MooDoomorning all07:13
diploMorning all07:23
diploNot seen you about these parts for a while SuperMat107:29
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:33
MooDooyay SuperMat1 must be all the rackers goodness he's been getting over the past few months07:48
SuperMat1oh yes, I haven't been around much cos I'm very busy :(07:49
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davmor2Morning all08:10
foobarryi ran out of RAM and my terminal fonts are corrupted at only one size08:21
foobarryctrl- fixes it, but when i return to the regular size it's still broken!08:22
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Wish Day! :-D09:02
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1NeogMh1JI09:03
JamesTaitdavmor2, so... you wish you could buy me a coke?09:04
davmor2JamesTait: no I wish the world would just get along :D09:06
zmoylan-pithe world does get along, it's just the innocent bystanders that get caught up...09:07
brobostigonis there a way of pushing irssi highlights to my xmpp server?09:07
diploDoesn't seem to have been updated in a while though09:25
diplobrobostigon: https://gist.github.com/markhibberd/531547009:25
brobostigonty diplo09:26
brobostigondiplo: is that the same as the irssi-plugin-xmpp package?09:31
diploI believe so, seems quite a few have forked it and made changes09:33
brobostigonah, i see.09:33
brobostigonanyways, it seems to have loaded and connected to my xmpp server fine.09:34
brobostigonjust need to find out now, if it works or not.09:42
JamesTaitbrobostigon, my XMPP address is on my launchpad profile, if you want to test. https://launchpad.net/~jamestait10:02
brobostigonok, ty JamesTait.10:03
brobostigonthat proved it didnt work, as your highlight didnt show up in my xmpp account.10:03
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shaunoI think you still need to provide the glue?  adding xmpp as a transport to irssi just lets you message jabber users10:08
brobostigonglue? ok.10:09
shaunoso you're still missing the magic sauce that passes messages from one to the other10:09
shauno(I had a look, but I got nothing - I do this out-of-band, so irssi is passing messages off to a notification service)10:11
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)10:11
diddledanallo folks10:21
brobostigoni have found an xmpp notify script, however when i try and load it, it throws up errors.10:23
diplopopey uses something to alert via an android app from memory10:33
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brobostigonyes, on android i use irssinotifier. however this is for other systems that support xmpp, but not a notification system like irssinotifier.10:37
foobarryAmazon UK doubles the minimum spend for free delivery to £2011:08
foobarrygame over guys11:08
directhexouya's in trouble.11:08
Myrttifoobarry: damn.11:10
foobarryincluding the "this item is exclusive to prime customers"11:12
bashrc_there is a minimum spend on amazon?11:13
foobarryfor free delivs11:13
diddledanI thought prime gave you free next-day11:13
foobarryit does11:13
foobarryso it is now becoming a club11:14
foobarrythat you have to join to buy stuf11:14
bashrc_I did get some spam for prime, but I buy things on amazon maybe once or twice per year so it's not worth it11:15
czajkowskidavmor2: popey on 15.04 does skype work ?11:15
foobarryb&q near me is rubbish and don't have stock11:15
foobarryi have no choice11:15
* popey calls the skype lady11:16
davmor2czajkowski: no idea don't install skype11:16
foobarrywelcome to skypecalltestingservice11:16
czajkowskipopey: this determines my ability to upgrade :/11:16
bashrc_use mumble instead11:16
* diddledan mutters something under his breath11:17
czajkowskibashrc_: most of the people I need to talk to daily are via skype11:17
diddledansee there's a reason people tell you not to mumble :-p11:17
czajkowskiI also use hipchat bluejeans and that evil system goto which doesn't work on Ubuntu or anything other than windows or mac11:17
bashrc_mumble is pretty easy, and open source11:17
czajkowskibashrc_: indeed I agree but also not suitable for me11:18
popeymumble is not easier than skype if the other person already has skype11:18
czajkowskiI can load skype with credit and ring  places outside of the UK which also is a chunk of things I do daily11:18
awilkinsMumble is not easier than Skype even if the other person has neither11:18
czajkowskias popey points out it's also more hassle if everyone else I need to talk to doens't use mumble but does use skype11:18
davmor2bashrc: these are real people she talks to not geeks, it's a job thing11:18
