netgeari updated manually it says the name of the monitor and stuff but i dont know what i did to make it stop working, possibly software unrelated to graphics.00:00
daftykinshave you at any point removed the mains power cable from the monitor?00:01
netgeari feel ok if on board doesn't mean it may break the i7 itself this is my first new computer since 11 years heh00:01
netgearonly after it stopped working, i moved it to a new comp to test monitor ect...00:01
daftykinsdid a different monitor have the same issue over DVI?00:02
netgearbut actually i think it only skipped bios until i did remove power... may be on to something but it was skipping bios first00:02
netgearthat comp has vga xp box very old :(00:03
daftykinsdo those machines have stickers on to prevent you opening them?00:04
netgearseems odd that it was only skipping bios i removed monitor power then it would not load at all, may be a on to something.00:04
netgeari opened it freely00:04
netgearsuprised since they claim a year support00:04
netgearwant to add a coolmaster glad i did not just in case something else goes wrong. heh00:05
daftykinswouldn't hurt to plug in with VGA, enter the EFI and load defaults for a test00:06
netgearEFI? sorry00:07
daftykinsthen power off, plug DVI in instead and try again00:07
daftykinsEFI setup = BIOS setup00:07
netgearok cool anything is worth a try thanks00:07
netgeari did change fast booting in bios only time i went into it because i read someone having similar issue, no help tho00:07
daftykinsyou're kinda suffering from an issue we call verbal diarrhoea right now00:08
daftykinsonly it's coming through your fingers :)00:08
netgearim not sober sorry i meant i went into bios one time and removed fast booting feature because someone online said it could cause the bios skipping issue00:09
netgeari appreciate your help to the community :)00:10
NotAPersonis there a real time kernel?00:25
XenophonFhi all - has anyone reported problems with the intel-microcode package breaking initrd creation/updates on 15.04 (amd64)?00:26
XenophonFwith the intel-microcode package installed, the generated initrd is malformed (https://gist.github.com/xenophonf/cb2fd45a0b3cb0831c02)00:26
XenophonFin that it is both (1) not gzipped and (2) missing many, many files00:27
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MathBlabUB/join #qb6400:50
MathBlabUBoops my b00:50
Hanz_ZimmerHello, I have a fresh install of Ubuntu 15.04 with three monitors. My graphics card is a GTX 760 and 2 monitors are connected via DVI and the third is connected via an HDMI-DVI adapter. When I first installed Ubuntu, only the second DVI montior and the HDMI monitor were detected. I added the repository and installed the newest available driver, Nvidia-349 and restarted. Now, all three monitors are detected. But the first DVI monito01:08
daftykins"but the first DVI monito..." ?01:08
Hanz_Zimmer... But the first DVI monitor won't go above 1360x768.01:09
Hanz_Zimmersorry, guess my client cut it off01:09
daftykinsnah it's a server limit i think01:09
Hanz_ZimmerI've tried using xrandr, but after adding my desired resolution it just says invalid paramater when trying to switch to it01:10
daftykinswhat did your command look like?01:10
daftykinsdoes /var/log/Xorg.0.log give any clues?01:10
daftykinsobelix__: where's Asterix?01:11
netgeargood night room thx again daftykins01:11
daftykinsdid you try it?01:11
obelix__Im not sure. My eyes have become pretty bad, I dont see so small things any more01:11
netgearthe wire? going to shut down and try tonight :)01:11
daftykinsobelix__: :D01:11
netgearor the bios?01:11
daftykinsnetgear: yeah the EFI defaults load01:11
netgearnever worked in the bios i have to look around01:12
daftykinswell you'd have to set it over VGA yeah01:12
netgeari will maybe will wait for system76 to answer i just noted all you told me in gnote tho :)01:12
netgearthe bios actually lets you move around via mouse seems nice compared to the old days01:13
obelix__Im new to this IRC thing, is there anyone who would be willing to answer me some things in private chat?01:13
Hanz_ZimmerThis was my command: xrandr --addmode DVI-I-1 1920x1080_60.0001:13
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.01:13
daftykinsHanz_Zimmer: hmm that interface name looks wrong01:13
hellhoundCan someone assist me with sleep/suspend mode.  I have 14.10 installed and sleep/suspend will only work the first time the computer is booted up.  after that first sleep/suspend it will not do it again even through the command prompt until I restart.01:14
Hanz_ZimmerHere is a copy of the output of xrandr. Which gave me the name of the interface01:14
linuxmintHello, I was told an IcedTea error on my Firefox browser is an Ubuntu issue. Is that right and could someone help me? http://dpaste.com/01C5JB801:15
daftykinsHanz_Zimmer: hrmm perhaps it's a card limitation01:16
obelix__How many of You know elementary os(thats built on ubuntu)01:16
ubottuElementary OS is an Ubuntu derivative which is supported in their IRC channel #elementary on irc.freenode.net - http://elementaryos.org/ for more information on this distribution.01:16
daftykinsHanz_Zimmer: it obviously doesn't think that display can do anything higher - weird for DDC to be wrong on a digital connection, so i think it's a restriction01:17
obelix__Thank You01:17
Hanz_ZimmerThe Gigabyte GTX can support up to 4 monitors though?01:18
Hanz_ZimmerGigabyte GTX 760*01:18
daftykinswith at least one DP in the mix i'd expect01:18
daftykinsHanz_Zimmer: you tried Windows to see if it's capable?01:18
Hanz_ZimmerNo I haven't. I suspect it's not the issue though because when I disconnect the problematic monitor, and connect the other two monitors by DVI and a third TV by hdmi, all three work at 1920x108001:20
daftykinsoooooh the monitor is acting up01:20
daftykinsok yeah, its' DDC must be read wrong01:20
daftykinsdisplay data channel, it telling its' information over the cable of what it's capable of01:21
JFlashI'm getting this error Cannot run program "/home/jay/sdks/flex_14_1/lib/android/bin/adb": error=2, No such file or director01:21
daftykinsEDID info fetching basically01:21
daftykinsJFlash: there's no file of that name :) pretty self explanatory01:21
JFlashdaftykins, the file adb.exe does exist there01:21
