qwebirc7037915.04 actually00:18
qwebirc70379installing from a USB thumb drive too -00:18
qwebirc70379I realize some of that may be causing the issue... also have other attached HD's. Maybe I should remove all HD's except the installation drive and install from CD00:19
qwebirc70379just to narrow problems down00:19
qwebirc70379Just didn't want to do that if for some reason all I needed to do was continue to wait it out00:19
tgm4883qwebirc70379: it's recommended to install LTS01:21
qwebirc70379what's LTS?04:51
qwebirc73899What's LTS?04:51
qwebirc73899You said it's recommended to install LTS...?04:52
qwebirc73899nm... duh. Long Term Support04:52

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