awilkinsWe use Zoom11:19
awilkinsThey just got around to having a Linux client11:19
awilkinsIt segfaults on my machine11:19
awilkinsEasiest : WebRTC11:19
bashrc_a mumble client was quite easy to install on android. I'm not sure about UbuntuPhones though11:19
awilkinse.g. http://talky.io11:19
ali1234jitsi is easier than skype even if you already have skype11:19
ali1234"go to this webpage"11:19
awilkinsIs jitsi now WebRTC?11:19
popeyczajkowski: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/skypetest.mp311:19
czajkowskipopey: brilliant thank you!!!11:20
awilkinsAny webconferencing platform that doesn't use WebRTC is cruising on it's inertia11:20
czajkowskigoto is citrix and is EVIL!11:21
czajkowskiso backward with it's requirments11:21
awilkinsGoto have a WebRTC client now11:21
czajkowskiawilkins: ohh11:21
diddledanjitsi now owned by atlassian?11:21
czajkowskiI just dial in do tell me more11:21
willcookeAnyone got any thoughts on a cheap 3g data plan for USB dongles which will be used very rarely?11:21
ali1234willcooke: three11:22
willcookethx ali123411:22
awilkinsWebEx works cross-platform but to get it to work properly on Linux you need to set up a special 32-bit environment for it11:22
awilkinsWebEx is Java + native libs AFAICT11:22
ali1234willcooke: cpecifically the "1 2 3" payg account11:22
czajkowskiwillcooke: sim only on 3 ?11:22
awilkinswillcooke, GiffGaff with a non-recurring gigabag?11:23
ali1234of course the problem with three is they have awful coverage11:23
ali1234so it depends where you're going to use it11:23
davmor2willcooke: giffgaff data buckets are kinda crappy, great for phones though.  3 probably gives you the largest data plan on pay as you go11:23
davmor2awilkins: ^11:23
awilkinsdavmor2, I only use the phone plans, and tether if I need data11:24
awilkinsdavmor2, As long as you're on a plan with a cap, tethering is totes allowed11:24
davmor2awilkins: my point exactly it's great for phones.  but the data only plans kinda suck11:24
awilkinsIf you're willing to switch your phone, it's a great plan for phone + occasional data access11:25
awilkinsBut I can't say about the data only plans because I've never needed to research them11:26
awilkinsRe : ewbconf11:27
awilkinsWhen someone successfully integrates WebRTC + Wave, game over11:27
awilkinsWebRTC + Wave (with lots of different wavelet apps like mindmapping / document editing)11:27
awilkinsThe next step up from there is VR webconferencing with haptic interfaces editing 3D models in real time11:28
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daubersJust dropped into say, upgraded my machine to 15.04 and Unity is now pretty good to use. Thanks guys :)11:59
daubersAlso, what's the MTA of choice these days?12:00
* penguin42 still uses exim but hmm12:01
daubersI've never used exim. I've used the one that I want to say is postgres but isn't and still starts with a p :)12:02
penguin42yes, that one....12:03
daubersSorry, I knew it was post<something> and I've been using too much postgres recently12:04
penguin42bulbs are complicated; 12W LED bulbs seem to give about 1000 lumens out, and are listed as 75W equivalent, yet wikipedia lists 100W/230v as 1160 lumen, so you'd think it would be closer12:06
foobarrywhere are you buying the bulbs penguin4212:15
* penguin42 is googling a bit12:16
penguin42foobarry: CPC list 12W LED bulbs at ~1000 lumen12:16
foobarryamazon and ebay seem sto sell dodgy chinese stuff12:17
foobarryb&q are ££12:17
foobarrynot much in between12:17
penguin42foobarry: I'm not really convinced that there are is any good stuff12:17
foobarryits so dreary and cold today i'm having soup :-|12:18
intrbizbring back incandescent i say12:18
diploElectrical Wholesalers!12:18
penguin42intrbiz: Well, since I was woken at 7am (3 hours after I went to bed) by someone changing a compact-flourescent that had just expired at under 5 months old (and therefor <2000 hours use) - grrr12:19
diploJust don't buy cheap, won't last12:19
zmoylan-piincandescent never went away12:19
diploWell we're not allowed to sell it zmoylan-pi12:19
zmoylan-pii'm sure i saw some on shop shelf in last year somewhere.  it suprised me12:19
penguin42diplo: Oh, well, of course you can buy rough service bulbs, for those erm specialist applications12:19
penguin42diplo: And oddly those seem to be available everywhere12:20
diploHadn't read about that, just reading an article on it :P12:21
diploI used to work for Electrical Wholesalers, now work for a software company supplying software to electrical wholesalers :)12:22
