soeeRiddell: Kim Blaich wrote pretty long text about problems in Plasma5/Kubutn - worth checking Vivid https://plus.google.com/110954078302330754910/posts/fXjVF9UZ2kF00:06
ahoneybunvalorie: still around?02:17
ahoneybunever heard of airbnb?02:18
valorieoh yes02:18
valoriehowever, I never ended up using it02:18
ahoneybuni just found out about it02:18
ahoneybunI did not either02:18
shadeslayerwh ... at 02:18
shadeslayerno wait02:18
shadeslayerI'm not supposed to be here02:18
ahoneybunI mean I could, 02:19
valoriealthough my place in Estonia was probably listed there02:19
valorieniters shadeslayer02:19
valorieahoneybun: you want to stay with everybody else in the hostel02:19
valoriebelieve me02:19
ahoneybunvalorie: I will as it will be much easier02:19
valoriethey even have a bus hostel <> venue02:19
valoriebut yeah, elsewhere it is cool02:20
ahoneybunwhat I was wondering is how do I get there from the airport02:20
valorieit's on the website, or will be02:20
valoriemost likely just take a bus02:20
ahoneybunyea I think I saw that02:20
valoriealso there will be a place on the wiki for listing your arrival and departure times so people can share taxis if necessary02:21
ahoneybuncan I use my card over there?02:21
valoriewhat card is that?02:21
ahoneybunthats awesome02:21
ahoneybunmoney wise02:21
valorieif you have a chip and pin one, then yes02:21
valorieif not, you have time to apply for one02:21
ahoneybunchipand pin?02:21
valorieor ask your bank why they aren't in the 21st century02:22
valoriejust google and see02:22
ahoneybundebit card02:22
valoriethe rest of the world uses chip and pin02:22
ahoneybunI think I'm fine there.02:22
valorieI wouldn't count on it02:22
valoriecheck around02:22
ahoneybunas in having money to pay for the hotel lol02:23
valorieif you are paying online from here, no problem02:23
ahoneybunthey take the money when you get there02:23
valoriegetting cash from a machine in the airport might be ok02:23
valorieother places, maybe not so much02:23
ahoneybunI used the hotel that everyone is going to be at02:24
ahoneybunI pretty much just reserved the room02:24
valorieand if you want to share, just ask around02:24
ahoneybunI have no problems sharing, really prefer it 02:25
ahoneybunsave time, money02:25
ahoneybunwe all win02:25
valorieme too02:25
ahoneybunheard of SELF?02:25
valorieit's more fun02:25
valorieyes, but I've not gone yet02:25
ahoneybunI'm going to go with someone in my area02:25
ahoneybunhe is doing a car pool02:25
valorieoh very cool02:26
ahoneybunyea can't wait02:26
ahoneybunfor that and akademy as well lol02:26
ahoneybunhow are hard is the TSA on bring back things?02:27
valorietsa doesn't care about anything but forbidden items on board02:29
valorieit is the border people who care02:29
valorieyou have to declare what you bring back02:29
valoriethat's all02:30
valorieand not bring back certain food, no animals, no plants02:30
ahoneybunsilly things like maybe a keychain or something02:41
valoriesmall stuff isn't even declared02:44
valorieyou'll be fine02:44
valorieall the rules are online, and sensible02:45
BluesKajHiyas all12:01
KDDAhi BluesKaj13:14
BluesKajhi KDDA13:15
valoriegood grief, crickets in here today21:05
Riddellcricket cricket21:46
* valorie lets loose the amphibians to clean up the chan21:47
valorieoh, unless it was men in whites, with cricket bats?21:47
valoriein which case, don't step on the frogs21:48
EtriaphCan't build qt5 basket.22:00
EtriaphI know what the block is, but can't sort out how to add the dependency in QtCreator22:01
EtriaphHe's packaged quazip (which builds) but I can't get the basket project to add it as an include path.22:02
valorieEtriaph: #kde-devel22:10
valoriealthough it's getting late for those europeans 22:10
EtriaphYup, if I can't sort it out I'll see around 2am if I can get someone to assist.22:29
valorieso exciting to hear the possibility of basket rising from the sickbed22:40
valorieif not grave22:40
sittervalorie: oh?22:46
valorieEtriaph is forking the qt5 port and working on it22:50
valorieit's on github these days22:51
EtriaphWell, the qt5 fork *is* the fork22:51
EtriaphBut the active branch is still KDE4; just wish I could compile this.22:51
