elacheche_anisMorning \o/12:01
elacheche_anisNeo31, !18:11
elacheche_anisHey guys!18:11
Neo31yo elacheche_anis :)18:44
Dro__hi elacheche_anis18:54
elacheche_anisHey guys:18:54
Dro__elacheche_anis, kodi: http://i.imgur.com/NVmFJGH.png18:57
elacheche_anisAwesome Dro__ :)19:02
elacheche_anisGood job :) :D19:02
Dro__ba3d ma cha3ri cheb hahahaha et pourtant ça marche pas à 100% mizel qq trucs à fixer19:03
Dro__chkoun 3andou des msgs kif hekka fel /var/log/syslog ??19:06
Dro__May  2 20:04:58 ubuntu-l nullmailer[1432]: Starting delivery, 184 message(s) in queue.19:06
Dro__May  2 20:04:58 ubuntu-l nullmailer[1432]: Sending failed:  Could not exec program19:06
Dro__May  2 20:04:58 ubuntu-l nullmailer[1432]: Delivery complete, 184 message(s) remain.19:06
elacheche_anisDro__, do you have postfix installed?19:08
Dro__elacheche_anis, normalement non! je l'ai pas installé19:08
elacheche_anischeck :)19:09
elacheche_anisit's nullmaler who is trying to send emails.. never used it.. let's check the docs19:11
elacheche_anisDro__, http://bit.ly/1GFDy1n19:12
Dro__=> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=87436019:15
Dro__i have to delete all msgs19:15
elacheche_anisNext time try to read them :) so you know who's sending them using it19:16
Dro__deja fait, voila l'un de ces msgs:19:21
Dro__$ cat /var/spool/nullmailer/queue/1430201858.1525919:21
Dro__mais j'ai rien compris19:21
Dro__haha :P19:21
elacheche_anisDro__, t'as installé wine?19:31
crack3rDro__: ls /etc/cron.daily/19:38
elacheche_aniscrontab -l19:38
elacheche_aniset sudo crontab -l19:38
Dro__elacheche_anis, ey w na7itou19:42
Dro__crack3r, $ ls /etc/cron.daily/19:42
Dro__0anacron  apport  bsdmainutils      dpkg           logrotate  mlocate  popularity-contest  update-notifier-common19:42
Dro__apache2   apt     cracklib-runtime  google-chrome  man-db     passwd   samba               upstart19:42
Dro__elacheche_anis, crontab -l ==> no crontab for user, et no crontab for root avec sudo19:43
elacheche_anisles cron.daily sont des cron systèmes.. tu touche pas :)19:45

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