bet it's fsckd's fault :p10:07
hikikook! thanks!10:07
pittididrocks: yes, it has its filthy fingers aaaaaaall the way to shutdown!10:08
hikikognome-session must be configured in order for Launchpad to forward bugs to the project's developers.10:08
pittididrocks: and for sure it's also responsible for the world's hunger and raining next Saturday10:08
Laneyhikiko: from a terminal run ubuntu-bug gnome-session10:09
pittididrocks: speaking of which, seems we need to change this a last time to read from that new socket that s-fsck now writes to?10:09
didrockspitti: I didn't follow what they changed upstream10:09
hikikoha! Laney the package gnome-session is not installed...10:10
hikikocould that be the problem?10:10
didrocksI think we shouldn't do anything until next systemd release anyway10:10
hikikoit's not a unity dependency10:10
Laneyhikiko: oh right, no, unity-session then10:11
Laneyor ubuntu-session?10:11
LaneyI forget the exact name10:11
pittididrocks: right, but for v220 we need to port it10:11
hikikoLaney, ubuntu-session maybe?10:13
Laneyif that works, sure10:13
ricotzSweet5hark, hi, is there a chance that is hitting a ppa today?10:22
Sweet5harkricotz: nope, will be a bit delayed10:23
ricotzSweet5hark, alright, let me know when it happens10:23
Sweet5harkricotz: willdo.10:24
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hikikopitti, there's no package nfs-utils in my repos + here: https://launchpad.net/nfs-utils the report a bug link is disabled for me, could I report it somewhere else?11:33
larsuLaney: if you have a 14.04 vm around, can you please test the patch I just posted to bug #1448969? Resizing columns in nautilus' list view is impossibe if the horizontal scrollbar is visible (possible SRU)11:38
ubot5bug 1448969 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu) "GTK3 can't resize treeviewcolumn" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/144896911:38
pittihikiko: ah, it's ubuntu-bug nfs-common, sorry; nfs-utils is the source package12:00
hikikook :)12:00
Laneylarsu: not sure, but I can get one easy enough, thanks!12:05
larsuLaney: cool thanks. Let me know if it works for you so that I can SRUify12:26
hikikopitti, when i use ubuntu-bug nfs-common it's different than with other packages it doesn't ask me to fill the bug details etc it generates an automated bug report I think12:28
pittihikiko: right, and it opens a LP page with the bug reporting, as usual12:28
hikikothat's the weird12:28
pittihikiko: it's pretty much like +filebug, except that it automatically attaches extra info12:29
hikikoyes pitti i used it a while ago for the other bug12:29
hikikojust in nfs-common12:29
hikikoit doesnt open that win12:29
hikikoand doesn't ask me to login12:29
hikikoI don't know why12:29
pittihm, works here; it collects info for a few secs, then shows the collected data, I press "Send" and get directed to LP12:29
hikikodo i have to be root? I guess that's not the problem12:30
pittihikiko: if anything else fails, you can also use https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nfs-utils/+filebug, but it's really supposed to work with ubuntu-bug too12:30
pittihikiko: no, you don't12:30
hikikook ok pitti it worked the 4th time just the page needs some time12:31
hikikosorry :)12:31
pittihikiko: right, it does12:31
pittino worries :)12:32
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xclaesseseb128, upgraded to vivid today, (14.04->15.04 went fine with a simple dist-upgrade). Was still wondering what's the plan to integrate GtkHeaderBar with unity?14:07
xclaesseseb128, here is how I see gedit (build from source), same with devhelp (as packaged in vivid): http://people.collabora.com/~xclaesse/tmp/gedit.png14:07
seb128xclaesse, we integrate them better now, like decorations are on the right side and looks like our theme, but it's only so much we can do14:08
seb128not sure about the issue in your particular screenshot, larsu or Laney probably know about the gedit situation better14:09
xclaesseseb128, I guess it's impossible to move the GtkHeaderBar inside the unity panel like you guys do with the menu ?14:09
seb128not really no14:09
xclaesseseb128, problem is that maximised we get 2 bars...14:09
seb128yeah, that's the app design, talk to the gedit upstreams...14:09
larsuxclaesse: ya, this is the #1 reason we don't use header bars. I have a patch for gedit upstream that makes it use a traditional title bar14:16
larsubut it's a bit weird without a tool bar14:17
xclaesselarsu, seb128: sooner or later all GNOME apps are going to have the same thing14:17
larsuxclaesse: we know14:17
xclaesseIMO their design is ridiculous, but unity will have to deal with it I guess :(14:17
larsutheir design is pretty good actually14:18
larsuit just doesn't fit well with unity14:18
larsupatch is at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=741904 if you're interested14:18
