ScottKRhonda: Unknown because we don't know.02:20
dholbachgood morning06:29
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RhondaWhom to poke about blocking wesnoth-1.13?  It's the upcoming devel release, it's not packaged in Debian yet, but I want the sync block in place right ahead. :)16:37
RhondaScottK, are you on that team or rather do you know whom I can pester with that request? :)16:38
tumbleweedRhonda: why doesn't it go into experimental, then?16:42
RhondaFor better exposure to more people testing it.  It can be side-by-side installed with other versions.16:44
tumbleweedbeing in experimental doesn't mean it can't be installed side-by-side16:44
tumbleweedbut yes, users would have to enable experimental16:44
tewardmicahg: ping18:01
micahgteward: pong19:40
tewardmicahg: any update on the swig backport?19:40
tewardor is it just sitting idly in the queue19:40
micahgteward: I have it on my list, just haven't gotten around to processing yet19:41
ScottKRhonda: For better or worse, Mark himself picks the name so we're in a wait state in the meantime.21:27
LaneyScottK: I think she meant the sync blacklist with that comment addressed to you..?21:44
tumbleweedI suppose we could also hint against migration. But that's not really the point of -proposed21:48

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