tonyyarussok1l: Are you sure it's users, plural?  I know I've had a user in #u-offtopic who I've banned from a zillion different IPs, all using kiwiirc, but all of the IPs were on the same ISP in Portugal.01:48
stevendaleHello operators.05:16
stevendalePhone almost flat. Goodbye.05:21
k1l_tonyyarusso: its what the kiwiirc guy told me. i do think its just one troll in our case.09:05
phunyguyk1l_: tonyyarusso: is it the same person with the redstation IPs?  That is the one I have seen abusing kiwiirc.15:20
k1l_if you ask me: yes.15:20
tonyyarussophunyguy: redstation doesn't ring a bell15:20
tonyyarussoI'm not sure what that means15:20
k1l_there were some redstation ip trolls yesterday at the same time while the kiwiirc guy was active15:20
k1l_tonyyarusso: redstation is a .uk hoster. its used for proxy/vpn stuff that trolls use for evading bans15:21
phunyguy^ yes that15:22
phunyguysome of my more recent bans have notes on it for #u-ot in bt15:22
tonyyarussoMy bans are all on IPs that whois back to "MEO Broadband, PT Comunicacoes S.A."15:22
phunyguythey would use kiwirc, freenode web client, etc15:23

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