AndroidKrisQuestion, Is there any way to make apt-get act like say...uTorrent? Pulling from multiple mirrors?01:38
Unit193AndroidKris: Maybe look into apt-p2p or mirror:// urls?01:41
AndroidKrisAre you asking me a question with that last part? the "urls ?" part.01:41
AndroidKrisNot sure I am reading it correctly.01:42
Unit193That is to say, perhaps you should try looking into both of those methods.01:43
AndroidKrisah, "mirror://url"01:44
AndroidKrisas a method of it's own?01:44
Unit193deb mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/US.txt trusty main restricted universe multiverse   for example01:45
AndroidKrisah, gotcha.01:47
AndroidKrisThanks for the tips...Off to see my old friend Google.01:48
AndroidKrislove me some packages.debian.org too.01:53
Unit193Don't mix Debian and Ubuntu repos.01:53
AndroidKrisOf course not.01:53
AndroidKrisRepos, may be different, but a lot of the packages are the same.01:54
AndroidKrisdang crappy connection02:00
AndroidKrisSee why I'm looking for something to help with my apt-get? I've got a weeks worth of updates to install...can't be done with this equipment.02:02
Unit193Another question, got another location you can download updates from?02:02
AndroidKrisnot at the moment.02:03
AndroidKrisI have a sattelite internet connection that gets throttled during the day. Between midnight and 5am, I have up to 12mbps down speeds though, and can normally get apt to work fine. However, my problem is, I don't want to stay up that late all the time to check for updates and such.02:05
AndroidKrisI'm wondering if there is a way I can set apt to download normal updates on a schedule without needing my input.02:06
nicky1I installed xunbuntu 15.04, but the network manager icon doesn't show the secure icon when connected to a vpn. anyway to fix this?  thanks02:16
Eight-BitLinkHey all, quick nitpick question03:38
Eight-BitLinkI'm missing the minimize and maximize buttons in GTK-window-decorator. They vanished after the update to 15.04. Any ideas? My laptop still runs 14.10, with the same theme.03:39
Unit193Eight-BitLink: Look in xfwm4-settings and see what's there?03:40
Unit193They're there for me of course.03:40
Eight-BitLinkAlright, that's weird.03:42
Eight-BitLinkUsing xfwm4 --replace to disable compiz temporarily, and setting the theme for xfwm4 to the same theme fixed it.03:43
Eight-BitLinkThanks for the suggestion!03:45
Eight-BitLinkBeen banging my head against a wall looking for a solution.03:45
Unit193Also, for basic compositing, compton?03:45
ensihello, what is/are the xubuntu14 theme(s) that is/are installed out of the box?04:01
Unit193Generally speaking, shimmer themes.  Specific, Greybird, Numix, etc.04:02
ensiare those for xfce or just gtk?04:03
Unit193unity and metacity too it seems.04:04
pragomerhow can I change that xubuntu always shows isolinux/syslinux menu (with that I have to press "esc")05:53
LeMikeHello. I got the nvidia-common driver successfully installed but there is still a white screen everytime after I lock the screen. This occurs even when only one monitor is connected. I remember some alternative session manager of lock screen in xubuntu but don't remember the name. Can you help me here?07:39
LeMike(currently it is xflock4)07:39
ensiLeMike: whats the real question, you want to lock the screen or what?07:41
ensixscreensaver can lock the screen too07:43
LeMikeThanks ensi and Unit193 . I tried both of them but neither terminal nor keyboard shortcut activates them. Just running somewhere in the background but not actually locking the screen. dunno what went wrong here.07:57
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kraczkhey guys, what's the default display manager in 15.04?13:18
brainwashkraczk: it's still lightdm + lightdm-gtk-greeter13:19
brainwashlightdm-gtk-greeter is responsible for the visual appearance13:20
kraczkbrainwash: thanks man, is there any way to configure it? dpkg-reconfigure doesn't seem to do anything13:20
brainwashthere should be a new entry in the settings manager to configure it13:21
brainwashor, what do you want to configure? change to another DM?13:21
kraczkfor now not, maybe just change the appearance13:22
ochosikraczk: that's lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings then. you might have to install it13:26
brainwashit's not installed by default?13:27
kraczklooks like it is, thanks for your help :)13:28
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oiuHave I messed something up or does the main VirtualBox window in Xubuntu 15.04 have an ugly white line at the top of it? Is it a theme issue?13:55
bosnjaksince I can't make light-locker not lock my screen after 10 minutes (a known issue), and the music stops playing when it locks the screen, is it a good idea to remove it completely and install xscreensaver? Can this have some consequences that I'm unaware of now?14:11
