EtriaphThanks soee00:03
soeenp, enjoy Kubuntu 15.04 :)00:05
gunndawgI tried to enjoy 15.0400:06
gunndawgHad to go back to 14.0400:08
gunndawgBut I also quite like all the "Ghost" themeing I can do in 14.0400:09
draikxHello all. I'm trying to remove the plexmediaserver package, but it seems to have not been installed successfully. I'm on 15.04. Here is a pastebin of my removal. ==> http://paste.ubuntu.com/10966996/01:39
valorieI'm wondering why sysvinit is in there at all01:41
valoriedraikx: what happens if you `sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoremove` ?01:43
valorieperhaps that would clean up some of those bits01:43
draikxvalorie, just a moment and I will report back.01:43
draikxSeems to be the same thing.01:45
valorieso what does `apt show plexmediaserver` report?01:47
valorieI don't think that needs sudo01:47
valoriehmmm, a search doesn't even find that packagename01:49
draikxpaste you the 15 lines, or pastebin it?01:49
valorieyou'll get auto-quieted with more than about 5 lines01:49
valorieso you might try with -a as suggested01:50
valorieand you are on 15.04 you say01:52
valoriethat reports : APT-Sources: http://plex.r.worldssl.net/PlexMediaServer/ubuntu-repo/ lucid/main amd64 Packages01:53
valorieyou might start by removing that source01:53
valorielooks like you installed by hand01:53
draikxDescription:    Ubuntu 15.0401:53
draikxRelease:        15.0401:53
draikxCodename:       vivid01:53
draikxOK, I can do that.01:53
valoriestream anywhere sounds cool though01:53
draikxIt really is :)01:53
draikx(when it's working, of course)01:54
valoriesure, but that package -- seems it has not been packaged for awhile01:54
valorie!info plexmediaserver01:54
ubottuPackage plexmediaserver does not exist in vivid01:54
draikxHmm. I don't seem to have that in /etc/apt/sources.list01:54
valoriehow did you install it then?01:56
valorieI doubt purging would remove a source repo01:57
valorie!info plexmediaserver trusty01:58
ubottuPackage plexmediaserver does not exist in trusty01:58
draikxdpkg'd a deb, IIRC.01:58
draikx(been a while)01:59
valorieI wonder if dpkg --configure plexmediaserver would work?01:59
valoriesince it seems to be half-configured02:00
valoriedraikx: also notice this line: APT-Sources: /var/lib/dpkg/status02:03
valorieso check there too02:03
draikxSame error with "dpkg --configure plexmediaserver"02:05
valoriewell, is it causing you problems?02:06
draikxI tried to upgrade it, and here I am.02:06
valorieyou can file a bug for an up-to-date package02:06
valorieyou can package it yourself and put it in a PPA02:07
valoriedpkging debs seems rather dangerous02:07
draikxWent to plex.tv, downloaded the latest version (because I couldn't find it in the repos, so I guess it was dpkg'd last time, too), and when I went for the install, it gives me this issue.02:07
valorieif you really like it, it is worth doing either of the things I suggest above02:08
draikxI'll go with the former.02:08
draikxThey just released a new version (which I'm trying to use), so it's probably on their radar, so I could add to whatever bug report I find.02:08
draikxBut now, I just want to remove it so I can start over.02:09
valorieI hear ya02:10
valoriedid you see my suggestion above re: APT-Sources: /var/lib/dpkg/status02:11
valoriefrom your pastebin02:11
draikxOh, right. Sorry, didn't mean to ignore that.02:12
draikxSaw a suggestion online to remove that entry, which I did, and run apt-get update.02:12
draikxI did that, but no change.02:12
draikxI made a backup of it.02:12
valorieyou are sort of on your own, since it isn't an ubuntu package02:13
valoriebut it seems like our tools should fix02:13
draikxFigured as much. Wanted to get some general tips/tricks to get around the nuking of the package.02:14
draikxI've Google'd just about every error it spits out, and no solution. That's when I came here.02:14
draikxvalorie, thank you so much for the assist. Much appreciated :)02:14
valorieheh, all I did was sympathize02:15
valoriebut you are welcome02:15
valorieI've filed bugs for updated packages and gotten movement on them02:15
valorieso good luck02:15
gunndawgHey folks. I installed apache2 and mysql on my system for some local development. I'd rather not have sql server and apache2 running when I'm not working on it. is sudo service mysql stop and sudo service apache2 stop sufficient enough? From a security perspective02:16
draikxvalorie, and to answer your question, this is what I have in /var/lib/dpkg/status02:16
draikxPackage: plexmediaserver02:16
draikxStatus: purge ok half-configured02:16
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valoriegunndawg: you might want to ask that in apache and/or mysql chans02:17
valoriealis is your friend, if you don't know her02:17
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:17
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draikxvalorie, this worked! http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125462102:26
draikxPlex us up and running now. THANK YOU!02:27
valoriewoah, very nice!02:28
valorietalk about forcing.... brute force02:29
draikxThe power of sudo compels you.02:29
valorieexactly: sudo make me a sandwich02:31
valorieexcept I just had dinner and am not hungry02:31
gunndawgsudo apt-get make sammich02:31
draikxvalorie, I owe you a sandwich.02:33
valorieI'm glad you had success02:33
draikxI can share my Plex library with you, if that's any use to you.02:34
valorieno, I don't really watch movies and such on my computer02:34
valoriethanks for the offer though02:34
draikxNo worries. Thanks again for the help.02:47
r1za4всем привет03:07
Unit193!ru | r1za403:08
ubottur1za4: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.03:08
MobileRoeyany of us here awake? :)03:28
* Etriaph is around, from time to time03:28
MobileRoeyoh cool03:29
MobileRoeythanks :)03:29
MobileRoeyEtriaph:  having a weiiiird issue withj SDDM on Kubuntu 15.0403:29
EtriaphMobileRoey: That's natural.03:29
EtriaphWhat's the issue?03:29
MobileRoeyso it's like this... I start up the system in text mode (no X).  Log in, type sddm to start the X/KDE session stack.  Switch to ttty-7.   Then I see a screen that looks like an SDDM login, but nothing past this.03:31
MobileRoeyand when I try to boot to X,03:31
MobileRoeyI see the SDDM login screen, but only a combobox for choosing desktop environments.  Nothing else.03:32
EtriaphYou can login from a tty?03:32
MobileRoeyat what point?03:33
EtriaphAt any point, you can login text-only as your user, or as root?03:33
MobileRoeyI mean it's my machine I can become root whenever I need03:33
MobileRoeyI log in as my user03:33
MobileRoeyand start sddm03:34
MobileRoeynormally I would type startx,03:34
MobileRoeybut that apparently doesn't work anymore.03:34
EtriaphOK, so you can login in a text-based environment as *your* user03:34
MobileRoeyit gives me errors.03:34
EtriaphDuring installation if the creation of your user had failed then sddm wouldn't have a user list.03:34
EtriaphThat's why I'm asking03:34
Etriaph(Or maybe it wouldn't, anyway)03:35
MobileRoeywell it was an upgrade, from 14.10 -> 15.04.03:35
EtriaphYa, I reinstalled for that leap.03:35
MobileRoeyis there a way to rebuild the sddm user list?03:35
EtriaphUmm, I'd have to read about it.03:35
MobileRoey(btw, upgrading ubuntu/kubuntu is always painful for me.  Every tim.)03:35
valorieMobileRoey: have you done `systemctl restore sddm`03:35
EtriaphYa, next time just install, but don't format the partition that /home is on03:36
valoriethis solved problems for me03:36
Etriaphvalorie: I was getting to that :D03:36
MobileRoeyvalorie:  I have not, what does that do?03:36
MobileRoeybtw hi :)03:36
valorieupgrades worked for me03:36
valoriehi roey03:36
MobileRoeyI'll try that, then.03:36
valorierestore somehow reconciles systemd and sddm03:36
valorieunknown why it is necessary sometimes03:37
valoriesorry for interrupting, Etriaph03:38
EtriaphI'm so grateful I don't ever have to setup XFree86 by hand anymore.03:38
Etriaphvalorie: Oh, no problem  :D03:38
MobileRoeyvalorie:  it says "Unknown operation 'restire'."03:42
valorievery odd03:43
valoriethat works for everyone03:43
MobileRoeyEtriaph:  yeajh I'd like to install, BUT I setthe system up with BTRFS for /, /home, /arch, etc. as subvols (Kubuntu does it this way automatically).  It'll nuke all the subvols if I try and reinstall it.03:43
MobileRoeytyping systemctl re<tab>, I see:03:44
MobileRoeyreboot, reenable, reload, reload-or-restart, reload-or-try-restart, rescue, reset-failed, restart.03:44
valorietry rescue?03:45
valorieI've not heard of that choice before03:45
MobileRoeywhat does it say for you now?03:45
Etriaphrescue sddm is the most likely choice.03:45
MobileRoeyhmm. ok.03:46
MobileRoeymn pwge just says it causes it to enter rescue mode03:46
