cmaloneyand good morning good people12:18
cmaloneyand morning bad people12:18
cmaloneyreminder we'll be meeting tomorrow at 9pm as is the custom12:19
cmaloneymore details in a note that is yet to be written12:19
cmaloneyhope to see you there!12:19
brouschAny east sider feel an earthquake?16:27
cscheibthat was just yo momma16:31
brouschGetting confirmations from people in kalamazoo and north of grand rapids16:33
cscheibUSGS doesn't say anything about one yet16:38
cscheibaha, that hadn't been posted yet16:46
brouschThe earthquake was very close to Climax, MI. Coincidence?16:50
cmaloneynot I16:50
Spongewait.. there was!?16:58
SpongeI thought I felt something move the couch16:58
Spongelight tremor but enough to shake it..17:00

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