Kilosmorning all05:38
Kiloshi captine  06:07
captinehey Kilos 06:10
Kiloshi Trixar_za  06:44
Kiloshows things there06:44
Kiloshi Tonberry  07:20
* Kilos ..07:36
Kilosaw i forgot07:37
Kilosi wonder what the . and .. mean actually07:47
Kilosoh ya how does one manipulate google search thing to find the africa site first when peeps type in ubuntu-africa?07:57
arnaudmezHello guys09:20
Kiloshi arnaudmez  09:21
arnaudmezhi Kilos09:21
arnaudmezwhat's on the desk today09:21
Kiloswhat did you break?09:21
arnaudmeznothing today09:22
arnaudmezand you ? did you break something these days ?09:22
Kilosno since i went to kubuntu 14.04 on a new 1TB drive nothing breaks anymore09:23
Kiloswhats happening about your linux classes09:24
arnaudmezso you mean Kubuntu is better than the normal Ubuntu + Unity ?09:24
Kilosoh yes much more stable09:24
arnaudmezOkay for minux class let's take it off here, it's more private at this stage09:25
arnaudmezare you running plasma 5 on that KUB 14.0409:25
Kiloswill go to plasma 5 on 16.0409:26
arnaudmezWhy  only on 16.04 ?09:37
Kilosgoing from lts to lts means less mobile data used09:37
arnaudmezOkay I see, you upgrade using distr upgrade in a terminal right09:45
Kilosno i normally do a clen install but with /home backed up09:46
arnaudmezOnce in 2008 I did an upgrade from terminal and it's just crsshhh everything hopefully I had backup of y data's09:47
arnaudmezand to avoid that my solution was to order for every new Ubuntu release with Repo DVD's throught FossCd.co.za which helped me a lot for year09:48
arnaudmez**years i mean09:49
Kilosthe good thing about having good backups is if the new install doesnt work you can always reintsall the old one, backup , and carry on09:49
Kilosbut then superfly  upgrades everytime09:50
arnaudmezso did someone here tried ubuntu 15.04 or even kernel 4.0 ?09:50
Kiloskde is very reliable09:50
Kilosthere are a few yes09:51
arnaudmezI'm on kernel 4.0 and it's just good 10:06
arnaudmezfirst thing they promise get's real "no reboot after critical upgrade"10:07
captineok.  got a keyboard. now to try install 15.04 gnome edition12:18
captinesee u all in a bit.  /home is on a seperate drive so hoping all goes well12:19
captineso... when u are used to unity, the change to gnome is a little strange... need to learn a bit13:03
captineyip.  lol it is13:06
Kiloswhy did you change?13:06
captinefor the fun of it...13:06
captinei used to use gnome13:06
captineon other distro's13:06
captineso thought I would give it a spin13:06
captinegnome 3 on crunchbang13:07
captinesome years back13:07
Kiloscrunchbang was a pain to me i couldnt get 3g going13:07
Kilosso trasshed it13:08
captineyip.  at the time,i couldnt get ubuntu to install on my acer laptop, but crunchbang somehow did13:08
captinenow to install all my apps13:10
captinelol.  this is the fun part13:10
georgelappieshi all13:42
Kiloshi georgelappies  13:56
georgelappiesHi Kilos, how are you doing on this lovely sunny autumn afternoon14:01
Kiloswarmer out in the sun but pc not out there14:02
captinehi georgelappies 14:29
georgelappieshi captine14:30
Kilosafternoon superfly  14:42
superflyafternoon Kilos14:43
captinehi superfly 14:43
superflyhey captine14:44
Kilosso quiet16:25
KilosMaaz  hmm...16:26
Maazhmm... is often used to try make others believe one is actually thinking16:26
magespawngood evening16:26
Kiloshiya magespawn  16:26
magespawnhow are things Kilos ?16:37
Kilosmuch too quiet magespawn  and there?16:38
Kiloscold also here16:38
magespawnnot cold here, but quite alround i think16:38
Kilosoh magespawn  you said with a switch you have to then set ip's right?16:40
Kilosall i did was from here tick allow others 16:40
magespawnyes, or have one computer control it16:40
Kilosoh ok16:40
magespawnahh so then you are just sharing the internet connection16:41
Kiloswhat else is there to share16:41
magespawnthere are limitations to that16:41
magespawnhard drives, server style programs etc16:41
Kilosna i dont wanna share this kde with anything else16:42
magespawnfor example you could store all your music on one pc but allow access to it for both16:42
Kilosno time to listen to music anymore16:43
magespawnalways time for music16:44
magespawnanyway helps me concentrate16:44
Kilosno man then i wanna sing not concentrate16:44
magespawnahhh, well i can't sing16:45
Kiloslol nor can i but who cares16:45
captineanyone here used mumble before?  (prob only non-3G users, as voip might be pricey on 3G16:54
superflycaptine: a LONG time ago16:56
captineah.  i am on the jupiterbroadcasting one, but man, getting my audio right is a pain16:56
superflyworked fine for me16:57
* magespawn goes to have a look17:07
captinelol 17:21
captinemagespawn, it is like a voip tool mainly for games17:21
captinebut is used by some podcasters17:23
magespawnlooks pretty cool, might also be useful for things like conferencing or support17:24
magespawnonly 12 mb too17:29
captinejust need good data.17:34
captinejitsi is also pretty slick.. would use that if I had my own company.17:34
magespawnjitsi? you guys keep too many secrets17:34
captinelol.  it is like google hangouts17:35
captinebut self hosted17:35
captinestill a bit rough.  17:35
captinewhat data line do you have at hoime?17:35
captine3g or adsl?17:35
magespawn3g sometimes17:38
captinei hear of all these things on jupiterbroadcasting's shows (Linux action show and Linux Unplugged)17:39