MobileRoeybut doesn't talk about what it is.03:46
EtriaphRight now it's not working, this is a likely method to restore it to defaults or remove whatever's gumming it up.03:48
MobileRoeyok.  I'll try it then.03:49
MobileRoeyso I type:03:49
MobileRoeysudo systemctl rescue sddm03:49
MobileRoeyand it says:  Invalid number of arguments.03:50
valorieno sudo03:50
MobileRoeyI tried both03:50
valoriedid you use sudo above for restore?03:51
=== mike_ is now known as emce
MobileRoeyyes, and it also gave me "Unknown operation 'restore'."03:51
=== emce is now known as mcemce
valorieno sudo03:52
valoriethis is for your user03:52
valorienot root03:52
MobileRoeywithout sudo I get the same message.03:52
valoriemost odd03:52
valorieare you doing this in a virtual console?03:53
valorieor in konsole03:53
EtriaphHe can't login, graphically03:53
EtriaphSDDM isn't showing a user list03:53
valorieah, missed that03:53
valorieI wonder if sudo was used earlier, and screwed up permissions?03:54
valoriewhy do people keep using sudo03:54
EtriaphThere is that .kyasoca thing03:54
Etriaphin .cache03:54
valoriewhen it isn't necessary03:54
MobileRoeyrebuild ksycoca03:54
Etriaphsudo is just fine to use, but not for the GUI.03:55
Etriaphkdesudo should be used for GUI programs.03:55
valorienot when it is not needed03:55
valoriesudo changes permissions of user  stuff03:55
valoriekdesudo/sudo is another issue03:55
EtriaphSo sudo chown -R me:me ~/03:55
MobileRoeyAnyway but let's move past discussions of sudo--I thinkthe issue lies elsewhere03:55
MobileRoeylike someone mntioned, maybe the userlist for SDDM differs from the userlist in systemd03:56
MobileRoeyin the system, I mean, sorry.03:56
EtriaphWell in the user manager in system settings you can select which users are displayed and which ones are not03:57
EtriaphThe avatars03:57
EtriaphMaybe that's not configured.03:57
MobileRoeyalright, which package should I check for?03:57
valorieso I just want to report that I get the same set of commands that MobileRoey does, from both konsole and the VT03:57
MobileRoeythank you03:58
EtriaphMobileRoey: I've never encountered this specific issue before, it's certainly interesting.  :D03:59
EtriaphIf we could trick your system, via configuration on disk, to automatically login your user just to reach a desktop that's where my head is going.04:04
valorieMobileRoey: you can try `kbuildsycoca5 --noincremental`04:05
valoriecan't hurt04:06
valoriemight help04:06
aruncehow can I set up the date in iso 8601 format? like yyyy-mm-dd?04:08
aruncea lot of features from the locale settings are missing04:09
Etriapharunce: Yup, I prefer 24 hour clock and it's not available atm as far as I've seen.04:10
valorieyou are not alone, arunce: https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=289&t=12516004:10
valoriehelp is always welcome to report, fix, and test fixes04:12
aruncethank you for the link valorie04:13
arunceEtriaph: as do I04:15
valorieme too04:15
aruncemy system locale are somewhat different from the desktop ones... what a mess.04:18
valorieI just watched a news story about the mess in Nepal -- locales are a mess, but this really is firstworldproblems04:27
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hyper_chvalorie: locales are a mess in 15.0405:08
valorieno debate there, hyper_ch05:09
valorieI hope someone is in charge of cleaning them up, but I don't know that05:09
hyper_chthere are a few bug reports online05:09
hyper_chmy terminal is german for some reason.... gimp is also german... rest is english as it should be05:10
hyper_charunce: feel free to comment https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34675905:10
ubottuKDE bug 346759 in general "locale is one huge mess" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate]05:10
valoriewell, I'm not having problems, because I'm American05:11
valorieyou would think that German locales would be in the best shape though05:11
hyper_chthat's when I get when I type locale in the terminal05:12
aruncelike me05:12
hyper_chand the debian way of fixing it -   dpkg-reconfigure locales   doesn't do anything05:12
valorieLANG=en_US.UTF-8 for me05:12
aruncedolphin is showing yyyy-mm-dd and my clock  is showing dd/mm/yy05:12
valoriedolphin is still kde405:12
arunceI see05:12
hyper_charunce: what language does gimp show?05:13
hyper_chwell, LANG=en_US.UTF-8 is also set there.. but LANGUAGE has that "de" in it for some strange reason05:13
hyper_chbut how do I change that05:13
valoriethis is the original bug report: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=34098205:14
hyper_charunce: I see....05:14
ubottuKDE bug 340982 in kcm_formats "I cannot set my short date to YYYY-MM-DD, nor my time to HH:MM" [Wishlist,Confirmed]05:14
valoriebut your bug report title is much more dramatic, hyper_ch05:14
aruncethis is so messed up05:14
valorieso, just to remind everyone again: help is always needed05:15
hyper_chvalorie: I though I had in my list updated the bug url :) mine got marked as duplicate05:15
valoriefiling and commenting on bugs is great05:15
valoriefixing and testing fixes help even more05:15
hyper_chalso another really, really annoying bug is that I can't resize Konsole... if I do, it freezes05:15
valorieah, I use yakuake05:15
hyper_chcurrently 16 bugs reported, 1 already fixed05:16
arunceI need to work those locales05:17
hyper_charunce: you want to have paper set to US?05:17
arunceya... that's strange05:18
arunceno i don't05:18
arunceand it wasn't05:18
aruncebtw, any of you having problems with the panels after disabling/enabling the compositor? (with shift+alt+F12)05:20
hyper_chwhat do you mean?05:21
aruncejust try..05:21
hyper_chnothing happens05:22
aruncemaybe you will lose some functions, like transparency, widgets stop working with composite effects05:22
hyper_chI have that disabled anyway05:23
hyper_chI disable almost all effects05:23
hyper_chvalorie: where to report bugs to the icon only task manager?05:23
arunceicon only task manager? what bug?05:24
hyper_chmore a feature request... when you minimize windows there, then the icon turns grey.... but if it's  icon-only and only having greyed out icons on the task bar makes it not very easy to see the correct icon again05:25
aruncei'm using dark breeze, had do rebuild the iconset05:26
hyper_chbreeze is just too much a wasted space IMHO05:26
hyper_chstill unhappy how oxygen increased spacing also05:27
hyper_chbecause now I have to scroll my folder lists in kontact05:27
arunceI'm loving these flat themes05:28
valoriedark breeze worked great for me, and I love the new look05:29
valorietastes differ05:29
arunceI miss glow05:29
arunceand dim inactive don't work for me05:30
valoriesome loved it, and I lot loudly hated it05:30
valoriea lot05:30
aruncewell, you could choose any other coulor05:30
hyper_charunce: http://images.sjau.ch/img/8630cb25.png05:30
valorieoh, I don't like that spacing either05:31
aruncehyper_ch: that's hard05:31
valorietiny icons, widely spread05:31
valoriehave to agree there05:31
hyper_chso, gotta update some vms to Jessie05:31
aruncehyper_ch: did you try with the desktop effect "Background contrast"?05:32
hyper_charunce: no I haven't.... I wanted to suggest to not completly grey-out icons in the icon-only task manager05:33
valoriekde4 icons are still colored05:35
valorieI use the icon-only05:35
valoriektorrent arrow is still blue05:36
aruncetaking a snapshot and found 2 bugs05:39
arunceone of them was captured05:39
aruncethe last is a bit like matrix05:39
valoriewhat are we looking at there?05:44
aruncethe taken in 1 second shouln't appear05:45
aruncejust to show the greyed out icons with dark breeze05:45
valoriehi xuechaokang, can we help?05:57
taratorHi everyone, will the Plasma 5.3 Desktop also be released for regular Kubuntu 15.04 installations? (without enabling the backports repository) ANd if yes, when?06:59
iroh5Mountain Daylight Time reads UTC-7 instead UTC-6 on the Desktop Clock -- LTS Precise KDE 4.85.  Pacific, Mountain, Eastern and Atlantic Daylight Time renders their correct times.  Where do I find a fix or report this bug?07:24
valorietarator: it is in backports. It will not be part of 15.04 now that it is released, too late for that07:29
valorieiroh5: try `ubuntu-bug locale` in the commandline to file the bug07:30
iroh5valorie: I am not sure if this is a known issue or a debian thing, or even how to search it out.  googling it didnt help, so I thought to ask.  Thanks.07:34
shanuhi some is online07:43
shanui have problem07:44
Linux-UzerHelp, anybody?07:45
shanuhelp anybody07:45
Linux-Uzerhehe, I'm a new Linux user. I'm trying to install something.07:45
Linux-UzerXAMPP. It's a .run file.07:46
alviniroh5: What does the date command tell you?07:46
Linux-UzerI closed the Konsole, I'll try again to fetch the results. Please, wait (if you want).07:47