brainwashbosnjak: please read http://xubuntu.org/news/screen-locking-in-xubuntu-14-04/15:02
bosnjakbrainwash: great, thanks! I'll switch to xscreensaver for multiple reasons then. Is it enought to: apt-get remove --purge light-locker && apt-get install xscreensaver15:08
brainwashshould be enough15:09
bosnjakbrainwash: thanks :)15:09
Christopher-WereHi, I was hoping someone could help me. I'm running Audacity 2.0.6 on Xubuntu 15.05 and the playback is very fast and distoreted. Can anybody help please?15:18
Christopher-WereIs anybody even here?15:21
bynariehm i use audacity, but havent had any problem15:22
Christopher-Weresurely you must know if it. I've had it for the last 3 xubuntu upgrades15:23
bynarieand its only messing up on 15.04?15:24
Christopher-Werei meant the last 3 ubuntus15:25
bynariebut the problems only started on 15.o4 right?15:25
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bynarieyou should probably update to the newest audacity15:27
Christopher-Werenot quite. I'm gonna restart. See if that works. Thanks for helping though.15:27
oiuSorry, I forgot to come back after rebooting. Does anyone else get an ugly white line at the top of VirtualBox in 15.04? Is it an issue with Greybird?15:54
holsteinoiu: the issue is not present with another theme?16:15
oiuholstein: It looks odd with all themes, but I'm wondering if this is because all included themes are flawed (or because VirtualBox is flawed).16:17
holsteinoiu: so, is the issue only presnt with the greybird theme? i think that answer will help you answer the quesitons you have, regarding, if its an issue with the greybird theme, or not16:18
oiuNo, it's not.16:18
oiuNot present with just Greybird, I mean.16:18
holsteini would try live iso's in vbox.. see if its an issue with only xfce, xubuntu.. etc16:20
oiuWill do.16:20
oiuI know it's not present in Ubuntu with Unity because of the global menu bar thing.16:20
holsteini would try with and without compositing.. i would look at what graphics driver is in use.. i would try and apply the virtualbox guest additions, and make certain i am getting the GPU performance i want/need//expect16:20
oiuOkay, thank you! I'll give it all a go.16:21
holsteinoiu: ubuntu, with unity, requires 3d.. so, that will have compositing.. could be, you dont have 3d setup as the VM or host is expecting needing16:21
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kulelu88Is there any way to better manage open windows in the bottom/top window manager? I have 2 screens open and after opening a number of programs, the bottom window manager gets cluttered16:54
Luyinkulelu88: what do you mean by "top/bottom" window manager?16:55
kulelu88Luyin: I think the default (when installing xubuntu 14.04) is a top window/application manager. you know, that toolbar that tells you what programs are open16:56
kulelu88it's cluttered now. I always wished I could make each screen have its own panel manager.16:57
Luyinkulelu88: open the window button settings and enable "grouping: always"16:57
Luyinthen uncheck "show windows from all workspaces"16:58
kulelu88you are a legend Luyin !!!!16:59
kulelu88I just unchecked show windows from all monitors and now each screen stores its own stuff!16:59
Luyinyw kulelu8817:00
Christopher-WereHi does anyone know how I can run a script file from Thunar in Xubuntu 15.04 without opening it in mousepad?18:16
KW4HKcustom action?18:18
Christopher-Werewhat's custom action?18:19
Christopher-WereThat sounds awefully complicated considering no other file manager has this problem18:21
Christopher-Werein a terminal i just do ./command18:23
kulelu88why do you need to open it in mousepad?18:26
Christopher-WereI don't want to open it in mouspad, I want to execute the script18:26
KW4HKthat's probably his default for .sh files.18:26
Christopher-Wereyes, it probably is the default for .sh, how can i change the default so that it runs the script18:27
brainwashChristopher-Were: http://git.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/commit/?id=b385bcf7c856fdc0a63b5f91a6d4053a7d22347e18:27
kulelu88that's weird. ./run.sh should run and not open in mousepad18:27
brainwashplease read the commit message18:27
mrkrampsChristopher-Were, you need to change permission of script file18:28
mrkrampsallow execution, or in terminal:$ chmod +x scriptfile18:28
Christopher-Wereno easy way to do this without dropping into the terminal?18:29
mrkrampsChristopher-Were, file properties18:29
Christopher-Wereit gives an error message18:30
kulelu88oh you want to run the script without terminal? yeah that will be possible also. Just make the .sh file executable18:30
mrkrampsChristopher-Were, are you expecting us to guess the exact error message!?18:30
kulelu88then right-click should give you the option to execute file18:31
