zmoylan-picom.farnell.ie would be so... so... american... :-P00:02
shaunoI think it should be com.ie.farnell, but that ship has sailed01:38
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/BBgutCEb wtf?02:08
daftykinsit's a trap!02:08
Azelphurnever thought I'd see such a daft error on Linux lol02:08
shaunoheh, "danger will robinson, danger!"02:10
daftykinssomeone's replaced your 'cd' with a trick one02:10
Azelphurdon't think so, it works fine before and after that02:11
penguin42oh that's impressive02:11
shaunoor it's failed to write to ~/.bash_history02:11
AzelphurI see02:11
daftykinsi found my nano_history owned by root today 0o02:12
zmoylan-pitype something nice for all the north korean hackers? :-)02:25
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zmoylan-pihappy birds tweeting outside my window... probably leeching off my wifi... :-)04:29
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:40
foobarry5h37 of deep sleep :D08:54
foobarry8h of sleep08:54
TheProphet[S]Hi all, anyone else having problems logging into graphical mode due to systemd? I'm referring to the bug "starting version 219"10:14
TheProphet[S]Bug #143217110:15
lubotu3bug 1432171 in systemd (Ubuntu) "[udev] Shows "starting version 219" boot message even with "quiet"" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143217110:15
ali1234"starting version 219" is the very first thing systemd prints10:16
ali1234just because it is also the last thing you see does not mean systemd is the problem10:16
TheProphet[S]Ok, it's not my assessment, it's what cro said in comment #1710:17
TheProphet[S]He says that by going back to upstart everything works fine10:18
TheProphet[S]His solutions are: " Either replace the display manager startup scripts to work with `systemd`, or remove `systemd` and replace it with `upstart-sys`"10:19
TheProphet[S]Now I can't even see the tty properly10:33
AndChat|336756Can't see anything now, I can still ssh lickily10:39
TheProphet[S]Should I just purge xorg and nvidia drivers and try to start from scratch? Is that even the right way to start from scratch short of formatting?10:45
TheProphet[S]This graphical problems I'm having are a nightmare11:27
mrindeedhelp, my computer doesnt lock and i want to be the hibernate which i enabled to be remove from the menu12:05
mrindeedhelp, my computer doesnt lock12:21
StevenRanyone else running xubuntu?13:55
StevenRI've noticed that when I go to shutdown my laptop, if I click cancel, it still shuts down.13:56
zmoylan-pijust clicked cancel... ::waits::13:57
zmoylan-pione hippopotamus... two hippopotamus... three hippopotamus...13:59
zmoylan-pitaps spot where i'd have a wrist watch if i wore one...14:00
zmoylan-pinope, not happening here sorry...14:00
zmoylan-pisame for logout, other options?14:01
ali1234StevenR: that's odd, can you report it please14:02
ali1234where exactly did you click on cancel?14:02
ali1234also i assume 15.0414:02
ali1234trying it in a vm14:03
ali1234doesn't seem to do it here14:04
zmoylan-pitouchscreen or mouse/trackpad?14:05
ali1234doesn't do it on the login screen either (it has a different ui)14:06
brobostigondo we have an xmpp/jabber client for ubuntu touch?14:07
StevenRali1234: using the latest LTS14:08
StevenRok. Can no longer replicate it. hmmph.14:09
ali1234where exactly did you click cancel?14:10
ali1234there's multiple ways to shutdown the computer14:10
zmoylan-pihttp://catb.org/jargon/html/D/dancing-frog.html :-)14:11
StevenRali1234: I click the little power logo on the bar, select shutdown, hit cancel, the computer shuts down. At least, that's what happened. Doesn't happen now.14:11
StevenRali1234: the little logo has other options, like about this computer14:12
ali1234on the bar or on the start menu?14:12
StevenRon the bar14:12
ali1234wait, latest LTS? so 14.04?14:12
ali1234okay i am looking at the wrong version then14:13
ali1234i don't have a vanilla 14.0414:13
* zmoylan-pi just checked... is on 14.04 my kitchen laptop14:15
ali1234i can't see any similar reports14:18
SuperEngineerif one switches channel and one sees...14:25
SuperEngineerali1234> on the bar or on the start menu?14:25
SuperEngineer<StevenR> on the bar14:25
