ThesaurusI'm on 14.04.2 and was wondering which firewall GUI is the most compatible with the system.  Wasn't sure if I should go for the Gnome Firewall or the GUI or UFW01:24
darkxstThesaurus, ufw is probably the easiest to use for simple stuff03:33
ciscamam I doing something wrong or are constant 'system errors' every ten minutes normal in this distribution?06:37
ciscamrunning a mint 15.04 install06:40
ciscammost features are smooth, the only thing that didn't work like a charm was the animations in the ubuntu software center06:40
mgedminciscam, no, that's not normal07:10
mgedminwhat's the program that crashes?07:11
mitchdavis2792Hi everyone, I just updated my Ubuntu Gnome 14.10 to 15.04 on my Dell XPS 8700 and since the upgrade I am no longer able to open my System Settings menu.  Does anyone have any suggestions?12:49
mgedmincan you run gnome-control-center in a terminal and see if you get any error messages?12:50
mitchdavis2792Hm, that worked.12:51
mitchdavis2792Possible that the mapping didn't correctly upgrade?12:51
mitchdavis2792Now another weird thing I noticed.  While in Settings I tried opening Power but it freezes the window and I get a error.  Re-opening it and trying it again I get the same problem.12:52
mgedminsame here12:57
mgedmindo you have the staging ppa enabled?12:58
mitchdavis2792I do not, this a fresh install.  Haven't added any ppa's outside of what was included.12:58
mgedminoh wait I remember the freezes too, but now they're gone for me (I've the staging PPA)12:59
mgedminanyway reporting a bug would be a good thing to do12:59
mitchdavis2792Ok, I reported the bug.  You said the staging ppa fixed it the power menu issue and opening system settings issue?13:00
mitchdavis2792actually wait, since I ran that gnome-control-center I'm now able to open the menu again without the command.13:02
mitchdavis2792but does that staging ppa fix the power menu issue?13:03
LinDolhi all14:30
towoSo, is the weird squarish theme in the staging PPA a bug or just the new default look?17:04
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hunterHello everyone! I am looking for a way to make scrolling "faster" in 15.04.22:47

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