acz32daniel31: many would argue HDDs are much more secure than SSDs, if you care00:00
daftykinssounds like a dubious claim to me00:00
acz32daftykins: what is known is that securely erasing SSDs isn't trivial like it is with HDD00:01
daftykinsthat is not the same as your first statement00:02
daftykinsalso, i bet you'd have the same troubles trying to secure erase both types00:02
acz32daniel31: you should copy your home directory so you can move it onto the SSD00:02
bazhangthis sounds like a good discussion for the offtopic channel00:02
daftykinsexcept that i am both going to bed and not going to join that, so there's no need to tell regulars the rules :)00:02
EriC^^daniel31: you should copy the files unencrypted from your home dir to a backup location, along with the list of manually installed packages00:02
SchrodingersScatI heard it's harder to recover from an SSD, sounds like a security plus.  daniel31 I would start with a backup, I'm running mine now, I'm in a similar position.00:03
petrvsI heard ssds cause cancer00:03
acz32daftykins: erasing an HDD is easy, you just have to wait a long time00:03
petrvsbut in reality they just give you faster access00:03
petrvsacz32: not that long00:03
daftykinsacz32: please take note of the off topic warning.00:03
aaandersei see a package called totem-mozilla in utopic and previous releases, this package doesn't exist in vivid... where is the best place to ask why it doesn't exist anymore? "ubuntu developers" are lested as the maintainer00:03
acz32petrvs: depends on the size of the disk, of course00:03
daftykinsalso, i cannot continue this conversation as i am leaving :)00:03
acz32daftykins: bye00:04
daniel31I see. Thanks for the input guys. Is there no easy way to access the encrypted files if I know the password then? Why not just boot back into the HDD (connected over USB) and copy the files to the SSD after the new distro is installed?00:08
petrvsacz32: well, the larger the disk, likely the more ram & proc powe you have, and consequently the faster the wipe, too00:08
petrvsnot necessarily, though, of course00:09
petrvsbut mostly, there is rarely a reason to wipe a disk00:09
daniel31As it happens, I need the SSD for speed (I am a photography and a software developer). The encryption is nice against the threats I face, but it's hardly a life-or-death situation. :-)00:09
petrvsusually the case =)00:10
petrvsI missed the beginning of your issue, though00:10
acz32daniel31: like we said, just back up /home and copy it onto the SSD after you re-install the OS00:14
daniel31thanks guys :-)00:14
acz32daniel31: so you are creating /home on the SSD?00:16
acz32is it that big. i think most people put /root on there and /home on a HDD00:16
daniel31well its 256gb. I intend to have the entire OS on it since its my laptop I cant really have two. the old HDD will be retired into a backup medium and media/large file storage over usb.00:17
acz32256GB. nice00:18
daniel31I really want to be able to mount my old encrypted home temporarily in my new install. not sure if thats possible tho.00:18
acz32daniel31: yes, it is. some file managers even handle that if you click on an encrypted volume00:18
daniel31thats good to know acz32. no need to backup the encrypted key or some thing like that then? all I need is my user password?00:19
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acz32daniel31: if you're ok mounting from commandline if your file manager doesn't pop up a nice GUI dialog, then sure00:20
voidDotClassMy dock is really annoying, i've set it to auto hide and show when i move mouse to left, sensitivity at max, but i still have to move my mouse at least 3-4 times before it finally shows00:21
voidDotClassis there a trick i'm missing, or can i use a keyboard shortcut for showing it00:21
daniel31thanks acz32. thats all I need to know I think. off to bed now. bye guys!00:23
zykotick9daniel31: ymmv, but i'd strongly suggest using LUKS over "home directory encryption"00:37
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Guest67820Hello Ubuntu channel00:49
urielsalis_Hi, how I can copy ubuntu xorg config to another distro like arch?00:49
ryan_461Guest67820:  Hi00:50
gioankminhi am a new ubuntu mate00:51
Guest67820Anyone faced a failed Ubuntu upgrade from lucid to precise? There was not enough room in /boot partition and it aborted the upgrade. Now it shows that I’m on Precise, but with an old kernel and I’m not even sure if all the upgrade steps completed properly. Did anyone experience a similar situation?00:52
gioankminhi want come in to group linux, please, sent me server00:54
notaeon##linux ?00:54
gioankminh##linux ?00:54
urielsalis_/join ##linux00:54
gioankminhi don't join it00:56
urielsalis_You have to register your nick00:56
bazhanggioankminh, yes you did00:56
urielsalis_You must register your IRC nickname, using the command /msg NickServ REGISTER password email in here. Remember to use a valid email.00:56
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kazdaxHi i like to install Ubuntu .. I have windows installed and i want to install vai the network01:01
petrvskazdax: why via the network01:01
kazdaxwhat are the steps i should take to install ubuntu over the network and i dont have a parition already ..so i need to make a partition01:01
petrvsmmm, making a partition _can_ be tedious01:02
petrvsit _can_ also be not 100% safe01:02
petrvsit's infinitely simpler to buy another disk, if you can afford it01:02
petrvsyou'll need the extra storage eventually anyway01:02
kazdaxIts a laptop01:02
petrvshow tedious =)01:02
kazdaxand i installed my windows right now with a netork01:02
petrvswell, to properly resize partitions with Windows preinstalled01:02
kazdaxso i was not able to make partitions01:02
petrvsyou really need to make sure the filesystems are defragmented01:02
petrvsand then resize01:03
petrvsand then fsck01:03
petrvsand then proceed with Ubuntu installation01:03
petrvsand before all that you should make a backup of anything you can't live without01:03
petrvsfsck, FS check01:03
petrvspenos: almost =)01:03
petrvsUnix hackers of yore didn't like typing01:03
petrvsplus they _did_ like commands and names that resembled naughty words01:03
kazdaxcan i do this all without a DVD01:04
kazdaxuse like a USB drive01:04
kazdaxto repartition the disk01:04
petrvskazdax: you can, yes01:05
kazdaxand the ubuntu install over a netowrk ..do i mount the DVD and then share the drive01:05
Ben64kazdax: you can install ubuntu from a usb disk01:05
petrvsyou can install over the network, too01:05
petrvsbut you need to figure out the partitioning/resizing first01:05
kazdaxnetwork is faster01:05
Ben64network is not faster01:05
petrvsnetwork is faster if you already know how to do it01:05
petrvsbut you don't =)01:05
kazdaxwell for windows..i just shared the ISO over a netowrk01:05
kazdaxand executed it from the network01:05
kazdaxand it just did everything else ..i assume ubuntu does the same01:06
kazdaxso defragment the hardisk and then use fsck ?01:06
kazdaxI dont want to use windows anymore ..it gives me so many problems01:06
Ben64kazdax: write the ubuntu iso to a usb drive, boot it, install, done01:07
kazdaxI rather use ubuntu01:07
kazdaxBen64 yes i will do USB01:07
kazdaxbut i need to repartition the disk01:07
kazdaxso i can install it01:07
Ben64kazdax: the installer does that01:08
kazdaxohh ?01:08
kazdaxso all i need is an ubuntu ISO and i can resize it within ?01:08
kazdaxis the rezise thing hard to do ?01:08
kazdaxit comes up when it ask whatt partition i was to install it on01:09
kazdaxso it has an option that says resize01:09
Ben64it gives you a few options, try it and see01:09
kazdaxi am asking because when i start doing it ..i dont have another computer to chat online and ask questions01:09
kazdaxokay one more question .. The network install isnt as easy as mounting the ISO and sharing it and then executing setup from the computer ?01:10
kazdaxjust wondering if i can do a network insall ..if not ill be doing USB01:10
kazdaxone more question ..how to get ubuntu on the USB drive ?01:10
Ben64!usb | kazdax01:11
ubottukazdax: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent01:11
kazdaxthanks man01:11
kazdaxokay one more question ..does anyone of you use netflix on ubuntu ?01:11
kazdaxi think silverlight is microsoft windows only01:12
ubottuIf you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop01:12
petrvsnetflix actually supports so-called "HTML5" video now01:13
petrvsyou mostly just need a recent browser version01:13
xanguayou need google chrome01:13
petrvssimpler with chrome, yeah01:13
xanguathat ships with drm  ;) not just any browsers01:13
petrvsthat is the magic of the word mostly =)01:13
kazdaxokay what about after installing ubuntu ..will my ethernet work and wireless or do i need drivers for that ?01:14
kazdaxnevermind .. i think people have tried installing on this machine and it worked for hem01:14
kazdaxI will start using ubuntu for everything01:15
kazdaxI dont play window games anyways01:15
kazdaxI usually use it for reading PDF , watching netflix and listening to music01:15
kazdaxso i think ubuntu can do all that without much hassle01:15
petrvskazdax: ten'll get you twenty it'll all just work01:15
petrvsif it doesn't, you can fix it01:15
petrvsyeah it can do all that01:16
petrvsit can even let you play most win32 games01:16
kazdaxokay ...what if i wanted to access windows paritition from ubuntu ?01:16
kazdaxfor example my C drive ..when i am in ubuntu01:16
kazdaxcan i save and read from that drive ?01:16
kazdaxeven if it is NTFS01:17
petrvskazdax: yup01:17
kazdaxbecause i want to give my ubuntu ..half of the drive .. and if my ubuntu gets filled up use my windows Drive as a backup01:17
petrvsyou can also do the reverse, if you want01:17
kazdaxokay cool01:18
kazdaxthere used to be a time when this was not possible01:18
petrvsyeah I guess01:18
petrvsmaybe 15 years ago =)01:18
petrvsthings to progress, however slowly =)01:19
kazdaxokay whats step 3 persistence .. the value i need to add there01:22
kazdaxthere is nothing about it on the ubuntu site you guys gave me01:22
kazdaxits USB creator01:22
kazdaxis persistence meaning how much space the ISO is01:24
kazdaxbecause its right now at zero and says live mode only01:24
Ben64kazdax: no, its so changes you do to the live system will remain01:24
petrvskazdax: you don't need persistence01:24
kazdaxahh i see01:24
kazdaxmy USB is much slower than my netowrk01:25
kazdaxThe usb goes at 6 mb per secound ...my netowrk does 40 mb per secound01:26
Ben64it would be done already if you just used the usb already01:26
petrvspretty sure there are more steps for a network install01:26
petrvs_after_ you understand them01:27
* petrvs shrugs01:27
kazdaxi think with network install..i wont be able to repartition as on a usb wih the inbuilt ubuntu tools01:27
petrvsdunno about that, but I do think it'd take longer01:27
kazdaxmy USB could be messed up01:27
petrvscould be01:28
petrvsprobably isn't01:28
kazdax6 mb secound ?01:28
kazdaxits to slow01:28
kazdaxisnt it ?01:28
kazdaxi see01:29
kazdaxokay i am going ahead and installing ubuntu ..i will come back using it for irc01:33
kazdaxthanks alot guys .if any problems ill get back to you guys01:33
ellenalguien aqui en español01:46
EriC^^!es | ellen01:46
ubottuellen: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.01:46
docmurI was running "ubuntu-vm-builder kvm trusty" and it just stays Calling Hook: Bootstrap, it was there for two hours01:47
petrvsthe mayor of the canals of Ubuntu...01:47
* petrvs giggles01:47
petrvsgood ole non-verbose automation01:49
xxtjaxxHi! I installed Ubuntu 14.04 but the ati driver packages appear to be broken. They are not installable and the binary drivers require inexistant packages. Any help? Has anyone had that issue?01:49
xxtjaxxFglrx is technically uninstallable right now.01:50
xanguaxxtjaxx: did you run apt-get update ?01:50
xanguaif you have an error message might be wise to share it too01:50
xxtjaxxseveral times I believe by now.01:51
xxtjaxxsure give me a second.01:51
EriC^^xorg-api-15 thingy?01:52
EriC^^somebody had that issue earlier01:52
xxtjaxxhttp://paste.debian.net/169775/ there ya gp01:52
xxtjaxxsuggested fix?01:53
EriC^^i recall telling him to install 2 packages01:53
kk0710hey guys, I was having some serious problems with my realtek wireless adapter and was told to try running newere kernels, has a nyone run 4.1.0-040100rc1-generic01:53
EriC^^the latter being abi-15 which pulled in something else, the first i can't recall01:53
xxtjaxxcan you press up a couple times and find it?01:54
EriC^^xxtjaxx: it was about 2 weeks ago01:54
xxtjaxxoh and I guess you don01:54
xxtjaxx't have a ssh shell with screen and irssi huh?01:54
xxtjaxxay caramba...01:54
EriC^^hold on01:55
xxtjaxxE: Package 'xorg-video-abi-14' has no installation candidat  .... dangit01:55
EriC^^xxtjaxx: i think this was it sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-core01:56
EriC^^ok i think it had to do with libcheese01:59
xxtjaxxdelete it?01:59
EriC^^yes try sudo apt-get purge libcheese*02:00
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EriC^^any luck xxtjaxx ?02:04
kazdaxi got it installed02:04
kazdaxright now trying to install flash layer02:04
kazdaxsays Adobe-flashplugin not gound in the ubuntu software center02:05
kazdaxusing adobes website to install02:05
EriC^^kazdax: you have to enable the multiverse repository02:05
kazdaxhow do i do that ?02:05
EriC^^open the dash > software & updates02:06
kazdaxnow what do i do?02:07
xxtjaxxEriC^^: Yup installed and uninstalled $stuff..02:10
xxtjaxxI'm installing xorg-core now then abi14 then fglrx?02:11
kazdaxthe multi verse is already selected02:12
kazdaxbut i still cant install flash player...someone said i should use google chrome and that chrome comes with it02:12
=== PirateP|away is now known as PirateP
petrvsfor netflix, you can use chrome if you want02:13
xxtjaxxupdate/refresh first. It has to fetch the index of the multiverse before it can give it to you02:13
petrvsthat is the path of least resistance02:13
xxtjaxxOh they enabled <video>?02:13
kazdaxeven for other flash things ?02:13
petrvsxxtjaxx: something like that02:13
kazdaxi want to do speed test ..so i need flash for it02:13
petrvskazdax: yes, actually02:13
xxtjaxxkazdax: no.02:13
petrvschrome is actually also the path of least resistance for flash02:13
xxtjaxxNot necessairly.02:13
petrvsnot my favorite browser, though02:13
petrvsdifferent issue =)02:13
kazdaxhow do i get flash for firefox ?02:14
xxtjaxxI like it(developer over here...)02:14
kazdaxalso should i update the site to the repository for softwares ?02:14
xxtjaxxman have I not done FOSS Desktop support in a while...02:14
kazdaxi heard doing that .. increases speed for downloads of software02:14
kazdaxwell previously when i downloaded ubuntu and installed it02:15
kazdaxthe downloads from the software center were very slow02:15
kazdaxso some guy said ..upload the repository links and it worked02:15
kazdaxbut its working great right now tho02:15
kazdaxso no way to get flash for firefox02:16
kazdaxand its taking time to install chrome ..is that normal ?02:16
xanguasudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer kazdax02:16
petrvsxxtjaxx: developer of what? :p02:17
xanguato install the flashplugin in firefox, you could also install ubuntu-restricted-extras to Also install flash, codecs, fonts02:17
kazdaxokay it says locked02:17
kazdaxi am using the ubuntu software installer right now02:17
EriC^^kazdax: close the software & updates tab02:18
kazdaxits working02:18
YukenCan't access any websites right now besides the ubuntu repos and freenode, for some reason. What packages would I need to install to run Java, and Web-Java programs?02:19
xxtjaxxpetrvs: Various things on web pages02:19
petrvsxxtjaxx: doesn't quite has the same ring as ", esq." =)02:20
petrvsYuken: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java02:20
petrvs'browser plugin', etc.02:20
kazdaxdid speed test on the internet02:20
petrvskazdax: neat02:20
kazdaxmy internet is slower on ubuntu02:20
Yukenpetrvs: Thank you.02:21
petrvskazdax: nah02:21
kazdaxactually ...the upload is better02:21
kazdaxbut download is much less02:21
petrvskazdax: nah02:21
petrvsyou can't really accurately gauge speed from speedtest.net anyway02:21
kazdaxyea but there is a huge difference02:21
petrvsyou need an enduring download02:21
kazdaxokay ill try downloading a torrent with alot of seeds..and see if it reaches 7 mbs02:22
kazdaxif it does then the speed test failed else its slower for some reason02:22
petrvskazdax: you're already installed?02:23
kazdaxI am on the ubuntu right now02:23
codepython777is anyone using ubuntu on macbook here?02:24
notaeonhave done02:24
notaeoncodepython777: so what's your actual question?02:25
kazdaxso the speed test could be less on the ubuntu but if i did a torrent download..it should show u the same seed ?02:26
petrvskazdax: probably trivially less unreliable a test, sue02:26
kazdaxI am on the torrent itd doing ..3.402:26
codepython777notaeon: Do you have any pointer for an ubuntu image that i can burn on my ssd drive and boot from it externally on my mac?02:27
petrvsfrom usb?02:27
notaeoncodepython777: you want to use a ssd as a bootable install medium? never tried that before02:27
kazdaxokay i reached 6.502:28
codepython777notaeon: yes, preferably using thunderbolt. Does anyone know if that works on a mac?02:28
kazdaxi guess you were riht02:28
Slowboatgood luck booting ubuntu from an external drive for mac. you're better off burning to a DVD02:29
notaeoncodepython777: no idea, but usually there are different key combos at boot to loadf from usb/firewire/network etc02:29
notaeoncodepython777: if the install iso is booted from the ssd, i don't see why that would be different from any other flash medium. but doing it from thunderbolt depends on whether the mac efi supports that02:32
notaeonit does https://gigaom.com/2011/06/29/why-the-ability-to-boot-from-thunderbolt-on-a-mac-is-huge/02:33
notaeonkey combos here https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT20125502:35
kazdaxya its slower on ubuntu02:38
kazdaxits not reaching the max download02:38
kazdaxill try doing the same torrent on my windows box and comapre to see ..if there is a difference in speed..ill come back02:38
xxtjaxx`Hey! Anybody here good with kernel panics? This one made it on my desk after installing fglrx: http://paste.debian.net/169788/02:39
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mattgyver...Before I got and purge my default firefox install can anyone confirm for me that there should in fact be an "Unpin tab" context menu item for tabs like in all other versions?02:44
mccHi... I this morning told my Ubuntu 10.04 VPS (I would like to upgrade to another distro next...) to apt-get upgrade. A few minutes later, something happened, I don't know what, and services weren't running anymore. When I did apt-get upgrade again, I get: "dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem". When I type that, I get "read-only file system".02:56
mccThe filesystem is indeed mounted read only. I do not know what to make of this.02:56
Ben64mcc: sounds like a filesystem error, or hard drive error, or both02:56
mccHard drive error would be unusual because I am on a rackspace VM. Or whoever owns them now.02:57
mccif it is a fs error should I do something with fsck?02:57
Ben64mcc: should look at logs first02:58
Ben64all of the logs02:59
xxtjaxx`Does anybody here have any experience with fglrx Kernel Panics?03:02
webflashingi changed from an amd vga to a new nvidia one. I installed the drivers from the official site but since then VLC doesnt play my videos. I can hear the audio but it freezes at the first frame. I want to try with another player, which one would you recommend?03:24
kk0710guys I upgraded to the newest kernel but it didn't solve my problems so I wanted to go back, how do I remove it?03:28
XenophonFi all - i'm trying to install ubuntu 15.04 on my macbookpro5,1, with root on a luks-encrypted ZFS volume03:30
XenophonFyes, baroque, i realize03:30
XenophonFhere's what i've done so far - https://gist.github.com/xenophonf/5fdaac7e31f1903253c103:30
XenophonFi'm done with the install, but i'm not sure i have grub or initrd set up right03:30
XenophonFupdate-initramfs doesn't seem to do anything, and now that i'm looking around on the file system, i can't seem to find the linux kernel03:31
XenophonFi see the kernel headers and whatnot03:31
XenophonFso i feel like i've missed a step03:31
somsip!test | HerroWorlds03:32
ubottuHerroWorlds: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )03:32
XenophonFwould someone mind looking over that gist? maybe a fresh set of eyes will catch my mistake03:32
HerroWorlds=D my client works except for when i try to connect to multple irc networks at the same time :*(03:32
ryan_461kk0710: I don't know exactly how to do it but I imagine you have to boot an older kernel and then you can remove it with synaptic. People here know how to do it.03:32
XenophonFah, it's called linux-image03:33
XenophonFso do i install linux-signed-generic to get all of the kernel packages installed?03:34
XenophonFor do i need both linux-signed-generic and linux-image-generic?03:36
XenophonFor some other combo?03:36
dtscodehey guys... im running ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop, and i closed it shut, and now when i open it up the screen remains black. i have another monitor attached, so im still able to use things, but i would like to make the laptop screen come back. how can i fix this?03:36
petrvsdtscode: press a button?03:38
dtscodepetrvs, i have been... typing this required me to press buttons03:38
RedPenguinhey all03:39
kk0710man I am just having a heck of a time here03:39
kk0710I am trying to fix my wireless issues with realtek, I am following post #5 instructions but am getting errors trying to make, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=226450503:39
XenophonFwell, i guess installing both linux-signed-generic and linux-image-generic can't hurt03:39
RedPenguinAnybody ever hear of Ubuntu crashing to where it throws up a white/black stripped screen and is non-responsive?03:40
RedPenguinI checked various logs and I can't seem to find out what crashed03:40
XenophonFRedPenguin: i've had nouveau crash on me, where it shows two red/blue-speckled bars in the upper right03:41
XenophonFswitching to the nvidia driver fixed it for me03:41
XenophonFhad to disable kms in order to boot, before i could install the nvidia driver03:41
XenophonFthat's the "nomodeset" kernel command line option03:41
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RedPenguinit just did it again but this time showed a blue bar'ed screen03:42
=== johnnie_ is now known as funkymuppet
RedPenguinI just fresh installed this system yesterday03:43
kk0710also I am trying to figure out how to remove a newer kernel I tested but no longer want or at least make it default to the original kernel03:43
RedPenguinXenophonF: yea you might be right, I am trying it without nouveau, as I don't think I was using that driver before03:48
webflashingi changed from an amd vga to a new nvidia one. I installed the drivers from the official site but since then VLC doesnt play my videos. I can hear the audio but it freezes at the first frame. I want to try with another player, which one would you recommend?03:51
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usucapiaowebflashing, have u tried to reset vlc preferences?03:53
webflashingusucapiao, I did not. Let me try right now03:54
=== Programmer_ is now known as Ox7FOOOOOl
webflashingusucapiao, I just did. No change03:55
linociscohttp://linuxers.org/tutorial/wget-proxy-how-run-wget-behind-proxy-server doesnt help to make wget work behind proxy with authentication03:57
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Jonno_FTWis there any easy way to wrap long lines in conky?04:03
fryI'm trying to upgrade to ubuntu 15.04 and I am getting an error, "Could not calculate the upgrade"04:03
fryAnyone know what I can do to fix this problem?04:04
nomeletteI had a boyfriend named Ubuntu once.04:05
somsipfry: do you have any PPA packages?04:05
=== ran_ is now known as ranp
frysomsip: how can I find out if I do? I am not sure04:06
somsipfry: Look in /var/log for release-upgrader log files that will have more details.04:06
somsipfry: and follow up these two possibilities http://is.gd/jkqPHa http://is.gd/E9D4Df04:07
frysomsip: "release-upgrader" doesnt exist in this directory04:08
RedPenguinXenophonF: yea looks like it was the NVidia driver, I didn't need nomodeset, but it works now I believe, I originally turned off NVidia as Kodi for some reason was playing as if it was skipping04:10
frysomsip: big list of broken xserver video packages04:10
fryremoved them04:10
bodhi_zazenfry, it takes longer and is often less reliable to fix a failed upgrade then it does to do a fresh install . If you do a fresh install, and do NOT FORMAT / or if you have one /home your data in /home will be preserved04:12
frybodhi_zazen: I'm just going to try and upgrade after I get done writing this program. p2p software due in like 3 days for my research lab04:14
fryprofessor already chewed me out once xD04:14
frycant afford to lose a day04:14
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Guest6372How do I get rid of a stuck window-resize icon in Unity?04:18
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sudo_aptget_helphey all so i've been trying to restart network-manager since installing 15.04 and all I get is this; restart: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused04:27
sudo_aptget_helpJust wondering if this is a know issue, or I am I some how doing something hiar brained :)04:27
sudo_aptget_help there :)04:30
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DarrenGaohi, all04:45
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jordanli'm currently using shotwell to manage my photos, but i'm looking for a better way to sync to the cloud so i can integrate w/ my mobile phone photos too05:22
jordanlare there any photo management tools for ubuntu that integrate w/ cloud photo storage services? (like dropbox)05:22
Zerkalerkahey guys is there a program like archey for ubuntu?05:23
somsipZerkalerka: what is archey? Link?05:24
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al2o3-crsomsip: archey display stats in terminal arch linux05:26
Zerkalerkasomsip: http://i.imgur.com/Gf4E7Sx.png05:26
somsipZerkalerka: everything seems to point here. Looks old https://github.com/djmelik/archey/downloads05:27
Zerkalerkaoh so you can use that on ubuntu as well?05:28
hardikAvijiti am using unbuntu 12.04  and kernel 3.14.    but gettng kernel header problem       uing apt-get install kernal-header-'uname -r '  show xxx-ipv6 kernel header not found05:28
somsipZerkalerka: debs can be installed on ubuntu. I wouldn't want to put something from 2010 though05:28
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pragomerWhen booting live cd, how can I set "try ubuntu" and a specific language to default? ( I am remastering the ubuntu iso and I want to know what file(s) to edit/replace)05:31
cage_rapheli need help!!  i am running ubuntu 14.04 LTS and my system time does not seem to sync with the actual internet time.05:32
somsip!remaster | pragomer (something may be on here to help)05:32
ubottupragomer (something may be on here to help): Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/05:32
pragomersorry I am new to a irc chat.. what means the "!"05:32
somsip!ntp | cage_raphel05:33
ubottucage_raphel: Information about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)05:33
somsippragomer: it tells the bot to give you the answe to a FAQ05:33
pragomerah ok, thanks05:33
pragomercool :-)05:33
somsip!brain | pragomer05:33
ubottupragomer: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me: /msg ubottu botclone05:33
Zerkalerkasomsip: ty, works fine though :)05:33
somsipZerkalerka: good result05:33
apireversesortDoes anyone use private internet access for VPN here?05:34
somsipapireversesort: what the real, ubuntu-related question there?05:34
apireversesortwhat does the kill switch actually change05:34