Linux-Uzer./xampp-linux-x64-5.6.3-0-installer.run: command not found07:47
iroh5alvin: Sat May  2 01:47:33 MDT 201507:48
iroh5which is correct.  the desktop plasma is 1 hour off07:48
MoonUnit`try bash xampp-linux-x64-5.6.3-0-installer.run07:48
Linux-Uzerwhat does it do?07:48
MoonUnit`or chmod+x xampp-linux-x64-5.6.3-0-installer.run then ./xampp-linux-x64-5.6.3-0-installer.run07:48
Linux-Uzerthe last 2 don't work.07:48
Linux-UzerI'll try another file, which I'm still downloading.07:49
alviniroh5: Good. When you hover over the clock and scroll the mouse it should switch between all timezones you have set.07:49
MoonUnit`the executable bit isn't set so linux doesn't know its an executable file.07:49
Linux-UzerAlright, let me see the new file, please.07:49
alvin(The clock in the panel I mean) If you right click it and choose settings, you can choose the time zones07:50
valorieiroh5: sorry, was wrapping up an intense email07:52
arunceLinux-Uzer: https://www.apachefriends.org/faq_linux.html07:52
valorieI've not seen your precise problem reported, but it is def. a bug07:52
Linux-Uzerchmod +x xampp-linux-5.6.8-0-installer.run   <-- Doesn't work, nothing happened.07:52
MoonUnit`that just sets the exe bit now try ./xampp-linux-x64-5.6.3-0-installer.run07:53
Linux-Uzer./xampp-linux-5.6.8-0-installer.run   <--Works!  but asking root priviliges.07:53
MoonUnit`run sudo ./xampp-linux-5.6.8-0-installer.run07:53
Linux-Uzera lot!07:54
valorieiroh5: ah, I asked the same question as alvin last time I saw you ask07:55
valoriebut no reply -- so what is the output of `date` in a konsole?07:55
alvinIt's there. His date is correct. That leaves out reconfiguring the tzdata07:56
alvinI've never seen trouble with the timezone in KDE, but it's possible to scroll the mouse wheel when over the clock and set the display to some other timezone by accident.07:57
iroh5alvin: valorie: sorry, afk-- cat issues.  I reinstalled tzdata using muon and that seems to have fixed the problem.07:59
iroh5valorie: sorry, afk-- cat issues. I reinstalled tzdata using muon and that seems to have fixed the problem.07:59
alvinIt did? Ok then.08:00
alvinYour timezone didn't recently change, dit it :-) If that happens, there's a tzdata update.08:01
iroh5alvin: thanks it was driving me nuts. everytime zone except mine was on time. i even missed an appointment because of it.  yes tzdata updated yesterday or the day before.08:01
* alvin goes back to preparing for the leap second. Storing more grain, water. Don't forget salt.08:02
iroh5valorie: thanks also for your help.08:03
valorieyou are welcome, but all I did was try08:05
iroh5i used to do light tech support for an unnamed conglomerate that didnt have the best manners, so when peops are online to lend a hand gratis i think its important to let them know they are appreciated.08:09
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Champion_Thehi, do you recommend OpenGL 3.1 over 2 for compositor backend?08:34
sbivolChampion_The: I've been running with OpenGL 3.1 on the fglrx driver without any issues. I guess the older OpenGL backends are there as an alternative in case your driver is buggy08:37
Champion_Theyeah but it is by default08:37
=== cup`ocoffie is now known as cup-o-coffee
=== cup-o-coffee is now known as cupocoffee
=== cupocoffee is now known as cup`ocoffee
sbivolbuggy by default? of course it is :-)08:39
Champion_Theyeah I changed it, and OpenGL interface08:41
Champion_Thewhich one is better?08:41
Champion_TheGLX / EGL?08:41
sbivolthe recommendation would be driver-dependent, I guess...08:42
sbivolGLX is older, as far as I know08:43
sbivoltry EGL. If it fails, revert to GLX08:44
Champion_TheI have intel HD 440008:45
Champion_Theok I'll try it :D08:48
aruncex support egl?08:49
arunceI think not08:49
Champion_Theyeah it's there08:49
Champion_TheKubuntu 15.0408:49
sbivolarunce: It does, according to http://www.mesa3d.org/egl.html08:50
Champion_TheEGL is not supported by all OpenGL drivers. If not supported the Compositor will be disabled.08:52
Champion_Thea message :D08:52
MoonUnit`decorations sometimes crash when i change those settings.08:54
Champion_Thelooks like it works for me09:03
Champion_Theand seems to be faster09:03
=== lorenzo is now known as lorenzo92
wmphello, i have problem with 15.04 and with breeze-dark theme, i dont know why i have white panel with task manager, without changes after switch style to dark, panel is same that standard theme09:17
=== sub is now known as Guest85709
aruncewmp: you may need to switch it at the workspace theme09:28
ERIC850Cannot load library /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libkdeinit5_ksystraycmd09:34
ERIC850kubuntu 15.0409:34
Fleckhttp://imgur.com/RbF38Mi << seems like many KDE apps have problems with kio... gwenview also in the list, can't use browse after upgrade to KDE Plasma... ideas?09:37
Champion_TheFleck: I prefer to install a fresh distro09:40
Fleckyeah, but I don't09:40
Champion_Thethen deal with the consequences09:40
Flecktrying to, don't you see?09:41
arunceI'm with the same install since 2010... imagine that.09:42
Champion_Thearunce: an LTS version?10:02
Fleckarunce: so, you don't have such problem as I am having?10:22
typhoon_2099Hey guys, I've just tried adding a script to run at startup which was removed during the upgrade to 15.04 but it does not appear when i return to the Startup and Shutdown menu. I've checked ~/.config/autostart and the file (or symlink) is there, it's just not being picked up at statup. Anyone else have the same issue?10:25
aruncetyphoon_2099: mine survived the upgrade.10:38
alvintyphoon_2099: I can confirm that. You can no longer add startup scripts. Well, you can add them, but they will mysteriously disappear.10:49
lordievaderalvin: Are they still executed though?10:50
alvinI'm not sure. I am struggling with a script that worked before. programs (desktop files) do work in a fashion.10:51
aruncealvin: mine are working, xbindkeys for the matter.10:53
alvincan you see them too? (In kcmshell5 autostart)10:53
aruncealvin: i can see them in the autostart - system settings10:55
alvinAre they listed as 'startup' or 'pre-startup'10:55
alvinarunce: (and are we talking about plasma5?)10:55
aruncekubuntu 15.04 - plasma 5.310:56
alvinarunce: startup or pre-startup scripts?10:57
alvinSo, you have the same bug. They are not visible?10:58
aruncealvin: https://meocloud.pt/link/928d366f-5f44-431a-beda-f0aeef74178d/temp_AS.png/11:00
typhoon_2099Hi sorry, went for a shower. The scripts don't run at startup. They are startup scripts, it's a shell script that starts two other Conky scripts (which are directly referenced). When i go into the startup and shutdown menu the scripts have been removed, despite the files/symlinks being present in the autostart directory11:00
aruncethat's not a "script", but it works as advised.11:01
alvinarunce: Ah, no. That's a desktop file. Yes, those work11:05
* bip Hello ;-)11:08
alvin!package plasma-widget-redshift11:29
alvinok, I don't know ubottu's command here11:29
Unit193!info plasma-widget-redshift11:30
ubottuplasma-widget-redshift (source: plasma-widget-redshift): Plasma widget for Redshift. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.6.1-0ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 88 kB, installed size 339 kB11:30
alvinIt's a plasma widget, but when I install it, it's nowhere to be found in the widgets.11:30
alvinUnit193: thanks11:30
ik_hi friends !!11:39
ik_excuse me ... i have a problem with Kate11:40
Fleckik_: shoot11:40
ik_when i start Kate i see two instances of Kate11:41
BluesKajHiyas all12:00
patrick_Running Kubuntu 15.04, from time to time, the hdd access goes crazy and the whole system just grinds to a halt - i am forced to hold the power button and reboot - any ideas ?12:14
BluesKajpatrick_, explain "goes crazy"12:15
Flecksounds like swapping :D12:15
Fleckpatrick_: next time leave it, for hours, it should recover :D12:16
MoonUnit`or bad sectors12:16
patrick_patrick_:  the hdd light on the box flashs and then is fully on, while I can barley move the mouse interact without 30+sec delays, also I can hear the hdd noises more so than normal12:16
patrick_BluesKaj:   the hdd light on the box flashs and then is fully on, while I can barley move the mouse interact without 30+sec delays, also I can hear the hdd noises more so than normal12:17
BluesKajturn off the search index in system settings . patrick_12:18
BluesKajfile search12:18
patrick_BluesKaj:  I see Plasma search and File search12:18
patrick_BluesKaj:  untick File search ?12:18
BluesKajfor starters12:19
patrick_BluesKaj: ty I think I had this same issue few releases back, same solution, fingers crossed12:19
BluesKajpatrick_, do you use kmail ?12:23
patrick_BluesKaj:  no12:23
BluesKajor kontact etc?12:23