daftykins.exe ? that's a Windows executable01:21
Hanz_ZimmerSo is there any way I can override DDC?01:22
daftykinsHanz_Zimmer: well xrandr would've been the way, but it seems it refuses to even try01:22
Hanz_ZimmerAny suggestions on how I can proceed from here?01:23
JFlashdaftykins, yes its an .exe01:23
daftykinsJFlash: and why are you trying to use an adb executable on a Linux system?01:23
JFlashdaftykins, compile a apk version of my app01:24
daftykinsHanz_Zimmer: nah not really :S when it's the only display natively on DVI, i take it it runs 1920x1080 fine?01:24
JFlashdaftykins, using intellij IDE01:24
daftykinsJFlash: you realise you can't run a Windows .exe on Linux without Wine right?01:24
JFlashdaftykins, and Apache flex SDK01:24
daftykinsit says "adb" doesn't exist because "adb.exe" != "adb"01:24
JFlashdaftykins, I do have wine installed and properly configured01:25
Ben64JFlash: and adb.exe is not what you want01:25
daftykinsright but it doesn't know how to call that via wine because it knows that's ridiculous01:25
Ben64because thats for windows, this is linux, and adb doesn't have anything to do with compiling for android01:25
JFlashdaftykins, makes sense but where I find out how to change this path?01:25
daftykinsyou're going about your task completely wrong01:25
Hanz_ZimmerWell, just unplugging didn't give me any more resolution options. I'll restart01:25
JFlashthis is an error that INtellij is throwing at me01:26
JFlashI havent configured this path by myself01:26
Ben64look at the error01:26
Ben64"No such file or directory"01:26
JFlashBen64, I've heard that you can get such errors even when the file does exist01:27
Ben64does it exist?01:27
JFlashBen64, related to 32 binaries on 64bit oses01:27
daftykinsJFlash: run this: "file /home/jay/sdks/flex_14_1/lib/android/bin/adb"01:28
JFlashok nm. I get it... its probably looking for the wrong file, not a .exe01:28
daftykinsnow you get it01:28
JFlashdaftykins, wil try01:28
daftykinsit'll tell you "there's no file with that name"01:28
JFlashso, I run the command on the terminal01:29
daftykinswell you don't hum it :)01:29
JFlashas you say without exe it cannot find it01:30
daftykinsmmhmm, because it doesn't exist01:30
JFlashnp, will try to find where to change it thanks01:30
daftykinsno, install adb and then symlink it there01:30
daftykinsyou REALLY can't use a .exe01:30
JFlashdaftykins, already installed adb , however INtelij will not use default adb01:31
Hanz_ZimmerWhen I tried booting with it being the only connected device it just booted to a blinking cursor01:31
Ben64yeah, really need adb installed properly01:31
JFlashdaftykins, it will call wherever is on that directory01:31
JFlashdaftykins, adb itself runs well on the command line01:31
JFlasherm.. terminal01:31
JFlashsym sinking01:32
JFlashthat's an awesome idea01:32
JFlashsorry, typo01:32
* JFlash goes find out how to create symlinks01:33
Ben64man ln01:33
daftykinsln -s /path/here /another/path/there01:33
JFlashbut how do i find out where adb is installed01:33
Ben64which adb01:33
explodescan i just. use. kernel 4?01:34
Ben64explodes: sure, but its not supported here01:34
farfhi all01:41
farfi'm having trouble setting a default browser, i've tried everything obvious (update-alternatives and the control panel setting)01:41
farfbut when the terminal launches a url is always asks for a default browser01:42
farfand every time i reboot chromium forgets i set it as default01:42
daftykinsseen this one?01:42
daftykinsit has a few methods01:42
farfi'll try thanks01:43
`hypermist`Anyone here use ubuntu touch ?01:46
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch01:46
farfdaftykins: it says sudo update-alternatives --config www-browser01:46
farfi mean, i don't have www-browser01:46
daftykins*shrug* only linked it, don't understand it i'm afraid01:47
`hypermist`oh thanks daftykins xD01:47
OerHeksfarf, did you perform that command? you should get that menu.01:49
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:51
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:51
daftykinsintrnl: stop that01:52
JFlashguys, here's what solved my problem01:59
daftykinsnot trying to use Windows executables on Linux \o/01:59
JFlashsince the framework was trying to call all the .exes without an using a file extension, I created a symlink for each .exe02:00
JFlashnow I'm happy camper and I can export my Android application and collec the money on the bank tomorrow02:00
JFlashthanks guys02:00
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allstarsnorks2Hi. Is it possible if I can remove/uninstall Unity without touching lightdm02:22
guest81238what will restoring the master boot record do?02:25
nomicallstarsnorks2, remove/uninstall unity?  unity is the desktop02:25
guest81238what happens if i delete the master boot record?02:25
Bashing-om!details | guest8123802:25
guest81238or restore it02:25
ubottuguest81238: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)02:25
allstarsnorks2sorry, i meant smart scopes02:25
guest81238i am having a boot problem02:26
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:27
Bashing-omguest81238: When booting, how far do you get .. and what scrren are you at when the process does not complete .02:27
guest81238i get to a point where i usually would select the operating systems, but there are none to select, just a 'system setup' option02:28
guest81238when i enter that it just says commands not found or soemthing like that02:28
Bashing-omguest81238: "system setup' ? is this release 15.04 ?02:29
guest81238its the only option i get02:29
guest81238but anyway, my original question, could restoring master boot record solve my problem?02:30
Bashing-omguest81238: What results at this log in screen (?) when key combo ctl+alt+F4 is executed ?02:30
guest81238dunno, didn't try02:30
guest81238im running live02:30
Bashing-omguest81238: Not enough info to KNOW this is a grub booting issue.02:31
guest81238probably is02:31
guest81238either grub or master boot record02:31
guest81238would completly reinstalling grub fix the issue of no operating systems to select02:31
guest81238because i know that they exist and can be booted from because i can access them from the live distro i am using now02:31
guest81238the files are there02:32