apireversesortin terms of network settings05:34
cage_raphelsomsip, i have gone through the documentation but it doesnt help..05:35
cage_raphelsomsip,  the system time settings is set to automatically get the time from the internet.. but it still shows the wrong time05:36
pragomeris a file named "isolinux.cfg" still used by 14.04 or higher? Because I cannot find it on the ISO05:36
somsipcage_raphel: have you followed this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime#Time_Synchronization_using_NTP05:36
hardikAvijitroot@interactcrmcloud:~# apt-get install kernel-headers-3.14.32-xxxx-std-ipv6-6405:37
hardikAvijitReading package lists... Done05:37
hardikAvijitBuilding dependency tree05:37
hardikAvijitReading state information... Done05:37
hardikAvijitE: Unable to locate package kernel-headers-3.14.32-xxxx-std-ipv6-6405:37
hardikAvijitE: Couldn't find any package by regex 'kernel-headers-3.14.32-xxxx-std-ipv6-64'05:37
somsiphardikAvijit: does that package really exist?05:38
hardikAvijithi somsip05:40
hardikAvijithow to check packege in not exit???05:40
somsip!find headers | hardikAvijit05:41
ubottuhardikAvijit: Found: android-headers, libxmu-headers, linux-headers-3.16.0-23, linux-headers-generic, linux-headers-lowlatency, linux-headers-virtual, linux-libc-dev, linux-libc-dev-arm64-cross, linux-libc-dev-armel-cross, linux-libc-dev-armhf-cross (and 50 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=headers&searchon=names&suite=utopic&section=all05:41
somsiphardikAvijit: use the search link above ^^^05:42
hardikAvijithiii hearder list root@interactcrmcloud:~# apt-cache search kernel-header05:42
hardikAvijitlinux-libc-dev - Linux Kernel Headers for development05:42
hardikAvijitkernel-package - A utility for building Linux kernel related Debian packages.05:42
hardikAvijitlinux-libc-dev-armel-cross - Linux Kernel Headers for development (for cross-compiling)05:42
hardikAvijitlinux-libc-dev-armhf-cross - Linux Kernel Headers for development (for cross-compiling)05:42
somsip!paste | hardikAvijit05:43
ubottuhardikAvijit: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:43
mantys89hello, is there any way to change default terminal in nautilus "Open Terminal"? (Ubuntu 15.04)06:09
IC2Ddo you think ubuntu is in ecline?06:16
Rand0m`IC2D, decline ?06:18
somsip!ot | IC2D06:18
ubottuIC2D: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:18
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Guest66677Is there a way to take a drag and drop screenshot in Ubuntu rather like how the mac does it?06:24
somsip!info scrot | Guest6667706:25
ubottuGuest66677: scrot (source: scrot): command line screen capture utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-13 (utopic), package size 15 kB, installed size 72 kB06:25
jnhghyI've moved a ssd with ubuntu 12.04 from one box to another one and now the os is not shuting down is there a webpage that shows what I need to do? or anybody has any idea? from what I read I have to update grub? not sure how :)06:25
Guest66677somsip: thanks06:26
somsipGuest66677: I use xsnap but can't remember where I got it from06:26
somsip!info xsnap06:26
ubottuPackage xsnap does not exist in utopic06:26
Finetundrahow do I launch network manafer from terminal?06:31
usucapiaoFinetundra, sudo start network-manager06:32
usucapiaoFinetundra, a good read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager06:33
Finetundrahow do I fix: /usr/bin/x: symblo lookup error?06:35
Finetundraunable to conect to x server: connection refused06:36
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PCatineanhey guys06:54
PCatineanwhy does ubuntu say bash: /usr/local/bin/flake8: No such file or directory06:54
PCatineanwhen I type in flake8 since I removed with pip and used apt-get install python-flake806:54
PCatineanwhy is it still searching for it in the other?06:54
Finetundrahow do I fix: /usr/bin/x: symblo lookup error unable to conect to x server: connection refused?06:54
hiexpopip install06:55
cage_raphelfinally fixed my ubuntu!! Yay!! :)06:57
PCatineanhiexpo, I removed it after06:58
PCatineanwhy is it searching it still there?06:58
hiexpopip install or uninstall06:59
cage_raphelhello!! can anyone suggest me a good anti virus for ubunti 14.0407:00
penoscage_raphel, microsoft security essntials07:01
cage_raphelpenos, microsoft security essentials for ubuntu ??07:01
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somsip!av | cage_raphel07:04
ubottucage_raphel: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus07:04
elijhdoes anyone know the best place to ask vivid systemd questions? couchdb starts fine... unless started by systemd.07:05
somsipelijh: this is the place to ask, but it's a bit quiet round here now07:06
elijhon vivid, when i do `apt-get remove --purge couchdb-common couchdb couchdb-bin && apt-get install couchdb`, then couchdb will refuse to start using systemd.07:10
elijhit will start fine if i comment out the loading of lsb library in /etc/init.d/couchdb (where systemd takes control from legacy sysvinit scripts)07:12
elijhshould there be a systemd unit file for couchdb service? `find /lib/systemd | grep couch || echo $?` => 107:14
nafgMy grub situation got a little confusing07:15
nafgI guess when I installed fedora to try it out a while ago, it created its own partition for /boot07:15
nafgHow do I change things so when I start the computer it uses the original /boot on my ubuntu partition07:16
nafgActually maybe i should just configure ubuntu to use the /boot partition07:20
nafgprob. simpler07:20
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cogitationSteam no longer starting properly.  Have error messages:07:35
cogitationAnyone able to help?07:35
somsip!details | cogitation07:35
ubottucogitation: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:35
cage_raphelcogitation, what is the error u get when u access steam?07:36
cogitationThe error message from trying to start from the terminal is:  http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ibZuhrcy07:36
bobitadoes anybody know how i can cut some mp3? i have some songs that starts with a demo and i want to cut that demo07:36
cogitationProbably Audacity, bobita07:37
bobitais that doing it?07:37
cage_raphelcogitation, i reckon you are getting this error at the very beginning when u access steam?07:37
cogitationAudacity is an open source prog for editing audio07:37
cage_raphel!audacity | bobita07:38
cogitationYes, cage.  When I run "steam", it appears in the system monitor, taking up 5.31 MB of ram, but no window appears.07:38
cage_raphelcogitation, can u try to uninstall steam and reinstall again?07:38
cogitationActually, let me give a more full log of my terminal window07:39
cage_raphelcogitation,  sure07:39
cogitation(how do I use !pastebin?)07:39
cogitation(the proper syntax, I mean)07:40
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:40
cage_raphel!pastebin | cogitation07:40
ubottucogitation: please see above07:40
cogitation!pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/10936597/07:41
cogitationeh... worth a shot07:41
cage_raphelcogitation,  have u faced this issue in any of the earlier versions of ubu?07:42
cogitationNo.  It's new since the update.07:42
cage_raphelcogitation, i used to face this issue when i was using 14.04.. it actuakly got fixed after i ran a dist-upgrade07:43
cogitationHunh.  I had steam working on 14.10, then the update (maybe) broke it07:44
cage_raphelcogitation,  shall we try sudo apt-get dist-upgrade07:44
cage_raphelcogitation,  after u run dist upgrade.. reboot system and try to access steam07:45
cogitationJust says five packages can be autoremoved...07:45
cogitationalso, "the following packages have been kept back:  baloo"07:45
cage_raphelcogitation,  yeah.. thats fine07:45
rydzykjehey guys, I have problem with my script. I want to install mysql from deb package. Im using debconf to configure root password but I cant uderstand why until i press two times "ENTER" script is waiting without any promt even . http://pastebin.com/Xrw4V6jV07:45
cogitationwould autoremoving unecessary libs cause steam to start?]07:46
cage_raphelcogitation, lol.. i am  not sure though.. but its worth giving a  try07:46
philm88Hi all. I've created a service that's started via upstart. It logs to /var/log/upstart/service.conf, like other upstart services do. Ubuntu specifies a logrotate rule that acts on all upstart log files and rotates them. After log rotation, I need my service to be restarted so that it starts a new log file - but there doesn't seem to be a way to specify a postrotate command on a per-service basis - it's done for upstart as a whol07:48
lotuspsychjegood morning to all07:55
cogitationgood morning, lotus07:55
funky2hi there, got a question i have 2 ssd's A) is 80GB (sda) and has a swap partition and a root parition wih my OS which i try to clone onto B) 120GB (sdb) and is empty but everytime i use 'dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb' I end up with errors on sdb bad superblock what am i doing wrong?07:55
lotuspsychjefunky2: maybe try clonezilla?07:55
cogitationI uninstalled and reinstalled steam and it still won't run.07:55
lotuspsychjecogitation: YOU GOT AN ERROR ON STEAM?07:56
funky2lotuspsychje: but this should work too besides isn't clonezilla using dd?07:56
cogitationstill getting error messages:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/10936766/07:56
lotuspsychjefunky2: not sure, bad blocks on ssd07:56
rydzykjehey guys, I have problem with my script. I want to install mysql from deb package. Im using debconf to configure root password but I cant uderstand why until i press two times "ENTER" script is waiting without any promt even . http://pastebin.com/Xrw4V6jV07:57
lotuspsychjecogitation: can you check sudo lshw -C video behind driver=07:57
lotuspsychje!clone | funky207:57
ubottufunky2: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can use the !software package "apt-clone" - See also !automate07:57
lotuspsychjefunky2: http://askubuntu.com/questions/569004/clone-my-ubuntu-from-hdd-to-new-ssd-related-question07:58
cogitationIs that the syntax I need to use, lotuspsychje?07:59
lotuspsychjecogitation: yeah i wanna know if your grafix card driver is loaded07:59
lotuspsychjecogitation: sudo lshw -C video07:59
cogitationlotuspsychje:  when I run that command, it's not giving me output.08:00
cogitationit's telling me I didn't use proper syntax.08:01
lotuspsychjecogitation: sudo lshw -C video in terminal should work08:01
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lotuspsychjecogitation: tnx, seems fine driver loaded08:03
cogitationthanks for your help... what do you think?08:03
cogitationwhat should I try next?08:03
cogitationI did steam --reset, then just uninstalled and reinstalled08:03
lotuspsychjecogitation: i found a thread of a guy removing that lib file, read last reply on the page: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=18365908:03
funky2thx lotuspsychje but that does not help though i booted into a live cd of gparted and use DD from there, I got this working before but for some reason i get this superblock error every time now, i tried with all kind of different bs sizes in dd but still, also ran e2fsck check on disks and they are fine08:04
cogitationah, thanks lotus.  will give it a shot08:04
lotuspsychjefunky2: brands of the ssd's?08:05
mshadlei just upgraded my server to vivid, and now i get "Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart: Connection refused"08:05
lotuspsychjemshadle: vivid uses now systemd instead of upstart08:06
mshadleyeah i know. but apparently standard/existing scripts didn't work08:06
mshadlelike, ssh started, but now i can't restart the service. how did it start on boot? :08:07
lotuspsychjemshadle: maybe download a systemd service manager to get a better look on it? like jobs-admin08:09
lotuspsychje!info jobs-admin08:09
ubottujobs-admin (source: jobs-admin): system job management utility. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.0-0ubuntu4 (utopic), package size 14 kB, installed size 137 kB08:09
lotuspsychjemshadle: or pstree on terminal08:09
mshadlewhoa looks like jobs-admin wants x11/UI08:10
lotuspsychjemshadle: oh right your on cli right08:10
lotuspsychjemy bad08:10
mshadlebut it still doesn't fix the issue where this upgrade just.. broke t hings.08:10
mshadlephp5-fpm uses upstart08:10
lotuspsychjemshadle: maybe things got messed up on upgrade08:11
mshadleyeah actually.08:11
mshadleok that's making more sense.08:13
funky2lotuspsychje: intel and ocz(larger one)08:13
lotuspsychjefunky2: did you firmware your OCZ?08:14
lotuspsychjefunky2: some OCZ would need a firmware upgrade before installing an Os08:14
lotuspsychjefunky2: i would also reccomend you a fresh install on your OCZ after the firmware upgrade, not dd08:15
cogitationlotuspsychje:  having trouble locating those files in the steam directory at all08:16
lotuspsychjecogitation: can you try whereis filename from termial perhaps08:17
cogitationdoing a search for r600_dri in all files produces no results.08:17
cogitationVery new to Linux.  Didn't know whereis command.  Will do.08:17
lotuspsychjecogitation: also doublecheck your additional drivers section, if more driver show up your list08:17
cogitationdon't know what you mean by additional drivers section08:17
lotuspsychjecogitation: its weird steam complaints about the driver module08:17
lotuspsychjecogitation: ubuntu start button/hardware icon08:18
cogitationwhere james@james-MainPC:~$ r600_dri:08:18
cogitationr600_dri:: command not found08:18
lotuspsychjecogitation: dont remove that one right, thats your driver08:18
cogitationI'm actually not using a proprietary driver.  in "Additional Drivers"08:19
lotuspsychjecogitation: how many drivers show?08:19
cogitationHunh.  Just one.  One I haven't seen before...08:19
lotuspsychjebut is it enabled?08:20
cogitation"Using Processor micronode firmware for Intel CPUs from intel-microcode (properitary)08:20
cogitationNot enabled.08:20
lotuspsychjecogitation: can you try enable08:20
lotuspsychjecogitation: then after it loaded, reboot and try steam again08:21
cogitationdidn't mention a reboot.  do I have to?08:21
lotuspsychjecogitation: if the module loading is done yes08:21
bruceleerunning into an issue where root partition exists in /etc/fstab but somehow isn't in /etc/mtab... which means commands like 'df' doesn't show root partition08:22
cogitationlotus, how can I look for "r600_dri.so" anywhere on my Linux partition?08:22
bruceleethis only exists in ubuntu 12, not ubuntu 14 though08:22
bruceleeusing lvm also gets rid of this problem it seems08:22
lotuspsychjecogitation: you dont need that file mate, thats your actual driver module08:23
lotuspsychjecogitation: try a reboot first and steam test08:23
cogitationOkay.  I will do so.08:23
bojanWhen i am trying to update my chroot i got this following error "http://paste.ubuntu.com/10937082/"08:28
cogitationlotus, are you there?08:30
cogitationlotuspsychje: are you there?08:30
lotuspsychjecogitation: yes, anymore luck?08:30
cogitationNope, I'm afraid not.08:30
lotuspsychjecogitation: did you fresh install vivid or upgrade?08:30
lotuspsychjecogitation: did steam work on previous version?08:31
FolattMy problem -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=227589708:31
cogitation14.10 worked fine.08:31
cogitationactually, I had 14.04, then upgraded to 14.10 then to 15.0408:31
lotuspsychjecogitation: i would try a fresh install mate08:31
lotuspsychjecogitation: 14.04 or 15.04 fresh with internet+updates enabled during setup08:32
cogitationwhew.  Yeah.  That's a pretty huge attempt to fix this.08:32
bojanFolatt:Is your system drops into shell mode??08:32
cogitationhuge job, I mean... like the nuclear bomb of problem fixing.08:32
Folattbojan, yes.08:33
lotuspsychjecogitation: well im not sure howto fix otherwise at this moment, maybe someone else might?08:33
lotuspsychjecogitation: you can re-ask once in a while here08:33
cogitationThanks for trying to help, though.08:33
bojanFolatt:When did you update your ubuntu last??08:33
lotuspsychjecogitation: but if 14.04 and 14.10 runned steam flawless, i would suspect and upgrade issue08:34
cogitationcan't argue with your logic.08:34
FolattIt's a new SSD, so it was empty when I started installing ubuntu on it, I upgraded it to 15.04.08:35
bojanFolatt:Go to the grub menu when system boots up you will find an option :Previous linux version"select any image from that and your computer boots perfect definitely08:35
cogitationis there something like a repair installation, to keep all settings but reinstall stuff like that?08:35
Folattbojan, there is no grub menu. it immediately drops into shell mode.08:35
FolattPerhaps I should accompany it with a video then.08:36
bruceleedf doesnt show my root partition08:36
AreksHi all, i got warning message "DNS lookups on ns373222.ip-188-165-234.eu took 103.625 milliseconds on average. Slow DNS lookups are often caused by incorrect DNS settings in /etc/resolve.conf" can you give some advices?08:36
bruceleeroot partition is declared in fstab using LABEL=blahblah ....08:37
bruceleesomehow it doesnt show up in /etc/mtab08:37
bojanFolatt:No it wont...Try pressing ESC key continuously when the system turns on till it will drop to grub menu08:37
FolattOkay, I'll reboot and make a video trying that. bbiab.08:37
Folattbojan, see you soon.08:38
bojanWhen i am trying to update my chroot i got this following error "http://paste.ubuntu.com/10937082/"08:38
quixHi. I have a dual-boot machine with Windows 8.1 and Ubuntu 14.04. On Windows, my Internet connection works fine. On Ubuntu, it stopped working properly a few weeks ago. Services like Firefox Sync or duolingo.com won't work on Ubuntu at all, while they work just fine on Windows, with the same connection! What could be the problem?08:42
lotuspsychjecogitation: fix broken packages from grub recovery mode08:42
lotuspsychje!recovery | cogitation08:42
ubottucogitation: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode08:42
cogitationoh wow... were  you looking that whole time?08:42
gskelligHi all. After updating from 14.04 to 15.04 I'm not able to access my server via ssh.08:42
lotuspsychjecogitation: no, i was getting coffee :p08:43
trijntjequix: what exactly is the problem? Do you have a problem with internet or firefox sync?08:43
cogitationOh, okay.  Well, thanks.08:43
lotuspsychjeout now bbl08:43
quixtrijntje, if you read my message, you will see that more then one service is being affected on Ubuntu....08:43
quixso I think the problem is in how my Internet is configured on Ubuntu08:44
trijntjequix: no, if that were the case nothing would work, not just 2 things08:44
quixbut the thing is, I didn't change anything. Some sites just won't load properly at all...08:44
hateballquix: are you using IPv6 ?08:44
hateballSome faulty ipv6 configs can cause trouble08:45
quixtrijntje, yea. whatever.08:45
quixthere are more services being affect. you didn't read my message08:45
quixhateball, I am yes08:45
Folattbojan, hang on a sec, I have two different...08:45
quixbut i tried ignoring ipv6, to no avail08:45
hateballquix: how did you ignore it? using sysctl?08:46
Folatttwo different boots ending up with the same issue.08:46
quixusing the network gui08:46
hateballquix: you could try this "sudo sysctl -w net/ipv6/conf/all/disable_ipv6=1"08:46
hateballthat will disable it for until you reboot08:46
hateballYou may need to restart the applications so they re-bind08:47
hateballquix: Anyhow, that's just a way to diagnose the issue. If you actually need to use IPv6 then that issue should be fixed08:48
rydzykjeSome1 here who can help me preconfigure deb package (mysql installation from deb) ?08:48
Folattbojan, okay I'm gonna reboot again and make a video again.08:49
Folattbojan, see you soon.08:49
Folattbojan, know any good place where I can upload video?08:56
boichevIs there a channel for ubuntu touch on BQ Aquaris?08:58
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch08:59
boichevhateball thanks :)08:59
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Folatthello d3v1l09:07
d3v1li have install now linux ubuntu mate and i don-t know what is this app09:08
MonkeyDustd3v1l  learn i like you learned windows or mac: by using it09:09
d3v1li know usin windows...but i want learn about ubuntu09:10
MonkeyDust!manual | d3v1l09:11
ubottud3v1l: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/09:11
d3v1lit is most beautifull09:11
d3v1lromanian ???09:14
k1l_!ro | d3v1l09:15
ubottud3v1l: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro09:15
penos!kr | d3v1l09:17
penosno korean?09:17
penos!jp | d3v1l09:17
ubottud3v1l: 日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。09:17
penoskorea is more developed than romanian09:18
k1l_penos: stop that09:18
kn1ghthey guys, any idea if this is still a relevant bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/sudo/+bug/1219337 ?09:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1219337 in sudo (Ubuntu Vivid) "Users can change the clock without authenticating, allowing them to locally exploit sudo." [Undecided,Confirmed]09:29
centrixI have a 11.10 server and would like to install subversion offline. I am not a debian based guy. Can I have a few hints on how to, please?09:32
lotuspsychjecentrix: 11.10 is eol09:32
k1l_you should at least upgrade to 12.04 since that is a LTS and still got support09:32
centrixlotuspsychje: Does that make me reinstall?09:33
k1l_centrix: no. you can upgrade09:33
Seveaskn1ght: it never was relevant.09:34
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ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:35
hateballcentrix: ^09:35
AlexisBRENONHi all. I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and I'm not able to do any admin task in a graphical way (software center, shutdown, user & groups system settings). Nevertheless, I can use 'sudo' in CLI. Have you got any idea to how to fix this ?09:36
centrixk1l_: Ok. Simpleir ... I can switch to root, but have no physical access to the machine nor an influence on the officials to allow me an internet hookup. Nor have I the permission to upgrade ... etc. So, is it possible or not?09:37
cage_raphelAlexisBRENON,  pls use sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/atareao .. then .. sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install power-commands09:38
Seveascentrix: you can download the packages on another machine and transfer them manually. But don't count on support here for obsolete, unsupported releases.09:38
centrixSeveas: Good! Any link to such packages (as there may be dependencies)?09:40
Seveascentrix: as I said, don't count on support :)09:42
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
centrixSeveas: 1 2 3 4 5 ... support's gone. Ok. Now the pieces of advice :)09:43
AlexisBRENONcage_raphel, My problem is not only related to power management, but to any task which require root rights (mounting USB stick, unlocking settings, updating through update-center or installing through software center)09:43
Seveascentrix: pieve of advice is to upgrade :)09:43
kn1ghtSeveas, can you elaborate? Does it mean that if I try this exploit it will not work? Because I, as a user, will not be able to reset the time? or because sudo doesn't keep /var/log/auth.log?09:43
DarsVaedais there a clipboard that can change copied text, like make it all lowercase?09:44
Seveaskn1ght: what I mean is that the premise is ridiculous. If you can't count on people with admin rights locking their screens, this is just one of a thousand ways of abusing that.09:44
Rorykn1ght: There is a bug. Ubuntu people will defend this.09:45
Folattbojan, yeah sorry, just a sec09:46
bojanFolatt:Ya tel me09:46
kn1ghtSeveas, yes, but admin is not necessarily the same as root.. and this effectively makes it the same. Either way, it's good to know that it is there at least.09:46
bojanFolatt:just share me the screen09:47
Folattbojan, I'm uploading it right now.09:47
bojanok ok09:47
FolattWith "two boots" I mean if I boot from my pendrive and choose "boot first hard drive", then it goes to intramfs immediately, as opposed to booting my SSD directly.09:49
ppfhow do i change what gnome-open does with a file?09:53
orakarTest (ignore)09:53
bojanFolatt:Share the screen or video09:53
Folattbojan, I'm reuploading on photobucket, for some reason it didn't upload.09:54
Folattbojan, http://s284.photobucket.com/user/folatt/media/20150429_105021_zpsouxrmhna.mp4.html?sort=3&o=009:55
ppfapparently gnome-open looks at mimeinfo.cache, but the precedence of the applications in that cache is fixed09:56
ppfis there a way to manipulate that externally?09:56
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bojan_Folatt:I cant find anything09:58
orakar /set bell_beeps ON09:58
orakar /set beep_msg_level MSGS NOTICES DCC DCCMSGS HILIGHT09:59
Folattbojan, what do you mean?09:59
bojan_Folatt:From that link i cant see anything09:59
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FolattWhat can you not see?10:01
FolattAttempting to decrypt master key... Enter passphrase for hd0,msdos5 (59f0c94300134e049efe5d1aea7dc42e):10:02
FolattI know the next screen is a little bit too much too the right10:03
bojan_Folatt:Send me the link again10:04
FolattSorry, I never used photobucket before10:06
phpcodermy ubuntu 15.04 is not so reactive.... 14.04 was better...can i do something? i did not change anything about hardware10:07
habidi need help with my hp elite book folio ubuntu10:09
habiddoesnt install my camara web10:09
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bojan_Folatt:i have experience the same problem ones and i have done the solution which i said that i boot through a different kernel and it works...If you dont have anyother kernel i am helpless..Please ask someone10:24
MonkeyDustphpcoder  my advice: use what works best for you, 14.04 is supported until 201910:25
phpcoderMonkeyDust, yeah it is correct...but strange...10:25
Kartagisand after that, install 18.0410:28
injigoobvious troll is obvious10:29
Folattbojan_, okay, so you mean, add another kernel and it will work?10:29
OdynHi all10:29
Folattbojan_, I added a different kernel and so I will test that.10:30
soeeany ida why usb stick with ubuntu/kubuntu wont wont boot on some older PC ?10:33
InFlamesi have a laptop running 14.04 and an external monitor over hdmi, when i disconnect the external all windows which were open on it get stuck offscreen, so i try to see them and they are loading on the non-existent external monitor10:34
InFlamessoee, could be the boot order of the bios10:34
soeeInFlames: bootable media is selected as first than hdd10:34
InFlameswhat os is it running?10:35
InFlamesthe stick10:35
InFlamesi guess that is irrelevant10:35
soeeInFlames: ubuntu/kubutnu i have tried, both created from tool availabel in os10:36
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
InFlamesi know old macs can't boot via usb, could be something similar with pcs?10:36
InFlamesbut i feel going back pretty far we used to do it10:36
hateballsoee: does it just skip booting, or do you get syslinux errors?10:37
printulaircrack-ng test tutorial10:38
soeehateball: just jums to grub, like it wont find any os on usb10:38
soeethough the usb stick is visible10:38
hateballsoee: some old bios are daft and wont recognize isolinux, you can try the manual step here to put syslinux on it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USB%20Installation%20Media10:40
Odynwelcome all10:41
soeeis wubi supported these days10:41
soeeto install *bunut  from windows session ?10:41
hateballIt's deprecated afaik10:42
ubottuWubi allows you to install or uninstall Ubuntu 12.04 LTS from within Windows ( version 7 or earlier ) in a simple and safe way. Wubi is INCOMPATIBLE with UEFI, Windows 8 Certified computers, and Windows RAID arrays. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for more information. File wubi bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug10:42
soeewell the PS is W7, no uefi, its like 6 or more years old10:43
hateballWubi is not a nice solution if you intend to only use Ubuntu10:43
MonkeyDustsoee  wubi wil give you more problems than misery, do not use it10:44
soeeMonkeyDust: well i used it on this PC last time i installed there ubuntu 14.0410:44
