captinemorning all04:38
magespawngood morning05:31
Kiloshi magespawn  Jacques_Stry  ThatGraemeGuy  inetpro  and others i have missed06:54
* Jacques_Stry waves06:58
Kilosim really becoming good at pointing peeps to other peeps07:09
Kilosim sorry for the extra work load Jacques_Stry  , but you are doing a great job07:10
Jacques_Stryhaha no problem07:10
Kilosat last the project is taking off, poor william was getting despondent i think07:13
Jacques_StryWell, working with volunteers - things can time a while sometimes but as long as stuff keeps moving07:14
Kilosthe early mails were all about advice but noone did anything07:15
Kilosonce again , my team to the rescue07:16
Kilosnow the big work comes, geting teachers to learn irc and get involved, doing everything via emails takes forever07:18
Jacques_StryYip, but at least we have a base to work on now07:19
Kilosyeah ,well done07:20
Kiloshi Squirm  07:30
KilosJacques_Stry  idea07:39
Kilosmaybe we can bypass the teacher prob07:39
Kilosand you are the man i think with connection to the education peeps who lay out curriculums07:40
Kilosmaybe the books are all on online already and just need downloading07:40
Kilosjulle moet die dink werk doen man , my kop is seer vandag07:42
inetprogood mornings everyone07:59
Kilosohi my inetpro  well done sir08:00
Kilosand the stupid act may fool others08:01
Kilosi know better08:01
magespawnhi inetpro 08:01
Kilosi wont give you work if you greet me magespawn  08:01
magespawni did earlier08:04
Kiloslemme check08:04
Kilosbefore i greeted must be, ok forgiveness is forthcoming08:06
magespawncool beans08:06
Jacques_StryMorning inetpro, magespawn 08:09
Jacques_Strykilos: Problem is even if we get the books - still have to be translated08:10
Kilosoh my was that the aim08:11
Jacques_StryThey can't accept anything if not available in all the language of teaching08:11
Kilosoh my08:12
magespawnhi Jacques_Stry 08:13
Kilosmagespawn  we hit 49 for a while last night08:15
Kilos1 more08:15
Kilosmorning gremble  CuttingEdge  08:42
grembleI think my internet has been throttled >.>08:44
grembleGood morning Kilos 08:44
magespawnKilos: i see08:52
* Kilos needs some help please https://pypi.python.org/pypi/cElementTree09:03
Kilosthen went to here http://effbot.org/downloads#celementtree09:04
Kiloshave no idea what or how to download the right one for 14.0409:04
Jacques_StryHonestly I still struggle as well if the install file isn't a *.deb09:05
Kilosyay its not only me09:06
Jacques_StryYou will probably have to go for the .tar.gz09:06
grembleNo stop09:06
grembleIt is a python package09:06
* Kilos stops09:06
grembleSo you can download and install it with pip09:07
Kiloscommand please09:07
grembleGive me a second09:07
Kilospip install ?09:07
gremblepip install cElementTree09:07
grembleWhy are you installing a fast implementation of the elementtree API?09:08
Kilosibid needs it09:08
KilosNo distributions at all found for cElementTree09:08
Kilosill need to somehow point pip to that link09:09
grembleno. It works for my09:09
gremblepip install celementtree09:09
Kilosit cant be in the main packages 09:10
grembleNo. It's not09:10
grembleThen you want to download the tar.gz package09:10
Kilosfor that effbot thing?09:15
Kilosoi why are things so difficult09:15
grembleBecause you're trying to play with orphaned packages09:17
Kilosi dont even know how to make a crying smiley09:18
grembleIf it's crying, how can it be a smiley?09:19
grembleI hate slow internet so much09:19
Kiloson the second link there is a whole list of celemetree files09:19
Kilosemoticons then09:19
Kilosdaai goeters09:20
SquirmIt's almost weekend09:20
Kilosdoes one just get the top one?09:20
grembleSquirm: you are ever the optimist09:21
Kilosoi and the fly told me never install from source09:21
Squirmgremble: well, after tomorrow is the weekend09:21
Kilosbecause i break things09:21
grembleProbably good adive09:23
Kilosnm mrfixit will sort me tonight09:24
Kilosmethinks thats the sad smiley09:33
pieter2627hi all10:17
Kiloshi pieter2627  hoe gaan dit daar?10:18
pieter2627Goed, en self met oom?10:18
Kilosgoed dankie10:18
Kilosjy het gisteraand se meeting gemis10:19
Kilossies man10:19
pieter2627ja sorry, sien dit veroggend toe ek emails kyk - het vergeet10:20
Kiloslekker meeting gehad, die vlieg het die stoel bestuur10:20