penguin42diplo: Ah, fun12:22
penguin42diplo: So they can track the 25000 different SMD components that all look the same and can track the certifcates of compliance and things?12:23
diplonah, we're the ERP side, selling over the counter.. sod getting into all that12:23
popeyDaughters lava lamp only works with incandescent lamps... hard to get ones that last12:24
penguin42what makes over the counter for electrical wholesalers any different from any other over-the-counter?12:24
foobarrymine still works for 20 years12:24
diplopopey: What type of bulb is it ? I can take a look here if you like12:24
diploThey do LED ones that look identical to incandescent now as well12:25
diplopenguin42: Trade accounts and prices, specialist Three phase stuff12:25
diploNot having to deal with cash people so much12:25
* zmoylan-pi realised last night that if they switch off the fm radio stations here in favour of dab that my 30yo fm radio will be obsolete...12:25
popeyLED is no good12:25
popeythey don't get hot enough to make the lava melt12:25
penguin42diplo: ah yeh12:25
penguin42popey: Do you often have problems with lava?12:26
diploTrue, never had a lava lamp, wasn't sure if the bulb just worked to light it up and an element did the softening12:26
zmoylan-piwell apart from the guy with lava lamp who won a darwin award12:26
diploWell if you have a make and model of the bulb I can see what if you like12:26
diploanyhoo off to get a sandwich12:27
popeyno, it needs to be hot12:27
popeyto make the wax lava melt12:27
popeylooks like mathmos themselves sell them12:27
foobarrycan you get IR bulbs12:27
foobarryi think only banned for 60w and over?12:29
foobarryor did i make that uip12:29
ali1234get a 1000W LED floodlight12:35
ali1234not only will it be hot enough to melt the wax, it will also blind anyone in the immediate vicinity :)12:36
diddledanali1234: +112:37
foobarryaterry: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/apple-watch-tattoos-could-break-key-smartwatch-functions-10211777.html12:38
zmoylan-pithose poor hipsters...12:42
daftykin1how *will* they cope?12:44
daftykin1ah neat, my das keyboard is dropping O's again today12:45
awilkinsThose Cherry switches aren't infinite in lifetime, are they12:47
zmoylan-piversion 2 of the apple watch will have a laser to drill for skin...12:48
awilkinsI have a G80-3000 (Cherry assembled keyboard) and some of the switches need "warming up" some days12:48
zmoylan-piyou may experience some pain for the first few days of wearing version 2 :-P12:48
daftykin1well i don't think this is that old12:49
daftykin1typically after a warm up it plays nicely12:49
zmoylan-piis the keyboard clean?12:49
daftykin1yeah i've stripped and cleaned it before to no avail12:50
daftykin1now my scroll wheel is starting to go up when i roll down :<12:54
daftykin1there's a war on my desk, my input devices hate me12:54
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zmoylan-piyour mouse... it's coming right at you!! ::blasts it with nerf::12:58
daftykin1i shall feed it to the cat13:00
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daftykinsamazing i didn't even see my nick13:10
diplofoobarry: Asking me if I can get IR bulbs? If so yeah afaik, used to be able to13:40
diploAlso it was 100's then 60's and now all are banned13:40
FlashtekQ: with a 14.04 install, is it possible/sane to use dns-nameserver entries in the interfaces file ?13:51
diplopopey: 40watt about £1.60 + vat from one of our suppliers13:51
daftykinsFlashtek: dnsmasq might fight you i would expect13:53
daftykinsbest to purge resolvconf then hardcode into /etc/resolv.conf13:53
Flashtekdnsmasq not installed13:54
daftykinsi don't know much about it so can't even tell you if that's the package13:54
popeydiplo: proper lamps?13:57
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diployeah, Osram ones I believe13:58
diploThey are halogen bulbs it appears13:58
diploPar16/40w ses13:58
diploif you do a search for that on google you find some cheaper prices than the link you sent14:00
diploLike that14:01
diploOr that14:01
Flashtekdoes anyone else know if the dns setting within /etc/network/interfaces is valid ?14:03
daftykinsjust do what i mentioned and life will be fine14:03
Flashtekdaftykins: if it were down to me, that's how it'd be done... however I need conclusive proof that it doesn't work as expected14:04
Flashteki'm fairly sure it's a depricated feature14:04
daftykinswhy must you configure these things via the interfaces file?14:04
daftykinsthe word is deprecated - depreciate means to drop in value :>14:05
