elacheche_anisyo Dro__ !21:34
Dro__ahla elacheche_anis21:35
elacheche_anisSo, did it worked?21:35
Dro__elacheche_anis, yes21:36
Dro__el carte sat temchi 5/5 , ema eli 7ajti bih ma mchech :P21:36
Dro__j'ai besoin de me connecter sur un serveur newcamd ou cccam :D21:36
elacheche_anisHave no idea how to do it :) :D21:38
elacheche_anisIf you find a tutorial and need some help I can try to.. otherwise am sorry :p21:38
Dro__(ça permet d'ouvrir les chaines cryptées)21:39
Dro__femma un plugin esmou vdr-plugin-sc  pour ça, ema j'arrive pas à le trouver21:40
Dro__mel sbe7 wena wa7ed fi :  50 alf sudo add-apt-repository ** w 50 alf sudo apt-get install vdr-plugin-sc21:41
elacheche_anisloool :)21:45
elacheche_anisDro__, did you tried this one → ppa:aap/vdr21:47
Dro__oui jarabtou.. c'est ça le pb nchoufou nal9ah mawjoud fel lanchpad et après kif na3mel install y9olli paquet introuvable21:48
elacheche_anisdid you used apt-get update after the add-apt-repository ?21:49
elacheche_anisemm.. just a minute, am trying that.. I have a bad internet so need to wait for a while until the update finish21:50
elacheche_anisYou're on what version exactly? trusty?21:51
elacheche_anisActually I can find it using that PPA on my Trusty.. Maybe the package is not available for your version, do you know how to check your ubuntu version?21:52
Dro__oui trusty21:52
elacheche_anisvery weird.. Try this → sudo apt-cache search vdr-plugin-sc21:53
elacheche_anisYou should found about 10 lines as result..21:53
elacheche_anisDo you?21:53
Dro__attends, je vais essayer de rajouter ce même ppa et voir21:54
Dro__nn nn berrasmi bizarre !!! :o21:56
Dro__bekri bark ajoutitou le même aap/vdr w ma mchech21:56
Dro__tawa mché lol21:56
Dro__le pb jarabtou 2 fois et ça n'a pas marché !!21:58
Dro__history | grep aap21:58
Dro__ 2007  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aap/vdr21:58
Dro__ 2009  sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:aap/vdr21:58
Dro__ 2020  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aap/vdr21:58
Dro__ 2022  sudo add-apt-repository --remove ppa:aap/vdr21:58
Dro__ 2062  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aap/vdr21:58
Dro__3lech fel 3eme t3adda? 5af mennek ! :P21:59
elacheche_anisWho knows :D ;)22:00
Dro__il est installé w ma tzadech fel vdr... bech ymaradhni hetha lyoum...22:05
elacheche_anisemmm.. Make sure that vdr is loading every single plugin..22:06
Dro__apparemment c'est une ancienne version / ou non compatible ...22:06
Dro__elacheche_anis, normalement quand on installe un nouveau plugin tal9ah fel /var/lib/vdr/plugins22:06
elacheche_anisDro__, http://projects.vdr-developer.org/git/vdr.git/plain/PLUGINS.html#Loading%20plugins%20into%20VDR22:07
elacheche_anisYou can load it manually too ;)22:07
Dro__ey tnejem tloadih kif yabda mawjoud.. déjà je fais cette étape pour loader les autres plugins.. mais hetha mouch mawjoud asl :p22:08
Dro__bref yezzini ma kassart kraymi pour aujourd'hui ! tawa demain narja3 net3arek m3ah :D22:08
elacheche_anisEmmm.. Let me try a thing22:08
Dro__try :P22:08
Dro__ema dhaharli el plugin-sc hetha tbadel w wella esmou dvbapi houwa zeda.. (je suis pas sure)22:09
elacheche_anishahahaha x)22:09
Dro__ntabba3 fi des forums allemands bech l9it 3lih 7ajet... http://www.digital-eliteboard.com/161058-sc-plugin-unter-yavdr-installieren-8.html22:09
Dro__do5t :P22:09
elacheche_anisDro__, that plugin was installed under → /usr/lib/vdr/plugins/libvdr-sc.so.2.1.622:10
Dro__maw kif na3mel recherche sur google 3la "vdr-plugin-sc" ma femmech des résultat ba3d 2013 (za3ma à ce point il n'est pas utilisé ?)22:11
Dro__par contre femma un dvbapi hetha kayenou ychabahlou ema m3a9ed :P22:11
elacheche_anisDro__, that plugin was installed under → /usr/lib/vdr/plugins/22:11
Dro__mais non, j'ai pas besoin de .so 3ad.. les autres plugins normalement ykoun fihom des fichiers .conf ... etc22:13
elacheche_anisemmm I see22:13
Dro__voila: il doit être installé dans ce dossier: ~$ ls /var/lib/vdr/plugins/22:14
Dro__epgsearch  live  streamdev-server  vnsiserver  vnsiserver5  xineliboutput  xvdr22:14
Dro__exp de plugin: $ ls /var/lib/vdr/plugins/xvdr/22:14
Dro__allowed_hosts.conf  xvdr.conf22:14
elacheche_anisI did not install any other plugins in my OS.. So by checking that directory I can't find it.. It didn't created a config file..22:16
Dro__oui, je sais :p22:16
elacheche_anisI run the find command.. maybe I'll find it somewhere else..22:16
elacheche_anisDro__, I find this → /etc/vdr/plugins/sc but it's empty22:19
Dro__j'ai le meme dossier, do5t sayé22:21
Dro__déjà les autres plugins mawjoudin zeda dans ce dossier aussi22:24
Dro__mais sc n'est pas detecté par vdr22:24
elacheche_anisDro__, contact the PPA maintainer and ask him why! I'm sure that he'll know the answer.. :)22:25
Dro__sudo /etc/init.d/vdr restart22:26
Dro__Restarting Linux Video Disk Recorder: vdr - seems not to be running22:26
Dro__Searching for plugins (VDR 2.2.0/2.2.0) (cache hit): quickepgsearch live epgsearch epgsearchonly xineliboutput streamdev-server conflictcheckonly xvdr.22:26
Dro__tu vois, pas de sc22:26
Dro__oui, je vais re-essayer demain , tawa sayé KO :D22:26
elacheche_anisDro__, contact the PPA maintainer and ask him why! I'm sure that he'll know the answer.. :)22:26
elacheche_anisTime to go for me too :) Good luck and have a good day :)22:27
elacheche_anisI mean night x(22:27
Dro__merci elacheche_anis22:27
Dro__thx for ur help :P22:27

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