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Valduarehi guys02:18
Valduareshould ubuntu core be used for spinning up vms now?02:19
sarnoldif you need something to fit in a .tiny instance, perhaps02:19
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Valduareso not for seting up an nginx server then?02:22
sarnoldfeel free to give it a shot; it may or may not be missing some of the comforts you might be used to :)02:22
Valduarewhat would an example of that be :)02:23
sarnoldsyslog :)02:24
Valduareso no /var/logs?02:25
sarnoldunless programs open the log files themselves.. :)02:26
Valduareoh so nginx would still be able to write its logs02:26
sarnoldaha! a package manifest http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/releases/14.04/release/ubuntu-core-14.04-core-amd64.manifest02:27
Valduarebut something like dmesg  would not be viewable in the logs?02:27
sarnoldgranted you can install whatever you want02:27
Valduaredont think i’ve used dmesg from the logs just running the command myself02:27
sarnoldhunh, rsyslog is on tha tlist..02:27
Valduaresays its installable02:31
sarnoldI was just surprised to find it in the .manifest file; which made me wonder what the manifest file represents...02:32
Valduareimporting the ova of ubuntu core to check it out02:34
shelloxhi, is anyone using the ubuntu cloud vagrant images04:07
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lordievaderGood morning.08:12
jcastro_rbasak, https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/55808:42
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samba35i am trying to install postfix with tls ,can some one pls tell me how do i install certificate for postfix14:11
pmatulissamba35: lots of information out there.  what have you tried so far?14:15
samba35i failed to get it correct installtion ,i think14:15
samba35pmatulis: do you have any handy web site or blog to configur postfix with tls14:20
pmatulissamba35: http://www.postfix.org/documentation.html14:35
samba35yes , i follow that but ...ok , let me give another try again14:37
pmatulissamba35: take the time to understand stuff, email servers are tricky beasts, even without TLS14:39
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bugs_buggerhi can anybody help me recover from this apache2 configtest error: Cannot load /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_access_compat.so15:46
bugs_buggersystem specs: 12.04, apache2.2, tried upgrade php5.4 via ppa (ondrej) and ppa-purge, which left me with this error15:47
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bugs_buggerok, i solved the problem: i disabled some mods: access_compat, mpm_prefork, authn_core, authz_core, socache_shmcb. anyone happen to know about them?16:01
ndeeI remember there was a tool which analyzes the log file (apache/nginx) for suspicious requests and sends you an email with them but I forgot the name of it. Anyone knows such a tool?16:23
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devster31where can I find a starting guide to cross-compiling for arm and TravisCI?16:41
tewardndee: i can think of quite a few tools to achieve notification, however the tools I'm thinking of are IDS/IPS at the border of the network, not log review tools.16:44
tewardndee: as long as you keep up to date with security patches and such, for both the websites and the web servers, the risk of some of the 'requests' being actually bad ultimately is limited16:45
ndeeteward: the website is up to date but there are some extensions that are in usage which are unsafe. It happened already once, that a malicious php file was uploaded.16:46
tewardndee: well, you have the option to disable extensions, no?  The problem is log analysis after the fact doesn't help you16:48
tewardnot reall16:48
tewardbecause they've already exploited the environment.  You would end up having to start anew and patch and disable things *anyways*16:49
ndeeI know, but at least that way, I could notice the problem very fast and then disable the unsafe extension.16:49
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patdk-wkwell, fixing things up with rewritecond and/or mod_security would be a good first step17:55
patdk-wkalso would be good, would be some apparmor rules17:55
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william_homehello, could someone point me at a contact person for a bug in the cloud archive packages on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/CloudArchive#Kilo19:23
william_homewhen installing ceph-deploy (which is not in the cloud archive update) there is a duplicate manpage which disallows install ceph19:24
sarnoldwilliam_home: I think Odd_Bloke may be a good starting point19:29
william_homeok thanx19:30
william_homeOdd_Bloke: any ideas?19:30
pmatuliswilliam_home: start by reporting the bug maybe - https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-archive/+filebug19:41
Odd_Blokewilliam_home: I'm not the best point of contact; a bug is definitely your best course of action.19:44
Odd_Blokewilliam_home: And maybe after that you can bug jamespage...19:45
william_homepmatulis: and Odd_Bloke, will do. reporting the bug as we speak.19:46
william_homejamespage: https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-archive/+bug/145017519:51
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tewardrbasak: ping21:04
jkyleis there a list of changes in the ubuntu preseed for 15.04 vs. 14.04?21:17
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sarnoldpmatulis: oh cool, I hadn't seen https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-archive/+filebug before; that definitely beats pinging strange dudes on irc :)22:34
pmatulissarnold: then again, nothin' wrong with a little socializing...23:17
sarnoldpmatulis: hehe, true :)23:18

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