guest81238on different partitions02:32
guest81238im thinking reinstalling grub completly will solve problem02:33
Bashing-omguest81238: If you are on release 15.04, that is now booting systmd, I am not experinced with systemd .02:35
patrick_ledhead A MUTANT on IPV6!!!!! everybody chase him!!!!         <------------  temistokles02:36
lickalottGents,  ssh'd into my rig and trying to accomplish anything, i get  an I/O error  it's telling me it's a read-only filesystem.  I have had this before and just hard boot it and things are gtg.  Is there away around this via ssh so i don't have to get my lazy butt off the couch and walk upstairs/02:37
guest81238got a elevator or lift?02:38
lickalottone of those mechanical chairs that traverses the stairs at . mph.  But I still have to walk to that.  ;P02:38
lickalott*.5 mph02:38
daftykinslickalott: boot a live session, sudo apt-get install pastebinit smartmontools && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit02:39
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guest81238is it possible to reinstall grub, but only grub, not ubuntu entirely?02:39
Bashing-omLockzi: Set the filse system check flag and reboot ?02:39
lickalottdaftykins, I can get it back fine with a cold boot.  Would the pastebinit output be more effective from within the live environment ?02:40
daftykinswherever you can get it run from should be cool02:41
Guest81238_is there a way to install grub, only grub, not a entire operating system?02:47
Hanz_ZimmerI recently bought a GTX 760 because I was fed up with the driver support for my AMD card. I installed the 760 and restarted my computer and reinstalled Ubuntu 15.04.02:48
Hanz_ZimmerCurrently, it's hooked up to three separate monitors. The first two monitors are connected to the DVI ports and the third monitor is connected through the HDMI port via a DVI adapter.02:48
Hanz_ZimmerOn the first boot, the monitor connected to my first DVI port displayed all of the POST, the GRUB, and the booting stages.02:48
Hanz_ZimmerImmediately after the login screen loaded, the first DVI monitor turned off, and the two other monitors turned on. So I ran apt-get update && upgrade and rebooted.02:48
Hanz_ZimmerNothing was fixed so I switched to the NVIDIA driver rather than the Nouvea driver in Additional Drivers. After rebooting, I the third monitor came on but I couldn't change the resolution past 800x600.02:48
Hanz_ZimmerSo I downloaded the 346.59 64 bit driver and switched over to my virtual terminal and stopped the lightdm service.02:48
Hanz_ZimmerI installed the driver, rebooted, and then after rebooting the third monitor was still detected but I couldn't increase teh resolution past 800x60002:48
Hanz_ZimmerI've tried both Ubuntu 14.04 and 15.04. I've also tried using the 340, 340-updates, 346, 346-updates, and nvidia-current drivers.02:48
Hanz_ZimmerAll yield the same results. Except one of them, I can't remember which, allowed me to increase my resolution to 1366x76802:48
Hanz_ZimmerI've also tried using xrandr, but it just says that my parameters aren't accurate though I'm pretty sure I followed hte steps correctly02:48
OerHeksGuest81238_, see the grub manual02:50
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub202:50
tax_hi, could anyone answer a quick question for me?02:51
OerHeks!ot |  Nrk9t1x02:51
ubottuNrk9t1x: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:51
Guest81238_i tried the boot repair02:52
Guest81238_won't work02:52
OerHeksGuest81238_, maybe there is something else going wrong, do you have a Bios or UEFI-bios?02:53
Guest81238_what do you mean?02:53
Guest81238_i am thinking another problem could be that grub is trying to boot of another place other than dev/sda02:53
Guest81238_once i ran the boot repair tool few times that showed up at the end of every time02:53
Bashing-omGuest81238_: For release 15.04 boot problems: http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/Debugging/ .02:54
OerHekspaste that output on paste.ubuntu.com please02:54
Guest81238_gimme few mins02:54
Guest81238_it did say that it is pasted on a ubuntu pastebin at the end of each try02:55
at0mix3.94.164.133 65225 at0mix:linuxr0x02:55
tax_can anyone recommend a good c/c++ compiler?02:57
OerHeks!info gcc02:57
ubottugcc (source: gcc-defaults (1.136ubuntu2)): GNU C compiler. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.9.2-2ubuntu2 (vivid), package size 5 kB, installed size 42 kB02:57
Guest81238_its really extensive but here it is ----> http://paste.ubuntu.com/10967433/02:58
Guest81238_i did the most common problems fix up option in boot-repair02:58
Guest81238_it did say 'a error occured during the repair'02:58
zykotick9"run gcc" is currently my fav shirt https://static.fsf.org/nosvn/gnu-press/run-gcc-shirt.JPG03:00
Guest81238_0erherks, anything you can tell me that will help?03:01
Guest81238_0erheks, do you think restoring master boot record will fix problem?03:03
OerHeksNot sure, boot should point to sda7?03:03
Guest81238_to be more accurate /dev/sda703:05
Guest81238_any ideas?03:06
carreraGreetings! :-)03:06
emanuelHelo. I just got an old Thinkpad G41 up and running on ubuntu but there seems t be a video lag. When I type something it takes a few sconds to show on the screen03:08
Guest81238_so nobody can help solve my problem?03:09
emanuelAny suggestions on what can be cauing the problem and how to resolve?03:10
ubuntuser13How to correct keyboard layout in ibus?03:11
lickalottdaftykins,  - http://paste.ubuntu.com/10967511/03:12
emanuelI wonder if my Window Manager could be the issue. How do I changed to a less "fancy" wm? I think the laptop can't handle the defaukt WM03:14
daftykinslickalott: ok good news is nothing looks wrong with the hard disk03:15
daftykinslickalott: is there only the one?03:15
Guest812381sorry lag03:16
lickalottno I just ran it on the one with the os loaded03:16
lickalotti have 4 in there.03:16
Guest812381talking about me?03:16
Guest812381the pastebin i did03:16
daftykinslickalott: hmm, wouldn't hurt running it on them all03:17
lickalottyou want all?   Reason I ask is the others are just "storage" and the issue seemed to be with a read only filesystem *i.e. /usr/bin03:17
Guest812381sorry im lost, are we talking about my problem or another problem?03:17
daftykinsconsider it bedtime reading before i go ;)03:17
