PassiveLeader1trying to get into #ubuntu says im banned06:43
PassiveLeader1Ive never done anything to be banned06:43
PassiveLeader1× You are banned from #ubuntu. Cannot join channel (+b) - you are banned06:43
AlcyiusExcuse me, I'm sorry to bother anyone, but I just tried to join #ubuntu and it says I am banned, even though I've never connected to it before. Nothing I've found says I need to be registered so I'm somewhat confused.17:56
k1l_Alcyius: hi, we needed to ban the kiwiirc service due to konstant abuse from users from there (using a bug in the kiwiirc system). just connect with a native irc client until kiwiirc got rid of that issue17:58
AlcyiusOk thank you very much.17:58
k1l_on another note: do we want to make a factoid promoting to use apt instead of apt-get since its not that confusing with dist-upgrade?17:59
k1l_apt-get dist-upgrade = apt full-upgrade18:00
valorieapt full-upgrade is better; I recommend it all the time21:02
valorieto those who like cli21:02
k1lmost supporters still advice apt-get dist-upgrade which makes most users say "but i dont want to upgrade to a new release" which leads to a "but it will not upgrade the ubuntu-release" discussion.21:04
valorieit's hard to tame the fingers to type apt instead of apt-get21:29
valorieworth it though21:29
k1lit got a progressbar \o/21:29
valorieI know, isn't it cool?21:36
hggdhthey are equivalent; apt is more geared to the casual-to-the-command-line user22:06
hggdhso it is much more simpler to use22:07
hggdhI personally never use it, but only because I am so used to apt-get. I will try a bit more to use apt as opposed to apt-get22:07
valoriewell, full-upgrade will remove outdated libs and such if necessary22:08
valorieI like it better22:09
hggdhOTOH, it misses an option to completely remove a package, including config files22:10
valorieagreed, I miss purge22:12
hggdhand, on the other other hand, I like the colour output22:12
valorieyup, color in the console is a nice change22:12
hggdhoh, apt list accepts wildcards22:13

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