Christopher-Wereplease don't be sarky. I'm trying to follow and instructions and rely them at the same time18:31
Christopher-WereThe error says Cannot set permissions on symlinks.18:32
Christopher-WereDo you want to skip it?18:32
mrkrampsok, so you try to change the permission of a symbolic link18:32
mrkrampsyou need to change permission of the actual file18:32
mrkrampsthe file properties dialog should also show you which file a link points to18:33
Christopher-WereYeah this is a problem with most of my portable apps18:38
Christopher-WereFor some reason all my portable apps broke in an upgrade to 15.0418:38
kulelu88portable apps?18:41
Christopher-Wereor portable binaries18:41
kulelu88both 64-bit?18:42
mrkrampsChristopher-Were, which app?18:42
Christopher-WereI got a copy of the latest Super Tux Cart which cam as a portable binary, I used to be able to run it on 14.10 and I can run it on Ubuntu MATE 15.04 but not on Xubuntu 15.0418:43
Christopher-WereSometimes they're also called static binaries18:44
mrkrampsChristopher-Were, and it the problem on Xubuntu is you are not able to execute the start script?18:44
Christopher-WereThe problem is only on Xubutnu 15.04 and I can't run a simple .sh script18:45
brainwashyes, thunar 1.6.6 does not execute shell scripts anymore. did you open my link?18:45
brainwashand read the commit message?18:46
Christopher-Wereyes but it was difficult to understand18:46
kulelu88underlying ubuntu would not prevent executing a simple .sh script18:46
Christopher-Weresome binaries can also be ececuted18:46
brainwash"For people wanting the old, unsafe behaviour there is a new boolean option called "misc-exec-shell-scripts-by-default" that can be created and set to TRUE using xfconf-query or the Xfce settings editor."18:46
kulelu88unless what brainwash says is the new system rule18:46
brainwashopen xfce4-settings-editor and create the new property "misc-exec-shell-scripts-by-default" in the thunar channel18:47
brainwashwell, I haven't tested it myself18:48
mrkrampshm, this explains a lot =)18:48
Christopher-Wereit says that properties have to start with a / character18:49
mrkrampsguess what, type "/misc-exec-shell-scripts-by-default"18:50
brainwashhttp://docs.xfce.org/xfce/thunar/hidden-settings has been updated too18:51
mrkrampsbrainwash, can you still execute when script is embedded in a .desktop file?18:52
Christopher-WereAll of this is not very user friendly at all.18:52
brainwashmrkramps: I guess so18:52
brainwashChristopher-Were: I agree somewhat18:53
brainwashit's a bit confusing at first18:53
Christopher-WereIt's not adding the property18:54
Christopher-Wereis it a boolean or a string18:54
mrkrampsok, confirmed … desktop files still work18:55
brainwashalternatively, run "xfconf-query --channel thunar --property /misc-exec-shell-scripts-by-default  --create --type bool --set true"18:55
Christopher-Wereit only works in some cases18:55
Christopher-WereI've got somewhere to be now, so I'll have to go. I hate it when you have to waste a few hours fixing something as stupid and as simple as this18:56
kulelu88that's why you stick with LTS versions, Chris2418:57
kulelu88oh he left18:57
brainwashthis hidden setting could be exposed in the settings window of thunar, but someone needs to request it -> file a feature request18:59
xabbixHow can I upgrade from 14.10 to 15.04?19:41
mrkrampsuse the update manager19:42
xabbixit doesn't offer me to update to 15.0419:42
mrkrampsdid you change the settings for new version releases?19:43
xabbixmrkramps, is that under updates -> pre-released updates?19:44
mrkrampsxabbix, nope19:44
mrkrampsNotify me of a new Ubuntu version: For any new version19:45
xabbixah, i have that marked. yes.19:45
mrkrampsxabbix, you may also try to check manually for new release in a terminal with :$ update-manager -c19:49
xabbixmrkramps, well during my tests i've marked to receive unofficial updates and basically marked most of the checkboxes on the update manager. After rebooting my laptop is showing a blank, black screen.19:50
xabbixso... that's not good...19:50
mrkrampsxabbix, the proposed sources might be an issue19:51
xabbixmrkramps, yeah not sure what to do now. I don't have anything of importance installed, might just install a fresh 15.10 copy.19:52
xabbixThe reason I wanted to update in the first place is because I have some very annoying display issues on my Lenovo Yoga 3. menu bars are constantly disappearing (and partially showing when I hover over them)19:53
mrkrampsnot my general recommendation to solve all problems with a fresh install, but might be the easiest way to solve your problems19:53
xabbixSo I'm hoping some of these were fixed19:53
mrkrampsxabbix, you should try a live system first19:54
mrkrampsthings might get worse =D19:54
xabbixGood idea ;)19:54

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