patrick_BluesKaj:  no, only kate, kile, kde im client , amarok -think my others are all non kde programs12:24
BluesKajpatrick_, now open ~/.config/akonadi/akonadiserverrc, change Startserver from true to false12:24
patrick_BluesKaj:  what will this do ?12:26
BluesKajprevents fro thakonadi server from starting and running in the background , since you don't use it12:27
BluesKajprevents the12:27
BluesKajaurelie, how many underscores do you need?12:30
patrick_BluesKaj:  what does akonadi server do  anyway ?12:34
BluesKaj!info akonadi12:36
ubottuPackage akonadi does not exist in vivid12:36
BluesKajoh lord what's wrong with the bot now?12:36
BluesKajit's meant for on the job users mostly12:38
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wmparunce: no, this dont helps, i trying this13:37
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
luc4Sorry, but… am I the only one who finds 15.04 unusable? Half the times, or more, that I run it I have to fix something...14:14
=== james_ is now known as SiriusLi
MoonUnit`5.3 is pretty stable for me.14:23
Spec-Chumcool, I've not tried it yet14:26
Spec-ChumI've just installed kubuntu onto a 32gb memory stick to try it out without messing with my laptop14:26
Spec-ChumI have put 4.01 kernel on tho14:27
Spec-Chumit is a quick memory stick tho, SSD territory.  220Mb/sec read 100Mb/sec write14:28
luc4Any way to install the old kde4 on 15.04?14:28
luc4Pretty bad… I have to systems in front of me… on one I had to create a new user cause my user has now decided to show a black screen, in the other the loader only disappears some times…14:32
lordievaderMy netboot has been fine with Vivid + Plasma 5.3.14:37
BluesKajSpec-Chum, from all reports the 4.01 kernel isn't very stable with 15.04 ...your experience may be different , but be warned14:42
BluesKajluc4, upgrade to plasma 5.3 here, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports14:45
luc4BluesKaj: but… isn’t that the one in 15.04?14:47
lordievaderPerhaps it landed in the archives, but else it is in the backports.14:48
luc4lordievader: how do I find out?14:49
lordievaderluc4: In a kde application go to help -> about kde14:50
luc4lordievader: Frameworks Version 5.9.014:51
lordievaderAh right, what does 'apt-cache policy plasma-desktop' say?14:52
luc4lordievader: 5.2.214:53
luc4I’ll try that then, thanks14:53
luc4now even the keyboard layout seems not to work… :-(14:53
Spec-Chumhmm, baloo is taking 100% cpu14:54
Spec-Chumwell, 25% or 1 full core I should say14:54
MoonUnit`baloo has been a problem for many,14:55
luc4Yes, for me as well.14:56
MoonUnit`figured out the problem on my system, in konsole balooctl stop (may need to pkill baloo_file) then balooctl start and wait for it to get stuck on a file, then block that folder from being searched again.14:57
MoonUnit`Konversation logs were one the sticking points.14:57
Pocabecause at every message14:57
Pocait grows( changes )14:57
Pocaso it needs to be indexed again14:57
luc4I simply disables search… although it seems to get back on...14:58
Spec-Chumseems ok now I've restarted it15:01
Spec-Chumthanks MoonUnit`15:01
Spec-Chumit is still doing the log files from konversation but it doesn't appear to be stuck15:02
luc4lordievader: ok, moving to 5.3 was not a good choice… doesn’t seem to even login anymore15:03
lordievaderluc4: You do get to sddm?15:03
luc4lordievader: yes15:04
lordievaderluc4: Anything in xsession-errors?15:04
luc4lordievader: it seems that the loader screen is creating a mess everywhere15:04
luc4let me check15:04
Pocait's a little bit weird15:04
Pocabecause if you issue systemctl list-units15:05
Pocaeven consolekit is still there15:05
PocaI thought that it was deprecated and that logind was created to replace it15:05
Pocabut well...15:05
luc4lordievader: I see autostart2Done timedout, his is a BUG!15:06
lordievaderluc4: What happens when you set xinitrc to start kde and then run 'startx' from a tty after you stopped sddm?15:07
luc4lordievader: another user instead logs in15:08
lordievaderluc4: What?15:09
luc4lordievader: I have another user. With that user I can see the desktop15:09
luc4lordievader: still with a black portion, but at least I see a portion of it.15:10
lordievaderluc4: Hmm, so it is something in your kde settings.15:10
luc4lordievader: yes15:10
luc4lordievader: since I installed 15.04 I reset users at lest 15 times...15:10
lordievaderluc4: So figure out what is triggering it ;)15:11
kalibHello guys, just upgraded to ubuntu 15.04 (nice job with plasma 5, by the way). Well, Is it possible to  run netflix on it?15:17
OerHekskalib with Chrome you can.15:19
MoonUnit`yup with chome is works, didn't with chromium.15:19
kalibwell, I was trying with chromium and firefox15:19
kalibno, no hacking needed? just install chrome and it´s done?15:20
OerHeksyes, try it15:20
kalibthanks.. I´ll do it. ;]15:20
luc4lordievader: I don’t know what to say… now all the titles of the window disappeared…15:21
lordievaderluc4: Is this an upgrade or a reinstall?15:21
luc4lordievader: an upgrade that was working 30 minutes ago15:21
lordievaderluc4: Upgrades sometimes have the wierdest problems.15:23
MoonUnit`tried lowering settings in compositor? i had weird glitches when the rendering backend was set to 3.115:23
luc4lordievader: ok, let’s give up…15:24
Irish_CanonHello all i am using sudo dd if=ubuntu.iso  of=/dev/sdb1 bs=1M and its taking more time then if I was to use bs=512  - Any ideas whats going on15:26
lordievaderIrish_Canon: That is quite normal, there is an optimum curve with blocksizes.15:27
Irish_Canoncool thx15:28
Spec-ChumI normally use 51215:29
amundsenwhich is the kde version in 14.04 now?15:36
lordievader!info kdelibs5-core trusty15:36
ubottuPackage kdelibs5-core does not exist in trusty15:36
lordievader!info kdelibs5-dat trusty15:37
ubottuPackage kdelibs5-dat does not exist in trusty15:37
lordievader!info kdelibs5-data trusty15:37
ubottukdelibs5-data (source: kde4libs): core shared data for all KDE Applications. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.13.3-0ubuntu0.2 (trusty), package size 2520 kB, installed size 7492 kB15:37
lordievaderamundsen: 4.13.315:37
lordievaderBackports might have a newer version.15:37
amundsenlordievader: so if you want to use 4.14 yo must use backports?15:37
lordievader!info kdelibs5-data kubuntu-backports15:37
ubottukdelibs5-data (source: kde4libs): core shared data for all KDE Applications. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.14.2-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.04~ppa1 (kubuntu-backports), package size 2893 kB, installed size 6731 kB15:37
lordievaderamundsen: ^ 4.14.2 ;)15:38
amundsenlordievader: that's the version of backports, right?15:38
cyclickCan I rollback from kubuntu 15.04? I tried to install updates that didn't make it to stable yet and still have too many issues16:03
=== mkv is now known as m4v
MoonUnit`not really, reinstall or restore a backup.16:10
cyclickok thanks moonunit16:48
cyclickDolphin is now hanging very often17:04
soee_never hangs for me  :)17:06
eryndiamonds15.04 has crashed. plasmashell keeps giving errors and I can't do anything17:20
eryndiamondswill not start in failsafe mode either17:22
eryndiamondscan anyone help me?17:23
murthyeryndiamonds: hi17:23
murthyeryndiamonds: what did you do before the crash, did you install or upgrade something?17:24
eryndiamondsi upgraded to 15.04 then I was configuring the task bar. then crash17:25
eryndiamondswhat I keep getting is Plasma closed unexpectedly.17:27
murthyeryndiamonds: there are few things that can cause this. I can tell some solutions, can you try one by one?17:27
eryndiamondsExecutable: plasmashell PID: ##### Signal: Segmentation fault (11)17:28
murthyeryndiamonds: try deleting this file in your home directory .Xauthority17:29
eryndiamondssure. I'm using my phone to access this chat17:29
murthyeryndiamonds: and then relogin17:29
murthyeryndiamonds: do you know how to do delete the file?17:30
eryndiamondsI have Dolphin up from the debug mode now17:30
murthyeryndiamonds: you can access dolphin?17:31
murthyeryndiamonds: In that case your login is successful so you dont have to delete the file17:31
murthyeryndiamonds: Sorry I thought you are not able to login, my mistake.17:31
eryndiamondsI'm in home. where is that file?17:32
murthyeryndiamonds: It must be the graphics driver17:32
murthyeryndiamonds: do you use any graphics card like nvidia with binary driver?17:33
eryndiamondsnot sure. this is an old laptop17:33
eryndiamondsI can't find the file?17:34
murthyeryndiamonds: can you run the driver installer ?17:34
murthyeryndiamonds: The driver manager in the system settings17:35
eryndiamondshow do I do that with me being almost helpless?17:36
murthyeryndiamonds: are you able to open the krunner?17:36