daftykinsGuest812381: before now, do you see me highlighting your nick?03:18
ryan_46emanuel: What WM are you using?03:18
lickalottsda - http://paste.ubuntu.com/10967540/     sdb - http://paste.ubuntu.com/10967542/  sdd - http://paste.ubuntu.com/10967545/03:18
Guest812381well thanks anyway03:19
lickalottdaftykins, sdc was one where ubuntu was loaded.03:19
emanuelryan_46, whatever installed with the defaulkt install03:19
lickalottappreciate it man!03:19
ryan_46emanuel: Have you ever used Fluxbox?03:21
emanuelryan_46, no03:22
daftykinslickalott: yeah they all look just fine - so must be at the filesystem level or elsewhere!03:22
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daftykinslickalott: anywho gotta sleep :) good luck o/03:22
carreraI just did a fresh 14.04 install on a laptop with GeForce GTS 360M.  As you can guess my display crashed as soon as I rebooted after install.  What surprised me is that by removing the Nouveau driver, and WITHOUT installing any nvidia drivers, I have hi res graphics after a reboot.  As per Nvidia docs on help.ubuntu.com, I used  apt-get --purge remove xserver-xorg-video-nouveau03:22
zykotick9ryan_46: i've use fluxbox on a number of times.  what's your question?  (i haven't used fbox in a while and use awesome right now)03:22
daftykinscarrera: probably no hardware acceleration though03:23
ryan_46emanuel: Can you open software-center?03:23
carreraoh, thanks daftykins!   :)03:23
carreradaftykins, and when would I need hardware acceleration?03:23
daftykinsif using unity or modern browser HTML 5 stuff perhaps03:24
daftykinsor games, yada yada03:24
emanuelryan_46,  yes it will take a bit of time03:24
emanuelryan_46, ok its open03:25
carreradaftykins, I'm using XFCE and will be using the latest Firefox and Chromium browsers03:25
carreradaftykins, does running Windowz 7 on VirtualBox require hard accl?03:25
daftykinscarrera: mmm, probably worth having a proprietary driver on then03:25
ryan_46OK. You could open it and search for lubuntu. That is the lightest WM in regular flavors.03:25
daftykinsdepends if you want aero in the guest i suppose03:26
daftykinsanywho i really have to sleep, laters \o03:26
carreradaftykins, nah, never liked aero03:26
carreradaftykins, thank you very much for all your help03:26
daftykinsnp :>03:26
carreradaftykins, I will tell you how the install of 14.04 went when I see you next.  It failed once!!!03:27
zykotick9ryan_46: for uber-light wm openbox is resonable, fbox is lighter.  but the tiling wm's are much lighter still...03:27
greenrideAfter a recent Ubuntu update, my second monitor no longer connects to my laptop. Furthermore, dmesg reveals that unplugging/re-plugging my hdmi cable has no effect. I know this monitor still works since it works with a Mac, and I know that it once worked with Ubuntu. The only thing I can guess is that it's a kernel upgrade that borked things. Any suggestions?03:28
zykotick9ryan_46: "regular" may be lubuntu with lxde... then xubuntu...03:28
ryan_46zykotick9: Yes but I wasn't sure he knew how to use them.03:28
zykotick9lxde/xfce should be familiar to most...03:29
ryan_46zykotick9: So he should search for lxde instead of lubuntu?03:30
zykotick9ryan_46: lubuntu uses lxde...03:30
emanuelryan_46,  i am getting openbox how do i make that my defult wm?03:31
zykotick9emanuel: what dm do you use?  <- configure it with that03:31
ryan_46If you install it, then you log out and click the gear thing to select a different DM.03:32
emanuelzykotick9, dm?03:32
zykotick9emanuel: sorry.  dm = desktop manager03:32
=== erwin is now known as PHPLearner
zykotick9emanuel: lightdm/kdm/gdm/etc...03:32
emanuelzykotick9, ty03:32
zykotick9what ryan_46 is talking about above!  lightdm is default.03:33
zykotick9ryan_46: <sidenote> you use the DM to select another DE (Desktop Environment) or WM (Window Manager) ... ;)03:34
emanuelty all trying now03:36
ryan_46emanuel: Have you used Openbox before? It doesn't allow you to miminize windows. Fluxbox does.03:36
* zykotick9 really? i find that hard to believe... openbox had a lot more features as i remember it... but fbox was lighter!03:37
ryan_46zykotick9: Yeah I used DM instead of wm as I should have.03:37
zykotick9ryan_46: ;)03:37
RakkoWhere are all the places where a system could be set to swap the ctrl and caps lock keys? I did it on mine, long ago, and now I can't find it. I don't seem to have anything calling xkbset in my dot files, and I don't have any ~/.xkb* files; and I can't find the setting at all in Unity settings.03:38
RakkoI also don't see anything Xkb-related globally in /etc03:39
RakkoI also don't have any evidence of xmodmap usage03:39
zykotick9Rakko: in debian i use /etc/default/keyboard with ' XKBOPTIONS="caps:swapescape" ' to swap it in both xorg & console, but i DON'T know if it'll work in ubuntu :|03:40
Rakkooh, yup. that's in mine.03:41
zykotick9Rakko: sorry you where swapping ctrl & caps!  salt to taste...03:41
Rakkoso it does work in ubuntu03:41
Rakkoclose enough :)03:41
Rakkowhy are you in #ubuntu?03:42
emanuelOk I switched managers and this seems faster but I lost my menu bar on the left. How do I get it in Openbox?03:42
ryan_46emanuel: Hi. Any luck?03:42
zykotick9Rakko: i used ubuntu from 7.10 -> 10.04 ...  i really liked #ubuntu for a long time...03:42
ryan_46emanuel: In openbox you have to use terminal to start apps03:43
RakkoI used debian for a very long time. I didn't really have any reason to switch to Ubu other than that it seemed like most of the Linux community was gravitating there03:43
Rakkobut I just recently installed wheezy on my phone :)03:43
zykotick9Rakko: boo.  but i know exactly where you're coming from!  </OT i'll stop ;)>03:44
ryan_46emanuel: If you install Fluxbox you can right click and get an applications menu.03:44
greenrideI'm having trouble getting a 2nd monitor to connect to my laptop. It is not recognized by system settings nor does the desktop extend to the 2nd monitor. This monitor previously connected to Ubuntu but may have stopped connecting after an update of packages.03:44
emanuelryan_46, ok. How do I launch software manager so I can get fluxbox and try it?03:44
Shed-34046How do i partition my other HDD for the efi partition? I have ubuntu installed on the 145GB HDD03:45