MonkeyDustsoee  it's nice if you want to get familiar with the desktop, but not for production10:45
MonkeyDustfor one, it cannot be upgraded10:45
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Folatthttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2275897 <- my problem10:51
MonkeyDustFolatt  i connot open links at this time, what's in it?10:51
RoryMonkeyDust: "I installed Ubuntu on a new SSD, which led to the wrong SSD being booted, then I did a boot-repair.10:52
Rory"Now my SSD is booted, but it ends up in intramfs and when I do ls, I see my /boot partition.10:52
=== [Away]x44x45x41x is now known as x44x45x41x4E
FolattPretty much that.10:52
Roryso Folatt you have two physical drives in your system?10:52
RoryFolatt: Are you sure your BIOS is booting from the correct one? What happens when you try to boot from the other?10:53
FolattConnected to my computer right now? Yes. But I intend to replace one with the other.10:53
FolattThe old one is only connected because that one I can boot.10:53
RorySo, you probably don't have a bootloader installed on the other drive10:54
FolattI am IN the other one right now.10:54
printulanyone used aicrack without a wireless card ?10:54
Roryyou want "grub-install /dev/sda" assuming /dev/sda is the problematic drive10:54
FolattRory, where can I see if bootloader is installed or not on the other drive?10:54
FolattYes, /dev/sda is the problametic drive10:55
RoryFolatt: I'm not sure how to verify that. But what I think is happening is, you have a bootloader on one drive, which is allowing you to load into the OS's installed on either10:55
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FolattRory, but I've done this before and it didn't work. Have you seen the video I uploaded?10:57
RoryI can't watch a video right now10:58
FolattRory, I'm going to reboot and see if "grub-install /dev/sda" worked10:58
FolattInstalling for i386-pc platform.10:58
RoryOK make sure you change your BIOS to boot from it10:58
htpc_hi all10:58
FolattInstallation finished. No error reported.10:58
RoryI would recommend physically disconnecting the non-problematic drive for this maintanence if possible, to be sure you're working with the correct one at all times10:58
RoryIf that's not straightforward then don't worry, but if it is, then there's definitely no harm10:59
FolattRory, no need to. It's set on that right now. I booted on this one by pressing F11.10:59
RoryOK so it's working now you have grub installed on it?10:59
FolattRory, kay, shutting down and rebooting right now..10:59
RoryI just want to tell you good luck. We're all counting on you10:59
FolattRory, wow! Thanks! For some reason it's no longer dropping to intramfs!11:03
FolattIt still is behaving oddly though.11:03
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FolattI mean, I get dropped to a grub shell.11:03
FolattIt's all shell.11:04
RoryIs it grub you're seeing? Or Linux? Are you able to switch to a different console with ctrl-alt-f1 ?11:04
FolattRory, I'll reboot and try. I managed to do "update-grub" as well now.11:05
FolattRory, hurray that works as well! Now the only problem I have is this weird double boot problem and it shows an error in grub right after I choose "ubuntu". I think it was "error: device not found"11:09
Folattjust a sec rebooting again.11:09
RoryDoes it boot anyway despite the error?11:09
sennnwhat is snappy?11:11
FolattRory, "error: device name required"11:11
Rorysennn: In what context?11:12
RoryFolatt: Does it boot anyway, despite the error?11:12
bazhang!snappy | sennn11:12
ubottusennn: Ubuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/11:12
sudo_aptget_helpHi there all, so does anyone know how to restart services in 15.04 now that restart doesn't work, in this perticular incedance I am wanting to restart network-manager11:13
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FolattRory, Yeah, I'm in the new SSD right now. It boots anyway after a second restart. Perhaps they're not related, because I have the same problem with the old one and that one does not have that error.11:16
MonkeyDustsudo_aptget_help  can you not restart the service in /etc/init.d/11:16
Rorysudo_aptget_help: sudo service network-manager restart ?11:17
d3vlinHi, since upgrading to 15.04, X/lightdm starts kodi xsession before network is ready. How do I prevent an xsession to start before the network is ready?11:17
DarrenGaohi all11:19
strongMay I ask a question, How can I set GoldenDict autorun when system up(don't show the goldendict main window), I've tried (goldendict &) at "startup applications", but it still show the main window11:22
MonkeyDust!find goldendict11:23
ubottuFound: goldendict, goldendict-wordnet11:23
bazhang!info goldendict11:23
ubottugoldendict (source: goldendict): feature-rich dictionary lookup program. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.0~git20131003-1build3 (utopic), package size 1434 kB, installed size 8172 kB11:23
DarrenGao!info man11:24
ubottuPackage man does not exist in utopic11:24
lotuspsychjestrong: try man goldendict, perhaps you can make a startup from terminal and add arguments11:24
kostkonstrong, why goldendict& and not just goldendict?11:25
MonkeyDustkostkon  the & sends the process to the background11:26
kostkonMonkeyDust, yeah i know, if you are in a terminal11:26
DarrenGaohi, strong. you can add command to your start up shell script11:27
strongthanks everybody, i've found it at edit-preferences-interface-start to system tray options11:27
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stronga silly but useful solution11:29
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yuciyuaris there a command to install from a specific ubuntu version's repo?11:46
MonkeyDustyuciyuar  don't mix different ubuntu versions11:48
yuciyuarjust for installing lemp packages11:48
Ben64yuciyuar: don't mix different ubuntu versions11:49
ciscamIs there a means to make workspaces hide overflow?11:54
ciscamFor example a full-screen remmina on one of the lower workspaces shows the 'hidden' panel on the above workspace11:54
bobitawho can suggest me a good movie player? beside vlc, cuz i have some movies that has no sound with vlc11:56
Ben64bobita: mplayer211:57
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madjoeHi! I used to scan normally via simple-scan with my Ubuntu 12.04, but since I made a clean installation of Ubuntu 15.04, I'm getting *** buffer overflow detected *** Any clues?12:05
=== luminance_137 is now known as Waqas
MonkeyDustbobita  which players did you try?12:08
bobitavlc and the default one12:08
Paddy_NIWhich apt-get switch simulates an install?12:08
Paddy_NIMonkeyDust BBC3 legend12:09
MonkeyDustPaddy_NI  apt-get install [package] --simulate12:09
Paddy_NIMonkeyDust, DOH12:10
Paddy_NIMonkeyDust, cheers mate12:10
MonkeyDustPaddy_NI  that wasnt too hard!12:10
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madghost|2hi all12:20
madghost|2who knows, how to install Huawei 3G E173 into Ubuntu ?12:21
madghost|2I haven't see /dev/ttyUSB* files12:21
Rorymadghost|2: Click on the network applet and select "edit connections". go to the "mobile broadband" tab and click the "Add" button and follow the wizard instructions12:23
madghost|2Rory: i have only console.12:23
madghost|2without GUI12:23
Roryah OK I'm not sure how to do that then, sorry.12:23
Funambulimadghost have u tried with wicd-curses?12:24
RoryGuest99778: To be clear, do you already know how to set up a mobile broadband connection and are having trouble with that hardware? Or do you need to know what steps to follow to get connected?12:24
Rorymadghost|2: ^12:24
madghost|2I found something, and reading it12:24
Rorymadghost|2: because I'm not sure how to set up a connection from the shell, but I found an article about your hardware which says you need to set it to modem mode from mass-storage: http://www.geekride.com/huawei-e173-on-ubuntu/12:25
Funambuliu can set a connection on shell with wicd-curses12:25
Rorydoes wicd require you to not use networkmanager?12:26
Funambulii dunno12:26
Funambuliits my network manager12:26
RoryIt's been a very long time since I typed the characters "wicd" in that order, but from memory the two are mutually exclusive12:27
krabador13.10 repos are still working?12:27
madghost|2Rory: thank you, I will try12:27
Funambuliso i don't use anyother thing but if it is needed editing the connection files12:27
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Funambulibut i don't understand the use of ubuntu on shell12:28
Funambuliit's better for that purpousse debian on shell12:28
=== norm is now known as Guest43843
RoryThat's not really relevent though12:28
Funambuliit is12:28
Funambuliand i mean it12:28
Roryhere we have someone using Ubuntu. "use debian instead" isn't a solution for this channel12:28
Funambuliu have to hack ubuntu with the amazon shit12:29
Funambuliand debian it's more stable12:29
k1l_Funambuli: stop that ranting in here. this is a support channnel12:29
RoryFunambuli: Look I'll take the bait but not here. come in #ubuntu-offtopic12:29
Mete-what amazon shit?12:29
Funambulijust support no reflexion or subjection?12:29
Funambuliok see u alligators12:29
Funambulisorry for making u think12:30
kazdaxI just installed ubuntu12:32
kazdaxwhen it do speedtest for internet ..its slower on ubuntu12:33
Funambulijust one last thinking12:33
k1l_Funambuli: no12:33
Rorykazdax: I'd probably disregard a one-off discrepency in a speed test benchmark. If you notice an obvious pattern of reduced speed in Ubuntu then there's a problem12:34
=== Guest95914 is now known as Bl4ckD34tH
kazdaxyes i am comparing by downloading some torrent with alot of seeds12:34
Funambuliif i hadn't have told what i told i shouldn't have givven what i think it's the best support, even if that means change of god or distro12:35
Roryas in, if it's consistently slower, connecting to the same server, then we can start to diagnose. Otherwise there's not a lot to go on12:35
kazdaxRory ..If i see a difference then ill let you know12:35
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neldogzAnyone experiencing trouble booting their 15.04 system on Software Raid? Every 3rd or 4th boot systemd is getting hung at what appears to be when attempting to load the disks. Then I see an error stating Task dump error then iterates through each CPU12:39
kazdaxRory my internet is slower on ubuntu12:39
kazdaxI downloaded the same torrent and it reaches 6.6 mbs12:39
Rorykazdax: Are you on wifi?12:39
kazdaxwhich dint do it on my ubuntu ..on the ubuntu it was 3.7 maximum12:40
Rorykazdax: What network device do you have? Find out with "lspci | grep -i net"12:40
kazdaxyes definatly the speed is faster on windows12:40
madghost|2Rory: so, what I did... I connect 3g modem to Windows, connect to COM port of 3g modem, input AT^U2DIAG=0 mode only modem. connect to Ubunto, and it works!!!12:40
madghost|2thank you.12:40
kazdaxokay .. Rory ...I will connect to my ubuntu ...hen i will get back to you12:40
RoryGlad to hear it, madghost|2 :)12:41
XenophonFon a mac, how do i manually install grub so that i can use it with rEFInd?12:41
RoryXenophonF: the command "grub-install"12:41
Rory!grub | probably some info here XenophonF12:42
ubottuprobably some info here XenophonF: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:42
XenophonFyeah, i've been looking at that12:42
RoryI'm not familiar with rEFInd to be honest. What causes this to be different from a normal installation of grub?12:42
RoryAnd what exactly do you mean by "manually" ?12:43
XenophonFfrom the command prompt - i'm not using the graphical installer12:43
XenophonFhang on a sec - i'll post a gist with what i've done so far12:43
RoryYeah the grub-install command does pretty much what it sets out to12:43
XenophonFso the disk is partitioned using gpt12:44
=== yann is now known as Guest84133
kazdaxRory, what was the command i needed to execute12:44
kazdaxi just logged into my ubuntu machine12:44
Rorykazdax: lspci | grep -i net12:44
kazdaxokay its working now12:45
Rorykazdax: That will tell me what network hardware you have12:45
kazdaxthe speed test worked now12:45
kazdaxill try and download the torrent12:45
kazdaxand see if it gets back12:45
XenophonFit's set up to dual (duel!) boot, so there's an EFI partition, an HFS+ partition, an EXT2 /boot, and a LUKS partition12:45
XenophonFoh, there's another HFS+ partition in between the first HFS+ one and the EXT2 /boot for recovery12:46
XenophonFi have rEFInd installed on the EFI partition - it supplants the Apple boot manager, and it can boot Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, etc.12:46
MonkeyDustXenophonF  summarize that or show a screenshot/paste12:47
RoryIt's going to be difficult to do this reliably with a torrent. Can you test with a large, single file over HTTP?12:47
capsicumHi, been trying to install 14.04.2 server from usb but getting bad cd rom erro.12:47
XenophonFit's all in the gist i just posted12:47
Rorykazdax: Here's a 100 meg file on a gigabit connection http://flashheart.rory.sh/100-meg.txt12:47
XenophonFactually, i've got a detailed install procedure12:47
XenophonFproblem is, when i boot it drops me into the initrd and goes no further12:47
Rorykazdax: Because my hunch is still that there isn't actually a difference and it's still just coincidence12:48
XenophonFi suspect that the LUKS stuff isn't right, but i'm not sure where to look in the initrd config12:48
RoryXenophonF: This is a bit out of my remit, and I don't want to incorrectly advise you and hose your bootloader12:48
kazdaxRory its working fine now12:48
XenophonFlike, i can give the correct kernel command line to rEFInd - so maybe grub is unnecessary12:48
XenophonFbut once it loads up the initrc, LUKS isn't prompting me for the root container password12:49
XenophonFRory: the machine's a dev box so i'm not worried about hosing it :)12:49
RoryI think Grub is aware of LUKS, and it's Grub that handles the asking for the password (but I might be wrong)12:49
jpdsRory: Not by default.12:49
jpdsRory: GRUB knows about initramfs.12:50
jpdsRory: And initramfs knows about LUKS.12:50
RoryI'm basing that purely off remembering seeing some LUKS stuff in a grub config file.12:50
Roryyes jpds that sounds more likely12:50
XenophonFyeah, initramfs is supposed to handle the LUKS stuff12:50
XenophonFso i have an unencrypted boot volume that has the kernel and initrd images on it12:50
XenophonFand rEFInd can see those without any difficulty12:51
XenophonFhm, i think part of my config can be streamlined12:52
XenophonFe.g., the zfs pool can refer to the dm devices directly, not sure why i need to alias those again12:52
XenophonFbut still, not sure where in the initramfs configs i need to tweak the luks bits12:53
capsicumteam, cant get 14.04.2 x64 to boot from usb. keep getting error Failed to copy file from CD-ROM Retry?12:53
k1l_capsicum: how did you make that live-usb?12:53
k1l_capsicum: did you check the md5sum?12:53
capsicumtried new usb, tried changing bios to windows 7 os, downloaded image again. nothing works.12:54
Rorycapsicum: you need to (a) check that the image you downloaded is correct, and (b) check that it was copied to the flash drive correctly12:54
RoryOh OK12:54
Rorycapsicum: What are you using to make the usb?12:54
capsicumI do an md5 check on the iso again.12:54
lotuspsychjecapsicum: did you put bios to usb boot first?12:54
Rorycapsicum: At what point in the process is the error displayed?12:55
capsicumused the F12 and selected the usb12:55
XenophonFi added a file to /etc/initramfs/conf.d called "root0" (the alias for my luks container)12:55
XenophonFmaybe that bit is wrong12:55
XenophonFit also looks like the initramfs scripts expect the zfspool to be called "rpool" instead of tank, which is what i named it12:56
lotuspsychjecapsicum: can you anwser what k1l_ asked, how did you make the usb12:57
MonkeyDustilham  it works, we see you12:57
ilhami dont now12:58
XenophonFcryptsetup isn't part of the initrd12:58
cfhowlettilham, ask your ubuntu questions12:58
MobileRoeyMonkeyDust:  hahahaha nice nick12:59
rydzykjehello guys, I have problem with starting MYSQL - when i write "service mysql start" im getting /var/log/mysqld.log: permission denied (and few others permission denied for log files in usr/bin and var/log), any ideas why?12:59
XenophonFi'm going to look over https://wiki.ubuntu.com/initramfs and the various encryptedfilesystem howtos13:00
XenophonFworst case, i'll do a regular desktop install and try to reverse engineer the initramfs config it generates13:00
capsicumRory, after I select the keyboard and indicates retrieving live components13:01
XenophonFalso found https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CustomizeLiveInitrd13:01
BluesKajHowdy folks13:01
capsicumRory, unfortunately the screen flashes so fast I can see the specific file it stops on but is consistent as it stops at the same point13:01
UmeaboyWhat do I do to install libXi.so.6 in 15.04 for x86_64? I used this guide to make a bootable USB drive with Windows 7 on it, but failed so I therefor searched and found this old page to fix it: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/create-bootable-windows-7-usb-drive.html13:02
neldogzAnyone experiencing trouble booting their 15.04 system on Software Raid? Every 3rd or 4th boot systemd is getting hung at what appears to be when attempting to load the disks. Then I see an error stating Task dump error then iterates through each CPU13:02
capsicumI may try 12.04 to see I reproduce the issue. Perhaps h/w13:02
Pici /3613:02
Umeaboyneldogz: What filsystem does that disks have?13:03
rydzykjehello guys, I have problem with starting MYSQL - when i write "service mysql start" im getting /var/log/mysqld.log: permission denied (and few others permission denied for log files in usr/bin and var/log), any ideas why?13:03
Umeaboyrydzykje: Use sudo in front.13:03
Umeaboysudo service mysql start13:03
rydzykjeUmeaboy: im on root acc, doesnt matter13:03
rydzykjethat's why it's strange..13:04
MrElendigso fix the permission on the log files13:04
Umeaboyls -l /var/log/13:04
MrElendiggive the user that mysql runs as write access to them13:04
neldogzUmeaboy, Ext4 on Software Raid 0 (Ubuntu 15.04 server install) with Ubuntu Desktop13:04
MrElendigeither directly or trough group13:04
Umeaboychown 775 /var/log/mysqld.log13:04
MrElendigdon't do that13:04
UmeaboyI always do that.13:04
UmeaboyNo problem doing so.13:05
Umeaboy664 then?13:05
MrElendigrandom users should not have access to the logs13:05
MrElendigat all13:05
UmeaboyThen chown username /var/log/mysqld.log13:05
Umeaboysudo first thou.13:05
Umeaboyneldogz: Could be the reason for it.13:06
UmeaboyCheck if you get the same problem with another filsystem.13:06
rydzykjehello guys, I have problem with starting MYSQL - when i write "service mysql start" im getting /var/log/mysqld.log: permission denied (and few others permission denied for log files in usr/bin and var/log), any ideas why?13:06
MrElendiggind out whihc user mysql runs as, and chown/mod so that that user have write access13:06
Umeaboyrydzykje: We told you already.13:06
orogoris there any important issues left in the last realease ? is now a good time to upgrade or should i wait some more ?13:06
MrElendigrydzykje: >_>13:07
neldogzUmeaboy, I cant change the file system. It is the filesystem Ubuntu is installed on. I had the exact same setup on Ubuntu 14.10 and no issues13:07
Umeaboyorogor: You should always update to stable releases unless you really have a broken system already.13:07
Umeaboyneldogz: OK. You have any backups saved to check the changes?13:08
MonkeyDustor stick to LTS13:08
k1l_orogor: what ubuntu version are you on?13:08
UmeaboyI have minor crashes in 15.04 so I'm not complaining.13:08
neldogzUmeaboy, which changes are you referring to?13:09
=== daftykin1 is now known as daftykins
k1l_orogor: you got 3month to upgrade to 15.04 now. after then 14.10 will be shut down.13:09
orogori ask because some release had good  bootloader or audio  bug in major version change13:10
rydzykjeGuys I used, chown 775 and also 664 and the result is the same13:10
rydzykjeanyway that log files are not created because of "permission denied"13:10
MonkeyDustrydzykje  good, 664 is safer than 77513:10
rydzykjeMonkeyDust: but result is the same, :(13:11
Umeaboyneldogz: Problem is with mount right?13:11
MonkeyDustrydzykje  great, then use the safer version13:11
rydzykjemaybe i should rise service permissions when running?13:11
neldogzUmeaboy, I believe so but difficult to tell since there is no real error just a bunch of data spewed out after Task Dump for CPUx13:12
neldogzUmeaboy, happens systemd is referencing the raid13:12
capsicumRory, now this is interesting same error with
UmeaboyCheck on bugs reported against systemd then? :)13:13
capsicumIt's gigabyte nuc, perhaps there is problem with it.13:13
rydzykjewhich permisions should have my.cnf file ? 0644 ?13:14
MrElendig640 or 66013:14
MrElendigdepending on the ownership13:15
DeathcrowI am trying to rebuild a kernel module for the ubuntu stock kernel, but when I try to insmod it I get "Invalid module format". I don't want to boot into an entirely new kernel...13:15
MonkeyDustDeathcrow  #ubuntu-kernel13:16
DeathcrowMonkeyDust: okay, thanks13:16
rydzykjeMrElendig: ownership?13:18
neldogzWhen a system is booting and systemd is displaying messages across the screen.. where is that stored?13:21
Umeaboyneldogz: /var/log/messages perhaps?13:21
UmeaboyCheck in /var/log to begin with.13:22
UmeaboyThere might also be a /var/log/boot13:22
neldogzUmeaboy, Ubuntu 15 no longer has messages13:22
neldogzUmeaboy, no boot either...13:22
Umeaboyjournalctl then?13:22
neldogzUmeaboy, will try that13:23
XultzHello, I would like to install 15.04 via wubi. When i click on the cd drive on WIndows, it opens the wubi installer, but it wants to download and install 14.10. I copied it to the same folder where the .iso is, and it still wants to install 14.10. What should I do to install 15.04?13:24
UmeaboyXultz: Install 14.10 and upgrade in it. :)13:24
MonkeyDustXultz  wubi is not a good idea13:24
Umeaboysudo do-release-upgrade :)13:24
XultzWhy not, Monkeydust?13:25
MonkeyDustXultz  because it is a pseudo installation and will give you more problems than frustration... for one, it cannot be upgraded13:25
daftykinsXultz: avoid it like the plague it is.13:26
MonkeyDustXultz  wubi means Will Ultimately Be Inefficient13:26
XultzOk. I wanna install in my working machine, which have one partition with Windows on it. Is it safe to resize the partition and install on it?13:26
daftykinswhich Windows ? 8?13:26
daftykinsfactory install it came with, or otherwise?13:26
tewardXultz: you can resize the partition live if you have Windows 7 or later - it can resize its own partition while you're booted.  That then gives you disk space to install Ubuntu too13:27
teward(that way the resize is 'safe')13:27
tewardbut you should still answer daftykins :P13:27
Xultzteward, you mean that I can resize the partition while running Windows? How do I do it?13:27
EriC^^control panel > type disks in the search13:28
daftykinsXultz: run diskmgmt.msc then right click the partition, and resize13:28
DeathcrowCan anyone in here help me how to compile a kernel module for the stock ubuntu kernel? no one in #ubuntu-kernel is responding...13:28
XultzYes daftykins, is a Dell machine with factory Windows on it13:28
daftykinsnote that you must have an empty recycle bin, a defragmented drive (if it's a mechanical HDD) before trying13:28
daftykinsXultz: ok you might have more partitions on that disk than you expect, then such as for recovery.13:28
Xultzok, I'll try it, thank you so much for all!13:28
daftykinsteward: ^5 go team!13:29
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tewarddaftykins: :)13:29
EriC^^Xultz: did you make recovery disks yet?13:30
tewarddaftykins: fun fact: my cyber forensics course is what taught me Windows can resize its own partition xD13:30
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CimpresovecAny info on the nvidia driver problems with 15.0413:30
daftykinsteward: interesting 0o13:31
k1l_Cimpresovec: what issues?13:31
CimpresovecI can't event try the new version from a bootable USB13:31
k1l_!details | Cimpresovec13:31
ubottuCimpresovec: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)13:31
CimpresovecI get the ACPI PPC Probe failed. Starting version 219 error when trying to boot the ISO from a USB drive, using a laptop with dual graphics13:32
Cimpresoveccan't even get to the login screen13:32
CimpresovecPrevious version work fine with or official drivers installed13:32
MonkeyDustPPC, like in mac PPC ?13:33
daftykinsMonkeyDust: no :P13:33
flipapyis there a way to set fle in my pictures folder to run the images in it changing every 5 seconds or so?13:34
CimpresovecDon't know exactly what the error is13:34
flipapya file*13:34
flipapyi mean in the backround, geez lemme rephrase13:34
Roryflipapy: you want a photo slideshow wallpaper?13:35
flipapycan i set my backround image to change every 5 seconds using a folder of images in my pictured folder?13:35
flipapythanks Rory13:35
MonkeyDustflipapy  you need to create a xml file to achieve that13:35
Roryflipapy: I like Shotwell image manager. http://askubuntu.com/a/12096513:35
flipapybut basically yeah i guess that's it, i want a constant changing of images, where i get to determine the images13:35
flipapylike every few seconds13:35
MonkeyDustflipapy  i'd like to look it up (xml file for slideshow), but cannot open FF, due to VMware eating Ãmy cpu13:37
rydzykjeany ideas why mysql service during start can't create this "/var/log/mysqld.log" ? it's giving me error Permission denied, and service can't start....13:37
flipapyok MonkeyDust thanks though13:38
EriC^^rydzykje: type ls -l /var/log/mysqld.log13:38
rydzykjeEriC^^: file does not exists, service can't create it13:38
Roryflipapy: did you see my link? Shotwell comes with Ubuntu13:38
EriC^^rydzykje: maybe it got deleted by mistake?13:39
EriC^^rydzykje: try dpkg -L <sql package> | grep /var/log13:39
IntergammeBonjour à tous13:39
flipapyyeah Rory thanks im looking ninto how13:40
Roryflipapy: sleect the photos you want to use, go file -> set as desktop slideshow -> done13:40
prestoriumhi all. I have 14.04.02. I need to downgrade it to 14.04. Is it possible?13:43
EriC^^prestorium: no13:43
daftykinsprestorium: also, why?13:44
prestoriumdaftykins, because puppet-enterprise 3.8 won't install on 14.04.02. I can upgrade after13:44
rydzykjeEriC^^: dpkg -L mysql-community-server |grep /var/log - is not giving any result13:44
EriC^^rydzykje: ok, type ls -ld /var/log13:45
daftykinsprestorium: is it 14.04 updated to 14.04.2, or 14.04.2 installed fresh? the difference is the former would be on a 3.13 kernel whilst the latter would be on a 3.16 kernel13:45
rydzykjeEriC^^: drwxrwxr-x 10 root syslog 4096 Apr 27 11:00 /var/log13:46
flipapyyeah it's working, gonna tweak how the pics frame up, they are acting buggy but it's working, thanks Rory13:46
prestoriumdaftykins, Google Cloud Engine, so dunno. I think that it is a fresh install13:46
EriC^^rydzykje: how do you run the sql server?13:46
rydzykjeEriC^^: service mysql start13:46
prestoriumdaftykins, the only difference is the kernel?!13:47
rydzykjeEriC^^: Im on the root acc13:47
daftykinsprestorium: some kinda VPS? ok not touching that :)13:47
daftykinsprestorium: run "uname -r" to confirm13:47
daftykins14.04.2 comes with the utopic HWE13:48
prestoriumdaftykins, VPS. The kernel is 3.16.13:48
daftykinsyeah, likely running 3.16 is what's ruining your plans13:48
daftykinsbut i couldn't comment on how or if you can install 3.13 instead given your setup13:48
prestoriumdaftykins, so... if I could downgrade the kernel I should be fine?13:48
prestoriumhmm :)13:48
EriC^^rydzykje: i have no idea13:49
rydzykjeEriC^^: anyway thanks13:49
EriC^^rydzykje: it looks like a permissions error, is there an sql user?13:49
daftykinsprestorium: i'm not guaranteeing it, but it's what i'd try13:50
rydzykjeEriC^^: which user?13:50
EriC^^like www-data for apache13:50
prestoriumdaftykins, if things go wrong, I can nuke the VM and try again13:50
rydzykjeEriC^^: in mysql is called "mysql" ?13:50