Flashtekdaftykins: it's part of a salstack controlled environment14:05
daftykinswhich way around is deprecated?14:05
daftykinsthat means nothing to me14:05
Flashtekdropped feature14:05
daftykinsno i'm asking which approach you consider to be deprecated?14:06
Flashteknameservers in interfaces file14:06
daftykinsnot sure on that, i just don't do it that way14:06
daftykinsmodern versions are a bit too automagic, so i purge the package resolvconf and set manual config14:07
daftykinsyou can probably do it via interfaces as well as hardcoding /etc/resolv.conf direct - just bear in mind that one reboot after purging /etc/resolv.conf will likely still overwrite that file, only subsequent reboots will it persist14:07
Flashtekwe have mixed installs where some of the systems are DHCP14:07
Flashtekand a handful are statis14:08
daftykinsfor servers!?14:08
Flashtekdepends on how you define 'server'14:09
daftykinscomputer running a service accessed from elsewhere14:09
Flashtekyes then14:10
daftykinsseems unreliable14:10
daftykinsFlashtek: anywho this might help, it explains some of what changed since 12.04 time - https://www.stgraber.org/2012/02/24/dns-in-ubuntu-12-04/14:11
Flashtekthanks daftykins14:11
daftykinsnp :)14:11
Flashtekseems that the dns-nameservers entry in interfaces is not documented anywhere handy... aside from stating "needs resolvconf"14:19
daftykinsassuming this host is never going to move environment, i'd prefer hardcoded myself14:22
penguin42daftykins: If you're setting up static then just take networkmanager out and put the dns server in /etc/resolv.conf ?14:23
daftykinsNM wouldn't be there if this were a server? (this is the approach i'm coming from)14:24
penguin42daftykins: Right14:24
daftykinsalso resolvconf handles resolv.conf as above due to automagic evils14:24
penguin42right, but you can knock it all back to be simple14:24
daftykinsi guess i never asked if it were desktop or server14:25
diddledantechy, but some might moan at me for mentioning: ms build is about to start in 15 minutes (http://channel9.msdn.com/) be interesting to see what they say about 'dows1015:15
diddledanin other news, I'm 32 and my beard is already turning grey. I'm not only a neckbeard, but a greybeard too!15:16
diddledannot as bad as my dad tho - his is completely white now15:17
penguin42diddledan: Ah, distinguished15:17
diddledanI'm sporting a pretty decent nerdy-tail with my hair these days, too15:18
* bashrc_ is amused to find a command called "lunch"15:18
diddledanbashrc: you're doing android or related dev :-p15:18
diddledanthere's also brunch15:19
bashrc_but is there a teatime?15:19
diddledanor is it breakfast?15:19
diddledanalas, no15:19
diddledanandroid and ubuphone's build process is a bit black-art to me15:20
diddledanbut then build processes in general confuse me15:21
diddledanautotools is a mystery15:21
diddledancmake even more so15:21
foobarrymmm camke15:22
diddledanfoobarry: get yourself invited onto the podcast - they always seem to have cake15:22
diddledanwow, when did they go up? I've missed three episodes of it15:24
foobarryi've misssed the past 3 years15:24
popeydiddledan: build process for phone itself or apps on the phone?15:24
foobarrysomehow got out of the habit15:24
diddledanpopey: is the naming scheme beers?15:24
diddledanpopey: the build process for the actual phone - the androidy bits specifically15:25
popeyyeah, no idea how that works15:25
diddledanI will figure out this naming scheme!15:25
popeyit's a fun one :)15:26
diddledanhas anyone guessed yet?15:26
popeynot that anyone has told me15:26
diddledanI'm still in the running then :-p15:27
diddledanthere is a prize, right? :-D15:27
diddledanwe all know we want "more quizzes"15:27
bashrc_cmake is a riddle inside of an enigma15:27
diddledanbashrc_: you need a bombe to crack the outer enigma15:28
popeywe use cmake for many of the apps on the phone15:28
diddledanyeah cmake started as a qt or kde thing so it makes sense to use it extensively for apps considering they're mostly qt-based15:28
ali1234cmake is nice15:28
ali1234diddledan: aren't you thinking of qmake?15:29
diddledanoh maybe I am15:29
diddledandamn you memory-cells!15:29
ali1234i don't think they are related, i could be wrong though15:29
ujjainhttp://getworkdonemusic.com/# can somebody check if the play button on this site works?15:41
ujjainI've been repetititevely been pressing it for 2 minutes15:41
ujjainmaybe it's a metaphor: "don't listen to music, get work done"15:42
daftykins:D pretty good idea. sorry don't trust such sites.15:44
