LWMHello hello, #lubuntu02:56
LWMI was going to go happily install 14.04.2 on an old laptop.  So I downloaded the iso.  Then I went to burn in onto a CD.02:57
LWMThat's when I found out that the iso is bigger than a CD!02:57
LWM(standard cd)02:57
ianorlinthe kernel keeps growing02:58
LWMThe documentation should probably be adjusted to remove "burn to CD" from the instructions.02:58
LWMJust to reflect that it's not really an option any more...02:59
ianorlinhmm might need to point you to orginal 14.04 image and then update02:59
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:59
LWMOh, good!02:59
Unit19330MB, everything else is downloaded during installation.03:00
LWMI'm golden, as long as the network card works from those 30MB03:01
LWMThe "alternate" looks like it's less than 70003:02
ubottuThe alternate CD has been discontinued for the main Ubuntu distro, please use and report any bugs in the !LiveCD03:02
LWM...that's not inspiring.  Is it still good for lubuntu?03:02
ianorlinyeah alternate still works assu19:56 < Love3> Yes love03:03
ianorlin19:56 < Love3> Thought so03:03
Unit193LWM: Yes, Lubuntu still uses alternate installer ISOs.03:06
LWMWe'll go with that then; the victim...target laptop probably has low ram anyway03:06
LWMThanks v much03:06
Unit193Have fun.03:07
zh1how can i access lubuntu keyring?10:46
Garrick1comment avoir la meteo, cpu usage, networks usage, toussa toussa sur le bureau ?19:32
l0p3nHey, where can I get the latest packages for lubuntu?19:41
Unit193apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade ?19:42
Unit193l0p3n: What do you mean by 'latest packages'?19:43
l0p3nYes. I understand that. I should be more specific. On debian you can for example get the latest packages from SID.19:43
l0p3nThis is done by setting sources.list to codenam SID. Is this necessary in Lubuntu (in order to download the latest packages).19:45
[FR]Dael0p3n do you have add the LXDE ppa ?19:50
[FR]Daefor have all update for your distribution ?19:50
l0p3n[FR]Dae: Bonjour. How can I do this?19:51
l0p3nI have lubuntu as a live CD right now. Just looking for a lightweight bleeding edge distro.19:53
l0p3ndebian-based too :)19:53
[FR]DaeDebian LXDE or Lubuntu ?19:55
l0p3n[FR]Dae: Ok thanks. What's the version of gcc on Lubuntu?19:57
[FR]Daegksudo leafpad /etc/apt/source.list (i'm not responsable for you error )19:59
Jen_SHi folks.  I have an older ASUS 1000HE netbook, on which I just installed lubuntu.  This netbook, under windows, had software that would let you set the CPU clock (under/over).  Can someone help me mimic this in lubuntu?19:59
l0p3n[FR]Dae: Wow that's one advances sources.list :) Thanks!20:01
[FR]DaeBUT it's possible if you take some test with you distrib you lost the sound or nm-appl don't start20:02
[FR]Dae(network manager work but in back)20:02
Jen_SI'm pretty new to this.  Could use some information on the "lubuntu software center" too -- is this pretty much the same as the software center would be on ubuntu?20:03
Jen_Ssoftware center, synaptic package manager, and gdebi package installer -- guess i'm not sure what the difference is in these :P20:04
[FR]DaeJen_S sudo apt update -ymu --fix-missing && sudo apt upgrade -ymu --fix-missing && sudo apt-get -ymu dist-upgrade --fix-missing && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean20:08
[FR]Daein terminal20:08
[FR]Daeactive on the setting of synaptic all update20:09
Jen_SDon't understand your last line...20:10
[FR]Daeopen your synaptic20:11
[FR]Daepackage manager synapic20:12
Jen_SIt is open.20:12
[FR]Daeand on the setting, mark all the box for have all update20:12
[FR]Daeopen a, terminal and copy paste the commande20:13