prestoriumdaftykins, linux-headers and linux-image? Do I need anything else?13:51
rydzykjeEriC^^: in my.cnf in section [mysqld] there's user=mysql13:51
EriC^^rydzykje: try typing groups sql13:51
EriC^^groups mysql13:51
rydzykjeEriC^^: by type: groups mysql i received: mysql: mysql13:52
flipapyok, how do i stop the slideshow Rory ?13:55
Roryflipapy: No idea m8. Right-click desktop -> change wallpaper -> select some other image13:55
Roryflipapy: Not sure if you can pause/skip etc like KDE13:55
flipapyha, good one, now i have some ghost operation just floatng around in the back end. lol, ok, well its still a nice os, thanks though, it works. :)13:56
EriC^^you probably have to stop it from shotwell13:56
=== ujjain- is now known as ujjain
Roryflipapy: I think shotwell probably just generates the relevent xml slideshow file and feeds it to Unity13:57
Roryrather than drawing it itsself13:58
flipapycool, thanks Rory13:58
rydzykjeEriC^^: I've created manualy /var/log/mysqld.log and gave permissions 1777 and mysql started...13:58
rydzykjeEriC^^: how can I check which permisions have service to create logs?13:59
rydzykjeEriC^^: the problem is for sure that ,service has not permisions to create files in /var/log , is it possible to edit it?14:00
flipapyok, dont hate me for saying the word windos (joke) but in windows i can right click desktop backround and move to next image. is there something similar here?14:00
MonkeyDustflipapy  never heard of such option and never needed it14:01
flipapyyeah MonkeyDust i gtet that, but sometimes i just get tired of looking at the backround image, really retty pic, and i just click to the next one14:02
daftykinsthat is only available when you have a set of wallpapers selected14:02
daftykinson rotation14:02
briceWhat is the difference between kernels linux-generic-lts-trusty vs linux-image-generic-lts-trusty?  I can't find any answer or faq anywhere.  Thanks14:02
MonkeyDustflipapy  use your file manager to select the pic you want, set it as background from there14:02
k1l_brice: the linux-image-.. is just the kernel, the other will install the headers, too14:03
flipapyyeah MonkeyDust thats what i was doing, just that i was wondering if something had been developed14:03
AmazinglyDumbmy co-worker has a problem with skype under ubuntu: when he launches it - there's no skype icon on the top toolbar (sorry, I don't know how it's called)14:03
AmazinglyDumband thus he can't enter skype settings14:03
flipapyoh and since when does skype charge for use?14:03
bricek1l_ Thank you very much.14:03
AmazinglyDumbflipapy: I guess it doesn't14:04
MonkeyDustflipapy  skype belongs to microsoft now, we can't change their policy14:04
flipapyAmazinglyDumb, i wanted to test skype in my wndows phone recently and 'bonk' it wants like 10 bucks just to get started i know is ther a better chan for this topic?14:05
flipapyMonkeyDust, thanks, i know i wasnt ocmplaining14:05
petrvsit's always been more popular to charge people for phone apps14:05
petrvsuse a free webrtc app instead14:05
AmazinglyDumbflipapy: oh, sorry, I thought you were replying to my problem14:05
flipapyits ok no prob14:06
AmazinglyDumbso does anyone know how to fix the missing skype icon?14:06
AmazinglyDumbat least tell how's that top toolbar called14:06
k1l_AmazinglyDumb: "panel"14:08
AmazinglyDumbk1l_: adbar :D14:08
flipapyok thanks for all the help :)14:09
k1l_AmazinglyDumb: you might need to whitelist the skype indicator14:09
AmazinglyDumbk1l_: how?14:10
AmazinglyDumbI've made a fresh ubuntu install and fresh skype install - and it just there when I run skype14:10
AmazinglyDumbbut my coworker has the same version of ubuntu and same version of skype and the icon is not there14:10
XenophonFhow do i replace grub-pc with grub-efi?14:10
XenophonFdo i just install grub-efi?14:11
AmazinglyDumband uninstall grub-pc14:11
k1l_AmazinglyDumb: http://askubuntu.com/questions/151112/how-do-i-get-the-skype-status-icon-back-on-panel-tray14:11
XenophonFhah thanks AmazinglyDumb14:11
XenophonFgot it14:11
octopissedgot this error when sshing into a Lunix box: X Error: GLXBadContext 16914:12
octopissedI am trying to run a program that renders a 3D surface so I suppose this has to do with OpenGL=14:12
octopissedit worked fine prior to most recent upgrade.14:12
AmazinglyDumbk1l_: thx!14:12
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prestoriumdaftykins, I installed 3.13, booted and I'm trying to install puppet again. Thanks14:14
petrvsjanier: shalom14:16
=== norm is now known as Guest86711
aldnkNetworking question. I have a bunch of different software that's running on localhost instead of Which means I can't access it externally. Is there a way to generically bind anything that's running on localhost to I'd rather not have to find `n` different ways to do it for `n` different pieces of software14:20
MonkeyDustaldnk  yes, add it in /etc/hosts14:20
aldnkMonkeyDust: will that break
aldnkMonkeyDust: I'm wondering if it will impact software expecting something there14:21
MonkeyDustaldnk  redirecting a url to in /etc/hosts made it unreachable, not sure about localhost, tho14:22
aldnkMonkeyDust: I guess I mean, if I already have a line:   localhost -- do I add another line localhost? Or do I have to break and replace it?14:23
MonkeyDustdon't rmember exactly how I did it, it was for testing purposes14:23
daftykinsaldnk: you should really just learn to configure each of these services properly14:23
ciscamIs there a means hide the overflow of workspaces?14:24
MonkeyDustaldnk  rereading your question, i guess your issue is still different from what i tried to suggest14:25
ngochaiHi guys, why my root partition is mounted as /dev/root but not /dev/mmcblk0p2?  http://pastebin.com/GKBy4MHe14:26
aldnkdaftykins: Just curious if there was a OS/kernel level way to do this instead14:26
daftykinsis this a chromebook?14:26
k1l_ngochai: what system is that?14:26
ngochaik1l_, ubuntu armhf14:27
k1l_ngochai: better ask in #ubuntu-arm14:27
petrvsngochai: what's it matter, really14:28
ngochaipetrvs, my scripts won't work with /dev/root14:29
petrvsngochai: your scripts are inflexible14:29
ngochaipetrvs, you are right, but that's not what I am asking14:30
rainbowwarriorHi , I am running Ubuntu 15.04 and Virtualbox 4.3_26 and i upgrading from Ubuntu 14.10 and now i get this error :- http://pastebin.com/yXHRxVSt  and running the command it says in the error it gives me the error " bash: /etc/init.d/vboxdrv: No such file or directory " can anyone help please ?14:30
rainbowwarriorsorry meant upgraded from 14.10 to 15.0414:30
ATargood afternoon. I have repeatedly tried to upgrade from 14.10 server to 15.04. always fails with UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xae in position 337: invalid start byte . any ideas? thank you.14:30
petrvsngochai: it's configured that way via udev or some other means14:31
petrvsngochai: you can un/reconfigure it the same way14:31
pc_magasHello I have a minor issue when I execute some commands (in a php script but it is not the issue) as www-data14:33
somsippc_magas: explain more about the issue14:34
petrvsrainbowwarrior: you're probably missing virtualbox guest additions14:34
pc_magasThe problem is that even though I put the correct commands into /etc/sudoers file it does not allow me to execute it14:34
petrvsrainbowwarrior: ask apt-file what package provides vboxdrv, then install it14:34
petrvspc_magas: probably not correct, then14:34
somsippc_magas: you're trying to run system commands as the superuser through a php script?14:34
pc_magassomsip, yes but theese 214:35
daftykinshow delightfully insecure.14:35
pc_magasCan you sugest me a pastebin to paste the sudoers files?14:35
somsippc_magas: I won't help you. It's a Bad Thing [TM] to do.14:35
pc_magasdaftykins, I just allow to run these comands and not any command such as rm14:35
daftykinshah :P i hope that thing is not shared online14:36
aldnkMaybe a better question. How can I expose localhost externally?14:37
pc_magasdaftykins, actually is a background php script to convert some powerpoint files14:37
petrvsaldnk: noip14:37
pc_magasand the sudoerd file is http://pastebin.com/vVb9mk2814:37
pc_magasThe comands I run are sudo -u www-data sudo /usr/bin/unoconv -f pdf presentations/GallupDC.ppt 2>&114:38
CellisHello, im running 14.04 and I'm having trouble with connecting to my VPN. I can connect to other VPN servers like frootvpn but not mine. I have tested connecting to the server from other computers without problems.14:39
mcphailpc_magas: why are you trying to get www-data to escalate to root????14:39
pc_magasAnd sudo /usr/bin/convert presentations/GallupDC.pdf presentations/GallupDC/GallupDC%d.png14:39
pc_magasmcphail, because this command I posted above cound not be executed otherwhy14:39
pc_magasThe point is to execute these commands14:39
somsippc_magas: you get php to save the files somewhere, then run a background process to check 'somehwere' for files that need converting. You run that process safely, away from your web server. This is not an ubuntu support issue though14:41
mcphailpc_magas: there is no way you should escalate www-data's priveleges to do that14:41
pc_magassomsip, I develop in ubuntu ;)14:41
somsippc_magas: not a support issue. A problem with finding a solution to a dev problem. I've given you some advice, but it is offtopic here14:42
aldnknoip isn't quite what I'm looking for -- not talking about DNS. I mean if I have something running on localhost:$PORT, how can I access it on $IP:PORT? How do I externalize that localhost port?14:42
pc_magassomsip, thanks14:42
mcphailpc_magas: follow somsip's suggestion and read about inotify/incrontab14:42
oafoaHow can I create an ubuntu startup usb from Debian Jessie? apt-get install unetbootin doesn't work, package not found.14:42
petrvsaldnk: exactly like that14:42
k1l_oafoa: just use dd to "burn" the iso to the usb14:43
rainbowwarriorpetrvs :- I tried doing a search for it and nothing :(14:43
aldnkpetrvs: noip as in http://www.noip.com/?14:43
petrvsaldnk: exactly like ip:port14:43
mcphailaldnk: the server will have a conf file where you can choose which range of addresses to listen14:44
daftykinspetrvs: i don't think you quite follow aldnk's query, in the example the service is bound to localhost only and will not respond to queries on the external interface14:44
=== it is now known as Guest19453
petrvswhat example14:45
daftykinsaldnk: seriously, just reconfigure the services and do it properly. looking for shortcuts *will* bite you on the ass14:45
octopissedI am trying to open a program that renders 3D objects in Ubuntu via SSH -XY, but I am getting a lot of GLX errors such as GLXBadContext, GLXBadDrawable, etc. I had no problems with this program prior to updating Ubuntu, so it's likely due to changes in my graphics drivers or settings following the upgrade.14:45
tasteless_ninjaaldnk: ngrok is probably what you're looking for14:45
daftykinsotherwise tunnel it over SSH maybe ;)14:45
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octopissedI am using a proprietary driver from my graphics card and it's supposed to be the most stable and relatively new. I think it's the same I used earlier. I've tried using a few different drivers but I keep getting the same problem.14:46
=== Guest47444 is now known as iconic1
octopissedthe program that I am trying to open works fine, but the area where the 3D rendering is not loading.14:46
petrvsoctopissed: knowing is better than thinking14:46
daftykinsoctopissed: what card and which driver?14:47
Wololo22Hi guys14:47
daftykinsoctopissed: and what did you upgrade, 14.10 -> 15.04 ?14:47
octopisseddaftykins: yes.14:47
Wololo22somebody know where can I get the ralink driver?14:47
Wololo22*for wireless card14:47
ATargood afternoon. I have repeatedly tried to upgrade from 14.10 server to 15.04. always fails with UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xae in position 337: invalid start byte . any ideas? thank you.14:47
daftykinsoctopissed: and my other query?14:48
petrvsATar: upgrade by doing what?14:48
octopissedapparently not, I am using Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS. it might not have upgraded because I am using the Gnome 3 version of Ubuntu?14:48
daftykinsoctopissed: LTS does not upgrade to 15.04, you have to go via 14.10 first.14:48
ATarpetrvs:  do-release-upgrade14:49
octopissed"00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82Q35 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)"14:49
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pbxi'm looking for an utility that automatically executes commands of my choosing based on triggers of my choosing. e.g. AC adapter plugged in? raise brightness. does it exist?14:50
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petrvspbx: you probably want pm-utils/laptop-mode-tools14:51
pbxi can write the detectors and the actions, but was hoping the engine is built14:51
pbxooh, thanks petrvs, i'll look at that14:51
octopisseddaftykins: hm, OK. well, anyway. it's fine for me not to upgrade. I just want to find out how I can make Xforwarding work again.14:52
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petrvsraise brightness I don't know if you'll have an "event" for, but since you'll probably be personally requesting it, you can tack any alterations onto your script14:52
daftykinsoctopissed: that wasn't even part of your initial description :) does this program work locally?14:52
xbbHelo. I installed Ubuntu 15.04 on Dell OptiPlex 7010 and experince significant lag in mouse movements ad typing. Everything worked fine in installation screen, but once instaled lag started. Any ideas how to fix this? I think it migh have to do with video card, this machine has Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller14:52
octopisseddaftykins: it does.14:52
Roryricky_: You can view/edit your software sources with a GUi by searching for "software and updates" in the Dash14:53
Roryricky_: Looks like that problem repository is still enabled, and that's why apt-get is hanging (because the website is down)14:53
daftykinsoctopissed: then it's nothing to do with drivers on the host running the program14:53
Roryricky_: so it must have been in another place from the one you just deleted14:53
petrvsultragamecard: 'lo14:53
ricky_Rory, where? :S14:53
octopisseddaftykins: I believe it has to do with the drivers on the client.14:54
octopissedmy graphics card is: product: GF119M [NVS 4200M]14:54
willow19i forgot my password14:54
willow19how can i get it mailed on my email?14:54
daftykinsoctopissed: ok so what ubuntu version is on that host?14:54
Rorywillow19: Password to what14:54
daftykinsand which driver is in use...14:54
ultragamecardstill using 14.0414:54
ricky_Rory, isn't helpful the link that i've post before?14:54
willow19for my nick14:54
adamlxsHello can you tell me whether it is worth upgrading to ubuntu 1514:55
willow19which i believe was registered as 'willow'14:55
ricky_Rory, to verify where is this repo that always asking if i do apt-get update?14:55
Roryricky_: Yes it's helpful, it's telling me exactly what the problem is and how to fix it. I've explained exactly what the problem is, and how to fix it, and now I'm waiting for you to let me know you've done it14:55
somsipadamlxs: do you want bleeding edge or stability? What are you runnig now?14:55
k1l_willow19: ask in #freenode14:55
octopisseddaftykins: 15.04.14:55
daftykinsbe back in a bit.14:55
adamlxsi am running the latest verstion of ubuntu 14 and it runs well14:55
petrvsadamlxs: if you aren't going to upgrade, you should find another distro14:55
somsipadamlxs: 14.10? Only supported until July. So maybe you will have to change sooner or later14:56
ricky_Rory, uhm well i've done it but no luck there in not any link about the repo russo79 in the list in etc/apt14:56
petrvssitting on old software is not a great idea14:56
somsip!14.10 | adamlxs14:56
ubottuadamlxs: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) was the 21st release of Ubuntu. Support for this release will end in July 2015. For more info see !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/utopic14:56
Roryricky_: What's the full output of the command: grep -r russo79 /etc/apt14:57
Roryricky_: if it's more than one line, but it on http://paste.ubuntu.com14:57
adamlxsthanks but the other version comes with 5 years support correct me if i am wron14:57
octopisseddaftykins: sorry, it's the other way around. the client has 15.04 and the host has 14.04. I recently upgraded the client to 15.04 and I believe that is the cause of the problems.14:57
ricky_Rory, /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gnome15.list:deb http://packages.russo79.com/debian/gnome15 precise main14:57
adamlxsbut bleeding edge and stability sounds good to me14:58
octopissedmaybe I should just upgrade the host and see if that helps.14:58
somsipadamlxs: well, stable would be LTS like 14.04. 15.04 is probably stable enough for most personal use though14:58
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RoryOK ricky_ so remove that file. Carefully run "sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list.d/gnome15.list" - I say carefully because it won't ask for confirmation before deleting so if you make a typo you can make big messes14:59
adamlxsok thanks i think ihave 14.04.0214:59
adamlxs14.04.2 i meant14:59
ricky_Rory, ok14:59
somsipadamlxs: unless you need some package that is more up to date than that offered by 14.04, it may be worthwhile staying with a stable system. Your call though14:59
ricky_Rory, well done it's workin ;)15:00
Roryricky_: Once it's removed, you should be able to run "sudo apt-get update" without error. Once that has completed, you should run "sudo apt-get -f install" and then proceed with the installation of those debs you downloaded15:00
adamlxsi think ill back up my stuff and give it a whirl15:00
somsipadamlxs: happy whirling15:00
adamlxsthanks for help15:00
RoryI'm afk for 10 ricky_ but if you mention my name I'll see when I get back15:00
oafoaHow can I create a startup usb for Ubuntu from Debian Jessie? Someone here told me to use dd but I wasn't able to boot from the usb created with this: sudo dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M && sync15:01
ricky_Rory, ok15:01
EriC^^oafoa: dd usually works15:01
EriC^^oafoa: did you checksum the iso?15:02
k1l_oafoa: was /dev/sdx the /dev/sdb or /dev/sdb2?15:02
oafoak1l_: /dev/sdb115:02
EriC^^oafoa: it has to be /dev/sdb15:03
ricky_Rory, done but always stuck here http://postimg.org/image/8bvl91n9d/15:03
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oafoaEriC^^: k1l_: Alright I'll give that a try. Thanks.15:04
Roryricky_: did you run "sudo apt-get -f install" first?15:04
k1l_oafoa: and that is wrong. you need to dd to sdb not sdb115:04
ricky_Rory, yes15:04
askonI have an old laptop  that has a screen broblem it goes all black , and i have some documents in its hard drive , can i access its hard drive from my computer using a usb cable and how ??? please help15:04
Rory!info python-uinput15:04
Roryugh what do I mean15:05
ubottuPackage python-uinput does not exist in utopic15:05
ricky_Rory,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/10941126/15:05
EriC^^askon: do you have an external monitor or lcd tv?15:05
Roryricky_: What version of Ubuntu are you using?15:06
ricky_Rory, the last ubuntu 15.0415:06
somsipRory: https://launchpad.net/python-uinput15:06
askonEriC^^> what do you mean i just want to transfer the document i need fro the old laptop to my new one , and i was wandering if i can link the two laptops with a usb cable and from then i can see the directories of my old harddrive  , because i dont have an adapter like this http://www.amazon.com/StarTech-com-SATA-Drive-Adapter-Cable/dp/B00HJZJI84/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1430319875&sr=8-1&keywords=usb+to+sata+adapter15:08
Roryricky_: This could potentially go on quite a long time. This project gnome15 appears to be somewhat dead15:08
ricky_ricky_, well when i've upgraded to the previous version of ubuntu all workings well, now i've done a fresh clean install and that's why i'm here15:09
kunjiaskon: use a network cable, I'm skeptical of that other way working out.15:10
EriC^^askon: i think it depends on how the laptop is setup, if it's not setup for networking like that i don't think you can access the files15:10
askonEriC^^ ; is it possible ? or I have to buy that adapter ??15:10
Roryricky_: I would suggest the following, however: "sudo dpkg -i --force-all ~/Downloads/Gnome15\ Debs/*.deb"15:10
EriC^^askon: you can hook them up, but you need to set it up from the old laptop, i think15:10
Roryricky_: and then "sudo apt-get -f install"15:10
ricky_Rory, ok i try15:10
kunjiaskon: network cable is faster anyway...15:10
Roryricky_: I have assumed you extracted that file to your Downloads directory, you will need to change the path if you extracted it somewhere else15:10
Roryricky_: I would like to see the output from that, if possible15:11
EriC^^askon: if you don't have an external monitor, you can use a tv to setup the old laptop15:11
Roryricky_: Be prepared to not get this working, however15:11
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askonEriC^^> you mean use the tv as a sctreen for my old laptop ?15:12
XenophonFlooks like installing grub-efi automatically removes grub-pc15:12
EriC^^askon: yes15:12
askon<EriC^^> can i use my current computer screen instead ??15:13
EriC^^is it an external one?15:13
EriC^^askon: sure, you can use it15:14
askon<EriC^^> no it's not , it s a laptop15:14
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EriC^^i'm not sure, unless it has an hdmi in or something maybe15:15
EriC^^maybe you can, i don't know15:15
ricky_Rory, all debs are here --> ricky@ricky:~/Scrivania/Gnome15$15:16
ricky_Rory, what is the right command to send via shell?15:17
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Roryricky_: sudo dpkg --force-all -i ~/Scrivania/Gnome15/*.deb15:17
ricky_Rory, ok it's running15:18
Rorythe "force-all" basically says, yes I know about the missing dependency, I want you to install it anyway and I'll deal with it myself later15:18
ricky_Rory, and the next step? this working woothout errors15:18
RoryOnce this has completed you will need to run: sudo apt-get -f install15:18
RoryI would expect it to work this time, as last time it was trying to download packages from that broken repository15:19
ricky_Rory, done and now?15:19
Roryapt-get -f install worked?15:19
Rorydid it do anything?15:19
ricky_Rory,  yes it seems15:19
ricky_Rory,  yes do you want the paste?15:20
Roryricky_: sure15:20
Roryricky_: Now you have the packages installed, you should continue with your original instructions from after the step where you are supposed to "apt-get install" those packages15:20
RoryThe point of this exercise was to get the packages that "apt-get " was trying to download, manually install them15:20
ricky_Rory, here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/10941220/+15:21
ricky_Rory, http://paste.ubuntu.com/10941220/15:21
ricky_Rory, tell me if it's ok15:22
Roryricky_: That looks like the output of the "dpkg -i ..." commands15:23
Roryricky_: Sorry I missed both are there15:23
Rorywow so that actually worked15:23
RoryI mean, I never doubted it15:23
ricky_Rory, ok so i will continue i don't need to reboot or similar isn't it?15:24
Roryricky_: You will want to reboot now, in order to load the new kernel module (aka driver) you just installed15:24
Roryricky_: There's probably other ways you could do it, but reboot is easiest15:24
ricky_Rory, ok i'm on a i7 4970k ssd and 2133 mhz 16 gb i hope it will be fast the reboot15:25
Roryricky_: I don't think there are any more steps actually. Your keyboard ought to work when you reboot, and you should have a new application in the launcher for settings15:25
Roryricky_: yes yes very nice, now off you go15:25
ricky_Rory, i will be back soon15:26
RoryI'm sure it will be extremely speedy on your hardware15:26
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Kionwhat is evolution dataserver15:27
ricky_Rory, done but it's look like first15:27
petrvsKion: to do with the Evolution email client15:28
petrvsif you don't use it, you don't need it15:28
petrvsit might be used for your email or calendar or a few other things15:28
petrvscontact db, blah blah15:28
Kionpetrvs: I do not have Evolution installed, I have thunderbird, but I get a message from time to time saying applications no longer have acces to my hotmail account,15:28
petrvspersonally, I wouldn't want applications to have access to my hotmail account...15:29
Roryricky_: Are you able to run the new application?15:29
Kionpetrvs: I checked auth.log and it is evolution dataserver, I just want to know If I can uninstall it without breaking thunderbird15:29
ricky_Rory, uhm no i haven't the icon in the upper part in the taskbar15:30
Kionpetrvs: I agree I don't want it accessing my account, the good thing is that it is an abandoned account15:30
Roryricky_: There will be a new application in the dash15:30
Roryricky_: Not sure what it'll be called15:31
Kionpetrvs: I guess I will "sudo apt-get purge evolution-dataserver" and hope I don't break thunderbird15:31
ricky_Rory, uhm also the display of the keyboard is the same with logitech and nothing more15:31
petrvsthunderbird does not require eds15:31
petrvsit's possible it can be built in a way it will fail without eds, but that would be silly indeed of the application authors15:32
Kionpetrvs: Ok Great thanks! i will try15:32
petrvsactually I'm not even sure thunderbird supports eds15:32
Roryricky_: The instructions you had originally said to select "kernel driver" option instead of "g19direct" driver in the settings application15:32
KionI will report if it goes wrong just for the record15:32
petrvsin any way15:32
petrvsKion: good plan15:32
ricky_Rory, so whats the next step yto run it?15:33
Roryricky_: I don't know. Open the application and poke around15:34
Roryricky_: I was just helping you with the errors you were getting following the instructions you linked me originally. I don't actually have the keyboard in front of me15:35
bugs_buggerhi. big apache issue: i have 12.04 server and tried to upgrade to php5.4 via ppa. didnt work, ppa-purge leaves me with a configtest error. mod_access_compat.so is missing and seems to be a part of apache2-bin which is not available through repos. any ideas?15:35
MonkeyDustbugs_bugger  there's also #ubuntu-server15:36
somsipbugs_bugger: did you use ondrej PPA?15:36
bugs_buggersomeone: yes ondrey15:36
bugs_buggersomeone: sorry, wrong nick15:37
bugs_buggersomsip: yes, ondrej15:37
somsipbugs_bugger: it pulls in a load of dependencies that are not obvious unless you are very careful. I'd imagine it will be non-trivial to revert everything15:37
kunjibugs_bugger: umm, it should be in the repos, probably a part of a package though, since that's just the executable.15:37
Kionpetrvs: Thanks no problem from deleting evolution-dataserver15:37
somsipkunji: no, PHP is on 5.3.10 for 12.0415:37
bugs_buggersomsip: oh my...15:37
ricky_Rory, i don't see the application which folder it will be located?15:38
somsipbugs_bugger: yeah - nearly did that myself when I was on 12.04 but read round it and found warnings15:38
kunjisomsip: apache2, not PHP, or is it really that old?15:38
Roryricky_: not sure, try searching for "logitech"15:38
bugs_buggersomsip: stupid me. i had a hunch that it might not work15:38
somsipkunji: 2.2 on 12.0415:38
somsipbugs_bugger: I don't have a solution, but be prepared for a rebuild or 14.04 to get them via the official repo15:38
kunjibugs_bugger: if possibly you should try to move to 14.04 anyway.15:39
ricky_Rory, no :( don't worry maybe it's impossible to do it in a new fresh install15:39
Roryricky_: It might be. Ask again in here in an hour or so, perhaps someone else will have your keyboard15:40
ricky_Rory, ok thanks anyway15:40
Roryricky_: If someone else offers to help you, explain that you have followed these instructions http://www.linux-hardware-guide.com/uk/2014-06-11-logitech-g19-gaming-keyboard-usb-wired but used packages downloaded from http://trynet.ch/?p=21515:41
