nebuchadnezzarI'm trying to preseed a Trusty server iso but it's very slow due to mount attempt of my empty disk /dev/vda. Here are the logs https://paste.debian.net/169869/ do you have any hints ?11:08
nebuchadnezzarI can provide the complete installer log if you want11:09
nebuchadnezzarInterestingly, when preseed/early_command finish, I do not have the problem anymore: https://paste.debian.net/169880/11:38
nebuchadnezzarI think I found https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/localechooser/+bug/145002513:39
slashdIs it possible to set gpt at all with preseed? I have found this : https://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2011/04/msg00244.html but there is no reply14:08
nebuchadnezzarslashd: Do you boot is UEFI or BIOS mode?14:12
slashdnebuchadnezzar, UEFI14:13
nebuchadnezzarI use this as the first partition http://git.baby-gnu.net/gitweb/gitweb.cgi?p=hands-off.git;a=blob;f=preseed/classes/partition/base/amd64-efi_recipe;hb=refs/heads/dad/features14:14
nebuchadnezzarthe efi partition must be 35Mo, so I set 64Mo and use method { efi }14:16
nebuchadnezzarnote that I use a wip-all preseed http://git.baby-gnu.net/gitweb/gitweb.cgi?p=hands-off.git;a=blob;f=preseed/classes/partition/auto/preseed;hb=refs/heads/dad/features14:17
nebuchadnezzarslashd: note that I always test with empty disk, I don't know how my settings will behave with a DOS pre-partitionned disk14:18
nebuchadnezzarI think it will remove the DOS label, but I'm not sure14:19
slashdnebuchadnezzar, thanks14:20
nebuchadnezzarI do not manage to preseed language on 14.04.2, if someone has an idea : https://paste.debian.net/169927/15:13

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