OvenWerksI think I upped my server to 14.04.... so I can leave it for a while untill systemd is well debugged in Ubuntu. Servers are more effected by system changes.00:23
DalekSec16.04 is a bit off, so everything should be fixed or mostly so by then.00:25
OvenWerksya, that is my feeling. It is new to debian as well I guess... but there are enough systemd disros around outside of debian/ubuntu the problems should be known and easier to fix.00:30
OvenWerksI have a script that uses upstart commands that would like to release as part of an app I want to release. I am waiting for an all systemd world first :) (sysv init will still be around though).00:33
DalekSecAs well as compatibility layers, for a while.00:48
zequenceSet wanted to become member of a few themes. I'm not accepting him yet, since we don't really know what he can do. 16:24
zequenceHe's in the contributor team though, so we can all work on sources withing that team.16:24
zequence@ubuntustudio at twitter has one byte of followers (256). Worth a celebration, perhaps?18:51
cubOne byte of followers, yes celebrate! New goal now perhaps?20:18
cubMight need more than 12 tweets though. 20:19
zequenceWe should be able to squeeze in a few more, but let's not make our finger tired from typing all needed characters for a tweet20:21
cubit will probably be much easier when you get your ubuntu phone20:24
zequenceI'll just swipe'em20:25
zequence(if it has swipe??)20:25
cubHas anyone followed the change of Kdenlive?20:27
zequencecub: You might be the only one daring enough20:29
cubI was quite confused when it said version 15 was out. 20:32
cubI need to read up on the changes. Seems the version we might be able to continue to use is still only 0.9.10. Not sure what the future will look like. I downloaded Lightworks a couple of days ago but haven't had time to try it out.20:33
cubnot sure about Lightworks licensing though.20:33
cubI'm sort of thrown into kdenlive as I have to help my GF making a promotion video this weekend.20:34
cubGott go though, early morning tomorrow!20:35
zequenceSee you cub!20:39
OvenWerkszequence: I saw some comments about the low latency kernel a few days ago. It sounds like not only are you not doig updates but that there will not be a separate package?23:06
OvenWerkszequence: Does that mean we will need to add some thing to grub to set the kernel command line?23:07
OvenWerkszequence: or am I way out to lunch?23:09

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