ryan_46emanuel: Are you on openbox?03:46
emanuelryan_46, yes I am on openbox03:47
Rakkoah, box window managers... my fav is openbox too03:47
Rakkofor a while I ran bbLean on windows xp on a very old laptop. it was nice!03:47
ryan_46emanuel: You can open a terminal and sudo apt-get install Fluxbox.03:47
Rakkoit really felt more like a unix-type UI, and it was fast and easily (and endlessly) configured03:47
emanuelryan_46, thanks will try03:48
ryan_46emanuel: except fluxbox without the capital F my bad.03:49
zykotick9Rakko: cde is what i think unix-type UI pre-gnu/linux https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Desktop_Environment <- it was terrible IMO!03:51
Rakkozykotick9: oh, yeah, I didn't mean that; although I must admit that in my kde days, I would sometimes switch for weeks at a time to the sun cde color scheme and GUI theme03:53
RakkoI found it soothing, and I like retro stuff (even if I never got to use the stuff that served as impetus for it)03:53
zykotick9Rakko: ;) that theme, is a LOT different from actually running cde03:53
RakkoI suppose03:53
zykotick9cde itself is not "soothing" ;)03:53
RakkoI can't believe they used that bottom-of-the-screen drawer thing03:54
zykotick9^ cde was actually freed a while ago, is it in ubuntu?  "apt-cache search cde" anyone?03:54
* zykotick9 could check packages.ubuntu.com he suspects... to find out it's not there :p03:55
emanuelOk, it looks good. Much faster.  Just have to figure out how to launch calibre now and software updates03:55
Rakkowhat I'd love is to run sunwindows03:56
Rakkoopenwindows I mean03:56
Rakkothe one with NeWS support, though03:56
ryan_46emanuel: sudo update-manager should do for updates03:57
* omgitsmit collective chatroom gasp03:57
Bashing-omzykotick9: apt-cache show cde >> Filename: pool/universe/c/cde/cde_0.1+git9-g551e54d-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb03:58
zykotick9Bashing-om: lol, that's pretty retro-cool in a way ;)  thanks.03:59
hellyeahi plug headphone i still heard the sound from computer speaker03:59
hellyeahwhat could be the problem?04:00
Rakkonote: CDEpack (Code, Data, and Environment packaging) is a tool that automatically packages up everything required to execute a Linux command on another computer without any installation or configuration.04:00
emanuelryan_46,  This is running so much better but now calibre can't find my media files that are on an external drive. I rebooted and then chose the new WM. I'm confused why thats failing now04:00
Shed-34046Guys help me :/04:00
Shed-34046How do i partition my drive for UEFI when installation of ubuntu?04:00
ryan_46emanuel:  Also it is easy to launch a file manager to go usr share applications and be able to launch any app. However using the nautilus file manager kills the session. So I install and use thunar.04:00
zykotick9Bashing-om: wait a second!  on debian i get "cde - package everything required to execute a Linux command on another computer" <- i don't think that's Common Desktop Environment!04:01
Bashing-omzykotick9: Humm . .. lemme look again . one tic .04:01
lickalottdaftykins, thanks for checking!04:01
hellyeahany help04:02
ryan_46emanuel: Don't know about calibre, sorry.04:02
emanuelryan_46, funny you say that. I started nautalis before yiur post and it killed my session too. How can I get flux back?04:03
RakkoShed-34046: did you google it? (I don't know anything about UEFI with Linux, but I'm guessing the info's out there)04:03
Shed-34046I need some help to partition my drive for my computer's UEFI bios with install of ubuntu.. I mean it would probably be harder for me to break ubuntu like i keep doing with windows xD04:03
Shed-34046rakko yea but i don't understand it well.. :(04:03
Rakkohow do you break windows?04:03
ryan_46emanuel: You have to log out. Install thunar.04:03
Shed-34046rakko Messing with the Registry.04:03
emanuelRakko, with a ball?04:04
RakkoShed-34046: don't do that. :)04:04
Shed-34046Rakko is ubuntu a bit harder to break :P04:04
RakkoI'm not sure that's true04:04
Bashing-omzykotick9: Recon it it s by-gone era .. only other I see is " cdebconf - Debian Configuration Management System (C-implementation) " ; Not what is under discussion .04:04
Rakkoonce you get into compulsively customizing it... things are going to break04:04
bojanHi i want a help that my /boot is having lot of versions...How to clear that and also i want two versions for backup if my curren5t version gets in to any problem??04:05
[Steven_M]Hi all :)04:05
Rakkohi [Steven_M]04:05
zykotick9Bashing-om: trust me, it's no loss ;)04:05
cfhowlettbojan, old kernels can usually be removed with sudo apt-get autoremove04:05
Shed-34046Rakko all i would use ubuntu for is chrome, flash player games, and office :)04:05
Rakkoopen/libre office?04:05
bojancfhowlett:It is not removing if i give apt-get autoremove04:06
Shed-34046Does it matter? As long as it gets the job done04:06
Bashing-ombojan: Release 14.04 + ?? then try terminal command ' sudo apt-get autoremove ' . This should remove old kernels also .04:06
LadyAlissaQuick question - When on Ubuntu 15.04, how can I set it up so that the 'super' key takes effect instantly? I'm having to hold it down for about 5 seconds before I can press a number key.04:06
RakkoShed-34046: well I mean you're not going to run (native) MS Office. Probably Office 365 in CHrome would work, though.04:06
bojancheck my /boot http://paste.ubuntu.com/10967757/04:07
[Steven_M]is the  zombie hal ppa (https://launchpad.net/~mjblenner/+archive/ubuntu/ppa-hal) trust worthy, are there any know nsecurity issues with it?04:08
bojanI have allocated only 10 MB for /boot and its eating lot of space04:08
Rakkotime to have a boot sale04:08
bojansorry 100 MB04:08
RakkoI have that problem too, bojan04:08
Rakkoit's annoying even having /boot as a separate partition04:08
bojanRakko:you want??04:08
Bashing-ombojan: 12,04 ya got to remove with a sequence similar ' sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-3.2.0-31-generic linux-image-3.2.0-30-generic linux-image-3.2.0-29-generic ' for each kernel installed and as well the header files . Some find synaptic easier to use.04:09
function9xwhat can I use to defrag my external usb hdd?04:09