Kiloshy vat nie nonsens van kabouters nie10:21
pieter2627stoel bestuur?10:21
Kilosdaai ding10:21
Kilosmeeting chair person10:22
pieter2627ah, wou nou net vra waarn toe die stoel gery het 10:22
pieter2627sal maar die log gaan lees10:24
CuttingEdgesent an email to mirrors@ubuntu.com about adding the Neology mirror to the za.* DNS mirror pools10:35
Kilosisnt it in there already10:37
CuttingEdgenaaaa, its not a 'country' mirror but a 'private' one10:38
Kiloswhen you open update manager and choose other and tisk the arrow next to za neology shows10:38
magespawnback again12:07
Kiloswb magespawn  12:10
Kilosboth of you12:10
Kilosif you were both at the meet we would have hit 5012:10
* Kilos needs to restart12:38
Squirmfyi - http://www.linux.com/news/software/applications/825994-kubuntu-1504-plasma-53-review13:15
Kilosme wonders how the fly family is fairing15:53
Kilosright sounding word maybe spelling is wrong15:54
KilosMaaz  define fairing15:54
MaazKilos: Fairing \Fair"ing\, n. A present; originally, one given or purchased at a fair. --Gay. [1913 Webster]  {Fairing box}, a box receiving savings or small sums of money. --Hannah More. [1913 Webster]15:54
KilosMaaz  define fsring15:55
MaazKilos: I don't know about fsring. Maybe you meant Fring, Faring, Firing or firing?15:55
KilosMaaz  define faring15:55
MaazKilos: Fare \Fare\ (f[^a]r), v. i. [imp. & p. p. {Fared}; p. pr. & vb. n. {Faring}.] [AS. faran to travel, fare; akin to OS., Goth., & OHG. faran to travel, go, D. varen, G. fahren, OFries., Icel., & Sw. fara, Dan. fare, Gr. ????? a way through, ??????? a ferry, strait, ???????? to convey, ?????????? to go, march, ????? beyond, on the other side, ????? to pass15:55
Maazthrough, L. peritus experienced, portus port, Skr. par to bring over. [root]78. Cf. {Chaffer}…15:55
Kilosin other words hoe gaan dit met hulle16:01
Kiloswb magespawn  16:23
magespawnty Kilos 16:23
magespawnso whats up tonight?16:41
Kilosi really dont know magespawn  been very quiet here16:43
magespawnso i see16:43
magespawnwiliiamk was on late last night, talking about the document project again16:43
Kilosaw i missed it16:43
magespawnwas late or early depending on how you look at things16:44
Kilosbut glad he is learning to use irc for quick answers16:44
Kilosso strange such old buntu peeps that dont use irc16:45
magespawnthey have set up a test server for the book software they want to use to make the manuals here
Kilosoh yes i know about that16:45
Kiloswe just gotta watch wwk and jacques for info16:46
Kiloshi Tonberry  16:53
Kiloshi kulelu88  16:53
kulelu88sup Kilos 16:53
Kilosyou missed last nights meeting, shame on you16:53
Kiloswe were one short to make 50 nicks here16:54
Kilosthen i can retire16:54
kulelu88I was asleep16:54
kulelu88I think16:54
pieter2627Kilos: it's faring17:07
Kilosty pieter2627  17:08
* pieter2627 is a bit brain fried - just read last night's log17:08
Kilospieter2627  after the meeting was too much for me i cant keep up when things fly like that17:09
magespawnright go to go work a bit, back later17:10
pieter2627yea, those two conversations were also almost parallel17:10
Kilosyeah i give up with that17:10
Kilosi like things like now Q+A after each other17:10
pieter2627gremble mentioned that he is good at proofreading - has he check the grammar on africa's site?17:11
pieter2627yip, this is better - i also don't pay too much attention to names so get confused at times17:12
Kiloslol he has seen the site, i think if he found something wrong he would have said so17:12
pieter2627ok, i'm then just gonna do a last check before proposing those merges17:13
* pieter2627 have to install nikola first... but wanna try something17:13
SquirmGood evening17:22
Kiloshi Squirm  17:23
inetprogood evening17:43
inetprooh and hullo uncle Kilos17:43
Kiloslol hello inetpro  17:44
Kilosi wont say anything17:44
inetprosomething wrong with hullo?17:45
Kilosnormally you read scro;; backs all over17:45
Kilosand find whas wrong where17:45
inetprohmm.... lemme check17:46
Kilosyou know im sure to make the membership application next thursday at midnight17:46
Kilosi might even give you a +117:46
inetprodid I miss something?17:47
kulelu88I can help you install nikola in docker18:02
Kiloswb pieter2627  18:03
pieter2627kulelu88: awesome, that is exactly what i'm trying to do18:03