bugs_buggersomsip: im a little desperate to be honest. by rebuilding you mean settings and configs or sources?15:41
somsipbugs_bugger: it might be worth ugly combinations of ppa-purge and forced installs, or try some of these http://is.gd/8KzgT8 http://is.gd/Iie1Cn http://is.gd/ZYH0U515:41
kunjibugs_bugger: After purging the ppa, did you remove and reinstall php?15:41
somsipbugs_bugger: reinstall unless you can find a way of uninstalling. One/any of the above might do it for you, but it could get ugly15:41
bugs_buggersomsip: thank you. im so mad at myself right now...hopefully it works15:42
somsipbugs_bugger: good luck15:42
bugs_buggerkunji: no. ill try.15:42
bugs_buggersomsip: thanks15:43
kunjibugs_bugger: Because I don't think purging a ppa removes the packages installed from it.  It's basically what's they're doing in the links from somsip, removing all the php packages and then reinstalling some stuff/moving to a different ppa in the 1st link (oldstable).   If you're going to try those, back up any configuration files you need information from to a different location (e.g. if you've customized your apache2.conf or php.conf, httpd, etc...15:46
bugs_buggerkunji: k, thanks15:48
kunjibugs_bugger: If the configuration is the same as before, then you could use remove instead of purge to keep the current config files, but if there is a problem in them, then there will still be a config error.15:48
bugs_buggerkunji: right now, i already have a configtest error, stating a certain module is missing: mod_acess_compat.so. i dont happen to be able to install that manually?15:49
petrvsKion: now the real trick is avoiding it being reinstalled on update :p15:49
kunjibugs_bugger: you probably could, I don't know the details of the individual php libs.  Lets do some Googling.15:50
ThenewoneHi guys15:51
Thenewoneany one know a documentation about installing windows via ubunt server ?15:52
SchrodingersScatthe windows guys don't know?15:53
Thenewonevia a server15:53
daftykinsThenewone: you can use virtualbox in CLI only mode15:53
daftykinsbut no, you would have to look up guides for yourself15:53
tewardThenewone: 'via a server' is vague - explain what you mean by that15:54
k1l_Thenewone: where comes ubuntu into the game, when you want to install a windows OS?15:54
tewardThenewone: do you mean line PXE boot an ISO of Windows from an Ubuntu PXE server?  You'd probably need guides for that elsewhere...15:54
Thenewoneteward, yep15:54
daftykinsaaah teward wins the prize for guessing the users' intent15:54
Thenewonei want install windows for my little broter he dont understand linux15:54
Thenewonehe found it hard for him he still a kid15:54
Kionpetrvs: I used to have evolution long time ago, It might have stayed in the system since...15:54
daftykinsThenewone: so why not just... do it directly? why complicate matters?15:55
tewarddaftykins: only reason i could guess was a similar situation at a friend's workplace, so I've heard that question before :P15:55
Thenewonei want learn that's it15:55
kunjiThenewone: There's nothing harder about it.15:56
Thenewonethanks guys15:56
daftykinsThenewone: it's not a standard thing so i'd say it's totally pointless15:56
Thenewonelol who are you decide if it's pointless or not15:56
MonkeyDustThenewone  the younger they learn ubuntu, the better15:56
daftykinsThenewone: someone with over 20 years experience and understanding in this field.15:57
daftykinsbut of course, do what you want - just don't blame me when you want the time wasted back :)15:57
MonkeyDustThenewone  it's simply a matter of "getting used to", he has to learn it like he learned windows: by using it15:57
daftykinslikely TFTP boot is what you want.15:57
Thenewonethanks but daftykins do you know how to do it ?15:57
daftykinsi believe i just said15:58
Thenewoneso it's pointless15:58
kunjiThenewone: If you want to do it, there are ways to get Windows running in virtualbox.  It's not really a 3d gameworthy solution though.  I think it's mostly done for simulation networks of windows machines for penetration testing.15:58
daftykinsyeah, why not just install Windows from a flash drive like normal...15:58
Thenewonemy little brother play wow15:58
daftykinsassuming we're understanding you properly15:59
Thenewonehe is little guys be easy one me15:59
kunjiThenewone: It won't work well on a virtual machine, I promise.15:59
tewardThenewone: WoW won't work effectively from a Windows VM15:59
Thenewonei just want install windows fom my laptop he is in other room15:59
tewardThenewone: you can't if he's on that laptop.16:00
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eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeethat is exactly as annoying i thought it would be16:00
tewardThenewone: except in a VM and WoW / games won't work well from it16:00
kunjiThenewone:  You may get it working, be prepared for long hours of fiddling, good luck, and it will not work well even if it does "work".16:00
Thenewonei will lookit for my self16:00
bugs_buggerkunji: i disabled some mods: access_compat, mpm_prefork, authn_core, authz_core, socache_shmcb. you happen to know about them?16:00
Thenewonei'm not gonna use vbox16:00
tewardThenewone: as a gamer myself (STO, Call of Duty) i know for an ABSOLUTE FACT WoW and others won't run well from a VM16:00
bugs_buggerkunji: now it works again16:00
Thenewoneok guys thanks for all talks without any help16:01
daftykinsThenewone: walk in there with a flash drive and install it normally :>16:01
Thenewonei want learn new way to install things16:01
MonkeyDustThenewone  make sure your brother doesnt get too familiar with windows16:02
Thenewonei know how use flash drive,cd,hdd external, via server i dontknow i want learn it but it's ok i will know how it's works16:02
kunjibugs_bugger: Nope, I don't know, I don't mess with server internals much.  Did your apache version change due to the ppa as well though?  Because 2.2 and 2.4 have lots of changes.  http://serverfault.com/questions/386687/update-to-apache-2-4-missing-modules16:02
Thenewonebelive me16:02
Thenewonei installed for him linux but he want cry lol16:02
k1l_Thenewone: how to make a windows install is not in the focus of this channel.16:02
MonkeyDustThenewone  that happens when you have to learn something new16:02
kunjiThenewone: You could try WINE if you're aiming to get WOW working.16:03
ThenewoneI used playonlinux16:03
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeThenewone: how old is he?16:03
k1l_Thenewone: ##windows migth help you on that.16:03
daftykinsmost of you are misunderstanding the query16:03
Thenewonehe want his icons and stuf16:03
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Thenewoneguys i'm not asking about windows16:03
kunjiThenewone: Errr, does your linux not have icons?  Mine does.16:04
Thenewonehow to prepare a linux server to install shit16:04
MonkeyDustThenewone  make clear to him he has to get used to something else16:04
daftykinstechnically you are, because installing Windows via LAN is a Windows support query16:04
bugs_buggerkunji: ok, thanks. server is working now again and i suspect the mods were from 2.4.16:04
daftykinsregardless of the OS you want to launch it from16:04
Thenewonei keep my desktop clean16:04
MonkeyDustThenewone  you're the boss16:04
Thenewonei hide icons16:04
kunjiThenewone: so put some there for him, I don't even keep them there to hide.16:04
k1l_Thenewone: that depends on what you want to install. (and we keep the language family friendly)16:04
Thenewonei'm sorry guys16:05
kunjiThenewone: You mean install a LAMP server?  I'm not sure what that has to do with icons and WOW though?16:05
k1l_Thenewone: so please ask ##windows what you need for a network windows install.16:05
Thenewoneok ok16:05
Thenewonei will change my question16:05
Thenewoneforget about windows16:05
Thenewonei want install ubuntu 15 via ubuntu server16:05
MonkeyDustThenewone  and make your brother listen to you, what you want16:05
Thenewonehow do i preper my ubuntu server ?16:06
Thenewoneforget about win.... ok guys16:06
k1l_Thenewone: :/16:06
Thenewonei want install ubuntu via ubuntu server16:06
kunjiThenewone: Rather, just clarify it.  What do you mean install .... oh... you mean you want to do an installation over the network?16:06
Thenewoneinstallation over the network16:06
k1l_Thenewone: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto16:07
Thenewoneomg why you didnt give me this from the first time :D16:07
Thenewonethanks i will try16:08
k1l_Thenewone: that will not work with windows that way16:08
kunjiThenewone: This may also help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Netboot  Because we didn't understand your question.16:08
Thenewoneok thanks any way16:09
Thenewonei will learnit16:09
Thenewonehave a good day16:10
kunjiThenewone: you too ^_^16:10
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tewardif I have two gnome-terminal sessions open, and I define a variable, say, $ARCH_TO_USE (for pbuilder / sbuild chroot creation), will that be per-terminal window/session or no?16:29
petrvsteward: easily tested16:29
tewardpetrvs: equally easy for you to answer.16:29
petrvsecho $ARCH_TO_USE16:29
petrvsyes, I could test it for you16:29
petrvsand then serve you breakfast and do your laundry =)16:29
Guest61615hi, can someone help me with using vaapi for hardware accelerated video on intel graphics?16:30
tewardpetrvs: i've done testing (slowly) but meh16:31
brainwashGuest61615: help with what exactly?16:32
daftykinsGuest61615: in Kodi by any chance?16:32
petrvsteward: =)16:32
Guest61615using mpv16:32
Guest61615when i specify using vaapi, videos playback with a black screen16:33
DsbeerfHello, someone can help me i did alot of search on google but don't find what my problem can be i try to install vnc on a remote server but when i connect is just gray nothing on it16:33
Guest61615even though vainfo seems to show good information16:33
brainwashGuest61615: I suggest that you ask in #mpv and/or #intel-gfx16:34
Guest61615thank you, will do16:34
petrvsDsbeerf: did you install a window manager / X?16:34
jpwhitingis there a way to search for the installed package that provides "xserver-xorg"16:34
NONEWHi all.16:35
Dsbeerfpetrvs, yes16:35
jpwhitingI don't see an option to search provides in apt-cache or apt-get16:35
petrvsjpwhiting: apt-file / dpkg -L16:35
NONEWwhere i should start learning programming?16:35
lungarodoes apt.conf have a way to configure a proxy timeout? http or ftp timeouts do not work16:36
petrvsNONEW: http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpython/16:36
EriC^^!find xserver-xorg | jpwhiting16:36
ubottujpwhiting: Found: xserver-xorg, xserver-xorg-core, xserver-xorg-core-dbg, xserver-xorg-dev, xserver-xorg-input-all, xserver-xorg-input-evdev, xserver-xorg-input-evdev-dbg, xserver-xorg-input-evdev-dev, xserver-xorg-input-mouse, xserver-xorg-input-synaptics (and 49 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=xserver-xorg&searchon=names&suite=vivid&section=all16:36
EriC^^jpwhiting: use ubottu here, or install the package apt-file16:36
jpwhitingEriC^^: thx16:37
* jpwhiting looks16:37
jayjo_does anyone know how to access google cached pages for a specific date?16:37
jayjo_where is the appropriate place to ask that question?16:37
* Guest64757 is looking for a nice CL utility to minitor network bandwidth16:38
=== Guest64757 is now known as kermur
petrvsjayjo_: not sure google cache exposes more than their last copy16:38
tariq786test message16:39
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )16:39
EriC^^kermur: try iftop maybe16:39
SchrodingersScatjayjo_: google is a website storage the same way a grocery store is a food museum (it isn't)16:40
jpwhitingjayjo_: you're probably looking for the wayback machine or internet archive16:40
jpwhitingEriC^^: I don't see anything in apt-file man page about searching provides fields of installed packages16:42
EriC^^jpwhiting: it's apt-file search <file> i think16:42
EriC^^i never got it to work though *shrug* i'm updating it's file database now just for kicks16:43
EriC^^jpwhiting: apt-file update first to get the list of files16:43
jpwhitingI'm not looking for any files16:43
SchrodingersScatreally, never?16:43
EriC^^jpwhiting: i know, the package that has the file16:43
jpwhitingI'm looking for what package that's installed already provides xorg-input-abi-20 or something16:43
EriC^^SchrodingersScat: yeah, apt-file search <file> always returns blank16:43
jpwhitingin the "Provides" field of the apt-cache show16:43
jpwhitingEriC^^: ultimately what I'm after is a way to detect if xserver-xorg-core-lts-distroname is installed or if xserver-xorg-core itself is there instead16:44
EriC^^jpwhiting: you're looking for a package you have installed that pulled xorg-input-abi-20 in?16:44
EriC^^jpwhiting: ok, great16:44
jpwhitingnot depends, provides16:45
jpwhitingwhat installed package provides the xorg-input-abi or the xserver-xorg-core or whatnot16:45
petrvsjpwhiting: ask apt-file16:45
EriC^^jpwhiting: if [ $(apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-core | awk '/Installed/ {print$2}')" = "(none)" ]; then echo not installed; fi16:46
EriC^^jpwhiting: apt-cache rdepends xserver-xorg-core might say16:47
EriC^^which packages need that package16:47
EriC^^fglrx needs it, i know that much16:47
EriC^^SchrodingersScat: apt-file is working now :)16:52
ponyofdeathanyone know why apt-cdrom -d=/mnt/cdrom add does not work?16:53
SchrodingersScatEriC^^: great :)16:53
ponyofdeathit just says repeat this for other cd's and nothing16:53
ponyofdeathi dont have the cdrom just a copy of the cdrom files16:53
BarnaSzalaiwhich command can show me my SDD exact brand and type?16:53
ioriaquickie: in output dpkg -l | grep linux-image-      'rc' is for removed and 'ii' for installed ? thanx16:53
k1l_BarnaSzalai: lshw16:54
k1l_ioria: ii is installed, yes16:54
BarnaSzalaik1l_: shows everything except SDD :/16:56
whatswHi, I haven't been able to find anything online about Ubuntu 15.10... what's it called?16:56
SchrodingersScat!15.10 | whatsw16:58
=== EriC^ is now known as EriC^^
SchrodingersScatwhatsw: too new to be too new for this channel16:58
xanguawhatsw: come on, 15.04 was just released and you are thinking about 15.10 already'16:58
Piciwhatsw: no news about it yet.16:58
whatswxangua: yes, it's only 6 months away16:58
whatswno news? when is the name announced?16:58
xanguawhatsw: then ask again in six months16:58
whatswI would have assumed it would happen several releases in advance16:59
thezotzalguien habla español?16:59
whatswI mean, not having the next release's name when one comes out?16:59
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
whatsw!es thezotz16:59
xangua!es | thezotz16:59
ubottuthezotz: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.16:59
whatsw!es | thezotz16:59
whatswwhat kind of development pipeline is that?16:59
xanguait is mark who dictates the names, contact him16:59
brainwashcontact him.. lol17:00
whatswwhat's his nick?17:00
k1l_whatsw: what about you wait for the UOS?17:00
whatswwhat's a uos17:00
k1l_whatsw: so dont make drama, if you even dont know anything about how the releases usually work.17:01
ioriaUnified Obvious Statements17:01
ActionParsnipwhatsw: University of Sharjah ?17:01
whatswSo why would I wait for that?17:01
k1l_ubuntu online summit.17:01
* whatsw is puzzled17:01
ActionParsnipwhatsw: just wait, it will come17:02
whatswis there a better way to find out when that happens than to ask in here?17:03
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
ActionParsnipwhatsw: keep checking ubuntu news sites like omgubuntu and ubuntu fridge etc17:03
whatsw...there's no direct source?17:03
whatswHow do they find out?17:03
xanguacontact mark17:03
teward^ that17:03
pavloswhatsw, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Ubuntu_releases ... see future releases17:03
k1l_whatsw: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1505/17:04
whatswpavlos: that's just another 3rd party source17:04
brainwashwhatsw: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/17:04
k1l_whatsw: what is your actual ubuntu issue? besides "what will be the 15.10 release name"17:04
ActionParsnipI dont understand why the big rush, 15.04 is only just out the door....17:04
whatswk1l_: uh, what actual ubuntu issue17:04
whatswI joined to ask about Ubuntu WW17:04
tewardwhatsw: the actual source for that information would be Mark Shuttleworth, I believe.  However, until an announcement is made, everyone is in the dark17:05
whatswbrainwash: will it be posted there?17:05
ActionParsnipwhatsw: this is support, for users with ubuntu issues in the system itself17:05
k1l_whatsw: yes. that was answered. there is no name so far. just wait for the announcement17:05
brainwashwhatsw: yes, similar to http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1425 for 15.0417:05
SCHAAP137it'll be the letter W right? i'd put my money on Wallaby17:06
whatswSCHAAP137: presumably *two* letter Ws17:06
SCHAAP137Whitty Wallaby?17:07
ActionParsnipcould cycle round to warty :)17:07
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ActionParsnipanimalstown.com only lists 4 animals beginning with X17:08
pavloswonky weasel17:09
ioriawilly wonka17:10
mcphailthis belongs in #offtopic-otter17:10
JustCuriousvisual studio code17:11
* xangua joins #offtopic-otter17:11
octopissedHello, I am trying to access a remote server using "ssh -XY" and Xforward output from a program that draws 3D objects. I get a bunch of X Errors after updating to Ubuntu 15.04 (on both client and host). Everything else works fine, but it looks like there's a problem with my GL drivers probably on my client (problems started when I updated the client to 15.04.)17:15
AnssiGhas anyone tried updating ubuntuphone system image via 3g?17:15
octopissedMy graphics card is a NVIDIA GF119M [NVS 4200M].17:15
daftykins!touch | AnssiG not on topic here17:15
ubottuAnssiG not on topic here: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:15
ActionParsnipoctopissed: what version did you upgrade from?17:17
octopissedActionParsnip: 14.04 LTS.17:19
ioriaoctopissed, can you post the errors ?17:21
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
ActionParsnipoctopissed: did you upgrade to 14.10 in between?17:21
daftykinsoctopissed: ah you came back.17:21
octopissedX Error: 0 0   Extension:    154 (Uknown extension)   Minor opcode: 26 (Unknown request) - X Error: GLXBadContext 169   Extension:    154 (Uknown extension)   Minor opcode: 5 (Unknown request)   Resource id:  0x1e000d8 - X Error: GLXBadContext 169   Extension:    154 (Uknown extension)   Minor opcode: 5 (Unknown request)   Resource id:  0x1e000d8, etc.17:22
octopissedI missed *this*, daftykins.17:22
octopissedActionParsnip: I did.17:22
Jordan_Uoctopissed: I'm not surprised that direct rendering fails with remote X.17:22
octopissedJordan_U: It worked previously though.17:23
daftykinsmissed what?17:23
daftykinsoctopissed: yeah had you stayed a couple of minutes longer i'd have asked for a third time what graphics hardware + driver you were using17:23
octopissedHardware is NVIDIA GF119M [NVS 4200M], software is the NVIDIA binary driver from nvidia-340.17:24
octopissedI also tried version 346.59 which I think is the most recent stable driver.17:25
octopissedAnd some generic X.org one.17:25
ActionParsnipoctopissed: did it work before the upgrade ?17:25
daftykinssounds like a quadro to me17:25
octopissedYes, ActionParsnip.17:25
daftykinsyes it is, quadro - go to *OLDER* Drivers.17:26
daftykins304 perhaps17:26
octopissedI also tried that.17:26
ioriaoctopissed, glxgears ?17:26
gr1zzlybe4rhas anyone experience difficulties listening to music on their headphones on 14.10? Sometimes the sound that I hear when playing stuff from the browser sounds "spacy". Almost like the treble is really out of whack.17:26
octopissedMy Laptop is a Dell Latitude E6520.17:26
octopissedioria: glxgears looks fine.17:27
octopissedWell, other than this: "XIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0""17:27
thmsgr1zzlybe4r: nope.17:28
thmsgr1zzlybe4r: did you consider switching to 15.10 ?17:28
thmsMaybe it'll solve your problem.17:28
daftykinsthms: whilst not only bad advice, 15.10 doesn't really exist yet.17:28
thmsdaftykins: why updating would be a bad advice ?17:29
ASKOnI DON't have a middle name , can I use my father's first name as my middle name , I know its not the right place to ask such question , but i really don't knwo someone to ask17:29
tewardthms: because 15.10 doesn't exist17:29
gr1zzlybe4rI haven't yet, but I also had this issue on 14.04.17:29
thmsand I meant 15.0417:29
tewardthms: and updating won't necessarily resolve the problem.17:29
thmsI said "try"17:29
daftykinsASKOn: #ubuntu-offtopic please don't bring up irrelevant things in an _OS_ support channel.17:29
thmsstop bashing me when I try to help.17:29
teward... who's bashing you?  i see no bashing17:30
gr1zzlybe4rIt's odd because I only have this issue from time to time. I.e., sometimes the sound/song I'm trying to play comes out perfectly fine.17:30
daftykinsthms: sorry, but if you give bad advice then you will be called out.17:30
thmsok daftykins then give him a better advice :)17:31
octopissedI can try 304.125 again and see if that does it. Need to reboot.17:31
daftykinsthms: there's no need to be so defensive :)17:31
gr1zzlybe4rI guess I'll just see if it's something in the browser configs first and then come back.17:32
thmsgr1zzlybe4r: try different sound players.17:33
thmsalsa see alsamixer.17:33
octopissedUsing 304.125 didn't help.17:35
kevevHowdy :)17:35
kevevAnyone know a good channel for Mame emulator support?17:36
kevevpetrvs: ;)17:36
fabrymusciao a tutti17:36
k1l_!alis | kevev17:36
ubottukevev: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*17:36
octopissedglxdemo also fails.17:37
kevevI am having trouble seeing anything other than the 4 free demo roms that come with mame.17:37
ioriaoctopissed, Xorg.0.log ?17:37
octopissedioria: lots of stuff there, anything in particular I should look for?17:38
ioriaoctopissed,     Failed to initialize the GLX module ?17:39
octopissedioria: Nothing like that.17:39
daftykinspastebin the whole file17:39
willow19any one who used puppy linux17:39
daftykinswillow19: not on topic in an Ubuntu support channel17:40
belovedHow do I repair: bash: /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl: No such file or directory17:40
k1l_willow19: you better ask that in a puppy channel :)17:40
flipapyanyone know about 'plank' ? i was wondering if someone using it on 14.4 lts unity has figured out a way to put a clock on there17:40
ioriaoctopissed,     everything about NVIDIA :-17:40
belovedsudo apt-get purge youtube-dl didn't help17:40
k1l_beloved: install youtube-dl package?17:40
octopissedglxdemo works fine locally, but remotely it doesn't.17:40
Kangarooobeloved: you need to install it if you need it. it says that you dont have it.17:41
xanguaflipapy: you know plank is just suposed to be a simple dock right¿ no plugins/widgets stuff, just plain simple dock17:41
belovedKangarooo: I have installed it with apt-get install youtube-dl17:41
flipapyoh ok , thanks xangua17:41
Jordan_Ubeloved: What is the output of "type youtube-dl"?17:41
dukedaveHas there been any chatter in here about weird lock screen behavior (specifically getting logged out, instead of just locked)?17:42
xanguaflipapy: if you want a fancy dock try cairo dock or avant window navigator17:42
belovedKangarooo: youtube-dl is hashed (/usr/local/bin/youtube-dl)17:42
ioriaoctopissed,   look at .Xautority, or  xinitrc ....17:42
belovedJordan_U: ^17:42
ioriaoctopissed,   permissions , i meant17:43
flipapyxangua, do you know how to make the top band wiht the wifi signal and time larger? ubuntu 14.04 lts unity17:43
belovedJordan_U: It says: youtube-dl is hashed (/usr/local/bin/youtube-dl)17:43
xanguaflipapy: the size of the panel is fixed17:43
Jordan_Ubeloved: Then run "hash -d youtube-dl", or simply open a new shell and run youtube-dl there.17:43
belovedJordan_U: with sudo?17:44
Jordan_Ubeloved: No.17:44
flipapyok xangua thansk though17:44
belovedJordan_U: Ok.17:44
belovedJordan_U: Thank you, it works now!17:44
Kangarooobeloved: it says you dont have it /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl: No such file or directory17:45
belovedJordan_U: Next problem: man: can't resolve /usr/local/share/man/man1/youtube-dl.1: No such file or directory17:45
Jordan_Ubeloved: Every time you run a command for the first time, bash looks through all of the directories in $PATH to find the binary you're trying to run, which can take some time. As an optimization, once it has found the command once, it will remember the exact path to this command's binary in a hash table, which in most cases speeds things up without causing any problems.17:45
belovedJordan_U: For: man youtube-dl17:45
belovedJordan_U: Will it remember this if I reboot?17:46
Jordan_Ubeloved: In your case, you had youtube-dl installed in /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl , bash hashed that path for youtube-dl, then you changed the path for youtube-dl to /usr/bin/youtube-dl. That is why your command was failing, and why unhashing (making bash look through all of the directories in $PATH) made it work again.17:47
belovedJordan_U: I apt-get purge'd it. now it works with man youtube-dl17:47
octopissedioria: which permissions should those have?17:48
maarhartI don't know if I should ask here... I reboot my laptop with the lid closed and I can see that it is turning on, I see grub for example, the ubuntu splash for some time, and then the display turns off. Also the internal display turns off, and I have no way tu turn it back on. I just have to press the power switch to turn it off17:48
Jordan_Umaarhart: What version of Ubuntu are you using?17:49
maarhartthe last one17:49
ioriaoctopissed,  -rw-r--r-- 1 root root for  xinitrc, and rw user for .Xauthority17:49
Jordan_Umaarhart: 15.04 was released a few days ago. Is that what you're using?17:49
maarhartthat one17:50
pc_magasJordan_U, Actially I am stuck with 14.04 caise it's LTS17:50
maarhartJordan_U: any suggestions?17:50
utu8odoes Ubuntu still have the privacy-invasive Zeitgeist app installed by default?... which logs the users's activities and events, anywhere from files opened to websites visited and conversations. It makes this information readily available for other applications to use in the form of timelines and statistics.17:50
octopissedioria: there's not xinitrc in the user dir?17:51
k1l_utu8o: you know what? you can disable it in the privacy settings. and zeitgeist is a gnome app and is used on the gnome desktop too17:51
Jordan_Umaarhart: Does pressing the power switch turn the computer off, or do you have to hold the power switch?17:51
xanguautu8o: lots of distros have it installed, yes17:51
xanguanot just ubuntu or unity17:51
ioriaoctopissed,  no, xinit is /etc/X11... but not bother   ... can you run glxinfo on the client ?17:51
pc_magasutu8o, the only privacy issue is the amazon webapp that can me easilly uninstalled without any system affect17:52
pc_magasAccording to RMS17:52
xanguapc_magas: or just swich off the online searches...17:52
octopissedioria: I can.17:52
ioriaoctopissed,  clean output ?17:52
pc_magasxangua, also that is a solution17:52
octopissedioria: how would clean output look?17:53
ioriaoctopissed,  no error17:53
utu8oone of the main reasons I started using Ubuntu is because I thought it ensured better privacy and security than Windows, does this still hold true?17:53
octopissedioria: yeah, no errors.17:53
maarhartJordan_U: I have to hold17:54
octopissedErrors on host, though.17:54
pc_magasotu8o and is true is more private than windows17:54
k1l_utu8o: yes it does. you can disable services you dont like.17:54
ioriaoctopissed,  same on the server ?17:54
k1l_utu8o: but since that is different from user to user: just make it suit your needs.17:54
octopissedioria: server has errors.17:54
ioriaoctopissed,  which is ?17:55
octopissedlibGL error: No matching fbConfigs or visuals found17:55
octopissedand libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast.17:55
Jordan_Umaarhart: Does it appear to be suspending to RAM, or just running normally with the screens off?17:55