bojanRakko:yes there is an option to purge all the versions without current running version...But if there is any problem exists in current version then we dont have any other option apart from formatting and reinstalling04:10
Bashing-ombojan: Better info from : ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' and also make sure of what kernel is booting : 'uname -r' // do not want to take a chance on removing the booting kernel .04:13
bojanBashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10967772/ please check this04:13
Bashing-ombojan: Look'n at http://paste.ubuntu.com/10967772/ .04:14
bojanroot@LTSP:/boot# uname -r 3.13.0-49-generic04:14
bojanBashing-om:got any idea on how to remove that??04:22
[Steven_M]is there an ubuntu security channel?04:23
Bashing-ombojan: ' sudo apt-get purge linux-image-3.13.0-{32,45,46,48}-generic ;  sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-3.13.0-{32,45,46,48} ;  sudo apt-get purge linux-headers-3.13.0-{32,45,46,48}-generic . should work .04:25
bojanBashing-om:if i execute this command nothing will happen to my server right??04:27
emanuelryan_46  even changing the WM my system is running slow when the hd is active. I wonder if putting the os on a flash drive would help04:30
RakkoOS on an SSD is nice04:31
Rakkoregular USB flash drive, not so much04:31
cfhowlettemanuel, usb is generally slower than hdd04:31
ryan_46emanuel: That's too bad. You could try that but I don't know what the result would be.04:31
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
Bashing-ombojan: All I expect to happen is to remove those old kernels ( images and headers) . Then we see if any config files remain , do the dpkg -l | grep linux- aonce more .04:32
emanuelcfhowlett, the pc is is old thinkpad. 40gb hdd i think 1gb ram04:32
bojanBashing-om:YEs i have cleared 32 and 45 and its working good04:32
cfhowlettemanuel, lubuntu for that machine ...04:32
ryan_46cfhowlett: He's already trying Fluxbox.04:33
cfhowlettryan_46, emanuel +1 fluxblox04:34
emanuelWhat I am not liking about fluxbox is haviung to open a terminal to launch apps04:36
ryan_46emanuel: Yes it is limited. But apparently the machine is limited.04:37
fradetemanuel: get fbrun or dmenu to launch programs04:38
Bashing-omemanuel: As cfhowlett advises, try a clean install of lubuntu .04:38
emanuelI will have to burn a dvd of it later this week. I plan on using this system with some usb drives to backup my computers04:40
emanueland hand ebooks04:40
=== N3X15__ is now known as N3X15
Rakkois lubuntu even lighter than xubuntu?04:41
cfhowlettRakko, so it's argued04:41
Guest88123how can i boot a operating system from grub2 commandline?04:42
=== daniel is now known as Guest43068
cfhowlett!grub2 | Guest8812304:43
ubottuGuest88123: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub204:43
Guest88123yeah, i have read those before04:43
Guest88123never mind04:44
satelitei plugged in a pair of logitech headphones into the usb port of my box (running 14.04) and now the audio is totally gone. I have tried everything recommended on this page except the last one where you re-start the speech dispatcher. anyone ever had this problem?04:44
emanuelok off to bed for me04:46
Rakkohi dj_04:50
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=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
niterohow do i find out the name of my wifi adapter device?05:06
niteroi tried ifconfig and iwconfig...05:06
=== matias is now known as Guest45759
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
soy_el_pulponitero: lspci fisrt to see it it is recognized05:24
ammehi guys, am i in the right place to ask aboute boot problem?05:25
DarrenGaohi, what is your problem05:26
niterosoy_el_pulpo, hey, lsmod (someone else suggested) showed it as rtl8187, but lspci doesn't show it at all05:26
niterosoy_el_pulpo, also i'm using it now to be on the net05:26
WovenMaggieHello, I have to semi old Vista machines I want to put ubuntu on, should I download the lts or the 15.04?05:27
soy_el_pulpolsmod shows the modules loaded05:27
soy_el_pulpokernel modules05:27
soy_el_pulpoit does not show your card05:27
WovenMaggieAny takers?05:28
ammei installed the latest ubunto to my netbook, samsung 535U3C. Everything works fin, but many times, (most of the time if i have to say) it wont boot. after the purple sceer its frozen05:28
soy_el_pulponitero: sometime the wrong module gets loaded and messes up everything05:28
niterosoy_el_pulpo,  there were 2 entries from lsmod.  rtl8187                64909  0, and, mac80211              630653  1 rtl818705:28
ammein recovery mod its always work but of course slow and shiti resolution05:28
soy_el_pulpoit is a laptop?05:29
soy_el_pulponitero: ?05:29
WovenMaggieDid a ubuntu expert see my question?05:29
niterosoy_el_pulpo, i see a few others too -- no it's a desktop.05:29
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
ammeim trying trying and ups its boot again...05:29
soy_el_pulpoWovenMaggie: do you have any preference?05:30
WovenMaggieI just want stable/fast.05:30
niterosoy_el_pulpo, cfg80211, and eeprom_93cx6 both show being used by rtl818705:30
ammei dont want to use windows again ...:/05:30
soy_el_pulpoWovenMaggie: stable = LTS05:30
soy_el_pulpoWovenMaggie: go for it05:30
=== gms is now known as Guest47387
WovenMaggie32 bit or 64bit?05:31
soy_el_pulpoWovenMaggie: how much memory the machine has?05:31
WovenMaggieone has 6gb the other has 3gb05:31
soy_el_pulpo64 bit is for >=4GB05:32
WovenMaggiecan i just put 32 bit on both?05:32
soy_el_pulpoyou can05:32
WovenMaggiejust download want to download twice05:32
WovenMaggiewill it matter?05:32
soy_el_pulpoWovenMaggie: are they the same machines?05:32
WovenMaggieboth dual core....semi old systems that had vista, i want to wipe vista05:33
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
WovenMaggieand too tight to pay for windows05:33
soy_el_pulpoWovenMaggie: try one first, I will try with the 3gb ram first05:33
WovenMaggieVista is like blowing your nose on sandpaper05:34
soy_el_pulpoWovenMaggie: wet sandpaper05:34
soy_el_pulpoWovenMaggie: lol05:34
soy_el_pulponitero: laptop or desktop05:34
niterosoy_el_pulpo, desktop05:34
WovenMaggieThanks soy_el_pulpo'05:35
soy_el_pulpoWovenMaggie: you r welcome05:35
soy_el_pulpohave fun05:35
soy_el_pulponitero: crack it open an look inside05:35
soy_el_pulpofor the wifi chip05:35