kulelu88pastee.org your dockerfile and I will clean it for you pieter2627 18:03
* pieter2627 didn't realise i got disconnected18:04
pieter2627kulelu88: have not created one yet, just started (run) an python:2.7 to test18:04
kulelu88don't download that 900MB version of theirs18:05
kulelu88the first world doesn't think of africa when they write their 1GB software for testing18:05
pieter2627haha, already did18:06
kulelu88unless you live in cape town, which is trying to be first world18:06
kulelu88with your wine and cheese and hipsters 18:07
kulelu88and startups18:07
pieter2627do you suggest installing python in a debian image?18:07
kulelu88pieter2627: I went with an ubuntu install. my image + python = 350ishMB18:07
pieter2627ok (debian is about 100Mb smaller that ubuntu)18:08
kulelu88i'm just used to the ubuntu way now, so I stuck with it18:09
pieter2627me too18:09
pieter2627just explorer debian - aren't they same anyway18:09
kulelu88you'd get flamed for saying that in murican channels18:10
* pieter2627 is clearly wrong then18:10
pieter2627did you install python 2.7 or 3.[3-4]?18:11
pieter2627will try that then18:12
kulelu88check which version superfly and them used for the site18:12
Kilos3.4 i think18:13
pieter2627we talked about it the other day, but forgot18:13
Kilosinetpro  which python did we use for the sites please18:13
kulelu88python --version18:13
kulelu88sudo python --version18:13
pieter2627Kilos: ^^18:14
kulelu88sudo rm -rf /18:14
pieter2627just NOT that last one18:14
kulelu88possible that they may have used a venv. go into the directory where nikola is installed and check version there18:15
Kilosrm: it is dangerous to operate recursively on ‘/’18:16
Kilosrm: use --no-preserve-root to override this failsafe18:16
Kilosmissed not 18:16
pieter2627see Kilos is clever18:17
Kilosi coulda sworn we used 3.418:17
Kiloseverything else is 2.7 but something rings a bell about 3.418:17
kulelu88Guidos desire18:18
Kilosinetpro  ping man18:18
Kiloshe is buried in python bot land18:19
kulelu88or watching pron18:20
Kiloswe used python 3.4 on the site didnt we18:20
inetproKilos: how must I remember that?18:21
Kilosya nikola wanted it18:21
Kilospieter2627  wants to know18:21
inetproI have documentation for the purpose to remind me18:21
Kilosread the freaking stuff18:22
Kilosand give us the answer18:22
Kilospieter2627  rtfs18:23
kulelu88rtfd? 18:23
Kiloshi gremble  18:23
* pieter2627 reading18:23
grembleHey Kilos 18:24
Kilosread the freaking dialogue18:24
Kilosoh ya that18:24
Kilosevening superfly  18:29
superflyhi Kilos18:30
superflypieter2627, Kilos: it doesn't matter. Nikola runs on both18:31
Kilosah ty18:31
pieter2627superfly: ty18:31
kulelu88won't there be conflicts cause of the custom work. or is that just the template design?18:33
inetprohi superfly18:33
superflyhi inetpro18:33
Kilossuperfly  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/83176818:42
Kiloswill those fixes make aptitude safe to use18:43
Kiloshi smile  19:49
smileHi :)19:50
smileAnother crash with unknown cause19:50
smileLong live Windows19:51
smileI will swap disks with another pc to see if the problem occurs with other hardware :)19:52
Kilosgood luck lad.19:53
smileHow s your day :-P19:54
Kilossame old different day19:58
smileYou will have to explain that. ;-)19:59
Kilossame old daily routine but on another day19:59
smileWhats your routine20:00
Kiloswake up20:02
Kiloslook after sheep and poultry20:02
Kiloswater plants20:02
Kilosplay on pc20:02
smileYou only eat once?20:03
Kiloslunch and supper20:03
Kilosand when waking pc goes on first20:03
Kilosread  mail then rest of the day starts20:04
Kilosand now im ready for bed again20:04
smile:-) good night!20:06
Kiloslol now now20:06
smileNot now?20:11
Kilos5 mins more20:12
smileThats not a magic number20:13
Kilos2 then20:13
smileYou should always go sleep on a rounded number20:14
Kilosya sleep at 10pm20:14
smileYou are late.20:14
Kilosbut gotta get ready first man20:14
Kilosoh ya20:15
Kilosgood night all. sleep tight. tomorrow is another day20:15
smileNot sure about that20:15
smileWe can only hope20:16
smileGood night :)20:16
Kilosthe sun will definitely be up20:16
smileNature can not be predicted20:16
superflyFinally got Quasseldroid working on my G220:48
smileLG SUCKS20:49