SuperEngineer...one does tend to laugh14:25
ali1234xubuntu has a start menu...14:25
SuperEngineer[so do many otther other distros, I was reading "bar" as "pub", much better for the brain]14:27
SuperEngineerLooking at the /topic I see the beer train [RAT] is still prominent... that must be one one heck of a hangover!15:18
* SuperEngineer is jealous15:20
ali1234"proactive suggestions"16:16
ali1234"help the user find value in the store"16:17
ali1234"beautiful pictures"16:17
ali1234no, adverts, adverts, adverts... everywhere16:17
zmoylan-piso buy the hardwarem pay for a commercial os and get stuffed with ads...16:26
zmoylan-pihmmmmm..... how about no16:26
zmoylan-piwow the lag on that stylus sucks16:30
ali1234does anyone know of a normal PC case like this: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/4-bay-25-qnap-ts-451s-nas-solution-with-intel-celeron-dual-core-cpu-1gb-ram-sata-6gb-s-2x-gigabit-la16:31
ali1234those are 2.5" bays16:31
mapppsso cold16:31
penguin429c :-(17:25
mattcarverHello there, is it possible to get a quick hand configuring my synaptics touchpad with Ubuntu 15.0417:28
mattcarverI would rather appreciate it17:29
knightwisemornin peeps17:52
directhexali1234: a PC case with multiple hotswap 2.5" bays?18:24
ali1234which is the same size as that one, yes18:24
ali1234same form factor, but a standard PC that I can install whatever i want on18:25
directhexer... can't think of anything like that from any of the big players in cases18:26
ali1234and it doesn't have to be hotswap, just front accessible18:26
OerHeksnice, 4 x 2.5" in 5.25" space http://www.mypccase.com/icydotomb4x2.html18:26
ali1234yeah, seen those. so then i'd just need a case with 1x 5.25" bay and nothing else18:26
OerHeksNot sure you can hotswap in linux though18:27
ali1234you can18:27
directhexokay, THAT i can find you18:27
directhexthe smallest possible case with a 5.25" external bay?18:27
ali1234i'm interested...18:27
directhexmATX okay, or you want ITX?18:28
ali1234whichever has the widest selection of motherboards available i guess18:29
ali1234whichever is most "standard"18:29
directhexmATX by a mile, but mATX is much larger18:29
directhexmini-ITX is 17x17cm, mATX is up to 24x24cm18:30
ali1234what about NUC?18:30
directhexnobody's going to put a 3.5" bay on a NUC18:31
directhexand the motherboard in a nuc isn't something you get control over18:31
directhexthere are a *limited* number of has-a-cpu-socket mini-ITX boards18:31
directhexand all micro-ATX boards do18:31
directhexbut let's take http://www.kustompcs.co.uk/acatalog/info_0788.html as an example case18:32
directhexplus a motherboard from http://www.kustompcs.co.uk/acatalog/ITX_Motherboards.html and the enclosure suggested by OerHeks18:32
directhexor http://www.kustompcs.co.uk/acatalog/info_0874.html (available in a range of colours)18:34
directhexor http://www.kustompcs.co.uk/acatalog/info_0849.html18:34
directhexmost mini-ITX cases use laptop slimline optical drives, if any18:34
ali1234i'm going to want something that runs cool and silent too18:35
directhexhow about a pony?18:35
ali1234i don't want any optical drive18:35
directhexhttp://www.kustompcs.co.uk/acatalog/info_55245.html - passive cooling18:36
directhexali1234: why do you think these cases have any 5.25" bays? just because you're looking to put 4x 2.5" bays in there, doesn't mean that's not why those cases have a 5.25" bay18:36
ali1234because they are designed for HTPCs18:37
ali1234i want to build a silent NAS with SSDs that can also run mythtv18:38
ali1234(backend not frontend)18:38
directhexokay. do it. i gave you three possible cases, and an array of motherboards18:39
penguin42ali1234: You can get the same CPUs as the NUCs on full size boards18:42
directhexyeah, that works too18:43
directhexyou'll need to spend the time checking clearance heights for cases vs coolers18:43
penguin42directhex: Well, the passive ones you suggested are good - I've got the older MSI c83418:44
penguin42oops, c84718:44
directhexi am on an MSI kick right now, due to the "Linux out of the box" guarantees18:44
penguin42directhex: Well, in the end it's pretty much an Intel chip slapped on the board - not much else there18:45
