nhaineselky, ianorlin: just realized I am probably not going to get home on Sunday in time for the meeting.08:08
nhainesI might be able to join in via a mobile phone and SSH in the car and all that jazz but despite my bringing along a Bluetooth keyboard that probably won't be practical.08:09
ianorlinnhaines: understood16:12
iheartubuntuHello all. I'm looking for someone named Seidos. Does anyone remember him? AKA Kevin? He seemed to have dropped off the map.19:42
ianorlinI personally don't remember him19:49
pleia2I haven't seen him in a while19:50
pleia2searching of logs shows he was last here in May of 201219:51
iheartubuntuThanks Lyz19:53
pleia2sure, nice to see you :)19:54
iheartubuntuhows the gang doing here!19:54
pleia2doing well :)19:55
iheartubuntuhow was this years SCALE?19:58
iheartubuntuI'm enjoying 15.04 right now. Trying to figure out my wifi modem. Wifi isnt getting the speeds that I get with a direct ethernet. Its not Ubuntu because the problem is the same with WinXP. Too many hours tinkering with the wireless setup in the modem :) must be a crappy modem or something20:01
iheartubuntui get 100mbps directly, but wifi is shaky and gets 25mbps at best20:02
iheartubuntushould have just stuck with paying the monthly modem fees :p20:03
ianorliniheartubuntu: wifi can be subject to interference20:05
iheartubuntuprobably will try a diff modem next20:09

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