ioriaoctopissed,  begin  with this : http://askubuntu.com/questions/541343/problems-with-libgl-fbconfigs-swrast-through-each-update17:56
maarhartJordan_U: Well I use mythtv, the mythbackend was running. I could connect to the IP from my phone17:57
utu8ois there still going to be a touch screen version of Ubuntu since many new laptops/convertibles are becoming touch screeen?17:57
octopissedlibGL: screen 0 does not appear to be DRI2 capable; libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/tls/swrast_dri.so; libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/dri/swrast_dri.so; libGL: Can't open configuration file /home/top/.drirc: No such file or directory.17:58
maarhartit makes noise... it is running. I don't know if it goes all the way to lightdm or what17:58
maarharthard to tell17:58
ioriaoctopissed,  seems  related to symbolic link  missing17:58
SenoraRatonWhere is the progress bar during ubuntu installation?17:58
mcphailutu8o: yes - join #ubuntu-touch17:59
SenoraRatonnevermind.. it finished.  I googled, and saw nothing.  Pretty stupid design if you ask me.18:00
octopissedioria: thanks, I think I may be on the track of this now.18:00
Jordan_Umaarhart: Are you connected to a router via ethernet? If so, can you ping the machine? If so, can you ssh into it?18:00
XenophonFi think i got it - /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/cryptroot must be named exactly that, or the luks-related stuff doesn't get copied to the initrd18:00
ioriaoctopissed,  never say cat if you don't have it in the sac18:00
k1l_utu8o: ubuntu-touch is the smartphone/tablet version so far.18:01
maarhartvia wifi. I didn't try ssh, but as I told you I could connect to the IP of the computer.18:02
maarhartJordan_U: do you have any guess?18:03
nascentmindHi. I did a sudo do-release-upgrade and interrupted it by pressing ctrl+c while it was downloading. Now when I do a sudo do-release-upgrade again it says "No new release found". How do I fix this?18:03
Jordan_Umaarhart: Please install openssh-server so that you can ssh in from another machine (as long as this machine is behind a router and thus won't be getting random ssh exploit attempts 10 times a second).18:03
tewardJordan_U: if it is internet facing, they can configure iptables to only permit certain ips to their ssh connection - thereby restrict the actual 'visibility' of SSH to the world18:05
r08oHi, just did a clean install of Ubuntu 15.04 on my desktop. I used a wired internet connection to get up and running, but want to use my Netgear usb for wifi. I installed the right drivers and can now detect my wifi SSID, but when I try to connect the wifi symbol just keeps "loading" and I am not getting connected. Any ideas?18:05
daftykinsreset the router = #118:06
maarhartJordan_U: before that, I forgot to mention: I get this error in X --configure,  number of created screens does not match number of detected devices18:06
daftykinsi've sat here and gone through the steps of diagnosing someones wireless woes before when all they needed to do was power off and on18:06
r08odaftykins, I have done that of course.18:06
Jordan_Ur08o: How did you "install the correct drivers"?18:06
daftykinsgood to know! you'd be surprised the number who don't18:06
r08oAnd tried my mobile tethering as well. Same scenario18:06
daftykinswhy would mobile tethering be a test 0o are you saying NM is at fault with not detecting a working connection?18:07
daftykinsdo you get an IP via DHCP at least, r08o ?18:07
maarhartJordan_U: would this be related?18:08
Jordan_Umaarhart: Why are you trying to use X --configure at all?18:08
r08oJordan_U, followed this http://askubuntu.com/questions/568056/usb-wireless-netgear-adapter18:09
r08odaftykins, no IP18:10
ioriaanother bloody broadcom18:10
aimebonjour a tous18:10
maarhartJordan_U: well I thought it had to do with it...18:10
daftykins!fr | aime18:10
ubottuaime: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:10
daftykinsr08o: so you used the ndiswrapper method? oh dear.18:11
Jordan_Ur08o: NDISWrapper is aweful, and I would not be surprised if installing it breaks other things as well. I would highly recommend getting a wireless card with good native drivers. Why are you using a USB wireless dongle in the first place?18:11
r08odaftykins, couldn't find anything else18:11
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:11
daftykinsnow you have (maybe)18:11
r08oJordan_U, good question actually... I got it for free. Have been working nicely on Windows, but had to get ubuntu on my desktop as well now.18:12
=== KB1WKI is now known as skunix
r08oNewer use my desktop only my laptop with ubuntu, but wanted to install on desktop too18:13
maarhartJordan_U: I will try the ssh option, thanks18:13
ioriar08o, lsusb ?18:13
skunixwhen I come back from a system suspend all my options in the network manager are grayed out18:13
Jordan_Umaarhart: Why did you think that? If you currently have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf, and you're not using any proprietary drivers, then I recommend renaming it so it's no longer used: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak18:13
skunixany idea why that would happen?18:13
skunixoptions such as "Disconnect", "Edit Connections", etc18:14
r08oBus 001 Device 006: ID 0846:9011 NetGear, Inc. WNDA3100v2 802.11abgn [Broadcom BCM4323]18:14
maarhartmaarhart: well, whenever there are issues with the graphics I think it is related with it. Okay, I will do that. How do I know if I am using proprietary drivers?18:15
octopissedioria: I can't change my resolution on my client. do you think that the reason it's failing might have to do with the resolutions being incompatible?18:15
ioriaoctopissed,  really don't know, sorry18:15
daftykinsoctopissed: pastebin the full /var/log/Xorg.0.log from the client PC as instructed earlier18:16
maarhartJordan_U: my last message went to you :)18:16
maarhartwas meant to you18:16
XenophonFi wonder if i even need grub, since i have refind installed18:17
XenophonFhey daftykins - can't i just use refind to boot ubuntu on my mac, instead of using grub2?18:18
maarhartXenophonF: I think you need both18:18
maarhartat least I have both18:18
XenophonFmaarhart: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EFIBootLoaders18:18
maarhartgrub allows you to choose which kernel to use for example18:19
Atargood evening. I have repeatedly tried to upgrade from 14.10 server to 15.04. do-dist-upgrade always fails with "UnicodeDecodeError: 'utf-8' codec can't decode byte 0xae in position 337: invalid start byte".18:19
Atarany ideas would be appreciated. (sorry for coming back with the question).18:19
freeone3000Hi. I'm holding shift on my keyboard through the entire startup process (past PXE and everything) but there is no grub menu. How can I fix this?18:21
Jordan_UXenophonF: What problem are you having with grub?18:21
Jordan_Ufreeone3000: Is this a BIOS based or UEFI based machine?18:21
daftykinsfreeone3000: try the other shift18:21
Atarif its relevant, I'm trying to upgrade via SSH, but the server also has xfce installed.18:21
freeone3000daftykins: Tried both shifts.18:22
freeone3000Jordan_U: UEFI, once it gets past IPMI and PXE.18:22
XenophonFJordan_U: i'm having problems getting my encrypted root volume to start18:22
freeone3000Jordan_U: I can get into the UEFI shell, but that doesn't do me any good (or I don't think so)18:22
daftykinsAtar: you mean 'sudo do-release-upgrade' ?18:22
Jordan_Ufreeone3000: Then you have to spam escape rather than holding shift, or just configure grub to always show the menu.18:22
XenophonFi'm trying to install debian onto a zfs pool which uses a luks container as the backing store for the zfs pool18:22
daftykinsXenophonF: best ask the #debian folk then18:23
freeone3000Jordan_U: Can't do the latter if I can't change the grub menu. Spamming escape it is.18:23
Atardaftykins: I'm running as root atm.18:23
XenophonFlol typed debian meant ubuntu18:23
freeone3000Also not responding to Ctrl-C or ctrl-d during init, which I find odd.18:23
XenophonFi have ubuntu installed, and refind sees the unencrypted /boot and can load the kernel/initrd18:23
daftykinsAtar: tried... not?18:23
XenophonFbut for some reason the cryptsetup stuff doesn't get called18:23
XenophonFso i'm dumped into a busybox shell18:23
Atardaftykins: i tried via sudo as well.18:23
jpwhitingEric__: ok, so here on an old precise 12.04 vm I installed xserver-xorg-video-intel-lts-quantal18:24
daftykinsand how about not over SSH?18:24
Jordan_Ufreeone3000: UEFI doesn't have an interface for a bootloader to ask if a key is currently pressed, so a UEFI based bootloader can only "see" key presses that happen after they've started. BIOS does have such an interface, and it works well.18:24
jpwhitingthat pulled in xserver-xorg-core-lts-quantal18:24
ioriar08o, do you have Windows Wireless Drivers in system -  Administration ?18:24
XenophonFi was going to try to get grub-efi installed, but i'm not sure it matters if refind can load the kernel+initrd18:24
=== EriC^^ is now known as Guest39676
jpwhitingapt-cache lists packages that provide that, but doesn't say which one is installed :/18:24
maarhartjordan: how can I know if I use proprietary drivers?18:24
Atardaftykins: I can only do SSH.18:24
daftykinsi'm out then :)18:25
* jpwhiting checks dpkg18:25
Jordan_UXenophonF: grub will at least get the kernel parameters correct for booting from LUKS/zfs.18:25
r08oioria, nope.18:25
EriC^^did you try rdepends?18:25
Jordan_UXenophonF: Do you have your EFI System Partition mounted at /boot/efi/ ?18:26
XenophonFno, but i can in two shakes18:26
jpwhitingEriC^^: apt-cache rdepends xserver-xorg-core gives many many packages that depend on it, doesn't tell me which is installed or such18:26
ioriar08o, did you install ndisgtk, ndiswrapper-utils-1.9, and ndiswrapper-common ?18:26
EriC^^jpwhiting: pipe it to the apt-cache policy command18:27
BluesKajdunno why the devs are bothering with #ubuntu+1, there's dev OS available yet , 15.10 doesn't even have a codename18:27
BluesKajno dev18:27
ioriar08o, check in Synaptic...18:27
XenophonFJordan_U: mounted - now do i run update-grub?18:28
XenophonFi just found https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting and am scanning through it18:28
r08oioria, have them all isntalled. sorry18:28
jpwhitingEriC^^: erm, that just shows all of the many packages' details18:28
Jordan_UXenophonF: No, now you run "sudo grub-install --target=x86_64-efi".18:28
jpwhitingno way to say hey dpkg, do you have any package installed that provides xserver-xorg-core ?18:29
jpwhitingapt-cache policy xserver-xorg-core says it's not installed18:29
InseighnHey guys, I'm having some issues with my bluetooth adapter. It was working when I first installed but  since I've rebooted I can't get it to work anymore.18:29
jpwhitingbut apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-core-lts-quantal says it's installed and such as I expect18:29
jpwhitingbut I've already provided the needle I'm looking for in that case18:29
ioriar08o, + Install new driver in system - administartion ?18:29
XenophonFJordan_U: that won't override the apple/refind boot loader, will it?18:29
EriC^^jpwhiting: for i in $(apt-cache rdepends xserver-xorg-core); do if [ ! "$(dpkg -l | awk '/$i/ {print$1}')" = "none" ]; then echo found in $i; fi; done18:29
r08oioria, yes18:30
Jordan_UXenophonF: It might.18:30
stacks88if on linux i type nano file.txt and put a bunch of stuff on there, in new lines, when i go to view this file.txt from windows 7 notepad, sometimes it can appear messed up or like things arent on new lines properly. is there a way to use nano and have it save txt files that are compatible with the windows notepad ? or is this just not realistic18:30
EriC^^jpwhiting: i mean "ii" instead of "none"18:31
daftykinsstacks88: use wordpad instead, notepad doesn't honour the same encoding18:31
Jordan_UXenophonF: You can add "--no-nvram" if you want grub-install just to add its files to /boot/efi/ without adding any EFI boot entries.18:31
EriC^^jpwhiting: and no !18:31
maarhartJordan_U: I have two proprietary drivers, broadcom wireless and Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUS. Is it then bad if I do sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak ?18:31
EriC^^jpwhiting: for i in $(apt-cache rdepends xserver-xorg-core); do if [ "$(dpkg -l | awk '/$i/ {print$1}')" = "ii" ]; then echo found in $i; fi; done18:31
EriC^^use that ^^18:31
Jordan_Umaarhart: No, because those aren't graphics drivers.18:31
XenophonFok, thanks Jordan_U18:32
Jordan_Umaarhart: You should be prepared to restore the Xorg.conf manually from the terminal or a LiveCD on the small chance that renaming it prevents X from starting again.18:32
geniistacks88: There is also a difference in how Windows ends lines, there is an utility set of dos2unix and unix2dos to change it back and forth18:33
stacks88ah ok thanks guys18:33
freeone3000So I've tried to get an ubuntu server into single user mode, but it decided to stop after disabling the non-extant firewall ufw. It also attempted to start x, which it reported as success, but no x was started. ctrl-alt-f1 through -f4 are yeilding blank consoles, no login prompt, no command prompt. Input on the keyboard is not showing up. What should I try?18:33
EriC^^jpwhiting: i think some packages in rdepends have a | before it, you might need to pipe it to sed first to remove that rdepends xserver-xorg-core | sed 's/^|//'18:33
Jordan_UXenophonF: You're welcome.18:33
jpwhitingEriC^^: even with the sed here I get no results from that :/18:35
EriC^^jpwhiting: * sed 's/|//' no ^18:35
jpwhitingeven without the hat18:35
Jordan_Ufreeone3000: What version of Ubuntu are you using?18:36
jpwhitingah, my mistake18:36
freeone3000Jordan_U: 14.0418:36
EriC^^jpwhiting: i think something is wrong with the parsing cause rdepends returns it with a space before18:37
octopissedNo idea why I can't change resolution.18:38
jpwhitinghmm, even with | sed 's/ *//' on there I get nothing :/18:38
jpwhitingthough the apt-cache rdepends line with the sed seems to give what I expect18:38
* jpwhiting checks the other side18:39
EriC^^i think i got it hold on18:39
ioriar08o, ok ... we can try this . download from here :  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32258336/ndis_bcmwl.zip18:39
octopissedioria: you were right.18:40
octopissedI wasn't close to solving it.18:40
octopissedbut now I think it may be the resolution on my client.18:40
XenophonFJordan_U: it looks like i can just run grub-install, but i also need to run update-grub to get /boot itself populated correctly18:40
ioriaoctopissed,  ok but if you post Xorg.log maybe we can help more18:41
Jordan_UXenophonF: I expect that update-grub has already been run automatically multiple times, but if you don't have a /boot/grub/grub.cfg then you will indeed need to run "sudo update-grub".18:41
r08oioria, and install ir?18:42
ioriar08o, + Install new driver in system - administration choose the .inf file18:43
neldogzcan someone help me completely remove my raid 1 array? I would like to remove it and all the data then create a new one. Everytime I try the raid array somehow comes back with all the data!!18:43
EriC^^jpwhiting: for i in $(apt-cache rdepends libc6 | sed 's/|//'); do if [ ! "$(apt-cache policy $i | awk '/Installed/ {print$2}')" = "none" ]; then echo found in $i; fi; done18:43
octopissedioria: http://pastebin.com/g08rprRT18:43
XenophonFJordan_U: i'm doing a manual install using debootstrap, so this is the first time i've run update-grub :)18:44
maarhartJordan_U: thanks. I have the openssh set now. I will reboot.18:44
octopissed[    27.206] (==) NVIDIA(0): No modes were requested; the default mode "nvidia-auto-select"18:44
EriC^^jpwhiting: replace libc6 with xserver-xorg-core18:44
neldogzWhever I try sudo mdadm --remove /dev/md1 i get mdadm: error opening /dev/md1: No such file or directory18:44
neldogzwhat gives?18:44
freeone3000Jordan_U: Best I can tell, it might be related to usbhid, but I have lines saying that my keyboard was recognized. Even in single-user mode (especially in single-user-mode!) i expect a command prompt.18:45
r08oioria, and remove old driver?18:45
freeone3000neldogz: You're trying to remove a raid which doesn't exist.18:45
EriC^^jpwhiting: my apologies, still doesn't work18:45
al2o3-cr!info blender18:45
ubottublender (source: blender): Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.72.b+dfsg0-3build1 (vivid), package size 20157 kB, installed size 66408 kB18:45
ioriar08o, because there were  ?18:45
jpwhitingEriC^^: that lists all but the one I want18:46
jpwhitingactually also the one I want18:46
al2o3-crnot has bad as debian I suppose18:46
r08othere was the one that I had install from the guide i linked18:46
neldogzfreeone3000, I understand that the first step in removing a raid array is the following: mdadm --stop /dev/md118:46
jpwhitingremoving the ! in the if doesn't fix it either18:46
neldogzafter that your supposed to sudo mdadm --remove /dev/md1 but that doesnt work18:46
r08oioria, bcmn43xx6418:46
XenophonFhow do i file an ubuntu bug report?18:46
askingnpowhow to upload screen shot ??18:46
freeone3000neldogz: --remove removes a disk from the array.18:47
XenophonFnouveau on my macbookpro5,1 does not work at all18:47
XenophonFhave to use the nvidia driver18:47
ioriar08o, don't know, try the .inf the dongle led should comes up18:47
XenophonFor disable kms via nomodeset18:47
r08oioria, yeah, its blinking orange18:47
pavlosaskingnpow, use imgur.com18:47
freeone3000neldogz: After you ran --stop, the raid ceased to exist (as an entity). Each drive still contains raid data, and can be easily reconstructed with --create.18:47
askingnpowI get this error when i run an update  http://paste.ubuntu.com/10943654/18:48
ioriar08o, give it a second18:48
freeone3000neldogz: If you need to remove the raid info from each drive, that's --zero-superblock; if you need to wipe each drive of data, that's mkfs18:48
octopissedNeed another reboot.18:48
moat_joeAny recs for a good streaming music desktop app?  I subscribe to google music but it keeps nuking my browser...18:48
askingnpowpavlos ; any idea how to fix it .18:48
maarhartJordan_U: oops, it got somewhere in my kill ring. How was the sudo mv command?18:48
neldogzfreeone3000, thanks i will try that18:49
Jordan_Umaarhart: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf-bak18:49
pavlosaskingnpow, seems you have a ppa in your sources and it fails18:49
EriC^^jpwhiting: awk doesn't seem to like giving it the variable in the search pattern18:49
ioriar08o, try to configure the interface  in preference-network connection18:49
EriC^^awk '/$i/'18:49
askingnpow<pavlos> and how can i fix that ?18:50
maarhartJordan_U: no such file or directory18:50
maarhartJordan_U: maybe I did that before18:50
jpwhitingEriC^^: indeed18:50
jpwhitingI'm a bit surprised one of the existing tools can't just do this though tbh18:50
maarhartJordan_U: but rebooting anyway. see you later!18:51
jpwhitinglike hey dpkg, what's providing xserver-xorg-core currently :p18:51
r08oioria, what do you mean by interface?18:51
octopissedDidn't work.18:51
pavlosaskingnpow, can you disable that ppa? should be in your software & Updates | other sources18:51
=== stuff1 is now known as bruxC
ioriar08o, give it ip - netmask-gateway and dns18:54
=== Cybert1nus is now known as Cybertinus
ioriaoctopissed,  export LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose     then   glxgears18:58
tim`why did ctrl+alt+L stop working {18:58
tim`in gnome shell18:59
ralph4100hey guys - I'm having a very difficult time opening a powerpoint file in LibreOffice impress ... seems to be font issues, although I've already installed the core microsoft fonts. any ideas? Letters are being rendered incorrectly at the beginning of paragraphs in the deck19:00
EriC^^jpwhiting: i got it, silly mistake19:00
EriC^^was using none instead of (none)19:01
r08oioria, how do I find out which dns to give?19:01
EriC^^for i in $(apt-cache rdepends xserver-xorg-core | sed 's/|//'); do if [ "$(apt-cache policy $i | awk '/Installed/ {print$2}')" != "(none)" ]; then echo found in $i; fi; done19:01
ioriar08o, netmask
ioriar08o, remember the gateway  ,your router19:02
r08oioria, is that what ifconfig calls broadcast?19:02
jpwhitingEriC^^: almost, that's giving this here: https://paste.kde.org/ped3eb4bd19:02
tim`hrmm had to switch from lightdm to gdm and it works19:02
ioriar08o, no19:02
xanguaralph4100: is this a file created with MS 2007+ format¿19:02
jpwhitingso now I just need to weed out "Reverse, Depends, and xserver-common" :)19:02
jpwhitingalternatively is there something in apt-cache besides rdepends that searches the "provides" rather than the reverse dependencies maybe ?19:03
* jpwhiting looks19:03
r08oioria, how do I find out what it is then?19:03
ioriar08o, what ?19:04
EriC^^jpwhiting: there's debfoster if you want19:04
EriC^^take a look at it19:04
r08oioria, the gateway19:04
ioriar08o, it's your router ...19:05
al2o3-crjust grep lts at the end ?19:05
ioriar08o, usaully or
twilerHello, I had a quick question for just about anyone that uses ubuntu, probably: I recently downloaded the usenet reader/downloader PAN, and after I installed the PPA repository, I downloaded the files, and this is what gets me every single time with ubuntu (and linux in general, I'm guessing) software, is the lack of any .EXE or executable file whatsoever! How to I start PAN now that I'v downloaded and extracted the files? How a19:06
twilerm I supposed to be able to figure this stuff out on my own, without running to the #ubuntu room in xchat every single time I download something new? I'm by no means a stupid man, but, I'll tell you what, linux will humble you a bit! Any help whatsoever is appreciated! Thanks in advance, O warlords of the Linux Underworld!19:06
ioriar08o, have you ever entered your router from browser ?19:07
daftykinstwiler: saying you downloaded software, THEN installed a PPA is backwards. you add a PPA, THEN install the software from said PPA in the form of packages19:07
DJonestwiler: Did you try the default ubuntu version of pan, sudo apt-get install pan?19:07
daftykinstwiler: documentation tends to be the #1 way to learn how to run a program after getting it19:07
geniitwiler: Binary files in linux do not generally have an extension. They are known to be binary files from the header within the file itself, and their location in the filesystem, which is traditionally /bin or /usr/bin19:08
maarhartis Jordan gone?19:08
r08oioria, yeah,
twiler@genii: Thanks, that actually made a little bit of sense!19:09
ioriar08o, good19:09
r08oioria, now it is trying to load web sites at least, but nothing happens. Earlier I just got server not found right away19:09
r08oioria, still get it, but not before 30 seconds now19:09
geniitwiler: If the PPA is well-behaved it will put it's files into someplace sane like /opt/PAN/bin  or similar19:10
ioriar08o, ifconfig ?19:10
twiler@daftykins: No, I didn't and now I feel kinda foolish..19:10
r08oioria, i have ip19:10
twilercause, I just did that, and it worked..19:10
daftykins!manual | twiler This may be handy for future reference :)19:10
ubottutwiler This may be handy for future reference :): The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/19:10
ioriar08o, ca you post it ?19:10
ioriar08o, paste.ubuntu.com19:11
r08oall of ifconfig?19:11
twilerso, I guess I didn't need the ppa afterall, did I?19:11
ioriar08o, yep19:11
maarhartokay, if anyone was following my issue, I am connected via ssh, but I cannot start xeyes, for example19:11
twilerAwesome, dafty, thanks a lot19:11
twilerDude, you rock19:12
freeone3000maarhart: Are you forwarding X?19:12
genii!helpersnack | daftykins19:12
ubottudaftykins: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:12
maarhartI could before rebooting with the lid closed19:12
twilercookie != daftykins19:12
r08oioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1094391019:12
twilerAww man!19:12
twilerI forget how to give you a cookie, too19:12
maarhartfreeone3000: yes with -X -Y19:12
twilerNow, I think I've gone too far, huh?19:12
geniitwiler: :D  !helpersnack | name   or !cookie | name   usually works :)19:13
* daftykins slides genii a coffee19:13
twilerOhh ok!19:13
geniiWoo, caffeine~!19:13
ioriar08o, can  you ping ?19:13
twiler!helpersnack | genii19:13
ubottugenii: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:13
geniitwiler: Thanks !19:13
twiler!cookie | daftykins19:13
ubottudaftykins: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!19:14
twilerno problem, thank you!19:14
chucktesta`hi ubuntu peoples - might someone help me understand why having ubuntu installed onto the dom has any effect on whether serial ports work in a liveusb setting?19:14
daftykinsi'm gonna get fat :(19:14
twilerYou two guys both deserve it!19:14
twilerlol, You get so many cookies all day long, is why19:14
maarhartfreeone3000: okay now it works. I just didn't give it enough time19:14
twilerYou need to stop being so darned helpful, Dafty!19:15
daftykinsyou're right!19:15
EriC^^yeah, hand out a couple backdoors or something19:15
EriC^^to even the scale a bit19:15
daftykinsevery other helpee gets a Windows link19:15
r08oioria, yes19:16
ioriar08o, good19:16
maarhartfreeone3000: so the laptop display is off, the external display is off19:16
ioriar08o, can  you ping www.google.com ?19:16
maarhartbut I can connect via ssh19:16
maarhartfreeone3000: any suggestions on how to proceed?19:16
r08oioria, yes19:17
ioriar08o, looks fine19:17
r08oioria, wait19:17
twilerSeriously, tho, I wouldn't have still even BEEN here if it wasn't for you, dafty, and you, genii, while it hasn't been ME as much as dafty has helped me, you are always helping someone, so, on behalf of everyone who you two have helped, but perhaps never said "thanks", Thank you, both.19:17
r08oioria, can't ping either. was connect via cable because i needed to paste ifconfig sorry...19:18
r08oioria, Destination Host Unreachable19:18
freeone3000maarhart: Run `X :1` on the server. Run 'startx -- :1 --query <laptop ip>` on the client.19:18
twilerSo.. Yeah, guys.19:18
gnomitsushort novels in #ubuntu-offtopic19:19
ioriar08o, you put different ip for cable and wifi don't you ?19:19
maarhartfreeone3000: I tried xrandr first19:19
maarhartI wonder if this is the issue19:19
twilerUntil next time I need one of the heroes of linux, which, historically, will be about 2.8 hours from now, bye guys19:19
maarhartfreeone3000: my client is mac os, does it matter?19:20
EriC^^man i wish i slow clapped, i feel like i missed my chance19:20
twilerI know, I know, that neither of you two can talk right now, cause you're so choked up, but, it's cool!!19:21
twilerlol, LATER, YOU TWO!!19:21
freeone3000maarhart: X client is an X client.19:21
r08oioria, yes.19:21
maarhartokay, so in X1119:21
ioriar08o, ok, iwconfig  ?19:21
twilerLOL, EriC^^ was that directed at me?19:22
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EriC^^yeah :D19:22
hummusRising, ave now climenteldfient forece ped teows froutly londe ch tonat snot yearged st con tered the Satin to base he por comenic. "F19:22
twilerlol, smartass.19:22
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twilerI'm just playin around, dude419:22
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EriC^^i was j/k19:23
twilerI know, dud319:23
EriC^^twiler: :)19:23
twilerIt was true tho, lol19:23
maarhartfreeone3000: what would be laptop id? my login id or the name of the computer?19:23
twilerEriC^^: A lot of truth is said in jest!19:23
twilerEriC^^: Is this text reD?19:24
r08oioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1094404319:24
EriC^^twiler: yup19:24
EriC^^is this? :P19:24
BluesKajis someone going stop is nonsense from cluttering the chat?19:25
twilerEriC^^: Awesome Sauce! No, silly!19:25
gnomitsutwiler: take it to #ubuntu-offtopic for non-support related chat19:25
bazhangtwiler, EriC^^ take it elsewhere please19:25
BluesKajoops the scroll got stuck19:25
twilergnomitsu: Sorry!   bazhang: I apologize19:26
pavlostwiler, fyi: you can "/join #test" and test various irc commands there19:26
twilerpavlos: Really? That is awesom419:26
twilerpavlos: I think I will do that now! Way to turn a chastising moment into a teaching one! Thanks a lot, dude!19:27