EtriaphStill fiddling though.22:51
sitterkubotu: order a fez23:05
* kubotu slides a fez down the bar to sitter23:05
valoriegosh, we need fezzes for Akademy23:06
valorieI wonder if the Ubuntu Community would buy them for us23:06
sitterfirst someone needs to organize me travels23:06
valorie"project timelord"23:06
valorieare you flying or coming by train?23:07
sitterflying, train to spain is like 30000000000000 hours23:07
sitterI am not sure I am attending at all23:07
sitterseems like such a bother23:07
valorieyou will come in your blue box, and give a talk with rohan23:08
valorieotherwise, no fez for you!23:08
sittera fez I can do without!23:09
sitterI'd much rather have a blue fedora23:09
valoriebut we don't want to do without you23:09
valorieI don't want to do without you23:10
valorieI know that Brno was within your realm23:10
valoriebut A Coruna will be an adventure worthy of the work to get there23:10
* valorie is coming all the way from Black Diamond, Washington23:11
valorieI wish I had puppy-dog eyes........23:11
* ahoneybun is coming from Hollywood, Florida23:13
ahoneybunvalorie: it will take like20 hours for you to get there 23:15
valorieI usually have the longest journey since nobody comes from Hawaii23:15
ahoneybun15+ I think for me23:15
valoriebut Scarlett has those extra hours on the train23:16
valorieso she beats me23:16
ahoneybunI beat all as this is my first time on a plane :-)23:16
sitternow that microsoft is friends with us someone should hit them up for sponsorship and hosting of akademy in redmond. problem solved23:16
ahoneybun"If Microsoft ever does applications for Linux it means I've won." - Linus Torvalds23:19
valorieunless they paid for all the europeans to fly to Seattle, I doubt that would work23:19
valorieit will always be in europe since that's where our devels mostly live23:19
valoriewe can do Camp KDE again though23:19
* ahoneybun wants to go to Austie23:19
sittersee. the sad thing about this is I propbably could get a direct flight to SEA but I can't get one to a coruna.....23:20
valoriethat's odd23:20
ahoneybunI have 2 2+ hours of layovers lol23:21
valorieI've not booked tickets yet because we don't have the money in the bank yet, and scarlett needs that23:21
valoriesgclark: you did send your bank details though, right?23:21
sgclarkwhen I got back i did, so soon I hope23:22
sgclarkdid you get yours?23:22
ahoneybunsitter: can you make the UOS Kubuntu Kickoff?23:23
valorienot yet, although I've not searched my email yet today23:24
valorieI sent it thur I think before leaving for Bellingham23:24
sitterI can do anything \o/ (depending the lazyness at the time anyway)23:24
valoriebtw, how was your train ride home?23:24
sgclarkomg horrible23:24
valoriethat's no good!23:25
sgclarkgot tossed off train onto a bus, then in Portland met tram kicked us off twice due to "police activitiy"23:25
sitterpleasent train rides surely are only those you are hammered on23:25
valorieoh dear god23:26
sgclarkfinally had my husband come get me lol23:26
* ahoneybun wants a tech job23:26
valoriedamn it23:26
sgclarkin bad part of town no less!23:26
sitterpolice activity?23:26
valorieat least you had Walter for company, right?23:26
sgclarknever found out what the police activity was..23:26
sgclarknot for the Portland part23:26
sitterhow very peculiar23:27
valorie"war on drugs"23:27
valorieor some such nonsense23:27
sgclarkthe whole tram emptied and masses of befuddled passengers lol23:27
valoriegood grief23:27
valoriethat's public safety for you, right there23:28
sgclarkI know right23:28
valoriegood going Portland cops23:28
* sitter once was stuck on a train for some 5 hours in the middle of the austrian alps on account of a "fire incident" that turned out to be a bit of burning shrubbery near the tracks ^^23:28
ahoneybunis this the US?23:29
sgclarkmine? yes Portland, OR23:29
ahoneybunsounds about right that it was in the US lol23:30
EtriaphI know and love many US citizens, but I couldn't live in your borders.23:30
EtriaphI'm happy in Canada :D23:30
valorieyou gotta watch that shrubbery though23:31
valorieyou never know what's hiding in there23:31
* valorie demands a new shrubbery!23:32
