citronikshi to all07:14
citroniksin pi2 snappy not updating please help me in advance thanks07:15
devilcitroniks: what did you try to make it update?07:38
citroniks "sudo snappy update ubuntu-core "08:04
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devilcitroniks: what does 'sudo08:32
devilsnappy versions -a' tell you08:32
deviland you should use my nickname so I get notified, I do not stare at this channel08:32
citroniksdevil, ok ok in pi snappy has gui08:33
devilcitroniks: what are you trying to say?08:34
citroniksdevil, in raspberry pi 2 snappy os im getting only terminal i want to graphical user  interface08:36
devilcitroniks: snappy has no gui08:36
devilwhat are you trying to do with snappy?08:37
citroniksdevil, run some qt application now only installed snappy os in pi08:37
citroniksdevil, im new to snappy os08:38
devilcitroniks: what does 'sudo08:39
devilsnappy versions -a' tell you08:39
citroniksit showing error "server certificate verification failed "08:40
devilhm, no idea, I have not used snappy lately, but never had such a problem08:41
devilthis channel is pretty dead on weekends, so you might have more luck on monday08:41
citroniksdevil, thank you so much  have a good weekend08:42

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