cmaloneyWElcome to Youtube loops.00:00
jrwrenbrousch: !!! Tell him I said hi, and that I wish I were there.00:20
jrwrenbrousch: what is the occasion?00:20
jrwrencmaloney: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/let-s-bring-laibach-back-to-america00:20
cmaloneyjrwren: I find this doubtful00:38
jrwrencmaloney: don't make me cry00:45
jrwrencmaloney: i wish I was rich, I'd do the $10k thing00:45
brouschjrwren: He came to GR to talk about Javascript robotics. The group went out afterwards10:54
cmaloneyGet to head to the docs later on to have my throat checked out13:38
cmaloneyNot sure my tonsils should be this size.13:38
rick_h_ruh roh13:38
cmaloneyYeah, fun fun13:39
cmaloneyhoping it isn't strep13:39
* rick_h_ sends popsicles your way13:39
jrwrenoh no!13:46
jrwrenat the first sign of scratchy throat, I always gargle with saltwater and or H2O213:47
jrwrenI have holes in my tonsils from so much strep when I was young :(13:47

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