soy_el_pulpogood night05:35
niterosoy_el_pulpo, it's a usb.05:35
niteroexternal wifi adapter05:35
niterosorry heh ><05:36
=== Guest16839 is now known as TheEternalAbyss
niteroi looked on the bottom it doesn't say, it has a model number though i'll try searching for that model # and see what comes up05:36
zorbs0newhy am i getting this msg: sudo: unable to resolve host neo-neit05:36
zorbs0neneo-neit being my hostname.05:38
jo_os_im using 15.0205:39
jo_os_but have some problems05:39
jo_os_can u help me05:40
ammeam i forgot? :)05:40
DarrenGaozorbs0ne, what is your command05:40
zorbs0neDarrenGao:  cp /etc/apache2/apache2.conf /etc/apache2/apache2.backup.conf05:41
niteroWovenMaggie, just so you know, you will need the 64bit version to utilize the entire 6gb of ram you have on the one machine.05:41
ammeanyway its good to see this rush whats heppening here to help peoples:)05:41
niteroWovenMaggie,  =)05:41
jo_os_is ubuntu best distr?05:41
DarrenGaojo_os_: not at all05:41
niterojo_os_, no not really...05:41
jo_os_im really sad using new ubuntu version :(05:42
niterojo_os_, LXLE is my current favorite, before that, mint was.05:42
niterotbh ubuntu is prob my least favorite linux distro (besides puppy linux)05:42
jo_os_configure all day my desktop and now reboot and ... my desktop have cero changes05:43
DarrenGaoIt is my first time to hear LXLE distro,nitero05:43
niteroDarrenGao, it's based on the LXDE, but it comes with a lot of cool software.05:43
jo_os_DarrenGao: mee to05:43
DarrenGaolet me google it right now05:43
niteroi like it because it's the fastest and most stable OS i've tried, not including Arch.05:44
niteroor maybe i should say it's on par with all the other "fastest and stablest" linux distros, but it also comes with a lot of cool software05:44
jo_os_what about de05:44
DarrenGaoso have you ever tried debian, nitero05:44
niteroit's kind of like Knoppix05:44
niteroDarrenGao, i have tried to install Debian several times.  I got it installed once when I was a linux-noob, and I didn't know much about linux, and didn't like how old it looked.  But i remember i liked the space wallpapers that changed every hour, that was awesome.  SInce then i haven't been able to successfully install it.  =\05:45
jo_os_what sistem do u recommend me to use05:45
ammeDarrenGao: i installed the latest ubunto to my netbook, samsung 535U3C. Everything works fin, but many times, (most of the time if i have to say) it wont boot. after the purple sceer its frozen05:45
jo_os_i mean distrib05:45
ammein recovery mod its always work but of course slow and shiti resolution05:45
niteroi recommend LXLE, it's pretty great.05:46
niterodoesn't look like it gets much development though, so it might be surpassed by something else05:46
niterohonestly, i think you should try everything and pick what you like best.05:46
jo_os_what about elementary05:46
niteroi haven't tried it05:46
niterobut with virtualbox trying out distros is easy.05:47
VyomSo I made this startup script, that tries to launch items on boot. But the terminal seems to wait to launch another program, until I close the previous one. How do I make all applications run in background at once? http://paste.ubuntu.com/10968082/05:47
DarrenGaovbox is pretty good to use05:47
jo_os_mint is a good alternative?05:47
niteromint is good for windows migrators i think05:47
niterobut it's not the most stable05:48
niteroi liked it for a long time, but compared to other distros, it actually has bugs and instability issues05:48
niteroi don't have enough experience with debian to judge.05:48
jo_os_ubunto is develop this version...05:49
DarrenGaoI began to use debian two years ago, which debian 6.05:49
DarrenGaonow it is debian 8.05:49
jo_os_have a lot of problems05:49
jo_os_i think05:49
WovenMaggieit annoys me there are so many distros and GUI i never know what one to pick05:50
DarrenGaojust try these all if you have many time.05:50
DarrenGaoand then pick one you like most05:50
jo_os_well recommend me one05:50
jo_os_and ill pick it up05:51
jo_os_the best in ur opinion05:51
niteroWovenMaggie, it doesn't really matter what you pick, and in situations where it doesn't matter, just make a quick decision and don't care.05:51
ammewhen i try to select fglrx driver not the display driver wrapper xserver05:51
ammeits alwas jump back05:51
niterojo_os_, LXLE.05:51
ammein additional driver window05:52
WovenMaggienitero does lxle have a torrent download? ill try it in virtual machine05:53
=== khisanth__ is now known as Khisanth
VyomSo no solution to my script problem?05:59
ammei tried to install fglrx pckg in synaptic, but its say fix broken packages :/06:02
ammeCould not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)06:07
tanstaafl74just came back to ubuntu.  When did it start natively playing Netflix? 15.04?06:09
jeffreylevesqueI have an ubuntu VM, and i can't seem to access my USB devices on it06:09
=== swords_sleep is now known as swordsmanz
dj_Hi guys, what's the easiest way to setup a  wireless LAN with Ubuntu?06:14
DarrenGaodid you install any desktop software, aka gnome06:16
dj_Yes, I am running Ubuntu Studio06:16
dj_I have 2 laptops w/ Ubuntu Studio, Android Tablet, & iPhones that are connected to Wifi, but they don't see each other.06:17
jeffreylevesqueDarrenGao: no sir, server ubuntu without gui06:23
jeffreylevesquewhen i goto virtualbox `adds a new usb filter`, i get "no devices available" in the virtualbox gui06:27
=== erwin is now known as PHPLearner
Dro__i keep getting this messages in /var/log/syslog : nullmailer[1432]: Starting delivery, 184 message(s) in queue.06:30
Dro__ullmailer[1432]: Starting delivery, 184 message(s) in queue.06:30
Dro__ullmailer[1432]: Starting delivery, 184 message(s) in queue.06:30
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
shafirewith which dhcp client tools can I check dhcpv6 issues in ubuntu?06:44
zorbs0nehttp://pastebin.com/mw3gf9YY / anyone know how to stop the Ubuntu version from displaying there?07:06
Dro__how can i compare only first colunm using diff07:07
[n0mad]zorbs0ne: maybe it's some sort of welcome file on your server07:12
=== nano is now known as Guest91345
[n0mad]or the system you're ssh into anyways07:12
=== Guest91345 is now known as citroniks
zorbs0neI was messing with my motd.07:13