freeone3000maarhart: The IP of the X server on the network, in this case, your laptop.19:28
pavlostwiler, np19:28
maarhartokay thanks freeone3000. I closed the terminal and went to X11, but that was a bad idea as I cannot reconnect now.19:29
freeone3000maarhart: You need to keep the ssh tunnel open.19:30
ioriar08o, did you put the passphrase ?19:30
maarhartfreeone3000: I thought I would need to open ssh from X1119:31
r08oioria, yes, I did. Would had been an easy fix though :P19:31
ioriar08o, try to reboot ,  reinsert  the usb and try again19:33
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maarhartokay, now I opened an xterm and typed `X :1`19:34
ioriar08o, before echo ndiswrapper | sudo tee -a /etc/modules19:34
maarhartand in the terminal with the ssh connection I try the rest19:34
cheapieWell, I upgraded the lone Ubuntu box here from 14.04 to 15.04 (going through 14.10, of course), and now while it starts up more or less correctly, the launcher does not appear. Any suggestions?19:35
maarhartfreeone3000: are the apostrophes you typed correct?19:36
bekksmaarhart: They designate a command. You can safely omit them.19:36
maarhartokay, I get X: user not authorized to run the X server, aborting.19:37
maarhartso I am doing the same thing with sudo19:37
EriC^^maarhart: did you type xhost +local: on your machine?19:37
maarhartno, I typed X :119:38
maarhartand I got http://pastebin.com/esvztybL19:38
maarhartso Unrecognized option: --query19:39
EriC^^maarhart: you can ssh -X user@host right?19:40
EriC^^*you ran19:40
r08oioria, seems I have internet connection in small bursts now. very weird19:40
ioriar08o, ping again19:41
maarhartI ran ssh -l user host -X -Y19:41
EriC^^maarhart: ok, on your pc type xhost +19:41
maarhartwithout local?19:41
r08oioria, can't. this is very weird19:42
r08oioria, now i can. its like there's connection one moment and the next it's gone19:42
EriC^^maarhart: yeah19:42
maarhartaccess control disabled, clients can connect from any host19:42
ioriar08o, sudo service network-manager restart and sudo ifup wlan019:42
EriC^^ok, now type xeyes19:42
maarhartin the ssh session?19:43
maarhartX11 connection rejected because of wrong authentication19:43
maarhartCan't open display: martin:10.019:43
neldogzHey guys, Ubuntu 15.04 comes with a new proprietary driver that you can enable within the Additional Drivers section for AMD CPUs that caused my system to intermittantly fail to boot.19:43
EriC^^maarhart: is xorg-xauth installed?19:44
EriC^^maarhart: type apt-cache policy xorg-xauth19:44
neldogzthe error was BUG: soft lockup - CPU#7 Stuck for 22s!19:44
neldogzJust wanted to let you guys know in case you run into the same problem19:45
r08oioria, now I am getting nothing again19:45
maarhartEriC^^: unable to locate package19:46
r08oioria, destination host unreachable19:46
EriC^^maarhart: nevermind19:46
ioriar08o,  a couple of times the command above19:46
maarhartEriC^^: ok19:46
brainwashneldogz: you should report bugs on launchpad19:46
pavloscheapie, did anyone address your q?19:46
maarhartEriC^^: any idea? should I start over?19:47
cheapiepavlos: Not yet.19:47
pavloscheapie, http://www.webupd8.org/2011/12/unity-3d-launcher-top-panel-doesnt-load.html19:47
EriC^^maarhart: try ssh -X user@host19:47
maarhartEriC^^: from a terminal or from X11? does it matter?19:47
r08oioria, ignoring unkonwn interface wlan0=wlan0. is that correct?19:47
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ioriar08o,  yep..19:48
neldogzbrainwash, It will be my first time reporting a bug.. will be good to see how its done19:48
EriC^^maarhart: try in X1119:48
maarhartokay, I am logged now19:49
EriC^^also type echo $DISPLAY19:49
EriC^^in another terminal19:49
cheapiepavlos: Hmm... this option it mentions to use a "fallback" 2D version sounds useful, but I don't see that anywhere in lightdm's session selection menu.19:49
maarhartI get a message .Xauthority not writable19:49
maarhartchanges will be ignored19:49
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:49
cheapiepavlos: (then again, I'm used to kdm on Debian, so I may be missing something)19:49
ioriar08o,  have you already installed bcmwl-kernel-source ?19:49
maarhartEriC^^: the other terminal should be X11 as well?19:49
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darkfrogHey guys, I'm running 15.04 and recently configured "Using Processor microcode firmware for Intel CPUs from intel-microcode (proprietary)" from "Additional Drivers".  Soon after that I started experience long pauses and programs locking up.  I disabled it (Do not use the device), but it's still happening.  Has anyone else experienced this and/or have any suggestions to resolve the problems?  I'm running a Intel i7 hexacore processor.19:49
EriC^^maarhart: yeah19:50
r08oioria, well, now I cant ping anything19:50
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maarhart/usr/bin/xauth:  /home/maarhart/.Xauthority not writable, changes will be ignored19:50
maarhart 19:50
ioriar08o,  ok... don't install it for now19:50
r08oioria, Makes no sense why I was able to ping sites for small periods of time19:50
pavloscheapie, I would try the first command (unity_support_test -p) to verify that your video is ok19:50
Jordan_Udarkfrog: Have you recently installed any Boot Firmware updates ("BIOS" updates)?19:51
ioriar08o,  i know ... it depends on driver19:51
cheapiepavlos: I know acceleration's currently not working, as I removed fglrx after it broke.19:51
EriC^^maarhart: type rm /home/maarhart/.Xauthority then try again19:51
maarhartEriC^^: okay, echo $DISPLAY returns /private/tmp/com.apple.launchd.en1p90i4HS/org.macosforge.xquartz:019:51
darkfrogJordan_U: not recently, no....I just checked to make sure I have the latest motherboard firmware though and it is, but was last updated a year ago.19:51
geniimaarhart: You must have done something like sudo startx while in that directory and changed it's ownership. Suggest to: sudo chown maarhart:maarhart /home/maarhart/.Xauthority19:51
cheapiepavlos: Do you think that fixing the video will make it work?19:51
pavloscheapie, that would be a start ... I have 15.04 on a vm and it works fine19:52
maarhartgenii: okay, to late, it was removed19:52
r08oioria, but haven't installed bcmwl-kernel-source19:52
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cheapiepavlos: OK, I'm doing the standard stuff to clean up fglrx's mess and switch to the "radeon" driver.19:53
maarhartokay, trying ssh connection again and also the echo $DISPLAY19:53
r08oioria, sorry, yes I have. Jesus. Needs to get used to Ubuntu19:53
EriC^^maarhart: ok19:53
Jordan_Udarkfrog: Those microcode updates are usually included in boot firmware updates, Ubuntu just provides a way to have the kernel load this new microcode at boot if your boot firmware isn't doing it. So I suspect you're using the same CPU microcode either way.19:53
maarhartEriC^^: Warning: untrusted X11 forwarding setup failed: xauth key data not generated19:53
maarhart 19:53
ioriar08o,  purge it... are you 14.04 ?19:53
maarhartEriC^^: /usr/bin/xauth:  timeout in locking authority file /home/maarhart/.Xauthority19:53
r08oioria, 15.0419:54
ioriar08o,  purge it19:54
ioriar08o,  and reboot19:54
EriC^^maarhart: ok, try logging out and back in19:54
maarhartyou mean disconnecting ssh or what?19:54
darkfrogJordan_U: I'm not 100% positive this is what's causing my problems, but the only two things I've changed recently were this and the video drivers (and I've switched those back since).19:54
EriC^^maarhart: no logging out of X19:55
darkfrogJordan_U: this is causing strange issues though, like autocompletion in terminal is one of the things that pauses or a Chrome tab loading a page19:55
maarhartEriC^^: closing the X11 application?19:55
EriC^^maarhart: yes, log out completely19:55
cheapiepavlos: Well, it's still not working, and unity_support_test is indicating that software rendering is in use, even though I followed the exact same video driver repair procedure that works on Debian... is there a way to just make it use the "2D" version of Unity instead?19:55
maarhartEriC^^: logout from the mac computer?19:56
* cheapie is still not really used to Ubuntu, his mom just demands it on her laptop19:56
maarhartEriC^^: should I also reboot ubuntu?19:56
mo2759everyone doing alright?19:56
EriC^^maarhart: no, just log out and back in19:57
Jordan_Udarkfrog: That to me sounds like IO latency, which could be caused by your hard drive spinning down then taking a long time to spin back up again, something exhausting memory so that files that were cached in RAM had to be evicted, causing them to be read from disk again, or a combination of both.19:57
petrvscheapie: smart mom19:57
maarhartEriC^^: I interpret you want me to close and reopen X1119:57
Jordan_Udarkfrog: I assume that they do eventually "unpause", correct?19:57
r08oioria, done, but still no luck19:57
darthanubisUbuntu 15.04 has been pleasantly stable.19:57
darkfrogJordan_U: I have 24 gig of memory19:58
EriC^^maarhart: type pkill X19:58
ioriar08o,  install  firmware-b43-installer19:58
darkfrogJordan_U: and a 5gig swap drive19:58
cheapiepetrvs: I'll admit I did force it on her at first (back before I moved to Debian on my own boxes), and now she's used to it.19:58
EriC^^maarhart: what are you using?19:58
EriC^^X11 alone?19:58
maarhartEriC^^: okay did that. Now I am reopening X1119:58
petrvscheapie: Debian works, too19:58
maarhartEriC^^: what do you mean?19:59
EriC^^what de are you using?19:59
cheapiepetrvs: Yes, but she's used to Unity (I hate it, on the other hand).19:59
EriC^^unity xfce etc19:59
Jordan_Udarkfrog: I assume that they do eventually "unpause", correct?19:59
acz32darkfrog: what do you use your computer for that requires 26GBram and extra swap on top of it?19:59
petrvscheapie: there's not that much that is actually unique to Unity that other DEs/wms can't manage19:59
r08oioria, done19:59
petrvsbasically nothing19:59
darkfrogJordan_U: yeah, I left it for half an hour and it finally "unstuck" and worked okay for a couple minutes and then started pausing again.19:59
maarhartokay, so again connecting via ssh20:00
petrvsit has a launcher on the left, a panel at top, and "global" menus20:00
cheapiepetrvs: We're talking about somebody that needs explaining that the "import" button in Shotwell imports pictures...20:00
Captonjamason.ubuntu 15.04 is autobooting into recovery mode, help20:00
darkfrogacz32: I'm a software developer and often run multiple virtual machines simultaneously for testing20:00
petrvscheapie: still =)20:00
maarhartagain, the same: Warning: untrusted X11 forwarding setup failed: xauth key data not generated20:00
ioriar08o,  check  iwconfig restart network-manager20:00
Jordan_Udarkfrog: Please pastebin the output of "free -m", preferably while it's pausing.20:01
maarhartand /usr/bin/xauth:  file /home/maarhart/.Xauthority does not exist20:01
acz32darkfrog: cool. how much hard drive space then? curious20:01
EriC^^maarhart: type apt-cache policy xauth20:01
EriC^^is it installed?20:01
Jordan_Udarkfrog: Or, for you, "free -g" might be easier to read :)20:01
EriC^^maarhart: ok, type ls -l /home/maarhart/.Xauthority20:01
darkfrogacz32: two 64gig SSDs and two 4tb hybrid drives and a remote freenas box with 6 4tb drives. :)20:01
al2o3-crdarkfrog: that's more space then google lol ;p20:02
maarhart-rw------- 1 maarhart maarhart 50 huhti 29 23:00 /home/maarhart/.Xauthority20:02
r08oioria, no work20:02
prometI upgraded to 15.10 and couldn't get Unity to launch, it may have been something to do with plymouth/lightdm (nvidia proprietary driver), had to install gdm and thus gnome-shell to get to a desktop. Anyway had or heard of a similar issue?20:03
EriC^^maarhart: that's odd20:03
ioriar08o,  reinsert the dongle20:03
prometAnyway = Anyone20:03
EriC^^maarhart: what's the username on the host?20:03
k1lpromet: are you sure about 15.10?20:03
darkfrogJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/s2gCMnik20:04
prometk1l ah, yes, sorry, 15.0420:04
maarhartEriC^^: the host being the ubuntu computer we are trying to fix, right? maarhart20:04
pavloscheapie, another person installed gdm and the launcher appeared ... you can test20:04
cheapiepavlos: Well, I might just have to put fglrx back...20:04
prometk1l, thanks for the correction20:04
maarhartEriC^^: and there are also mythtv and root20:04
Jordan_Ustacks88: Please don't post youtube links to this channel. This channel is for Ubuntu related support questions only. #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics.20:04
acz32darkfrog: wow, that's a lot of space20:04
darkfrogacz32: I run a software development company working with clients around the world and this is just my home office server that I sync my production server backups to.20:05
EriC^^maarhart: ok, do you have xauth installed on the server?20:06
AndChat513876Help! I think I just deleted my /etc/passwd and etc/hosts files. My system can't boot any more. How do I fix it.20:06
acz32darkfrog: cool20:06
EriC^^!find .Xauthority20:06
Jordan_Udarkfrog: What is the output of "uptime"? It's odd that you only have 1 GiB of data chached.20:06
ubottuPackage/file .Xauthority does not exist in vivid20:06
EriC^^!find Xauthority20:06
darkfrogJordan_U: 15:06:23 up 20 min,  2 users,  load average: 0.63, 0.59, 0.38 - I just rebooted a few minutes ago20:06
ubottuPackage/file Xauthority does not exist in vivid20:06
prometubottu, hmmmm, didn't know that...is this a mir/wayland thing?20:07
ubottupromet: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:07
maarhartxauth is already the newest version20:07
Jordan_Udarkfrog: OK, having recently rebooted those numbers are reasonable. Are you currently experiencing pauses?20:07
r08oioria, Nothing works. Damn...20:07
cheapieHeh, I'd be happy to share the output of "uptime" on my server...20:07
cheapie 15:07:18 up 74 days, 13:56,  0 users,  load average: 7.04, 6.92, 6.8820:07
Jordan_Ucheapie: Please avoid offtopic comments.20:07
cheapieJordan_U: Okay...20:08
ioriar08o,  can you paste lsmod ?20:08
maarhartEriC^^: xauth is installed20:09
darkfrogJordan_U: no, I'm trying to reproduce it now - it seems loading one of my projects in IntelliJ seems to cause it frequently so I'm doing that.20:09
r08oioria, http://paste.ubuntu.com/1094451520:09
pavlosAndChat513876, you will find a copy in /var/backups20:09
Jordan_Udarkfrog: Is that project being loaded from the NAS?20:09
darkfrogJordan_U: no, from one of the SSDs20:10
EriC^^maarhart: i think you need to create that file in the remote server20:10
AndChat513876I just crashed my Ubuntu. Need help pls20:10
maarhartEriC^^: is it touch ~/.Xauthority ?20:10
danbowerhey guys. i'd really appreciate a sanity check here. a few weeks ago my system produced an error relating to graphics. i can't remember the details but i had to reset. ever since  then ubuntu, even after fresh installs of the OS, fails to work with my monitor on either of the display ports. the monitor just goes into power saving mode as ubuntu starts to boot. however it does work on the DVI port. i've tried installing AMDs driver but this has been unsucces20:11
danbowersful due to fglrx failing to build correctly. i successfully installed the same driver months back20:11
k1lpromet: maybe some old gnome things are broken now. you could try to look if .Xauthority belongs to user:user and not root:root20:12
EriC^^maarhart: type cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the remote server20:12
petrvsdanbower: as in 'DisplayPort' ports?20:12
k1lpromet: if that doesnt help maybe rename  the .cache and .config folders in the users /home. and see if the proper video driver is loaded20:12
danboweroddly the monitor works fine in windows but i am experiencing a rather random error quite regularly when playing dota. i've played that game many hours previously. does it sound like my graphics card is starting to die?20:12
danbowerpetrvs, yes that's right20:13
k1lpromet: actually see if the guest account works with unity. if so its a user issue. if not its maybe a driver issue20:13
EriC^^maarhart: type grep X11Forwarding /etc/ssh/sshd_config20:13
prometk1l, I will try this, thanks very much for the suggestions!20:13
maarhartEric__: okay I got a lot of text with the cat20:13
EriC^^maarhart: try the grep command, it should be set to yes20:13
danbowerthe error being a BSOD and google producing a plethora of different issues relating to it20:13
maarhartEriC^^: it is set to yes20:14
EriC^^try on the second machine maybe20:14
prometk1l, .Xauthority, sure enough, belongs to root:root20:14
maarhartX11UseLocalhost no20:14
ioriar08o,  run lsusb  and try ndiswrapper -a  xxxx:xxx  bcmwlhigh5  change the x with the result after ID20:14
maarhartX11DisplayOffset 1020:14
danbowerkeeping in mind i've used the exact same system for a while now without issues would suggest my graphics card is dying however i'm not entirely sure20:14
prometk1l, it *should* be user:user you're saying?20:14
k1lpromet: sudo chown user:user .Xauthority #change user to your actual user nick20:14
maarhartEriC^^: try what on the mac os machine?20:15
prometk1l, roger that20:15
vanberge1crontab sanity check:  Will this execute on the 2nd tuesday of every month?   0 1 7-14 2 /path/to/myscript20:15
EriC^^maarhart: grep X11Forwarding /etc/ssh/sshd_config20:15
maarhartEriC^^: mac os x does not have grep I think20:16
prometk1l, did this via ssh from work, will test the Unity launch when I get home, thanks much20:16
danbowerpetrvs, what are your thoughts? i'm not exactly looking for a solution, i've been dicking around with this for a while now, but i've been mulling it over so long i'd just like to see what others think given what has happened20:16
danbowerit's all rather odd20:17
maarhartEriC^^: grep: /etc/ssh/sshd_config: No such file or directory20:17
maarhart 20:17
EriC^^vanberge1: that doesn't make sense, 7-14 is 1 week's difference20:17
vanberge1my theory is that it will execute on day of the week "2" only on days 7-1420:17
neldogzBug report submitted regarding amd64-microcode package https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/amd64-microcode/+bug/145018820:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1450188 in amd64-microcode (Ubuntu) "Intermittent boot issues if the proprietary amd64-microcode package is installed on Ubuntu 15.04" [Undecided,New]20:18
petrvsdanbower: you were building the driver instead of using a precompiled binary?20:18
MonikaInto which folder on a server do I need to put a id_rsa.pub file so that I can connect via ssh?20:18
maarhartEriC^^: now what?  :-(20:19
Picivanberge1: no, thats every 1 am on the 7-14th of february20:19
pavlosvanberge1, see section 3. http://www.adminschoice.com/crontab-quick-reference20:19
cheapieMonika: ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2, I think.,20:19
r08oioria, done, reset network-manager, dongle in out, still no connection20:19
EriC^^vanberge1: nevermind what i said20:19
danbowerpetrvs, the installation process is all automated, i just ran it from the CLI using `sh`20:19
Monikathanks cheapie20:19
petrvsdanbower: Ubuntu way: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD20:19
cheapieMonika: The "authorized_keys2" is the file name, I think you can just append new keys to it.20:19
vanberge1Pici: so I've got it right then.  it will execute on tuesday only between days 7-1420:20
ioriar08o,  sorry man   run out of ideas for now20:20
cheapieMonika: Something along the lines of "cat id_rsa.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys2"20:20
danbowerdo you not find it odd that the drivers that come with ubuntu, which have previously worked, now fail to work when my monitor uses the display ports?20:20
r08oioria, it's okay. I am amazed you even wanted to spend so much time helping me. Thanks a lot!20:21
maarhartEriC^^: I should go to sleep. Is there anything else I could do?20:21
danboweri've tried various methods of installing drivers and different versions but they all fail to install without issue20:21
petrvsdanbower: I would if it were my box, but on my box I would've been paying attention to what went on20:21
ioriar08o,  maybe later... let us know ifit solves bye20:21
EriC^^vanberge1: i think you're on to something, check man 5 crontab20:22
EriC^^# Run on every second Saturday of the month20:23
danbowerpetrvs, i don't get what you mean exactly. even without elaborating, my explanation was a wall of text. i'll elaborate if you have specific questions to help nail down the issue20:23
EriC^^       0 4 8-14 * *    test $(date +\%u) -eq 6 && echo "2nd Saturday"20:23
petrvsdanbower: either your software has changed, or your hardware has died20:23
petrvsit's probably the former20:23
petrvsand likely not a result of magic20:23
maarhartEriC^^: did you gave up with this?20:23
petrvsso you might go through your logs and find out what changed the last day it worked20:23
EriC^^vanberge1: i think it would be like 8-1020:24
EriC^^not sure20:24
EriC^^maarhart: no, you have to get xauth on the remote server to make .Xauthority20:24
EriC^^maarhart: i found how to make it manually if you want20:24
EriC^^but ssh is supposed to call xauth and have it make it for you it seems20:25
* al2o3-cr man, how i miss knoppix :)20:25
rudi_STEiNHi, does anyone know how to retrieve files that are on a LiveCD? RE: I downloaded a file on my LiveCD - and now I want to open it on my Mac. I see a bunch of files and folders, and have poked around in them (even searched), and can't find the files. Is it in an image file or something?20:25
danbowerpetrvs, well if i had done something unusual around the time the low-graphics error occurred it would have been my first port of call. however it all came about all of a sudden20:26
darkfrogJordan_U: well, for the moment at least everything seems to be working fine again20:26
prometjust in case though, does anyone know a safe way to deactivate plymouth in 15.04?20:26
petrvsdanbower: I know, but since we don't believe in magic, you probably just didn't notice something instead20:26
maarhartEriC^^: I am about to give up with all this20:27
darkfrogJordan_U: it's strange...when I first started talking to you the screens wigged out for a second (I have four monitors) and it was all screwed up, but then suddenly it all corrected and everything working fine now...20:27
qu4nt1n!s avengers20:28
darkfrogJordan_U: I'm going to reboot again and see how it's acting then. BRB20:29
EriC^^maarhart: type echo $DISPLAY on your machine20:30
danbowerpetrvs, unless ubuntu silently updates itself there were no changes some 48 hours before the error occurred. considering i've already mentioned i've done fresh installs with nothing unusual, i don't think it's a software issue20:30
EriC^^get the <name>:<number> part like in the link20:30
maarhart 20:31
EriC^^maarhart: then type xauth <name>:<number> . abcdef0123456789abcdef012345678920:31
EriC^^in the remote machine20:31
EriC^^sorry xauth add <name>:.......20:31
maarhartbut I am not using X11 anymore. Too many cut and paste issues20:32
danbowerpetrvs, reaffirming that i've used a live CD i burned about six months ago and that fails to work on the display ports20:32
EriC^^maarhart: type ls -l /home/maarhart/.Xauthority on the remote machine first20:32
maarhart-rw------- 1 maarhart maarhart 50 Apr 29 23:30 /home/maarhart/.Xauthority20:33
maarhart 20:33
EriC^^try the xauth add command20:33
EriC^^or try ssh -Xvvv user@host and see if it mentions more info20:33
maarhartso the name of the machine is the IP, right?20:34
maarhartthe IP of the mac os x machine, right?20:35
yacxcinI have an application document i need to fill , using "Document Viewer " but it doesnt read arabic language , I have arabic language support installed though20:36
EriC^^maarhart: i think it's the hostname20:36
maarhartEriC^^: so <name> is the hostname of the mac, and number is the ip of the mac?20:37
EriC^^no, number is the $DISPLAY20:37
acz32yacxcin: is it a pdf file?20:38
maarhartEriC^^: is the number all this? /private/tmp/com.apple.launchd.en1p90i4HS/org.macosforge.xquartz:020:38
maarhart 20:38
EriC^^i think it's just 020:38
danboweri've started experiencing issues where ubuntu doesn't work with my monitor when i use the DisplayPort input on my graphics card. i've tried using a liveCD i burned about six months ago, which at the time definitely worked with my monitor, but that fails to work too. coupled with me now getting BSOD whilst gaming in windows, does this suggest a hardware fault with my graphics card?20:39
maarhartokay, I did that20:39
acz32yacxcin: you may want to give okular a try. i don't think evince (document viewer) is that featureful20:39
maarhartnow what should I do?20:39
yacxcinacz32> yes it's a pdf file !20:39
EriC^^maarhart: ok try ssh -Xvvv user@host20:39
maarhartso I logout20:40
EriC^^maarhart: or try just ssh user@host , then export DISPLAY=<name>:<number>20:40
EriC^^try ssh -X first20:40
sveinseAre there any vms that run on windows that can handle unity and gnome shell? After this extensive 3D usage, my virtualbox goes into fetal position20:40
maarhartexport display should be in the ssh session or in the mac?20:41
chucktesta`hi ubuntu peoples - might someone help me understand why having ubuntu installed onto the dom has any effect on whether serial ports work in a liveusb setting?20:41
EriC^^maarhart: ssh20:41
Jordan_Usveinse: I believe that VMWare has good virtual graphics drivers.20:41
sveinseJordan_U: for free as well?20:42
maarhartEriC^^: okay, now what?20:42
EriC^^maarhart: try xeyes20:42
maarhartError: Can't open display: iMac.home:020:42
EriC^^maarhart: ok, in mac type scp user@host:/home/maarhart/.Xauthority /home/<user>/.Xauthority20:43
thmsIf you run multiple php versions on a single server, how do you choose the one you want to use ?20:44
EriC^^maarhart: also xhost +20:45
octopissyI messed up.20:45
Jordan_Usveinse: VMware player is free as in beer, but limited and proprietary.20:45
octopissyI was trying to fix a problem earlier and now I broke my Ubuntu settings so that I cant get visual when rebooting.20:45
octopissyI am using a live USB now.20:46
octopissywhat can I do_20:46
pavlosyacxcin, Document Viewer can display a pdf that has arabic chars20:46
Jordan_Uoctopissy: What did you do that broke getting to a GUI?20:46
octopissyProbably used unstable drivers.20:46
sveinseJordan_U: Ah, player cannot be used commercially :(20:47
octopissyI followed these instructions> http://giantdorks.org/alain/1920x1080-resolution-on-dell-latitude-e6520-with-nvidia-nvs-4200m-card-running-ubuntu-10-04-lts-lucid/20:47
maarhartEriC^^: okay. access control disabled, clients can connect from any host20:47
maarhart 20:47
yacxcin<pavlos> mine doesn't display20:47
EriC^^maarhart: ok20:47
pavlosyacxcin, I have 14.04, d/l a sample pdf that has arabic chars and DV can display it20:48
maarhartEriC^^: and now?20:48
EriC^^maarhart: try running xeyes20:48
yacxcinpavlos> I have  14.1020:48
pavlosyacxcin, well, I cannot test ...20:49
octopissyhow can I change the graphics drivers in my installation from live USB_20:49
maarhartError: Can't open display: iMac.home:020:49
EriC^^maarhart: did you run the scp command?20:49
maarhartEriC^^: yes20:50
EriC^^maarhart: try ssh -Y user@host20:50
Jordan_Uoctopissy: What version of Ubuntu are you using?20:51
octopissyUbuntu 15.0420:51
maarhartokay, and xeyes20:51
maarhartokay xeyes working now20:52
Jordan_Uoctopissy: Two things to note for future reference. 1: You should almost never use guides for a different version of Ubuntu that you have and 2: You should avoid blog posts, and instead look for official documentation.20:52
EriC^^maarhart: ok, cool20:52
maarhartnow what?20:52
EriC^^what do you mean?20:52
EriC^^what are you trying to do?20:52
pavlosoctopissy, software & updates, last tab, additional drivers20:53
maarhartEriC^^: my issue is that if I reboot my laptop with the lid closed, I see grub, I see the ubuntu splash, but then the external display goes off20:53
maarhartand the internal display as well20:53
octopissypavlos: so that will change it in my actual installation as well_20:53
maarhartand I cannot do anything, I just have to press the power button so it shuts down20:53
