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ebonicsanyone know what my problem could be here : https://dpaste.de/cvbn03:52
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stoojHi all. I'm putting together a mail server but must have messed up somewhere. Using postfix + spamassassin + spamass-milter, communicating through a socket. But my mail.log contains the following every time the pipe is used:10:55
stoojMay  2 05:44:41 myhostname postfix/smtpd[15597]: warning: milter unix:/spamassassin/spamd.sock: unreasonable packet length: 1397768525 > 107374182310:56
stoojMay  2 05:44:41 myhostname postfix/smtpd[15597]: warning: milter unix:/spamassassin/spamd.sock: read error in initial handshake10:56
stoojAnyone seen this before and recognise the problem?10:56
VexenaAnyone has experience with batch that knows how to run this start module "http://pastebin.com/mLGYZP8h" with the user teamspeak3?12:28
VexenaAs now the script always runs it as root12:28
Vexenaupon startup12:28
VexenaI've tried adding a line in /etc/rc.local that says su teamspeak3 -c '/etc/init.d/teamspeak3 start' but that did not work12:29
CompuChipHi. I have just installed Ubuntu Server, which worked. Then I added another disk and set both disks to be single RAID0 by hardware, and now I cannot boot into the system. Even the Rescue mode from the installation CD quits with "mounting /dev/sda on /media failed Invalid argument".13:10
yeatsCompuChip: that message from the install CD can probably be safely ignored13:22
yeatsCompuChip: and yeah, if you set up RAID after installing, you'll lose all your data13:23
CompuChipyeats: unfortunately it keeps hanging there, I cannot get back to the installer.13:23
yeatsCompuChip: you've tried Alt-F1/2/3/4/5/6/7 to get to alternate TTYs?13:23
CompuChipYes, I have13:24
yeatsCompuChip: in any case, you're probably beyond rescue mode - you will probably need to reinstall on the new RAID13:24
CompuChipyeats:   That is fine, except how do I do that when I keep getting dropped to that "mount failed" prompt. My "RAID" is not really RAID anyway, the other disk has some backup data that I wanted to copy to the new install, that's why I set them both as separate 1-disk RAID0's (the server has a RAID adapter and I need to set something for it to activa13:27
CompuChipte the disk in the first place). But even when I remove the disk and set it back to as it was, I will still have this problem.13:27
CompuChipIt's almost as if it no longer recognizes the hard drives as being there, except grub will still see them if I do "ls"13:27
CompuChipChecked the UUID's - they are still correct btw13:27
CompuChipI'm really starting to fear that somehow I broke the hardware.13:29
yeatsCompuChip: well hardware RAID is different than just adding a disk.  What you're describing is what I would expect to happen13:29
CompuChipyeats: haha yeah, learning that the hard way. But any idea how I can re-install then?13:33
yeatsCompuChip: this might help http://askubuntu.com/questions/598110/ubuntu-server-14-04-2-install-error-cant-umount-media13:35
yeatsCompuChip: gotta head out, though - hopefully someone can assist13:36
CompuChipyeats: Thanks for your help!13:36
CompuChipyeats: FYI Control-C seems to be the magic key :) Will keep trying. Thanks again.13:37
CompuChipHmm I had a question about my desktop as well, but I seem to be banned from #ubuntu ?13:57
diegoaguilarlordievader, are u around?15:37
lordievaderdiegoaguilar: Sort of.15:37
diegoaguilaroh, well I asked yesterday about this issue with ssh15:37
diegoaguilarI made some updates, Id like you to review them15:37
lordievaderdiegoaguilar: From your nmap: 2222/tcp closed unknown15:39
lordievaderdiegoaguilar: Anyhow, do you have access to the server now?15:39
diegoaguilarnot yet but as you suggested trying netstat15:40
diegoaguilarapart from that, what else should I care15:40
diegoaguilaralso, I think I will try enabling udp at building firewall and for ufw15:40
lordievaderdiegoaguilar: Well there are certain steps you take to debug this. Randomly doing things might solve stuff but ain't constructive.15:41
lordievaderSo you go the route: local, local-network, public network.15:41
diegoaguilarnetstat will do the local, right?15:42
diegoaguilarwhat should go for local-network15:43
lordievaderOr a different box.15:43
diegoaguilarin same network, of course15:43
lordievaderYes, local network ;)15:44
diegoaguilarI read around and some people tell ssh uses udp somehow15:44
diegoaguilarso I will try to enable it15:44
lordievaderdiegoaguilar: Debug this when you have access to the machine. Doing things outside doesn't really help.15:49
diegoaguilarOkey lordievader thanks15:51
diegoaguilardo you think I can reach u here on next monday morning?15:52
diegoaguilarwell thanks15:53
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VexenaHas anyone tried the ID system "Tiger" before? If so out of your experience is it worth the installation on a vps?17:04
lordievaderVexena: 'ID system "Tiger"', what is that?17:14
VexenaIntrusion Detection System Tiger17:22
Vexenameant IDS17:23
athairushello everyone18:56
athairusI have a ubuntu 14.04 LTS install on a virtual server instance18:56
athairusand I've been going through the docs linked when logging via ssh18:56
athairusI decided to give enabling kernel crash dumps a try18:56
athairusand I'm following this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/kernel-crash-dump.html18:56
athairusfor some reason, the boot parameter to allocate memory for dumps, crashkernel=, is not present18:57
athairusis there an automated way to do this?18:57
athairusin addition, the file I was told to edit is /etc/default/kdump-tool, but the file that actually exists on my box is called /etc/default/kdump-tools18:58
athairusit had the line to modify, so I modified that instead18:58
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