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taihsianginfinity, hi, I am wondering that there is lucid proposed kernel for SRU testing. IIRC, there is no proposed lucid  this cycle(10-Apr through 02-May)?06:41
taihsianginfinity, I am ok to test it on the certification part. just want to confirm if anything I am missing or misunderstand, thanks.06:42
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doug16kHi. I get many dmesg assert spams at /build/buildd/linux-3.19.0/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_runtime_pm.c:680 intel_display_power_put+0x103/0x170 [i915]()07:10
doug16kthe last update fixed my i915 lockup (great!) but it caused my battery life to get very short07:10
doug16kthere is a warning that dumps to dmesg when it is about to decrement a power well that has a count of zero07:11
doug16kit messes up those counts07:11
doug16k3.19.0-15-generic btw07:16
apwdoug16k, do file a bug for us to track that, that helps us know what h/w you have etc07:20
apw"ubuntu-bug linux"07:20
doug16kapw, thanks! https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/144989307:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1449893 in linux (Ubuntu) "i915 dmesg spam and poor battery life " [Undecided,New]07:32
doug16kI had a peek at that code - looks like the assertion is warning that it is about to decrement a use count that is zero - it has messed up the refcounts07:34
apwthanks, will see if someone can have a poke07:35
DeathcrowI am trying to rebuild a kernel module for the ubuntu stock kernel, but when I try to insmod it I get "Invalid module format". I don't want to boot into an entirely new kernel...13:16
DeathcrowI only found guides explaining how to replace the whole kernel with a custom13:17
DeathcrowI assume it's some versioning thing that's stopping me from doing it? But surely it must be possible to modfiy a kernel module and recompile it for the stock kernel?13:18
DeathcrowWhat I did: Downloaded the linux source with 'apt-get install linux-source', extracted the tarball, modified some code and compiled with 'make modules'13:24
apwDeathcrow, in theory yes, vresioning does need to match, as does the compiler (i believe).  i think make modules will definatly make the wrong version name, because of the way we use the abi number in our packaging13:45
apwDeathcrow, you could either build the whole kernel using the debian recipe, and extract the .ko and try that, or you might look at how we abuse the kernels versioning and abuse it compatibly in your make modules incantation13:46
Deathcrowapw: I figured it out!13:46
Deathcrow"make -C /usr/src/linux-headers-3.13.0-48-generic M=`pwd` modules" works13:46
apwheh, treating it as an out of tree module set, and building it against the installed kernel ... nice13:47
ohsix$() is your pal13:47
Deathcrowwhat's $() ?!13:47
apwits another `` form13:47
ohsix`` but sane :]13:47
Deathcrowah yeah i know13:47
DeathcrowI'm heading out of here!13:48
Deathcrowthanks for trying to help apw!13:48
apwDeathcrow, np13:48
zequence apw, infinity and others: Since Ubuntu Studio Precise is going EOL now, I discussed with infinity about the possibility of dropping support linux-lowlatency.14:08
zequenceAnd, since not other flavors are affected directly by this, and probably not many use that kernel anymore, I felt like this would be a good time to end maintenance.14:09
zequenceI would like to thank everyone for helping me for the past couple of years, or how long its been.14:10
zequenceIt was a big improvement for Ubuntu Studio to get linux-lowlatency into the repos.14:11
zequenceI will continue to keep an eye on the current linux-lowlatency kernels, so I'm not disappearing or anything.14:12
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apwzequence, you've done a nice job looking after that ... thank you15:04
leitaoogasawara, hi there. Both CAPI bugs you just got are possible a backport for 15.10 kernel.16:31
ogasawaraleitao: yep, thanks.  Mikey sent us an email as a heads up.16:35
leitaoogasawara, good16:35

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