murthyeryndiamonds: press alt+f217:36
eryndiamondsI can't get to system settings17:36
murthyeryndiamonds: I crashes?17:36
murthyeryndiamonds: It crashes?17:37
eryndiamondshang on17:37
eryndiamondsgot system settings up17:37
murthyeryndiamonds: goto driver manager17:38
eryndiamondsOkay. collecting information17:39
eryndiamondsit was working just fine with 14.1017:41
eryndiamondsstill says collecting information about your system17:42
murthyeryndiamonds: ok. tell me when it completes. i am going for dinner. will be back in 15 min17:51
* JMichaelX is having KDE4.0 flashbacks17:52
eryndiamondsOkay. first box, using processor microcode firmware for intel cpus from intel-microcode. second box: using smartlink software modem daemon from sl-modem-daemon17:56
Konrajis there a repo to add KDE applications 15.04.0 to Kubuntu 15.04?18:06
murthyeryndiamonds: hi, it seems the issue is not with the driver18:06
murthyeryndiamonds: The problem could be caused by the plasmashell config file, you need to backup and delete that file. let me give you the filename18:07
murthyKonraj: you want the backports?18:07
Konrajmurthy: do you mean they are in the backports repo?18:08
murthyKonraj: do you want plasma ?18:08
murthyKonraj: I mean plasma 5.3?18:09
KonrajI have plasma 5.3 already18:09
murthyKonraj: check about kubuntu backports and beta backports ppa by googling18:10
eryndiamondsI changed my display settings. hold on18:10
Konrajmurthy: those repos don't contain them18:13
murthyKonraj: I not sure what you want. You better ask the devs in kubuntu-devel18:13
murthyKonraj: Still I am not sure what you want.18:16
Konrajmurthy: that lists kde 5 versions of applications that are not in any of the kubuntu repos18:17
eryndiamondsstepped away for a moment from laptop. how do I get plasmashell to correct itself?18:18
murthyKonraj: oh ok, you want kde applications 15.04, I am not sure but I think its getting packaged , let me check that18:18
murthyeryndiamonds: I will give you certain filename , you need to rename them with extension .bak . example plasmarc  to plasmarc.bak  .    ok?18:19
eryndiamonds<murthy> I need to get plasmashell to fix itself18:19
murthyeryndiamonds: in your home directory goto the directory .kde->share->config18:20
murthyThere you will see four files namely plasmarc, plasma-desktoprc, plasma-desktop-appletsrc, plasma-appletsrc .  Rename these files like what I said. Then relogin18:22
murthyeryndiamonds: ^18:22
murthyeryndiamonds: so the files would be like this after renaming plasmarc.bak, plasma-desktoprc.bak, plasma-desktop-appletsrc.bak , plasma-appletsrc.bak18:23
eryndiamondswhat folder? I can't find what you mentioned18:26
tempestadeptHello. I've updated to 15.04, and after logging in I see just the wallpaper, no desktop panels. I've renamed .kde, .local and .config, nothing changed. APT tells me that I have latest versions of kubuntu-desktop, plasma-desktop, plasma-workspace. What could cause this?18:26
murthyeryndiamonds: its hidden, you need to press alt+. (dot) button to unhide them18:26
murthyeryndiamonds: in the home directory press those keys and the hidden folders will show up. you need to go inside .kde folder after that18:27
eryndiamondsI'm in folder. only file there is kdebugrc18:28
murthyeryndiamonds: you upgraded from 14.10 to 15.04?18:29
tempestadeptInterestingly, pstree shows that lightdm started lightdm-kde-greeter, and it didn't start anything useful18:30
murthyeryndiamonds: Did it finish completly?18:30
eryndiamondsit said it did.  I guess it didn't18:30
murthyeryndiamonds: open a terminal and run sudo dpkg-configure -a18:31
eryndiamondswhat command for terminal again?18:33
eryndiamondsI can't find terminal. ugh18:35
murthyeryndiamonds: in krunner type konsole18:36
murthyeryndiamonds: the command is sudo dpkg-configure -a18:37
eryndiamondsgot terminal. now it's rejecting that command18:38
murthyeryndiamonds: rejecting>18:38
murthyeryndiamonds: rejecting?18:38
eryndiamondssays: sudo: dpkg-configure: command not found18:39
murthyeryndiamonds: wait18:39
murthyeryndiamonds: Try this   sudo dpkg --configure -a18:40
=== tweak is now known as tweak77
eryndiamondsunrecognized option --configure18:42
tweak77hi. just curious if anyone knows how to troubleshoot this, each time i start KDE (login) the system starts but i get a problem reporting window each time (on the loading screen for the kde components)18:42
eryndiamondsOkay it just took the command18:45
murthyeryndiamonds: whats happening now?18:45
eryndiamondsit just took command. now I have a prompt18:46
CodeBot3000Hello! I was wondering: I need to add a directory to my PATH, I was wondering which configuration file should I place that. '.profile'?18:46
BluesKajtweak77, did you install kde as an alternative desktop in ubuntu?18:46
tweak77BluesKaj: Yes actually I did, but I use it as my main desktop beside Ubuntu Studio18:47
BluesKajtweak77, suggeest you install kubuntu-desktop18:47
eryndiamondsnow how do I get it to fix the plasmashell?18:48
murthyeryndiamonds: rename the .kde directory to .kde_bak and relogin18:48
tweak77BluesKaj: so ditch the multiple environments?18:48
BluesKajtweak77, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE\18:50
tweak77BluesKaj: thank you18:50
BluesKajtweak77, correction https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE18:51
BluesKajtweak77, ignore the post URL posted above18:52
tweak77BluesKaj: Okay.18:52
tweak77BluesKaj: I have all those packages installed, but it suggested an autoremove of my old linux headers which i went ahead and did.  requesting reboot, so i will be back in a sec.18:55
murthyCodeBot3000: http://askubuntu.com/questions/60218/how-to-add-a-directory-to-my-path18:57
eryndiamondsOkay now what ? still getting errors. still no taskbar. ugh18:57
=== tweak is now known as tweak77
tweak77BluesKaj: Same error message unfortunately.18:59
eryndiamondsmurthy: How do I get it to fix the whole plasma19:01
murthyeryndiamonds: we need to find what is causing the crash19:01
murthyeryndiamonds: The proper way of doing it is hard19:02
CodeBot3000murthy: Thanks!19:02
murthyeryndiamonds: the first simple way is to find the error shown by the plasmashell from the console after enabling the debug messages in kdebugdialog19:02
murthyCodeBot3000: yw19:03
murthyeryndiamonds: do you want to try that?19:03
eryndiamondsokay if I can pull that up19:03
eryndiamondshold on a sec.19:04
murthyeryndiamonds: ok19:04
eryndiamondsokay I have debug19:06
murthyeryndiamonds: did you enable the debug messages in kdebugdialog?19:07
eryndiamondslast thing it says is> ptrace: Operation not permitted19:07
eryndiamondsI'm in gdb19:08
murthyeryndiamonds: are you familiar with gdb?19:09
murthyeryndiamonds: in that case dont use it19:09
eryndiamondsokay I have kdebugdialog open19:09
murthyeryndiamonds: in that untick the "disable all debug outputs"19:10
eryndiamondseverything in list is greyed out19:10
murthyeryndiamonds: then check if plasma, libplasma and plasma-desktop are ticked19:11
murthyeryndiamonds: If there are not checked, check them and press the ok button to close. Now you will get the debug messages of plasmashell properly19:12
murthyeryndiamonds: you need to stop the plasma desktop is that is running19:13
murthyeryndiamonds: use kquitapp to do that19:13
murthyeryndiamonds: kquitapp plasmashell19:13
murthyeryndiamonds: open konsole, run plasmashell and see if get any interesting error messages19:14
aleksandar_can anyone answer this, honestly, isn't Kubuntu 14.10 more stable than 15.04?19:17
eryndiamondsplasma-desktop is missing19:18
murthyaleksandar_: yes, it is19:18
murthyeryndiamonds: what?19:19
eryndiamondsyep. not there in the list19:19
murthyeryndiamonds: in the kdebugdialog?19:20
murthyeryndiamonds: goto root folder and then to usr->bin directory and see if plasmashell is present there19:22
eryndiamondsyes it is19:23
murthyeryndiamonds: ok check in konsole if you see any error messages when your run plasmashell from the same19:25
BluesKajaleksandar__, depends which desktop is used on 14.10 , plasma 4 is stable, plasma 5 not so stable19:27
eryndiamondserror box keeps popping up. list in bash still going19:28
murthyeryndiamonds: dont close the error box. try to get the error message pasted here. use paste.kde.org19:30
murthyeryndiamonds: did you restart the system immediatly after it showed the restart taskbar icon during the upgrade?19:31
eryndiamondslast error >Executable: plasmashell PID: 4673 Signal: Segmentation fault (11) Time: 5/2/15 12:28:0019:33
eryndiamondsI let it restart itself when I upgraded19:34
murthyeryndiamonds: any error before the last line19:34
eryndiamondsscreen lc19:35
eryndiamondsscreen locked up right now. ugh19:35
eryndiamondsI'm at a Starbucks doing this. I need to step outside to smoke19:36