directhexpenguin42: ethernet? wifi? vaguely non-broken firmware?18:45
penguin42directhex: Yes (RTL), no, vaguely18:46
directhexpenguin42: i mean in general18:46
directhexpenguin42: if i buy a gigabyte & the firmware has "boot windows & only windows" breakage, their tech support people will tell me to take a flying leap18:46
penguin42directhex: Really it has that kind of breakage?18:47
directhexpenguin42: such breakages exist18:48
penguin42directhex: Yeh, but they are rare and I've found firmware screwups on pretty much everything. TBH the firmware in the MSI doesn't do that much for me, it works but I had some startup problems when I first got it that I'd guess at firmware18:49
penguin42yeh, I remember that one18:49
directhexalso, NUCs had the same issue in the shipping firmware18:50
directhexhad to update to $latest to boot non-windows18:51
penguin42that does suck, I expect more from Intel, but was it a general non-windows or was it just a screwup?18:53
penguin42that's very different from that Lenovo one18:53
directhexin 99.9% of cases, it's screwups18:53
directhexeven the lenovo one was a screwup18:53
directhexwe have 40 years of bad BIOS bugs, and the workarounds/fixes to them. we only have a few years of bad UEFI bugs, and the workarounds/fixes to them18:53
penguin42yeh but that was a specific string compare screwup, as opposed to say a device setup that doesn't work with some kernels18:53
directhexbasically, firmware developers are totally terrible at their jobs18:54
penguin42I agree on that18:54
penguin42my main desktop I have to pass a kernel parameter to get modern kernels to boot on it because of some interrupt remapping kernel18:54
directhexthe NUC it was also a string compare error iirc18:54
ali1234maybe i should just buy the QNAP and use their virtualization thing18:54
directhexi.e. it was hardcoded to only boot Windows Boot Manager from the fixed disk18:54
penguin42directhex: Ah ok, thats dumb18:55
directhexso it would install, but not boot, linuxes (linuxorum?) in EFI mode. fine with BIOS emulation18:56
penguin42directhex: The EFI boot process isn't exactly simple18:58
directhexyeah... but the BIOS one is total nonsense in 201518:59
directhex"hello, i am an 8088, i will now boot 16-bit 8088 machine code from the first 448 bytes of the first ATA device on the first ISA bus"19:00
penguin42yeh, technology19:00
MartijnVdSdirecthex: ATA drive? Hah!19:02
penguin42directhex: It's all actually a lot scarier than that; things like figuring out how many CPUs you've got involves reading values from the RTC19:02
penguin42all insane19:02
penguin42all reasonable bits of evolution at the time19:02
penguin42DOS mode FP exceptions, A20 lines etc etc19:03
directhexmy 6-core 64-bit Haswell-EP is still also an 8088, just in case I want to boot it in the manner of my ancestors19:03
directhexer, Haswell-E. Haswell-EP is xeon19:04
directhexi expect that to go away, with windows 10 basically killing CSM19:05
penguin42directhex: It depends, if they still have to support it working in VMs they might keep the hardware19:06
directhexpenguin42: well Windows 10 logo certified hardware basically won't have it19:07
penguin42directhex: 'wont have it' - you mean it wont have bios compatible boot ?19:07
penguin42right, that's just the bios module19:09
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ali1234what exactly is the reason that xeons exist?19:46
ali1234ECC support?19:46
penguin42ali1234: ECC, and multisocket on some of them19:46
MartijnVdSali1234: more cores per package, ECC, Registered, more money per customer?19:46
directhexali1234: reasons already given. multi-socket, ECC, more cache, more cores22:14
directhexmy board takes an 18-core chip22:14
penguin42directhex: What board is that?22:15
directhexpenguin42: an X99 board.22:15
penguin42and it lets you take the E5- series Xeons?22:18
directhexmy old PC would take xeons too. if it can't take a xeon, it's for plebs!22:20
directhexwhen intel started doing core i3/5/7, i7 was "basically a xeon", with the i7-9xx range. but people moaned about price, and they shipped the "slightly faster i5" series, the "i7-8xx". it's continued to this day - there's "i'm not a xeon, honest" i7's, and "don't look too closely, or you'll see i'm an i5" i7's22:28