gremblesmile so eloquently surmised the problem with induction :P20:55
grembleEspecially scientific induction20:55
smile:-O and that means?20:57
grembleIf you see 9999 9999 white swans and decide that all swans are white, you do not necessarily have a truth, since observing one black swan will negate your theorum that all swans are white20:58
grembleHypothesis, theorum. Semantics. 20:59
Trixar_zaNo, Theories are proven by experimentation.20:59
Trixar_zaSo not semantics21:00
grembleNo. I don't do experiments to prove theorums. I construct proofs21:00
grembleHypotheses are also tested by experiment21:00
Trixar_zaNo, they are tested by experimentation. That's their definition. They're the guesses to what you're observing. Experimentation proves it, which turns it into a theory21:01
Trixar_zaThat's why it's the theory of evolution, not the hypotheses of evolution :|21:01
grembleHow will you test the fundamental theorum of calculus by experimentation?21:02
Trixar_zaYou can tell I've had this argument with creationalists21:02
grembleI can tell that you should read Karl Popper :P21:02
Trixar_zaMath is pure science. You can't fake it. It will always work out that way. That's proof. Experimentation is just another form of proving your observation and explaination of it correct.21:03
smileThe bible is real. The bible itself, not its contents. :-P21:03
Trixar_zaNo, some of what is in the bible happened. But if you think it's historically accurate, then you've missed the point of it.21:04
grembleYou can fake it though. Russell gave us the set of all sets paradox, Godel has shown us that anything more expressive than Peano Arithmetic has paradoxes. So even "pure" formal systems come with flaws21:04
grembleSo to think something derived from there is flawless is naive21:04
Trixar_zaparadoxes aren't flaws21:04
grembleOf course they are21:04
Trixar_zaOnly if you believe self-contradiction isn't logical.21:05
grembleIf you can prove something is true and its negation is true, you can prove anything21:06
grembleContradiction* not negation21:06
Trixar_zaMakes sense to me. But you're wrong about it proving anything. I hate using the term because of that blasted book, but most things have various 'shades of gray' to it and not just two extremes.21:07
Trixar_zaWell, using it to prove everything that is21:08
grembleBy proving anything I mean propositions that can only have true or false outcomes. Anything more complex than that is not the realm of logic21:09
smileSlaapwel :)21:09
grembleequality etc21:09
gremblegood night smile 21:09
smileInteresting :-)21:09
Trixar_zaThen you have a very shallow view of logic and reality :P21:09
grembleI highly doubt that 21:10
grembleLogic != Reason21:12
grembleand your reality is not something that exists outside of our man-made universe21:12
grembleDoes anyone here know why there are Riots in Baltimore?21:14
Trixar_zaWe have our own riots and stuff, so we don't really care? Oo21:16
superflyI find it interesting, Trixar_za that you say evolution is a theory, but in reality you can't run an experiment on it...21:43
grembleSee "working hypothesis" :P21:44
grembleBut I will go do Category Theory in silence and not argue over the internet xD21:44
superflyAnd I must go to bed.21:46
Trixar_zaYou can. With short-lived organisms and plants.21:47
superflyRight. You keep on believing that.21:49
Trixar_zaThat's how they did it for the last few decades with the first experimetation of genetics being done with wheat.21:50
Trixar_zaBy a monk no less21:50
grembleThat was not evolution. That was an experiment on hereditary traits21:51
grembleFuck. I keep getting sucked in21:51
Trixar_zaActually, I have a simpler solution.21:55
grembleGo for it21:55
Trixar_zaI'm done and I'll /ignore gremble - problem solved and I won't keep getting sucked into his whatever this is21:56
grembleThat, is actually an excellent solution21:56
Trixar_zaI've already had to leave one channel because of somebody that liked to contradictory and loved turning people against me. I'm not going to go through that again.21:57
grembleOh. I am in no means or way trying to be malicious21:57
grembleI apologise if that is the tone that came across21:57
grembleAnd I most certainly don't want to turn anyone against anyone21:58

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