murthyeryndiamonds: I am at home, in front of my desktop its 1 AM here at my place19:38
eryndiamondsis there a way for it to redownlad everything to start over?19:38
murthyeryndiamonds: sudo apt-get install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop19:39
murthyeryndiamonds: That will reinstall the kubuntu desktop19:39
eryndiamondsOkay when I finish cigarette I will do that19:39
murthyeryndiamonds: ok. Smoking is bad for health :)19:40
eryndiamondsI know19:40
eryndiamondsit's doing it's thing19:43
eryndiamondsI'm at command prompt now19:43
murthyeryndiamonds: ok. wait till it finishes, then restart19:43
murthyeryndiamonds: There was a message posted in google plus by one of our kde or kubuntu developer19:44
eryndiamondsplasma error box again19:47
eryndiamondssame messages with different PID # on each box19:49
murthyeryndiamonds: ya, plasma shell is restarting and crashing19:49
murthyeryndiamonds: try this command   sudo dpkg-reconfigure plasma-desktop19:51
murthyeryndiamonds: then relogin19:52
tempestadeptI don't see a way to configure networkmanager connections in plasma 5, only a menu of already configured connections. Am I missing some package, or is it a configuration issue?19:53
MobileRoeyhow are all of you today?19:53
MobileRoeymurthy:   o/19:53
MobileRoeymurthy:  once you and eryndiamonds finish, can I ask you for help?19:53
MobileRoeymurthy:  SDDM is not showing me a username/password field.19:54
murthyMobileRoey: That is strange19:54
eryndiamondssame plasma error boxes19:56
murthytempestadept: there is a settings icon on the top right of the networks plasma widget19:58
murthyeryndiamonds: do you have a live cd of 15.10?19:58
murthyeryndiamonds: sorry 15.04?19:58
eryndiamondshow do I do a fix20:01
murthyeryndiamonds: can you paste the output of ldd /usr/bin/glxgears. use paste.kde.org20:02
eryndiamondshang on20:06
eryndiamondsI have kde paste open. now how do I get content of file20:08
murthyeryndiamonds: select the test shown in the konsole using mouse and to copy press ctrl+shift+v20:09
tempestadeptmurthy: oh, I see it. But now when I try to edit a connection, it complains about no agents available for the request, though I have opened kwallet manually20:09
murthyeryndiamonds: test=text20:09
murthytempestadept: can you show me a screenshot of it?20:11
eryndiamondsugh it's not pasting20:14
murthyeryndiamonds: do you see any line that contains libgl?20:14
murthyeryndiamonds: what does this command output  ldd /usr/bin/glxgears | grep -i "gl"20:17
tempestadeptmurthy: https://yadi.sk/i/ruu5e6tngPdZT it translates as "couldn't retrieve passwords"20:20
tempestadeptmurthy: pops every time I try to edit a connection with secrets20:21
eryndiamondslibGL.so.1 => usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/mesa/libGL.so.1 (0xb7662000)20:21
murthyeryndiamonds: Did you permit the kwallet migration agent?20:21
murthytempestadept: ^20:22
tempestadeptmurthy: did I permit it where?20:22
murthyeryndiamonds: when you run the glxgears do you see the gears spinning?20:23
eryndiamondslibglapi.so.0 => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libglpi.so.0 (0xb72cc000)20:24
eryndiamondsyes I did20:24
murthytempestadept: When you pressed the network settings icon to open it, I might have asked you for the migration or you might have done the same when you upgraded 15.04(I am assuming you upgraded)20:24
tempestadeptmurthy: I did uprade, but I haven't been asked for any migrations20:25
tempestadeptat all20:25
murthyeryndiamonds: There is only one simple option left that I can suggest. run a live cd  of 15.04 and see if the plasmashell crashes, if it crashes then you have to wait till the issue is fixed by the develpers else you can do a fresh install20:26
eryndiamondslibxcb-glx.o.0 => /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libxcb-glx.so.0 (0xb7290000)20:26
murthyeryndiamonds: You could also wait here till someone with more knowlege will help you20:27
murthytempestadept: open kwallet20:28
tempestadeptmurthy: I have it open20:28
murthytempestadept: now try opening the network settings again20:29
murthyI am feeling burned out and sleepy20:29
murthy2 AM here20:30
tempestadeptmurthy: same thing20:30
murthytempestadept: I know20:30
murthyeven eryndiamonds probably20:30
murthyThe thing is its hard to troubleshoot a system remotely and that too without remote desktop20:30
eryndiamondsvery burnt out20:31
murthyeryndiamonds: ya thats why use smoked :D20:31
murthyOk I am going to bed, see you guy later, hope the problems get solved20:34
MobileRoeyhello all20:56
MobileRoeymurthy:  so yeah, I can't log in.20:57
MobileRoeythe most I can do is switch to a TTY and log in from there on the text console.20:57
MobileRoeymurthy:  and when I launch SDDM, I see the same issue.20:57
lordievaderMobileRoey: Murthy is to bed ;)20:57
MobileRoeylordievader:  do you have any idea about this issue?20:57
MobileRoeyI'll bug him tomorrow about it I suppose :)20:58
lordievaderUpgrade or reinstall?20:58
MobileRoeyupgrade from 14.10 -> 15.04.20:59
MobileRoeyI mean that's what it is.20:59
MobileRoeyI don't think I can reinstall and keep /home20:59
MobileRoeysince both /home and / are BTRFS subvols21:00
lordievaderMobileRoey: What does the sddm log say?21:00
MobileRoeywhere ist he sddm log located?21:00
MobileRoeyI will surely let you know21:00
MobileRoeyI am looking at it now.21:00
lordievaderMobileRoey: /var/log/sddm.log or something like that.21:01
MobileRoeyI'm considering just giving it to you to see what the error is, since I don't see one? except X crashing mysteirously?21:04
lordievaderMobileRoey: Please do pastebin it ;)21:04
Etriaphvalorie: ping21:06
valoriehi Etriaph21:07
valorieplease ask a question, rather than a contentless ping21:07
Etriaphvalorie: Sent a message to the basket-devel mailing list the day before last, nothing yet.21:08
valorieI wish I was surprised21:08
valoriebut...... I'd wait a few more days and then just write to kde-devel list21:08
valorieit would be so great to have it back21:09
Etriaphvalorie: OK.21:09
EtriaphThey're porting it to Qt521:09
EtriaphBut... I can't get a hold of anyone in the project.21:09
valoriewell, one person said he was21:09
valoriehave you cloned his repo to see what he's done?21:10
EtriaphNope, not yet.  If it's this kind of delay I might fork it if that's possible.21:10
valoriewell, it will not be necessary to fork as such21:10
valoriejust begin maintaining it, and soon you will BE the maintainer21:10
lordievaderWhoop whoop21:11
valorieafter all, it is best to have a team if possible21:11
EtriaphWell I have lots of free time, right now.21:13
EtriaphI want to write some code to keep my mind occupied, so aside from writing some Rails gems (which I'm working on atm) I'd like to make my desktop better.21:14
EtriaphAnd yours too :D21:14
valoriewhere did he have that code stashed?21:14
EtriaphThe Qt5?21:14
EtriaphIt's on Github21:14
valorieyou should be able to just clone and create a branch and work in that, right?21:14
lordievaderMobileRoey: You still around?21:15
valoriegithub is all about that, right?21:15
EtriaphFork it and make a pull request21:15
EtriaphHe would merge my changes in21:15
valoriethat might get him working again too21:15
EtriaphLet's see if I can get it to compile first :D21:15
lordievadervalorie: Yes, fork all the things, and then issue a bunch of pull requests ;)21:15
valoriethis is why I dislike github21:15
EtriaphI think it's a great idea.21:15
valorieForking is Bad, ok?21:16
valoriebut they make it good21:16
lordievaderThe keelhub is a fork.21:16
MobileRoeylordievader:  I posted it here for you: http://pastebin.com/HcFhUzES21:16
valoriegit is designed to be worked in branches, and I hate that they call those "forks"21:16
MobileRoeylordievader:  big thing, I was out of USB sticks and had to transfer teh file from my desktop to my working laptop from which I am chattingnow.21:16
MobileRoeytook em a bit21:16
lordievadervalorie: Forking allows people to patch things who have no write access to that repository.21:17
MobileRoey*took me a bit.21:17
lordievaderA fork is not a branch.21:17
MobileRoeyvalorie hey!21:17
MobileRoeylordievader:  SDDM log up there!!21:17
EtriaphA fork is a potential stream of diffs. :D21:17
lordievaderMobileRoey: Looking at it.21:17
MobileRoeyEtriaph:  I smell headache..21:18
MobileRoeylordievader:  thanks :) :)21:18
EtriaphMobileRoey: I smell coffee and my keyboard smoking :D21:18
lordievaderMobileRoey: Does sddm start?21:18
MobileRoeyyes it does start.21:18
valoriehi again, MobileRoey, still fighting the good fight I see21:18
MobileRoeyit just shows a login screen without username or password fields, or ok/cancel buttons21:18
lordievaderMobileRoey: Hmm, do you have autologin enabled?21:18
MobileRoeyvalorie:  KDE 4ever♥21:19