[FR]Daesudo apt update -ymu --fix-missing && sudo apt upgrade -ymu --fix-missing && sudo apt-get -ymu dist-upgrade --fix-missing && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get cleansudo apt update -ymu --fix-missing && sudo apt upgrade -ymu --fix-missing && sudo apt-get -ymu dist-upgrade --fix-missing && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get cleansudo apt update -ymu --fix-missing &&20:13
[FR]Daesudo apt upgrade -ymu --fix-missing && sudo apt-get -ymu dist-upgrade --fix-missing && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get clean20:13
[FR]Daeoups sorry20:13
[FR]Daejust 1 time20:13
Jen_S(Also, the "notification bubble" that pops up in the top left corner is really ugly and hard to read. It's got like, multiple lines through it. Can that be adjusted?20:13
Jen_SOK I will do that.  I am surprised all those terminal commands have to be used for a brand new installation. That doesn't seem very user friendly. :\20:13
[FR]Daenot this option20:13
[FR]Daejust the box for update20:13
[FR]Daeapplication & update setting20:14
[FR]Daeyou have 5 box (main, univers restricted, multivers, source code )20:15
Jen_Syes they are all checked20:16
[FR]Dae close them all20:16
Jen_Suncheck them?20:16
[FR]Daeand open the terminal and past the command lign20:16
[FR]DaeCHECK all20:16
[FR]Daesave and close (exit )20:17
Jen_Sthey were already checked20:17
Jen_Snothing is checked under the "Other Software" tab20:17
[FR]Daeok good update now20:17
Jen_Swhat does that do?20:18
Jen_SI am not sure why you are telling me to do this.20:18
[FR]Daesource no official20:18
Jen_SI don't know what "source no official" means.20:19
[FR]DaeNo Official PPA source repository20:19
[FR]Daeand have to update you pc you have more chance resolve your probleme20:20
[FR]Daeso on first before ask "how to do that"20:20
[FR]Daereboot, update, chec ubuntu-one / ubuntu forum and only after ask here =)20:21
ilhamihow to format USB with dd?21:07
Garrick1ilhami, dd ?21:20
ilhamidd tool?21:23
ianorlinilhami: carefully I suggest running lsblk to show which block devices are on your system first and you need to know which ones they are21:26
ilhamiok I used gparted to format instead.21:26
ilhamiHow can I put a OS iso on the disk with dd then?21:27
ianorlindd needs sudo to work21:27
ianorlinif is the imput file in this case is the OS iso21:27
ianorlinof should be the device of your usb but if you chose wrong you could erase your entire hard drive21:28
ilhamithen help me out :d21:30
ianorlinI need to know how many drives you have as if its only one it is problaby sdb21:30
[FR]Daeilhami me i use disk21:30
[FR]Daeon graphique mode21:30
ilhamiianorlin, yeah 2 sec.21:32
ilhami2 GB RAM = 32 or 64 bit?21:32
ilhamican I check bits from BIOS?21:33
ilhamiI have sda and sb21:34
ilhamiand a sr021:35
ilhamiI want it on the sdb which is the USB drive21:35
ianorlinit is sudo dd if=   of=/dev/sdb where if is the path to the iso21:36
ilhamisounds easy21:37
ilhamiianorlin, sdb has a sdb1? do I have to specify that ?21:51
ilhamihttps://dpaste.de/QENM check this21:52
ilhamiI guess it's called a partition :P21:54
ilhamido I have to specify the partition?21:55
ilhamiI ran the command, but looks like it's just loading. should I just wait?21:57
ilhamicursor is blinking21:58
ianorlinit can take a while dependent on usb speed22:08
WovenMaggieHello I have an old pc like celeron 2400 1 gb ddr ram... crap video card...what is the best distro to run on it, im just going to use it for irc etc22:19
ianorlinLubuntu would be fine in 1 GB ram for irc22:19
ianorlinI have done that off 512 MB22:20
ianorlinlubuntu really doesn't care about video card that much no fancy 3d effects22:20
ilhamiI really love xubuntu. :)22:20
WovenMaggieis lubuntu or xubuntu faster?22:21
WovenMaggieit had xp on it but its not secure anymore22:21
ilhamiBoth of them are fast I guess.22:21
[FR]DaeWovenMaggie give you XP and install Lubuntu on dualboot23:01
[FR]Daeis better23:01

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