JonathanDHow's it going?09:32
rmg51ok so far09:35
JonathanDrmg51: cool.10:08
rmg51but it's still early10:16
rmg51things change10:17
JonathanDIt's a good morning, it's gonna be a good day.10:18
rmg51I'm in the basement at work10:18
rmg51good or bad10:18
rmg51I never see the day10:19
JonathanDit's 46 and decent out.10:19
JonathanDI went for a walk. Wasn't too bad.10:19
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters, dumb birds and everything else12:19
TengokuNoIsanAnyone interested ina Dell 1950 III, with 16GB RAM, 2 73GB SAS drives, PERC 5I, DRAC, and 2 2.0Ghz Quads?18:03
WorkingTurkeywhats the cpu?18:05
TengokuNoIsanSelling it for $125 with pickup :D18:16
TengokuNoIsanHeck, even has cabling :D18:18
TengokuNoIsan2x power cables, and a cat 5e 25 footer if needed18:18
TengokuNoIsanheck.. make that 3 20 foot cat5E.  Custom cut18:29

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