nik90zsombi: I just noticed that the new ListItems don't have a show progression property. Is the progression icon removed part of the new design requirement?07:13
zsombinik90: yes07:13
zsombinik90: it's not "removed", it is not there :)07:14
nik90zsombi: true, I guess I can add it by using a Icon if I want it07:15
zsombinik90: right07:15
zsombinik90: make sure you handle the "clicks" properly, otherwise it won't do what you want07:16
zsombinik90: actually you could use ToolbarButton as well...07:16
nik90zsombi: not sure I follow, the progression icon is just a placeholder icon..it doesn't handle clicks or anything, right?07:17
zsombinik90: if you put a chevron there, you may need a different action when tapping on it, right?07:17
zsombinik90: or you want to handle the "progression" on teh ListItem.onClicked?07:18
nik90zsombi: well yes it pushes a page into the pagestack that I at the moment use onClicked07:18
zsombithen an Icon is fine07:18
zsombinik90: so a label, and a progression?07:19
zsombiis your layout?07:19
nik90zsombi: yeah kinda like the ListItem.Standard07:19
nik90zsombi: we use it in Podbird to go deeper into a settings page07:20
nik90zsombi: is there a equivalent of "highlightWhenPressed" ? Or do I just set hightColor to "transparent" as a workaround?07:23
zsombinik90: what do you need?07:34
zsombinik90: if you implement the onClicked, it will highlight07:34
zsombinik90: or you don't want to have highlight?07:34
nik90zsombi: I dont want to highlight...although previously that was because I couldn't change the highlight color and it looked a bit off with the theme we used07:36
zsombinik90: imho not highloghting when an item has an action is bad ux07:36
zsombinik90: it has been agreed that we highlight in these cases, and for you the action is push a page into the stack07:37
nik90zsombi: true..I will fix the highlight color in Podbird07:38
zsombinik90: ok... it's just bad :)07:38
zsombinik90: a better fix would be to set the highlightColor to color, so whenever that changes you will have the same values07:40
nik90zsombi: previously in a dark theme, the highcolor color clashed with the color of the listitem text we had set..but now that we can control the highlightColor, I will set it appropriately07:42
nik90clashed as in the contrast was not enough07:43
zsombiI see07:43
InglebardHi, someone knows how to use spinbox and color dialog for qml app ? (said qtquicks.controls not installed)09:04
* nik90 curses at qmlplugindump for always raising my cpu temp by +10 degrees09:09
InglebardSo nobody knows ?09:30
DF__hi guys i need some help, every time i try to make an new projecto and select the ubuntu 15.04 framework it gives me this error "The QT version is invalid: qmake does not exist or is not executeble "11:06
DF__has some a problem with qt finding Ubuntu.Components 1.1??11:36
EriksugerIs there anyone here?12:51
EriksugerHello nik9012:52
Eriksuger:( irc is stupid12:56
Eriksuger100 people are in the chat room but no one is talking12:56
nik90Eriksuger: hi whats up?12:58
nik90well today is saturday ;)12:58
ahayzennik90, did that script measuring startup time I sent you, meet your requirements in the end?13:25
nik90ahayzen: hey it did help .. thnx a lot.13:25
ahayzenwe managed to half the time for music to start using that and the QTC profiler :)13:26
nik90I notice the startup times fluctuating a bit between first start and the next consecutive ones..but that's to be expected13:26
ahayzenyeah due to it building the cache on the first run13:26
nik90ahayzen: I remember florian giving me a similar script long time back, but it stopped working after a few months due to the unity8 updates and since then I have been in the blind about app start up times13:27
* nik90 got to run..bbl13:28
ahayzenhah that one still seemed to work on vivid-proposed for me :) I got it back in october13:28
DF__does some one know why design mode doesnt work ??16:15
popeyDF__: it never has, as far as I recall17:37
DF__popey: last year it did work well17:53
DF__i know it because i used it a lot but now it gives some strange error, and as far as i know at askubuntu.com there are a lot of people asking how to solve that prob17:54
akiva-thinkpadzbenjamin, just realized what you meant by not creating the runconfigs manually19:57
* akiva-thinkpad kicks himself19:57
ahoneybunakiva-thinkpad: pong23:24
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, ping?23:25
ahoneybunakiva-thinkpad: any knowledge of the tech in the the chromecast?23:25
akiva-thinkpadI don't even know what chromecast is23:25
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, ^23:25
ahoneybunits a 35 us dollar device hooks up to the tv to receive audio/video from mobile devices23:27
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, ah i see23:27
ahoneybunbetter link23:27
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, I saw it23:27
akiva-thinkpadso... You planning to get one?23:27
ahoneybunhave one, just was wondering about making a app to use it23:28
ahoneybunsince android and iOS have apps for it23:28
ahoneybundon't think I could make it23:29
akiva-thinkpadwhy not?23:29
ahoneybunnot enough code knowledge23:29
akiva-thinkpadlearn? See if it has a c++ api23:30
ahoneybunwow https://github.com/googlecast/23:30
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, looks like it has lots of javascript23:31
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, have fun >:]23:33
* ahoneybun laughs23:33
ahoneybunakiva-thinkpad: would be awesome for the Music app to support Chromecast23:34
akiva-thinkpadahoneybun, ask ahayzen -23:34
ahoneybunI was just thinking of pinging him XD23:34
ahayzenfor the music-app?23:37
ahayzenwould probably be more of a platform thing :)23:38
ahoneybunthere is iOS and Android support23:38

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