pavlosoctopissy, you have 15.04, not running LIVE? you should have some additional drivers in that tab20:54
EriC^^why did you want to make X forwarding?20:54
Jordan_Upavlos: octopissy: That doesn't apply to drivers installed manually from Nvidia's website, as the blog post octopissy followed told them to do.20:54
octopissypavlos I am running Ubuntu from a USB stick, not my actual installation.20:54
maarhartI have no idea, Jordan suggested to do that20:54
EriC^^Jordan_U: why did you suggest X forwarding?20:54
Jordan_UEriC^^: I didn't.20:54
octopissyI am running Ubuntu from a USB stick because I cant get GUI in my actual installation.20:55
maarhartwell you suggested to connect via ssh20:55
EriC^^maarhart: you don't need X forwarding for that20:55
daftykins!chroot | octopissy20:55
ubottuoctopissy: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot20:55
Jordan_Umaarhart: Yes, to run things like "systemctl status lightdm".20:55
EriC^^just ssh user@host and check the logs20:55
maarhartokay, so shall I run that?20:55
Jordan_Uoctopissy: Please pastebin the output of "sudo blkid".20:56
maarharthere it is http://pastebin.com/ZS0VpF9F20:56
maarhart(what a waste of time!!)20:56
maarhartJordan_U: EriC^^: that is the output of systemctl status lightdm20:57
Jordan_Umaarhart: OK. And both of your monitors are currently off?20:58
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
=== ph is now known as Guest50536
maarhartJordan_U: yes, and laptop lid is open20:59
Jordan_Umaarhart: Try "sudo systemctl start lightdm".20:59
darkfrogOut of the frying pan and into the fire.  I've got my CPU lockup issue to go away, but now I'm having trouble running OpenGL: http://pastebin.com/hr0rnDg621:00
irc_from tokyo21:00
maarhartJordan_U: it is taking quite some time21:00
Jordan_Udarkfrog: How did you stop the CPU lockups?21:00
darkfrogJordan_U: I'm not 100% sure, but I did purge all reference to the intel-microcode21:02
octopissyso, any tips on what I can do?21:02
petrvsirc_: bye21:02
darkfrogJordan_U: and I'm not sure it won't come back, but for now everything seems to be working21:02
maarhartJordan_U: nothing happens21:03
jrtappersWhat is the best way to debug iptables?21:03
petrvsdebug it for what21:03
maarhartit asked for my password and nothing happens.21:03
Jordan_Umaarhart: Did the command complete?21:03
maarhartJordan_U: nope21:04
jrtapperspetrvs, I have a VPN that works when I add a general accept, but not otherwise, and I am trying to work out why21:04
petrvswould talk to #netfilter21:04
maarhartJordan_U: EriC^^: any suggestions?21:05
=== cray is now known as Guest1571
Jordan_Umaarhart: Please start another ssh connection and "systemctl status lightdm" again, while keeping the "systemctl start lightdm" running.21:08
=== boxy is now known as Guest15448
DrGrovI saw some kernel updated packages on 14.04 for 3.16.0-36-48 and 3.13.0-51-84.21:09
DrGrovAny particular one I should install in order to get a more stable system?21:10
octopissyhow can I change the graphics driver in my Ubuntu installation when I boot from a USB_21:10
maarhartJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/QfVgrgCR21:10
DrGrovPerhaps I should post a screenshot of what I am talking about in order to get some info on what to do with all these kernel things? :)21:12
maarhartJordan_U: that was the output21:15
octopissyugh, depressing.21:15
Jordan_Umaarhart: journalctl _SYSTEMD_UNIT=lightdm.service21:15
=== norm is now known as Guest27076
octopissyI guess I just have to try random things until something works.21:16
Jordan_Uoctopissy: I can't view your blkid output.21:16
octopissyJordan_U: http://pastebin.com/SLu98eXX21:17
Jordan_Uoctopissy: sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt/21:19
octopissyJordan_U: done.21:19
maarhart-- Logs begin at Wed 2015-04-29 22:30:56 EEST, end at Thu 2015-04-30 00:17:01 EE21:19
maarhartlines 1-1/1 (END)21:19
maarhart 21:19
Jordan_Uoctopissy: for dir in dev/ proc/ sys/; do sudo mount --bind /"$dir" /mnt/"$dir"; done21:20
Guest1571Hi, I am running xubuntu. I am having an audio/video playback issue. It appears that all playback on every program has the same identical problem. The playback speed is incorrect and running too fast (noticeable by the playbackg clock) while at the same time the audio and video are choppy. I tried updating adobe flash with several browsers ,reinstalling the codecs, and finally reinstalling xubuntu. I also tried changing the latency21:20
maarhartJordan_U: now what?21:21
octopissyJordan_U: ok, done.21:21
Bashing-omDrGrov: Tlugh call. I did the update this AM and my result is confusing: ii  linux-generic                ; ii  linux-headers-3.13.0-51-generic       3.13.0-51.84ii  linux-headers-3.13.0-51-generic       3.13.0-51.84 ; ii  linux-headers-generic        ; ii  linux-image-3.13.0-51-generic         3.13.0-51.84 ; ii  linux-image-extra-3.13.0-51-generic   3.13.0-51.84 ; ii  linux-image-generic              21:21
Jordan_Umaarhart: I don't have any other ideas at the moment :(21:21
Jordan_Uoctopissy: sudo chroot /mnt/21:22
Jordan_Uoctopissy: Your prompt should now end with "#" instead of "$". Do you know where you stored the nvidia installer you downloaded?21:22
octopissyits in my home folder in a download folder.21:23
k1lBashing-om: if you enable enablement stack you would get the 3.16 kernel too21:23
octopissythis is wonderful stuff, Jordan_U. thanks so much for the help.21:23
octopissywhat do I do now though?21:23
Jordan_Uoctopissy: OK, within this chroot run it again as "/home/octopissy/Downloads/filename.run --uninstall".21:23
Jordan_Uoctopissy: You can use tab completion to enter the filename.21:24
Bashing-omk1l: Thanks, but I choose not to go there , The kernel is happy with my old hardware .21:24
k1lBashing-om: yes. just pointing to the 3.16er kernel named by drgov who is gone anyway21:24
Guest19983hi guys, I don't know what I've done, but it seems now that I have to giver every command a permission.21:25
k1lGuest19983: what do you mean?21:25
Bashing-omk1l .. opps .. I missed that 3.16 !21:25
octopissyJordan_U: appears to be working.21:26
octopissyJordan_U: should I replace the driver with something?21:26
Guest19983k1l: for example, when I want to rename a file in the home directory, I have to do a sudo21:26
tgm4883Guest19983: what is the output of "ls -l ~/"21:27
k1lGuest19983: doing a "ls -al" in terminal in your home.21:27
tgm4883Guest19983: and also "ls -l /home"21:27
yuciyuarhi. why cant i find updated repositories for applications at 12.04 lts? isnt it supported more 2 years? or any option to open updated repos?21:27
k1lGuest19983: i bet there is a lot owned by root:root, right? that started when you used sudo once (where it was not meant to be used) and now the file permissions are ruined21:27
Guest19983tgm4883: drwx21:28
Jordan_Uoctopissy: When it's done reboot and see if you can get a GUI now. If you get a GUI but still want better performance, then use the "Additional Drivers" tool to install nvidia drivers from Ubuntu's repositories, which is the method of installing that's actually supported.21:28
tgm4883yuciyuar: yes, you're getting security updates and such21:28
octopissyJordan_U: well, I did that earlier but that didnt fix my original issues.21:28
Bashing-om!latest | yuciyuar21:28
ubottuyuciyuar: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.21:28
tgm4883Guest19983: that isn't a possible answer to the question. Please pastebin the output21:28
k1lyuciyuar: ubuntu 12.04 got 5 years support. but there are just few packages which get version updates (but all packages get security updates)21:28
octopissyJordan_U: but I will reboot and see if it works. thanks so much.21:28
Jordan_Uoctanium: You're welcome.21:29
yuciyuarso installing current LEMP stacks is bad idea?21:30
Ben64yuciyuar: don't mix different ubuntu versions21:30
Ben64told you this a few hours ago21:30
yuciyuardude, what u mean with mix?21:30
yuciyuarother ppa's mean mixing?21:30
Ben64you can only use 12.04 stuff with 12.0421:31
sunstarhow to netflix in linux?21:31
genii!netflix | sunstar21:31
ubottusunstar: If you use Netflix, there is an unofficial solution for using it in Ubuntu detailed in http://www.compholio.com/netflix-desktop/ - bug reports in https://bugs.launchpad.net/netflix-desktop21:31
tewardsunstar: use google chrome21:31
tewardworks fine21:31
CaptonjamasonWhenever i start ubuntu 15.04 it goes into emergency mode21:35
=== khisanth_ is now known as Khisanth
maarhartokay, thanks jordan and eric. going to sleep!21:36
Captonjamasonim talking on a seperate Ubuntu Studio partition21:36
mcphailsunstar: easiest way is to install google chrome and run netflix from there. I found the compholio system awful21:36
k1lCaptonjamason: then mount the other system partition and see the logs (dmesg, xorg.log) what is going wrong21:37
Captonjamasonon it21:37
Captonjamasonwhere can i find all the logs21:37
k1lon the mounted other partition. not on the system partition you are running right now. that doesnt have the issues21:38
Captonjamasoni know21:38
sdfgsdfgI had to interrupt and restart during ubuntu update to 15 and now it says the package system is crazy... Did this dpkg --configure -a but it's still crazy21:40
k1lsdfgsdfg: "sudo apt-get update &&sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"21:41
k1lsdfgsdfg: after that maybe a "sudo apt-get install -f"21:41
gnarblhi all21:42
petrvshi sun21:44
petrvshi gnar21:44
andreas_Hello! que canal puedo uilizar que se hable en español?¡?¡?21:44
k1l!es | andreas_21:45
ubottuandreas_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:45
andreas_thank you!!!!21:45
CaptonjamasonXorg.0.log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10945393/ Xorg.1.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10945417/ Xorg.2.log: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10945426/ I Dont know if theres a diffrence between all of these logs21:46
Captonjamasondmesg just shows (Nothing has been logged yet.)21:46
Captonjamasoni hope that helps KiL21:46
Captonjamasonor whatever your username is21:46
yuciyuarcan i control graphical settings like optimising contrast, on a open source graphic driver? is there an application for this?21:48
Captonjamasontheres a few pastebins for you21:49
k1lCaptonjamason: its a 1 in the middle :)21:49
Captonjamasoni dont really understand21:49
Captonjamasonhow can one fix this21:49
k1lcan you show the syslog?21:50
Captonjamasonon it21:50
k1lthe difference on the logs is, that with every reboot the log gets renamed to "log"+1. so you can see the last some reboots21:51
k1lthe last xorg.log from last boot got an error (which i dont understand) but the timecode says that error was long after the start.21:52
k3asd`someone know a burning software by command line?21:52
k1lk3asd`: cd/dvd?21:53
k1lk3asd`: cdrecord/wodim/burn21:53
k3asd`k1l: both if possible21:53
k1lcdrecord could be deprecated21:54
k3asd`k1l: where's the best?21:54
petrvsprobably cdrkit21:54
petrvswhich is wodim21:54
petrvswhich has cdrecord aliases21:54
petrvstldr: cdrecord21:54
petrvsor growisofs for dvds21:54
Captonjamasonk1l: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10945487/ its a very long log21:54
k1lhonestly i only use(d) brasero in last years.21:54
k3asd`I want use the burning software only via command line21:55
bekksSo your best bets are cdrecord and wodim21:55
Captonjamasoni perfer brasero21:56
petrvshe said commandline =)21:56
Captonjamasondidnt notice that21:57
petrvshaven't burnt a coaster in ages21:57
* petrvs feels good about that21:57
k3asd`I know if it's possibile use brasero via command line21:57
k3asd`petrvs: I'll use wodim21:58
k3asd`it's already installed21:58
Captonjamasonhey k1d i dont know if your reading it now but the sys log is here http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10945487/21:59
petrvsk3asd`: mmm22:02
petrvsIIRC wodim is just another name for cdrkit is just another name for forked cdrecord22:02
Guest1571Is there anyone here that could help with an a/v issue?22:04
petrvsno harm teaching your brain not to use cdrecord now, though22:04
petrvsif you haven't already22:04
k1lCaptonjamason: it ends on that paste at apr 29 08:05:10. which is yesterday morning. i didnt find a error so far. maybe you could try to paste the lines from the end from that file? so from last boot starting to end of file22:04
Captonjamasonwell it ends at april 1922:05
Captonjamasonsys log 2-4 is in a .gz file?22:06
k1lCaptonjamason: just the syslog file. see at the bottom when the laste timestamp is22:07
Captonjamasonapril 2922:07
Captonjamasonbut thats today for me22:08
Captonjamasoni did find this at the bottom of the file22:08
Captonjamasonthats at the bottom of the file k1l22:09
=== mkv is now known as m4v
haavardj#join miella22:11
k1lCaptonjamason: aha, cthat could be some hint. maybe your fstab is not fully compatible with systemd22:11
Captonjamasonoh great :\22:12
Captonjamasonwill that involve losing files?22:12
Captonjamasonto fix22:12
k1lcan you show tha last ~200 lines of that file in a paste?22:13
Captonjamasonon it22:13
k1lafter that we will take a look into the "/etc/fstab" from the mounted disk if that is the cause22:14
=== cray is now known as Guest21070
Guest21070Any A/V experts out there?22:16
Captonjamasonhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10945707/ k1l22:16
Captonjamasonim pretty good with A/V22:16
Captonjamasonbut if you need a "expert" im not the one to talk to22:17
Guest21070The playback on all my programs is too fast.22:17
EriC^^Guest21070: what does that mean?22:18
Captonjamason sorry not the person to talk to22:18
kravi'm an expert at being an expert.22:18
Guest21070if you watch the clock on say a mp3 playback you can see it is going too fast22:19
=== richard is now known as Guest10087
Guest21070i have already attempted to change latency22:20
EriC^^Guest21070: no idea, i'm not an expert anyways22:20
=== tuxd00d_ is now known as tuxd00d
Guest21070i also updated flash, codecs, and reinstalled xubuntu22:21
EriC^^hold on and somebody might know, or restate the question every once in a while22:21
CaptonjamasonHey Guest21070: what program are you using for playback22:22
Captonjamasonwhat are you using for playback guest?22:24
Guest21070tried several browsers chromium, chrome, firefox with youtube playback,But also gmusicbrowser does the same thing with mp3s22:24
Guest21070updated proper flash and reinstalled codecs22:25
Captonjamason1: in youtube playback try checking the little settings gear, that can sometimes have speed turned up 2: try using VLC for mp3's22:25
Captonjamasonim not sure about anything else22:26
Guest21070will try now22:26
Captonjamasonoccasionaly for me the settings will have speed maxed out22:26
Captonjamasonhey k1l, find anything in that log22:26
k1l<k1l> after that we will take a look into the "/etc/fstab" from the mounted disk if that is the cause22:27
Captonjamasonchecking that22:27
Captonjamasoni have fstab open k1l, want me to make a pastebin?22:29
Captonjamasonso many pastebins22:30
Captonjamasonthere you go k1l22:30
k1lCaptonjamason: what brings you "sudo blkid "22:32
SomeKittensgood morning22:33
Captonjamasonhttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10945859/ k1l22:33
k1lCaptonjamason: what sort of device is that?22:34
SomeKittensthis still the best we've got?  http://askubuntu.com/a/303978/6607522:35
Captonjamasonwhat one?22:35
k1lCaptonjamason: the one you are using. laptop, desktop, ...22:35
Captonjamasonasus X551MA22:35
Captonjamason500 gb hard drive22:35
k1lCaptonjamason: ok, seems like the last line is an issue, since there is no partition with that uuid and systemd is complaining. so set a # in front of that line. then try a reboot22:37
Captonjamasonbut that last line is my sd card?22:37
Captonjamasonsda 1 is my main sda 6 is backup partition/ubuntu studio22:38
k1lCaptonjamason: i am talking about /etc/fstab22:39
Bashing-omSomeKittens: Not sure what you are saking 'xmodmap' is depreciated: maybe : http://madduck.net/docs/extending-xkb/ .22:41
RepThis1will a simple dd to a usb make it bootable for a windows 8.1 install?22:44
ilinuxHi I can't /join ubuntu in weechat. I'm using Hexchat and the only difference I see is that Hexchat connects to freenode via ubuntu servers. I would prefer weechat22:44
EriC^^ilinux: try /join #ubuntu22:45
ilinuxI have joined #ubuntu via weechat in the past22:45
=== EriC^^ is now known as explosive
k1lilinux: please use the client that has trouble and join #ubuntu-ops22:46
RepThis1wow thats nuts you can use an irc client on a nintendo ds22:46
utu8odance with me :)22:47
daftykinsRepThis1: not a Windows support channel, but no i don't think it works on Windows ISOs22:47
ilinuxnvm. Sorted now. Not sure what happened22:47
Captonjamasonit didnt work22:47
Captonjamasoni never saved in gedit22:49
Captonjamasonim a idiot22:49
ilinux1Hi I have mixed success with getting  an sd card to automount with aquaris phone.22:50
Captonjamasonhey k1l22:50
k1lilinux1: for ubuntu-touch support better ask in #ubuntu-touch22:50
Captonjamasonhow does one go about opening gedit in root mode22:50
Captonjamasonor admin mode22:50
explosivegksu gedit22:50
k1lCaptonjamason: gksu gedit22:50
Captonjamasonthanks explosive22:50
ilinux1Works sometimes but not often, I'm using Ubuntu 15.04 on the laptop22:51
Guest21070<Captonjamason>  Unfortunately, I am getting the same thing  with the VLC. But, I also noticed that my A/V playback may be running at normal speed. The experience would best be described as choppy. I wonder if media isn't loading properly.22:51
Captonjamasonand i need to add a # before the last line correct k122:51
Captonjamasonit might Guest2107022:52
Captonjamasoni dont really have any ideas22:52
k1lCaptonjamason: yes. that will "comment that line out" so it doesnt get read by the system22:52
Captonjamasonon it for editing22:52
Captonjamasonguest21070: ill help you out more a bit later after i get my laptop fixed22:52
Guest21070Captonjamason Thanks,22:53
Captonjamasonnot a problem22:53
Captonjamasonwait if i just remove that last line k1l22:54
Captonjamasonwouldnt it work22:54
Captonjamasoni had to format that thumb srive22:54
Captonjamasonor should i just add the #22:55
k1lCaptonjamason: just comment it with the leading #. so we can revert that easily22:55
Captonjamasontime for the reboot of truth22:55
ilinux1thanks kil I seem to have lag in irc, just got your reply22:57
=== Magic is now known as Guest43149
Captonjamasonthank you so much k1l22:58
Captonjamasonim in standard ubuntu now22:58
Captonjamasonnow to help out guest22:59
[7hunderbird]is anyone else having a problem where after a fresh install of ubuntu desktop the UI doesn't start?22:59
Captonjamasondid you install server?22:59
explosive[7hunderbird]: black screen?23:00
Captonjamasonor standard desktop23:00
[7hunderbird]12.04.05 LTS desktop 6423:00
Captonjamasonyou might want to update to 14.0423:00
Captonjamasoni had huge problems with 12.0423:01
[7hunderbird]we use 12.04 in our configuration managment software (re: puppet) and we're still in the process of making our modules compatible with 14.0423:02
[7hunderbird]I basically downloaded from a torrent, http://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads and this link => http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-12.04.5-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent23:03
[7hunderbird]but from that most recent version I'm kinda shocked that installing via VMWare fusion I get to the signin screen, it signs in and goes to a black screen23:04
daftykins[7hunderbird]: are you using any of VMware's helpful OS installation features? or doing it all by hand23:06
[7hunderbird]I used the easy install method, yes23:06
daftykinsthat was probably unwise.23:06
daftykinstechnically, you installing from 12.04.5 media will practically be 14.04 as it'll have 14.04's hardware enablement stack23:07
daftykinswhich means its' kernel (v3.13) and X stack23:07
[7hunderbird]it's done it many times before23:07
daftykinswell i steer clear of that feature :)23:07
daftykinsanyway, perhaps you have a vmware driver issue in the guest23:08
[7hunderbird]there is potential for that23:09
=== richard is now known as Guest65013
[7hunderbird]except I'm having the same problem on a Dell Poweredge23:09
daftykinsalright well where do you want to start?23:09
[7hunderbird]I'm thinking here => http://askubuntu.com/questions/162075/my-computer-boots-to-a-black-screen-what-options-do-i-have-to-fix-it23:10
daftykinsyeah nomodeset is a good call depending upon graphics hardware + driver choice23:12
Guest21070captonjamason just letting you know I'm still here...23:12
utu8ohow is gaming on Ubuntu now-a-days? what are the top games? just wondering23:13
k1lutu8o: look at steam linux games23:13
=== Shrooms` is now known as miniShrooms
Guest21070<captonjamason> "at board", that is... :)23:14
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utu8oi don't think there is a steam channel, maybe i'll try just gaming23:14
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thmsIs there a ubuntu-installer channel or an ubuntu-dev channel ?23:16
daftykinsfor what?23:16
thmsI basically want to "rebrand" ubuntu so it shows my company splashscreen, bootscren23:16
bazhang#ubuntu-devel thms23:16
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate23:17
thmsand then make a .iso23:17
bazhang!steam | utu8o23:17
ubottuutu8o: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.23:17
[7hunderbird]daftykins: i also like your idea of not using the easy installer, which can help a bit for vmware, but I'm still having issues with my Drac, but that's a whole nother can of worms.23:17
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daftykins[7hunderbird]: i have no idea what that is23:18
utu8obazhang, i heard that the upcoming game Unreal Tournament will work natively on Linux and Windows and will be completely free to install and play!23:18
[7hunderbird]Drac => http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dell_DRAC23:19
[7hunderbird]a browser to baremetal23:19
RepThis1what does the 2>&1 mean in the command23:19
daftykinsah remote admin console (guess without clicking)23:19
RepThis1sha256sum -c SHA256SUMS 2>&1 | grep OK23:19
daftykinsRepThis1: it means to redirect both standard out and other output like errors23:20
explosive /nick EriC^^23:20
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Soloxyq /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER Soloxyq gphgfcpurpmt23:20
EriC^^Soloxyq: there can only be one typo idiot in this channel, sorry.23:20
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html - See also !cloning23:21
daftykinsEriC^^: :D23:21
thmsThe requested URL /12.04/installation-guide/i386/appendix-preseed.html was not found on this server.23:21
RepThis1that doesnt really tell me much23:21
EriC^^daftykins: :D23:21
daftykinsRepThis1: hrmm, it's hard for me to explain - you'd know if you used the terminal more :D23:22
RepThis1i know input is 0 , output is 1 and errors 2 , > is suppose to append or something and && allows u to exectue the next succesful command23:22
daftykinsright so you're sending errors AND output to the pipe23:23
daftykinsif the left hand portion errored, it would not be grep'd23:24
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Ganja_Boyhiring sysmin simple job23:30
Ganja_BoyHiring Ubuntu Sysadmin 10 minute job23:31
k1lGanja_Boy: for commercial support ask canonical23:33
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alazare619other then zfs and btrfs how can you software raid?23:37
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto23:37
alazare619so with those if i were to take it to another machine23:38
alazare619like zfs23:38
alazare619will the os automatically know its a raid set and want to rebuild?23:38
daftykinsrebuilds are what are done when a member disk fails23:39
daftykinsand you add one in to replace it23:39
GrimsleyI thought ZFS support under linux was still somewhat poor over BSD, has that changed?23:39
daftykinsno it's still true, i think there is a Linux that supports it but i don't think it's Ubuntu23:39
wafflejockGrimsley, believe it just lags behind whereas you have more active development in BSD23:39
daftykinswhen i say support i don't mean "it works" i mean, they actually provide support23:40
Grimsleywell they're doing their best to make it the default FS though PCBSD is pushing forward with btfs as their default23:40
wafflejockpersonally haven't tried zfs or btrfs yet have heard nightmares of system problems with btrfs but nothing really except lack of features in zfs23:40
[7hunderbird]I got it to work daftykins in VMWare by tweaking a couple of things.  1) did the manual install 2) turned off 3d accel support on vmware fusion23:41
Guest21070<Captonjamason>  Are you there?23:41
alazare619the os im moving to has zfs support im on arch currently but will be moving back to debian base for my nas23:41
daftykins[7hunderbird]: hmm, ok - so it is the driver in the guest most likely - if you booted it with 3D again and pastebin'd the /var/log/Xorg.0.log i'd be interested to see what it's up to23:41
alazare619alot of os's have zfs support it works well but is mana (read ram) hungry23:42
GrimsleyI don't have much need for zfs at the moment so ext4 works well enough for me.23:42
daftykinsZFS is more than just an FS so you can't really compare it like that :)23:42
wafflejockyeah I like the concept of ZFS snapshots but no hands on yet.. one of these days23:42
alazare619i just deleted 3 tb's worth of stuff to consolidate 3 drives worth of shit into 1 so i can actually build a software raid23:42
alazare619butterface is crap and im sorry to anyone that uses it23:43
ponyofdeathis there a way to install tomcat without all the openjdk packages? since i already have oracle's java23:43
daftykins!language | alazare61923:43
ubottualazare619: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList23:43
Guest21070Anyone know how to fix choppy A/V Playback that happens across multiple progs?23:44
daftykinslacking a graphics driver?23:44
wafflejockGuest21070, consistently choppy? is your CPU spiking out (check the System Monitor)23:44
Guest21070wafflejock will do23:45
Guest21070okay checked cpu usage. nothing  abnormal...video still choppy23:50
Cristi91_Hi have a problem with python23:51
Cristi91_can someone help me?23:51
Cristi91_This is the error23:51
Cristi91_Traceback (most recent call last):   File "./set", line 13, in <module>     os.makedirs("reports")   File "/usr/lib/python2.7/os.py", line 157, in makedirs     mkdir(name, mode) OSError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: 'reports'23:51
petrvsCristi91_: #python23:51
Guest21070wafflejock checked cpu usage. nothing  abnormal...video still choppy23:52
Guest21070wafflejock actually that was an audio check with vlc23:52
Guest21070Any one out there an expert in A/V playback issues?23:54
andy__I have a computer that got hit by lightning.23:54
andy__The ethernet card was replaced.23:54
bazhangtry ##hardware andy__23:55
Guest21070That is funny and sucks at the same time.23:55
andy__Hold on.23:55
andy__With the old network card in place, I think Linux has trouble connecting sometimes.23:55
Guest21070## hardware andy__23:55
wafflejockGuest21070, yeah not sure about debugging that further really, typically only problems I've had with video were like daftykins already mentioned if there wasn't a driver installed yet so it wasn't getting any GPU acceleration but if that's the case would expect a core of your CPU to be consumed23:56
daftykinsandy__: was there an ubuntu support question in there somewhere? :)23:56
andy__Windows has no trouble with this.23:56
andy__I am wondering how to know which ethernet card is which in the network settings.23:57
andy__I think I want to only look at one network card, and remove the other one from being scanned.23:57
Guest21070wafflejock. ok, that makes sense, but what if the driver is incorrect. This is a notebook with an atom processor.23:58
wafflejockandy__, can check ifconfig and lshw23:59
wafflejockandy__, sudo lshw, will show all your hardware details the "Serial #" in there appears to match the "HW address" for ifconfig (think this is the MAC address but not positive)23:59

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