ubot5Gnome bug 741904 in general "Finish up support for traditional menubar" [Enhancement,New]14:18
seb128xclaesse, yeah, well as an user you can decide to user other apps that the GNOME ones ;-)14:20
larsuseb128: that's true, but we should strive for a good experience for the default apps14:21
xclaesselarsu, hm, I build gedit with the patch from bugzilla, didn't change anything. Probably did something wrong :/14:23
larsuxclaesse: hm, weird. I wanted to update that patch a bit anyway. I'll have a look later today or tomorrow14:24
seb128larsu, right, I'm just saying that there is only so much we can do if designs conflict14:24
larsuseb128: indeed14:25
xclaesselarsu, ah forget me, there were conflict when apply the patch that I didn't resolve :p14:25
larsuhehe :)14:25
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qenghoHi all. I'm trying to make chromium-browser do two new things. I would like your help in trying the new chromium packages in Stage PPA. ppa:canonical-chromium-builds/stage14:45
qenghoWho's interested in yesterday's Cr release? New hot v42! Anyone?14:46
willcookeqengho, o/  (i'm on 14.04 still though)14:49
qenghowillcooke: Oh, I have to support that too. It's in there.14:50
willcookeI'll add the PPA tomorrow morning then so I dont lose where I am today14:50
kenvandinewillcooke, 14.04?  you're so old school14:53
willcookeI've got a dog food VM14:53
* kenvandine waves to desktop :)14:53
willcookeand I will update this machine, but I want a fresh install14:54
willcookeso, ya know, backups14:54
kenvandineseb128, i copied code from unity-scope-click that should fix that bad framework bug, working on getting a build to test now14:54
seb128kenvandine, hey, \o/14:55
kenvandinemore duplicated code... grrr14:55
seb128yeah :-/14:55
kenvandinethe good news is there is a spec being worked on this week to fix that problem :)14:55
kenvandinebut in the mean time we need to keep the updates plugin working14:56
seb128dobey mentioned previously that we should use the scope service to install or something14:57
seb128or the wrapper they have14:57
seb128rather than manually deal with it14:57
Laneyclick got an API14:59
xclaesseoutch, google map on firefox with ubuntu vivid is utra slow16:07
xclaessewith chrome it's perfect16:07
Laneylarsu: I get a segfault in the testsuite with your backport16:21
Laneyon 3.1016:21
seb128xclaesse, yeah, google streetview is un-usable in firefox for me for over a cycle, dunno why16:22
seb128it takes like 30s to display one frame16:22
seb128webgl or something not working there I guess?16:22
xclaesseseb128, it's not only street view, it's also panning the map16:23
xclaesseseb128, was working fine on 14.04 afaik16:23
seb128well, maybe same issue16:23
xclaesselooks like unaccelerated webgl16:23
seb128I'm sure maps requires a lot less rendering16:23
seb128streetview is just the same issue pushed further16:24
Laneylarsu: looks like b4282e5ef, trying that16:27
larsuLaney: thanks16:28
* larsu didn't run it (sorry)16:28
Laneythat's what packagers are for16:28
davmor2seb128: it's the if "ua=firefox: run_speed=dead_slow" at the top of all google code right ;)16:30
Laneylooks good16:30
* Laney builds it properly with this16:30
xclaesseseb128, fishgl.com is ultra slow as well16:32
xclaesseseb128, on fedora with same firefox version, it works perfectly16:34
seb128xclaesse, same version = binary from upstream, or same version but distro builds?16:35
seb128chrisccoulson, is there any known issue with firefox/webgl on Ubuntu?16:35
xclaesseseb128, I mean the about dialog says "37.0.2"16:35
xclaessedistro rebuild it I guess16:36
seb128xclaesse, what if you go in about:config and set webgl.force-enabled  to true?16:37
chrisccoulsonseb128, no idea - about:support says it's blacklisted with my drivers16:37
chrisccoulsonI'd ask upstream if I were the Firefox maintainer :)16:38
seb128chrisccoulson, you still are the defacto one :-)16:38
xclaesseseb128, it's much better, but still slow16:39
xclaesseseb128, I get 25fps with the force-enabled16:39
xclaessein chrome I get 60fps16:40
seb128xclaesse, how about firefox on fedora?16:40
seb128is that on the same box?16:40
chrisccoulsonwebgl has always been slow with Firefox because it's using a software compositor16:40
xclaesseit's on my collegue's laptop, will ask to test again when he has time16:40
chrisccoulsonwhich means it uses glReadPixels for webgl16:40
seb128xclaesse, I assume you get the normal firefox speed now, chrome(ium) is probably just more performant16:41
seb128chrisccoulson, thanks16:41
chrisccoulsonour phone browser runs webgl better than firefox btw16:41
chrisccoulsonjust thought I'd get that in there16:41
seb128good to know!16:41
seb128we should pay some free beer to whoever is working on that :p16:42
chrisccoulsonYeah, that's a good idea :)16:43
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