Etriaphlordievader: That's what I was thinking last night.21:19
MobileRoeylordievader:  I do not have autologin enabled21:19
EtriaphMobileRoey: But you could modify sddm.conf to auto-login your user so at least you can get in.21:19
lordievaderEtriaph: Err sorry, what?21:19
Etriaphlordievader: Oh, I was talking about this issue last night with MobileRoey21:19
EtriaphIt has me stumped.21:20
lordievaderMobileRoey: You have failed login attempts, last time I saw that sddm was trying to login as oem which didn't exist.21:20
lordievaderMobileRoey: Could you pastebin /etc/sddm.conf?21:20
MobileRoeyah sure, one sec21:20
MobileRoeylordievader:   I don't see /etc/sddm.conf21:23
MobileRoeylordievader:  unless you mean:21:23
lordievaderMobileRoey: That's okay. Wonder as whom it is trying to login.21:24
lordievaderMobileRoey: Anything in the auth log, if that is still a thing.21:24
MobileRoeyI found nothing in /var/auth.log in terms of errors21:25
lordievaderMobileRoey: Guess you should look at journalctl ;)21:25
MobileRoeylordievader:  http://pastebin.com/qJEft9Yy <-- journlctl -xb21:30
lordievaderMobileRoey: In that log is sddm even started?21:33
MobileRoeymmm dunno21:33
MobileRoeyI do have it urnning no21:33
MobileRoeylordievader:  it's running, but I don't see any graphics on tty6/7/821:35
MobileRoey(I just started it now after you asked if it is even running)21:35
lordievaderMobileRoey: Right, any interesting logging?21:35
lordievaderMobileRoey: Also, your vbox drivers are broken.21:37
MobileRoeyok so:21:37
MobileRoeyyeah I figured.21:37
MobileRoey(wrt/ vbox borken drvers)21:37
lordievaderrc.local[1212]: Failed to open Display .21:38
lordievaderWhat is in your rc.local?21:38
MobileRoeylordievader:  ok I launched SDDM with sudo, and pasted the contents of /var/log/sddm.log to here: http://pastebin.com/f1GkjEjL21:42
MobileRoeylordievader:  rc.local I will upload in a sec.21:42
MobileRoeylordievader:   a few tweaks21:42
MobileRoeyprevent ALSA from auto-muting SPDIF21:42
MobileRoeymoount BTRFS snapshots catalogue, used by my backuup script21:43
MobileRoeyxsetwacom set the stylus sample rate21:43
MobileRoeyfail2ban restart21:43
MobileRoeysudo service dnsmaq restart21:43
MobileRoey(this after my iptables commands)21:43
lordievaderSounds nasty.21:43
lordievaderBut anyhow, Oxygen theme?21:43
MobileRoeymeh just things I've accumulated over the years21:43
MobileRoeyno idea about the Oxygen theme21:44
valorieMobileRoey: why not just back up your /home and start over?21:44
MobileRoeyI do have /home backed up21:44
valorieyou are spending ten times as long this way21:44
MobileRoeyI hate hate hate hate hate Ubuntu upgrades21:45
MobileRoeyit's always so darned painful.  Always.21:45
valoriebtrfs seems like a religion to everybody who uses it21:45
valorieit wasn't painful here21:45
lordievaderMobileRoey: Error from greeter session: "Process crashed"21:45
MobileRoeyhere it is, and because of the setup that Kubuntu uses21:45
lordievaderThere is the culprit.21:45
valoriesometimes I do a clean install, but usually upgrade21:45
MobileRoeyit puts @ and @home as subvols I think of the same iflesystem21:46
MobileRoeyso re-installing would nuke my @home21:46
lordievaderMobileRoey: Do you have plasma5.2 or 5.3?21:46
MobileRoeylordievader:  what crashed21:46
valorieright, thus my suggestion to backup21:46
MobileRoeylordievader:  checking..21:46
valorieyou can always make a separate partition for /home in the future.....21:46
lordievaderMobileRoey: The greeter session.21:46
MobileRoeylordievader:  5.221:46
lordievaderMobileRoey: Likely with this error: QDBusConnection: name 'org.freedesktop.UDisks2' had owner '' but we thought it was ':1.20'21:46
lordievaderMobileRoey: You could upgrade to 5.3 and see if that fixes things.21:47
MobileRoey(don't know what to make of this, but ok)21:47
MobileRoeylet me guess there is hopefully a PPA for this?21:47
MobileRoeyto Vivid?21:47
lordievaderYes, backports ppa.21:47
MobileRoeylemme see.. one sec.21:47
lordievaderMobileRoey: ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports21:47
MobileRoeyI uncommented the bakcports PPA21:49
MobileRoeythat the upgrade had commented auotmatically21:49
MobileRoeythen apt-get updated21:49
MobileRoeynow am apt-get dist-upgrading.21:49
MobileRoeylordievader:  thanks for the suggestion :)21:49
lordievaderMobileRoey: We're not out of the woods yet ;)21:49
MobileRoeypshaaaa ;) thanks21:50
MobileRoey20 seconds left21:50
MobileRoey5 seconds.21:50
MobileRoeyIs SDDM a KDE project?21:51
valorieMobileRoey: get in the habit of using `apt full-upgrade`21:52
valorieinstead of apt-get dist-upgrade21:52
valoriemo betta21:52
MobileRoeyoh I didn'tt even know there is a full-upgrade21:52
MobileRoeyvalorie, what does it do?21:52
MobileRoeythanks for letting me know :)21:52
valorieit will do auto-removal if necessary21:53
MobileRoeyoh ok.21:53
valorieabout SDDM: sorta21:53
valoriebut not on KDE infra21:53
MobileRoeyoh well yes I know that it is par tof FreeDesktop21:53
MobileRoeyah okay.21:53
valorieshould be, IMO21:53
MobileRoeywhat toolkit does it use21:53
MobileRoey(by the way, my system is now upgrading to 5.3 from 5.2)21:54
MobileRoey(ir is my hope that this also upgrades SDDM)21:54
valorieC++11 plus QML21:54
valoriealso: #sddm on irc.freenode.net21:54
MobileRoeyoh.  QML on a framebuffer?21:54
* valorie is no expert21:55
MobileRoeyyeah okay I was there but thanks though21:55
MobileRoeyaye unerstood21:55
valorieas usual, help is always welcome21:55
MobileRoeyjusthopingt thatt this will fix my predicament21:55
valorieand they should come on in off github IMO21:55
MobileRoeyyou'd like them to migrate from Github to some other service?21:56
MobileRoeyomg omg omg22:00
MobileRoeytrying to contain myself22:00
MobileRoeyI re-started SDDM22:00
MobileRoeyand it  showed me all the login prompt in its entirety22:01
MobileRoeyand I logged in and22:01
MobileRoeynow I'm just waiting.  I see a black screen and a white  mouse cursor on it.22:01
MobileRoeyOh hahaha that was ffvwm22:01
MobileRoeyre-doing, one moment22:01
MobileRoeystarted Plasma.22:01
MobileRoeyOK this better be good.  Plasma, show me watcha got..22:02
MobileRoeyKDE is starting up, good...... I see the bar22:02
MobileRoeynow the mouse curosr22:02
MobileRoeyfor some reason it looks like it is stalling at 80% there.22:02
MobileRoey(the status bar)22:02
MobileRoeyvalorie, lordievader: ^22:03
* lordievader is going to bed22:03
valoriesweete dreams, lordievader22:05
valoriestatus bar of what, MobileRoey?22:05
MobileRoeyvalorie:  nevermind it was just slow in loading22:06
MobileRoeyI see everything now22:06
valorieoh, about SDDM - I would like them to become fully a KDE project22:06
MobileRoeywow, it's comletely different from what I had before.22:06
valorieoh, awesome22:06
valorieI wonder, did you still have kdm and/or lightdm installed?22:06
MobileRoeyagagin so the olution was to upgrade from the stock Vivid plasma 5.2 -> PPA 5.322:06
MobileRoeyI think I had lightdm before22:06
valoriethis was a problem for me at some point22:06
MobileRoeywhat was, specifically?22:06
valorieand for most, it was not, but for awhile while I was running Plasma 5 in 14.10, I would get weird logins22:07
valorieuninstalling lightdm and then kdm fixed it for me22:07
valorieI have no clue how I even had kdm22:07
valorieI don't remember using that since like kde3 days22:07
MobileRoey5.3 just... stops...every so often22:08
MobileRoeyfor like 10 seconds.22:08
MobileRoeyah intteresting story btw22:08
MobileRoeyI remember the mssive problems I had with 4.0 initially22:09
MobileRoeyand really until 4.222:09
MobileRoeyand by 4.the latest, it is wonderful22:09
MobileRoeyand polished22:09
valorieodd, it never stops here22:10
MobileRoeyok something is really annoying here22:10
MobileRoeyit just freezes22:10
valorieI've not had any slowdowns because of baloo for many months22:11
MobileRoeyalso, I tried dragigng a Pager widget to the bar and it doesn't do anything22:11
MobileRoeyis it that annoying thing? I will kill it.22:11
valorieyeah, and I think d and d isn't quite done22:11
MobileRoeylike I'll give you an example22:11
valorieuse the menus, including right-click menus22:11
MobileRoeyI type 'top' in a Konsole and hit Enter.  Nothing happens, it just stalls there.  All of Konsole freezes for 20 seconds.22:12
MobileRoeyand of course,22:12
MobileRoeyas you said, baloo is running.22:12
MobileRoey(when I finally do see top)22:12
MobileRoeytaking 13% CPU tim.22:12
MobileRoeyDie baloo die.22:12
MobileRoeyoh fuck 96% I meant.22:12
valorielanguage please22:13
Hairoit never uses more than 50% for me22:13
valorieI like baloo, and I like the developers22:13
valorieand where they are going22:13
MobileRoeyoh wow there is a big difference now22:13
MobileRoeyRoey:  thanks!22:13
MobileRoeyRoey:  hey man, np22:13