directhexso socket 1366 was used for i7 and uniprocessor xeon; 2011 was used for i7 and uniprocessor xeon; 2011-3 is used for i7 and uniprocessor xeon22:30
penguin42but aren't the 18 processor beasts multisocket only with different busses (CSI?)22:31
directhexX58, X79 and X99 (the relevant chipsets for the above sockets) use the same bus as xeon. hence supporting xeons :p22:34
penguin42directhex: What's confusing me is that shows DMI2.0 as the interface from the Xeon, where as I thought Xeons used QuickPath22:38
* penguin42 is just reading http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/datasheets/xeon-e5-v3-datasheet-vol-1.pdf22:38
penguin42ah, it has both22:40
directhexQPI for communication between sockets22:41
directhexDMI for communication to motherboard chipset22:42
directhexmy old X58 system was QPI for both22:42
directhexwell, except for being uniproc22:42
directhexbut still, QPI for the chipset comms22:42
penguin42directhex: Interesting, I hadn't realised this22:42
* penguin42 observes from that doc that 'Enable Safe Mode boot' and 'Enable Intel Trusted Execution Technology Agent' are pins on the chip22:43
ali1234they should just make one CPU, it would be so much easier22:48
penguin42ah, the E7's still have a different socket22:51
penguin42hmm, although hmm,22:53
penguin42that data sheet says the E7v2 socket is 'Socket R1' LGA2011-122:54
penguin42so that's still the same?22:54
ali1234okay next stupid question: why do they need so many different sockets? they all look pretty much the same22:54
directhexali1234: It's Complicated22:54
penguin42ali1234: It sounds like the answer is they're slowly coming to not having many different sockets22:55
directhexali1234: but, in essence, it's down to how many physical connections the chip needs to the motherboard - for example, an i7-5930k can drive 40 PCIe lanes, an i7-4790K can drive 1622:57
penguin42and also you need more pins to get more power into the chip22:57
directhexthe i7-4790k can do dual-channel memory, the i7-5930k can do quad channel22:57
directhexin server chips, some pins are also for inter-socket links22:58
directhexIBM POWER8 has 15823 pins (!)23:00
penguin42directhex: But your observation, which is interesting, is that now they're just using the same sockets on the xeons as the i7's and just ignoring the inter-cpu links23:01
penguin42directhex: I bet 90% of those are power/ground23:01
directhexpenguin42: not quite 90%, but good guess23:02
directhex6000 for power, 7700 for ground23:02
penguin42not far off :-)23:02
directhexali1234: :D23:02
shauno2099 for signals, apparently.  that's still quite a crazy amount23:03
penguin42they look quite boring compared to the old MCMs23:03
penguin42they also have to be careful just on layout - there's only so many pins you can get out through a PCB from teh centre of a package like that23:04
ali1234well, i would guess that's another reason why so many are power/ground23:05
directhexpenguin42: not if you go deeper!23:05
ali1234since you have to route them on the die as well23:05
penguin42directhex: There'sa  limit to how many layers you can sanely do as well23:05
ali1234yep, power and ground will probably get a layer each23:05
directhexfor ali1234 , that's another major issue - a socket with more pins needs more layers, and more layers are MUCH more expensive23:05
shaunoaren't power8 usually used for supercomputers?  I think they can probably budget a few extra layers :)23:06
penguin42directhex: Yeh and they start to even get heavy when you get really thick boards - one place I worked did a backplane that was getting silly23:06
penguin42shauno: They're also available as servers - I think 2Uish23:07
directhexthey're billing power8 as a cloud server chip23:07
penguin42directhex: By putting the word 'cloud' on the billing23:07
penguin42shauno: http://www.tyan.com/campaign/openpower/23:07
shaunoI can't imagine what makes it particularly cloudy, other than being 8-core23:08
directhexi'm going to bed23:09
penguin42that's a good place to be23:09

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