captinebut I use between 150 and 200 gig of data per month between me and my wife, so not feasible on 3g17:40
magespawni could sell a kidney17:48
magespawni hear they fetch quite a bit17:49
Kiloshow much?17:49
magespawnnot sure on the exact amounts17:55
captinecannot wait for SA to get real compelling data.  even if it was just back to unlimited local data18:01
captinewe could then host local vm's etc and run these sorts of tools18:02
captinewhich would enable sme's to grow and grow and grow18:02
captineubuntu-gnome channel does not have much action... :)18:02
Kiloseveryone is recovering from may day18:06
Kilosoh its the 2nd already18:07
stickyboyKilos: https://www.lightbluetouchpaper.org/2015/05/02/meeting-snowden-in-princeton/18:19
stickyboyGO go go!18:19
Kiloswhat is that stickyboy  18:19
stickyboycaptine: I ran an XMPP server for a few months last year.18:19
stickyboyI was really going to move off Hangouts.18:20
stickyboyBut then nobody would talk to me. heheheeheh18:20
stickyboyI even wrote an ansible playbook with all my setup / settings: https://github.com/alanorth/ansible_blog/tree/prosody18:20
Kiloseish all that rtfs18:21
stickyboyKilos: previous link was about Edward Snowden and cryptography.18:22
Kilosim too old to worry about that stuff18:23
Kilosi just need stuff that works not more to think about18:24
stickyboyKilos: Ok, let me just recommend you stop using Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts.18:28
stickyboyIRC is ok though. :P18:28
Kilosi use irc and pidgin and on rare ocasions just go comment on fb18:29
Kilosbut im sure others went and looked so dont feel bad18:33
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:02
captinestickyboy, lol.  sorry, just got back from re-settling my daughter19:04
captinefuny one19:04
captinelike using telegram instead of whatsapp.. tough to get others to buy in19:04
superflyhey captine, I also use Telegram. Almost everyone I know is on Telegram now.19:45
captinesuperfly, cool.19:46
captineI am trying to get friends and family on it19:46
captinebut not going well19:46
superflyMy mom and dad only have WhatsApp-capable phones, but that's a step up from nothing19:47
captineso superfly, decided to give 15.04 gnome edition a run.  quite enjoying it.  you on the KDE edition, if I recall?19:49
superflyrun Kubuntu at work, but Debian at home20:04
superflyPlasma 5 is nice, but the breeze theme is a little too much whitespace20:04
magespawni have found that i tend to prefer the darker setups and themes, beside i think that the new wwill not run on my steam powered laptop20:07
superflythere's a dark breeze theme, but it's just not Obsidian Coast20:09
superflyObsidian Coast has way more subtle lines and shadows20:09
superflymuch more friendly to the eye20:09
captinei prefer dark to20:10
captinebut for some reason, my software centre fonts are a similar colour to the background.  driving me nuts.  cannot read a thing in the software centre20:10
superflycaptine: yeah, I have that problem on some websites, where the idiot designers presume everyone has a light/white background20:11
superflyso they hard-code the text colour to a dark gray... the same gray as my background. thanks a lot, twits. don't you even know your CSS rules?20:11
captinewell.  this is worse as it is in ubuntu-gnome edition20:12
superflyreasoning with drunkards: worse than reasoning with toddlers20:27
captinei am keen to put all my dvd's onto my plex media box, but am really not keen to spend days and days ripping them...20:36
captinefirst learning how to rip in linux command line, then ripping one at a time... man... sucks20:37
superflyk3b can do ripping20:37
magespawnhi gremble 20:41
grembleHey magespawn 20:42
magespawnand it does it well too20:42
grembleHopefully, otherwise it would have to try again20:42
grembleHow are you magespawn?20:43
magespawngood and you gremble ?20:43
grembleI am well thank you20:44
superflyhey gremble20:46
grembleHey superfly 20:46
grembleDoing well?20:46
superflynot too bad.20:48
grembleNot bad either. Trying to work, but my cat wants to eat the ink from my pen20:48
captinesuperfly, but that is all gui. no dvd on my main machine... only on my file server20:49
superflygremble: mine just uses me as a bed20:49
superflycaptine: ah20:49
superflyffmpeg then20:50
captineyip.  need to look into that20:50
magespawnthat also works well20:50
superflycaptine: http://www.commandlinefu.com/commands/view/6585/dvd-ripping-with-ffmpeg20:54
superflycaptine: I recommend the second method20:54
captinesuperfly, thanks20:54
captinelooking into it now.20:54
superflyYou're welcome20:54
superflyffmpeg is the bomb20:54
superflyI'm not 100% sure if ffmpeg is still in Ubuntu. You might have to use it's cousin, svconv20:54
captinei see it is not in 14.04.  apparently back in 15.0421:00
captinethere is some fork of it though21:00
captineusing avconv for now... seems to be doing something21:03
captineooo.  just installed macfanctld on my mac mini that i am using... and the fan kicked into overdrive... eish.  been warming the poor machine up all this time21:10
superflynight everyone21:21
magespawnnight superfly 21:21
grembleGood night21:22
magespawni am also off, good night all21:26
gremblecheers magespawn 21:26

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