Pandorianany word on the kubuntu 15.04 fix?22:15
gunndawgPandorian: which fix?22:18
MobileRoeyvalorie:  I keep trying to add a Pager widget to my thing bar, but it never catches22:19
MobileRoeyvalorie:  is there something broken with the pager?22:19
Hairodouble click?22:19
MobileRoeydoesn't do anything.22:20
Pandoriangundawg, it doesn't work, period22:20
valoriecan you add it via the "hamburger" menu?22:20
valorieI don't use it because I never use more than one desktop22:20
MobileRoeyHairo:  the icons on the bar move left an icon's width, then move back to the right.22:20
gunndawgPandorian: it doesnt? I installed it and it worked fine. Which part doesnt work?22:20
Pandorianneither upgrading nor fresh install22:20
MobileRoeyvalorie:  hamburger? is this a command?22:21
gunndawgPandorian: seems to work fine for most people. Though I prefer 14.0422:21
Pandoriangundawg, well i tried installing it fresh on virtualbox several times, and once upgrading it... and as soon as you install the virtualbox drivers it starts freezing22:21
gunndawgPandorian: that could be an isolated problem with your machine. Doesnt means 15.04 "doesnt work period"22:22
valoriesee the stacked lines either on your desktop or on your panel?22:22
valoriePandorian: could be a problem with VB itself22:22
Pandoriangundawg, lol well ii heard someone saying it doesn't work on their machine either natively installed without vbox22:23
valorieI've heard that other virtual installs work great22:23
valorieso try a different one22:23
Pandorianvalorie, that's what i thought at first until this one guy in this channel said he tried installing native with similar problems22:23
valoriePandorian: I've been using vivid since beta one, and it works great22:23
valorieok, *some* people have problems22:23
valoriemost do not22:24
valorielook at the press22:24
Pandorianwhat's a good virtual machine software for kubuntu?22:24
gunndawgPandorian: I installed vivid just fine as well, but like I said I prefer 14.04 for the moment and am not currently using 15.0422:24
valorieKVM is made for us, of course22:25
valoriebut it's not very modern22:25
valorie!info kvm22:25
ubottuPackage kvm does not exist in vivid22:25
valorievmware and qemu are the others, I guess22:25
Pandorianyes definitely seems like a guest addition drivers incompatibility of some sort22:26
Pandorianuntil you install em everything works fine22:26
valoriethat's too bad22:26
valoriethat's what used to make it almost usable for me22:26
valorieI don't like VMs22:26
Pandorianyes i'll have to switch around and run windows in VM instead22:27
MobileRoeyvalorie:  hey22:32
MobileRoeyI found out the problem22:32
MobileRoeyit WAS showing me the pager.  I had one Konsole open.  So Konsole was taking up the entire space of the Pager.22:32
MobileRoeyOnce I added desktops, I saw a HUGE BUNCH of pagers22:32
MobileRoeyanyway now I have it more or less like before.22:32
MobileRoeywhy did KDE seem to forget my settings?!?22:33
MobileRoey(global aplication shortcuts, wallpapers, etc.)22:33
_Roeyvalorie:  hi22:36
_Roeynow this is from my desktop22:36
MobileRoeythisis from my laptop.  Laptop Roey, signing offf.22:36
valorieso settings are now in ~/.config and ~/.local22:39
valorieyour kde4 apps will still use ~/.kde22:39
valoriebut we've moved onto the standard of config and local22:39
gunndawgI've asked before but I'll ask again as its been a week now I cant figure it out. Anyone else use Chrome and have really small font on things like tabs, favorites, etc?22:40
valorieI use chromium and everything seems fine22:41
gunndawgI guess I could start using chromium. I have it installed as well22:42
_Roeyvalorie:  ah ok.22:43
_Roeyvalorie:  how do I migrate settings over?22:43
valorieI'm not sure you can.....22:43
valoriewell, I take that back22:44
valorieI was able to use my old konvi settings somehow22:44
valoriebut ..... maybe because they auto-sucked them into the new place22:44
valoriewhich all apps should have done, but perhaps did not22:44
valoriemost are just text files22:44
_Roeywell I have the window stuff22:45
_Roeyargh it's like most annoying22:45
valorieand in the past I've just copy/pasted stuff in22:45
valorieor just replaced the new empty file with the old full one22:45
gunndawgvalorie: upon researching both chrome and chromium I've been introduced to SRWare Iron. Know anything about it?22:46
_Roeyso is this KDE platform 5?22:48
_Roeykde frameworks 5 I mean22:48
_Roey(plasma 5.3 I mean)_22:48
gunndawg_Roey: is what KDE platform 5?22:48
gunndawg_Roey: you say "is this plama 5.3" but what is "this"?22:49
valoriegunndawg: never heard of it, sorry22:49
gunndawgvalorie: fair enough22:49
valorie_Roey: we've been using KF5 for almost a year22:50
valoriethat was completed before plasma 522:50
soeeframework is framework, Plasma 5 uses it so the Applications22:53
gunndawgvalorie: odd. I had Chromium v41.0.2 installed and the font sizes on tabs and everything was great. I updated it to v42.0.2 and the font sizes shrank again :(22:57
valorie!info chromium22:58
ubottuPackage chromium does not exist in vivid22:58
valorieanyway, what I have installed is 41.0.2272.76-0ubuntu1.113422:59
valorieso same as you I think?22:59
gunndawgvalorie: that's what I had and it was fine, then I updated to 42.0.222:59
mparillo  Installed: 41.0.2272.76-0ubuntu1.113423:00
gunndawgVersion 42.0.2311.135 Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)23:00
valorieI won't upgrade until prompted23:00
gunndawglooked fine on v41 :(23:00
valorieand gosh, it sounds like the packagers are hating on chromium bigtime23:00
gunndawgcant read my tab titles or favorites :(23:00
mparilloAhh, I am on 32-bit, and maybe that is why the upgrade has not landed for me yet (I had just checked).23:00
valorieso dunno if we'll keep getting it23:01
gunndawgmparillo: I added the PPA and did an update/upgrade, it found a chromium update for version 4223:01
valorieyou can purge the PPA23:01
valorieto downgrade23:02
gunndawgoh, how23:02
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html23:02
gunndawgI"ll try it23:02
valorieworks like a charm23:02
_Roeyvalorie:  can I simply move the files in ~/.config/ aside and copy over the ones from ~/.kde/share/config/ ?23:03
valorieI wouldn't do that without comparing them side-by-side23:03
gunndawgvalorie: alright that worked great. Back to version 41.0.223:04
valoriethat is one beauty of PPAs23:06
gunndawgvalorie: albeit had to install ppa-purge but otherwise, worked great.23:06
gunndawgvalorie: looks like it didnt actually remove the chromium ppa from the apt/sources.list.d but instead just commented out the ppa (with a #) in the .list. Can I just remove the .list?23:14
gunndawgvalorie: but is that what ppa-purge does? just disables the PPA? or was it supposed to have gotten rid of the chromium entry in sources.list.d23:16
gunndawgtrying to figure out if it failed to do something, and if its ok for me to clean it up23:16
=== sanotehu is now known as LogicalDash
valorieit just disables the ppa and removes the stuff23:17
LogicalDashI just upgraded to 15.04, everything seems fine except the uh, configurator for Telepathy accounts isn't accessible from System Settings23:17
gunndawgok, but doesnt remove the .list file.23:17
LogicalDashI had to go into a commandline and use kcmshell423:18
LogicalDashnot 5 for some reason? idk23:18
cyclickwow they really screwed up with 15.04 ... I discover a new problem everytime I use it23:18
gunndawgcyclick: Aye, as did I. I rolled back to 14.04 for a few more months, heh23:18
cyclickthis time I found out that they deleted my PDF/print to file printer23:21
valoriecyclick: please file bug reports23:22
valoriewe actually are not finding that many problems23:22
valoriegunndawg: commenting out versus removing -- commenting out is safer, and non-destructive23:23
gunndawgvalorie: makes sense. Thanks. Though in this case its safe for me to remove it, right?23:24
gunndawgvalorie: I try my best to keep a clean file system. OCD if you will.23:24
valorieif you now have what you want, it is non-functional and you can remove it at will23:25
gunndawgvalorie: Interseting that Chromium runs 1 version behind Chrome. I guess when Chromium updates I'll ahve the small UI text again, hmm23:26
valoriedunno, I've never used Chrome as such23:27
valoriejust chromium23:27
cyclickthe print-to-file is not missing everywhere apparently... only when I print from a flash app on the web ... this is an example: http://www.aladdin-pmi.com/products/create-insert23:29
valorieplease file a bug on bugs.kde.org as that has nothing to do with our packaging23:33
valoriecyclick: ^^^23:33
valoriethank you23:33
cyclickbut packaging include the duty of selecting bugfree packages ... no?23:47

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