`hypermist`will android apps work on ubuntu touch ?01:47
OerHekshypermist short answer is no02:05
OerHeksso no java lawsuit with oracle02:06
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brunch875Good morning in the morning!05:51
brunch875I hope everyone slept well and is active for a productive day :)05:51
Sleep_WalkerI'm not able to locate ubuntu sdk sources, only PPA project06:24
Sleep_Walkercould you tell me where to look, please?06:24
nik90brunch875: Good morning :-)06:32
nik90Sleep_Walker: sure, one sec06:32
nik90Sleep_Walker: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit, https://launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu06:32
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Sleep_Walkernik90: thanks!06:58
samtekanybody here07:43
brunch875Yes, of course!07:43
samtekcan anybody tell me how can i install android apks on Ubuntu touch07:43
samteki just install ubuntu touch on my nexus07:44
brunch875You can't install android apks on ubuntu07:44
samtekno whats app no facebook no internet speed meter07:44
brunch875just like you can't install ubuntu programs on android :p07:44
samteki was thinking that ubuntu build their OS on AOSP07:45
brunch875not at all... you'll notice a few gains from that07:45
samtekanyway thanks brunch07:45
brunch875but still, you can use telegram instead of whatsapp07:46
samtekya i saw that in ubuntu app store07:46
brunch875as for facebook, the browserr should do the trick :p07:46
samtekdon't  have contacts on telegram07:46
samtekok bye07:46
samteklunch time here07:46
brunch875enjoy your meal07:46
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InglebardHi, someone knows how to use spinbox and color dialog for qml app ? (said qtquicks.controls not installed)08:55
* brunch875 has no idea08:56
nik90Inglebard: app related questions are better of in #ubuntu-app-devel. That said, I have used QtQuick Controls in Ubuntu Touch, but they usually clash with the Ubuntu SDK components09:02
InglebardOk nik90 thanks09:03
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TenLeftFingers_I'm reporting an issue where the notification bar can overlap the app - as in the app, rather than being positioned beneath the indicator area is actually behind it with the notification overlaid on top. It's not specific to one app, although I originally filed it against the browser when I discovered it. What logs should I attach for this one?10:25
peat-psuwitDoes video playback currently work on a supported device?10:47
brunch875Video works flawlessly on my bq10:47
bqphonehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/libqtelegram/+bug/1450592 any ideas?10:59
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1450592 in libqtelegram "I cant watch videos recived by Telegram on my ubuntu phone" [Undecided,Incomplete]10:59
peat-psuwitI'm sorry, I should be more precise. Does video playback currently work on a supported device using vivid?11:05
brunch875hmmm... was it mcphail who was flashing vivid yesterday on his bq?11:07
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BOHverkillwhich microsd cards are supported? size? class? sdhc? sdxc?11:50
BOHverkillmhh k i think i answered my question 32GB the other things are self explained ^^12:02
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TenLeftFingers__DanChapman: ping!13:29
DanChapmanTenLeftFingers__: hey13:31
TenLeftFingers__DanChapman: about the icon, I've just done an unauthenticated checkout of a branch and have the SVGs locally. What's the best way to send a proposal your way? I'm just thinking about matching the colour as opposed to a redesign.13:33
DanChapmanTenLeftFingers__: awesome, so if you did a checkout of our git repo then you can make a pull-request. Or you can just attach them to that bug report and sort it out that way if it's easier.13:36
TenLeftFingers__DanChapman: I'll give it a try. 0.4 is where I checked out from by the way.13:37
DanChapmanTenLeftFingers__: excellent thanks! if you want the color palette we use, you can get the colour codes from this file https://bitbucket.org/dekkoproject/dekko/src/49727cab937c90b959ba16100345982f9aae0c0d/src/configuration/styles.conf?at=devel13:42
TenLeftFingers__Great DanChapman, thank you very much!13:44
bqphoneby the way thanks for the dekko update, the problem was fixed and now hotmail and gmail are running on it14:04
DanChapmanbqphone: glad it's working better for you now :)14:16
bqphonewell i have reported a bug  https://bugs.launchpad.net/libqtelegram/+bug/145059214:19
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1450592 in libqtelegram "I cant watch videos recived by Telegram on my ubuntu phone" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:20
bqphoneany idea what can be wrong?14:20
bqphonecant open any .mp4 while they work fine on other telephones android and windows14:20
peat-psuwitDoes video playback currently work on a supported device using vivid?15:22
extraymondAnyone knows how to get all the bq goodies on nexus 4?15:24
extraymondLike nearby scope and here map!15:31
peat-psuwitDoes video playback currently work on a supported device using vivid?16:38
extraymondI've seen people getting today scope to work on mako, but failed to find any source to do that. Hope someone can enlighten me!17:04
popeypeat-psuwit: yes17:25
peat-psuwitpopey: Can you give me a log from media-hub with GST_DEBUG=*:9 ? I'm finding what's wrong on my device.17:27
popeyuh, how?17:32
peat-psuwitpopey: Get a shell, run "stop media-hub", then "GST_DEBUG=*:9 GST_DEBUG_NO_COLOR=1 media-hub-server &>mediahub.log". Play a video file until in start playing, then stop. Press Ctrl-C into terminal, then type "start media-hub". Give me mediahub.log.17:37
popeypeat-psuwit: doing that breaks video playback17:42
peat-psuwitpopey: How? Please also give me mediahub.log17:43
popeyi get a blank screen, video doesn't play17:43
popeypeat-psuwit: http://people.canonical.com/~alan/mediahub.log17:44
peat-psuwitpopey: With massively high debug message, things will be unusually slow. Could you please wait?17:44
popeypeat-psuwit: its really not playing17:48
peat-psuwitpopey: Well, then I probably cannot get any useful debugging log this way. :(17:50
peat-psuwitpopey: Could you also give me mediahub.log after your second try?17:53
bqphonehi again, is there an rss app/scope that allows you to add rss from different websites?18:25
OerHeksbqphone, https://uappexplorer.com/apps?q=rss18:31
bqphonewill try them then, thx18:49
cylonmath2Which version to update the phone again (stable) ?19:55
SturmFlutIs anybody here currently in or around Dublin? If yes, please do message me. (I tried for about ten minutes to make this not look like a Craigslist advert, but failed in the end.)20:34
k1lif aynone is in dublin i bet they are drunk right now :)20:37
SturmFlutk1l: Most likely, yes20:38
hanneprost ;-)20:55

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