valorierun away!23:32
* sitter can't stop laughing just thinking about that scene23:32
* ahoneybun loves a lot of non-US people as well23:33
sitterit's very unfortunate I am so bored with life I've got nothing better to do than get slightly drunk on long weekends and then laugh at monty python references23:34
valorieneed a new project, sitter?23:34
sitterno motivation23:34
valorieI suggest sitting outside somewhere then, and just let life flow around you23:35
sitterso many ideas, actually I came on earlier because I wanted to write a testint framework for qapt. then I noticed something was off with kci, so I spent hours proding that into a working state and now I am too drunk for anything useful23:35
ahoneybunvalorie: I got a plug to change my devices in Spain 23:35
sittervalorie: I quit smoking 8 days ago \o/23:35
valoriehow is that going for you?23:35
valoriethat is rather huge23:36
valoriemassive stress23:36
sittereither I am raging at someone or I am litterally running around in circles on the balcony :O23:36
valorieusing a patch or anything to help?23:36
valorieI could not live with my mother when she quit23:37
sitternext thing you know I get a visit from some nice men with a straight jacket that my neighbours called xD23:37
valorieit was so horrible23:37
sittervalorie: cold turkey as it were23:37
valorieand you were shouting Ni! Ni!23:37
valorienot helping your case23:37
valoriemmm, cold turkey23:38
valorieI must be hungry23:38
ahoneybunvalorie: can you make the Plasma 5 show and tell?23:39
sitterkubotu: order breakfast, at for valorie23:39
* kubotu slides 5 floors of backon and some wurst with bread, a glass of schnaps and a new deck down the bar to valorie.23:39
* ahoneybun needs to add that to the track list23:39
sitterI wonder what a new deck is23:40
sittereven UOS has bureaucracy? 23:40
* ahoneybun is thinking of taking off Monday for the UOS Q&A with Mark23:42
valorieahoneybun: no, no can do23:44
valorieno time for that, and no skill23:44
valorieoooo, schnapps!23:44
valorieand wurst23:44
valorieit really is dinner time23:44
sitterthat's breakfast!!!23:45
valorieI'm almost done crafting Yet Another Email to the CC23:45
valoriethen off to dinner23:45
ahoneybunno skill?23:45
sitteroh btw23:47
valoriefor some show and tell, I mean23:48
sitterovidiu-florin, ahoneybun: I've been skimming through your prediscussion for the uos show and tell thing.... and I thought that maybe you guys would be interested in a thought we had last akademy. the idea was to put together short did-you-know kind of things about cool but perhaps not immediately awesome things (like krunner) and post them semi regularly on our social media accounts in an affort to give our media presence consistent relevance for 23:49
sitterpeople and make them more engaging23:49
sitteralas, nothing ever happend with that because I am pretty lazy23:50
valoriewhat a cool idea23:50
valorieright, lazy people make awesome CI systems23:50
valorieand work on weekends23:50
valoriesilly man!23:50
valorieyou do not have to do All The Things23:51
sitterin particular the notion was to preproduce this stuff and just post it regularly. since these topics stay relevant for quite a while anyway whenever someone has time they can put together a post but it wouldn't get posted like say a month later (or whenver it would feel right to post etc)23:51
* valorie really leaves now23:51
ahoneybunthat is a good idea23:52
ahoneybunsitter: who controls our social media accounts?23:54
sittervalorie: that's work-work though for the most part and has no immediate benefit for the user. it only improves and backs up what is already there, it doesn't make anything more awesome. best case scenario a normal person wouldn't know we have a CI thing going23:55
sitterahoneybun: variety of people. Riddell posts mostly though23:56
sitterand its either content from wire.kubuntu or kubuntu.org news itself23:56
ahoneybunsitter: a small team should do it (small team= 1-2)23:58
sitterahoneybun: posting things?23:58
ahoneybunI have a Kubuntu Promotion page for Google+23:59
sitterhaving a media team would be good ;)23:59

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