popeydoesn't work here in chrome on ubuntu15:45
ujjainit was in my firefox bookmarks15:46
ujjainfrom 3 years ago15:46
ujjainI guess soundcloud integration broke15:46
ujjaincleaning up bookmarks, I think I'm one of the few these days that still uses bookmarks15:46
daftykins:D anything i bookmark i never look at again15:47
daftykinsi browse by manually entering URLs, but age is making the ol' memory suffer15:47
shaunoI bookmark things to force them to show up in the guesses when the omnibox tries to read my mind15:48
popeysame here15:49
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Flashtekujjain: click fast, or faster16:04
awilkinsujjain, There's a codec thing you need for it to work16:09
ujjainhmm ok16:14
ujjainit does work now :p16:14
ujjainI like this song16:14
ujjainboom boom boom boom16:15
ujjainboom boom16:15
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zmoylan-pimicrosoft is not a friend of open source16:55
zmoylan-pithe patent trolling on android now remains16:56
penguin42zmoylan-pi: Yes, you check the licenses on their c# stuff and find it doesn't grant patents except for use in c# systems, so if you pick up their code that's free in it and use it elsewhere you're in a world of pain16:57
penguin42zmoylan-pi: Free to use from copyright point of view, but not patent16:58
zmoylan-pii've seen their behaviour since the 80s.  i'll never trust them16:58
shaunostill interesting to see a new CEO make some new moves though16:59
zmoylan-pii keep meaning to put up a list of companies screwed over by ms. but it's such a huge list...17:00
bashrc_penguin42: I think MS still has a "patent promise" which is legally worthless17:02
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awilkinsMS totally copying the "Ubuntu phone is your PC" thing then18:06
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zmoylan-piwith things like the pi about the day when you can build your own mobile device to your own spec and capabilities is getting ever closer18:20
penguin42zmoylan-pi: It's difficult - a lot of getting the device small, thin, light etc is squashing what you want into the case, and small changes are hard - the modular things from Google kind of look interesting, but still look a bit thick18:24
* zmoylan-pi remembers the psion ii. and how the ones we had at work lasted long into the wince/pocket pc era as they were just so useful.18:25
* penguin42 had the 3a - well, the Acorn version of it18:25
daftykins3c here :O still lurking somewhere18:25
daftykinsi think it was relegated to crossword duty for the old girl18:26
zmoylan-piand also how every one i knew who used a psion ii had a story of driving over it with a land rover for some reason, usually accidental...18:26
* penguin42 wonders if material science could build one of those with a decent hinge now18:26
daftykinshaha they really did creak didn't they?18:26
penguin42mine has a hinge broken after a few years of use18:26
zmoylan-pithey creaked, they squeaked but land rovers never killed one of them...18:26
penguin42you ran over a psion in a land rover?18:27
daftykinszmoylan-pi: are you secretly part of a land rovers anonymous club?18:27
zmoylan-piit just seems that every time i met someone with a psion ii they had driven over accidently with their land rover.  and it always seemed to be a land rover.  no minis... about 4-5 seperate stories from different people.18:28
zmoylan-piusually they had put the psion ii on the roof of car to open door and then forgot it which was 2-3 of the stories18:28
zmoylan-piand then when realising and driving back they dinged it the second time18:28
* DJones hands daftykins Some diet pills19:14
davmor2popey: with have the winner for the W release Worrisome Worms with the catchline "Incoming"19:39
davmor2popey: you can't tell me you don't want this as the next backdrop http://ih0.redbubble.net/image.13839012.8439/fc,550x550,white.u1.jpg19:42
davmor2popey: obvious with the origami backdrop ;)19:43
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daftykinshey diddledan did you hear the news?21:03
daftykinsthe Microsoft Edge browser, now with mspaint integration - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iH1D31YHsgY21:03
daftykinsperhaps that's what Spartan is21:04
diddledanyeah I'm watching the keynote now21:04
diddledanproject spartan is now known as "Microsoft Edge"21:04
daftykinshave you a linky?21:04
diddledanit was earlier, I'm watching the video I cached from channel9.msdn.com21:05
daftykinsme too now \o/ ty21:06
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