somsipDro__: sort by 1st column first, output first column using awk or tr (or other)  before diffing. Depends on your file07:13
[n0mad]i know on my vps it has one i just never mess with it because it gives me info i want07:13
[n0mad]on my vps it tells me i can rm -rf /etc/motd.tail07:14
[n0mad]i guess if you were to create a copy of it then remove it you'd know if that's it07:14
zorbs0ne[n0mad]: ahhh fixed it, yah i had wrote it messing with the motd.07:17
AndrzejLguys is this even legal?07:42
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
smith2connect two computers via usb and make one fake itself as 'usb to ethernet' adapter07:52
smith2is that possible?07:52
=== sagar is now known as Guest36914
ioriasmith2, you need a pecial usb cable, i think07:58
=== neopsyche_ is now known as neopsyche
azizLIGHThow do i close the terminal but not close the script running?08:31
azizLIGHTsomething about owning08:32
azizLIGHTi forgot08:32
brainwashazizLIGHT: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/4004/how-can-i-close-a-terminal-without-killing-the-command-running-in-it08:34
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
azizLIGHTso disown was the command i was thinking of08:44
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
MonkeyDustazizLIGHT  use byobu08:58
MonkeyDust!info byobu08:58
ubottubyobu (source: byobu): text window manager, shell multiplexer, integrated DevOps environment. In component main, is optional. Version 5.92-0ubuntu1 (vivid), package size 102 kB, installed size 641 kB08:59
Corvus`Hey. What is the proper way to restore iptables/netfilter setting on boot?09:08
Corvus`I figured I need iptables-persistent, so I installed it, and it kinda works, but here is what it says when I try to save the settings. https://bpaste.net/raw/b308b826f50309:09
Corvus`and for some reason it is split into netfilter-persistent and iptables-persistent. Could someone explain what is the difference?09:10
kempeIm looking for a way to listen for AC status change. I want to create a script that sets pstate scaling_governor and some more things depending on status. I tought laptop-mode-tools would do it but can't get it to work. any ideas?09:15
JustAnUserhi guys09:16
JustAnUsera quick question09:16
JustAnUserI am about to install ubuntu 15.04 on an ssd09:16
JustAnUserdo I need any additional settings to improve ssd life?09:16
MonkeyDust!ssd | JustAnUser start here09:17
ubottuJustAnUser start here: Many Solid State Drives support TRIM, which allows the drive to do garbage collection and improves performance. Ubuntu 14.04 activates it by default. For older versions, see http://askubuntu.com/a/19480 for information on activating it.09:17
JustAnUsersince it is activated by default, I do not need do anything else right?09:18
MonkeyDustJustAnUser  guess not09:19
JustAnUsersounds good09:19
JustAnUserI will be back right after the installation with my default irc nick if I have any problems09:20
JustAnUsercatch you later guys09:20
=== nanoz is now known as windowzx
jose01I have a problem with my Ubuntu 15.0409:30
jose01When boot my PC, i mast set "upstart" optin in Grub menu, for normal boot X (GUI)09:31
jose01How to set default upstart boot ?09:32
justanuserok I'm back and I've a problem09:33
justanuserI've just finished installing ubuntu09:33
justanuserand my mouse marker happens to blink09:33
justanuseror totally disappear09:33
justanuserwhenver I do something09:33
justanuserbe it typing with the keyboard, opening a software, it blinks, and if I try to move it, it becomes "invisibile", even though it's actually moving09:34
justanuserit's reaaaally annoying, how can I fix it?09:34
justanuserOK looks like I've fixed it ;)09:36
erikgi'm having a load of trouble on 15.0409:43
erikgthe settings menus are all mostly-transparent09:43
erikgseems like tons of stuff is broken09:44
erikgi got this way by upgrading from 14.1009:45
justanuserhow do I check if TRIM is enabled on my ssd?09:45
erikgi've lost audio support in some applications, although audio seems fine generally09:46
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
=== sleepypc is now known as `hypermist`
justanusershould I remove my SWAP partition in order to improve my ssd life?09:54
VexenaIf I have a teamspeak server and created a user with disabled login that's called teamspeak and chowned the whole directory /home/teamspeak to the "teamspeak" user that has no login enabled and then use sudo service teamspeak3 start (to start the init script). Would this still run as root? Or does it run with the teamspeak user in this case10:02
fes235Vexena: if you use sudo -u teamspeak it runs as the teamspeak user10:05
VexenaAlright, thanks for the help :) then i'll edit that in init script to run like that10:06
gameFaceHello people. I am trying to install Ubuntu. While installing, i am getting "something wicked happened. Unable to resolve in.archive.ubuntu.com"10:10
gameFaceAnd so grub2 doesn't get installed. And my installer stops10:10
MonkeyDustgameFace  how are you installing it and which version?10:11
gameFaceBackbox 4.1 and using the installer10:12
MonkeyDustgameFace  backbox is not supported here10:12
gameFaceIt's an ubuntu derivative, but :/10:13
MonkeyDustgameFace  type /topic to find out what's supported here10:13
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jibe211can anyone help me rollback a nvidia driver in trusty?xserver wont start on reboot after installed new driver...10:31
=== klaas_ is now known as klaas
charlesWI have found apps and software that I want to run on ubuntu 14.04 lts. My problem is, I don't know how to use "Torrent" stuff. Can someone steer me in the right direction?10:34
jibe211yes charles10:35
jibe211you familiar with ubuntu software center ?10:35
jibe211get transmission bittorrent client10:35
jibe211works just like windows ones10:36
azizLIGHTalright, any ideas how to make my media keys skip tracks on spotify in a web browser10:36
=== pachee is now known as palankai
MonkeyDustcharlesW  deluge is also nice10:37
charlesWJust curious, but why not just zip it up or tar it...Would make things easier, in my opinion of course.10:38
jibe211zip and tar is compression, torrent is a way to stream the data10:39
azizLIGHTcharlesW: if its linux software, and they talk about ubuntu, they probbaly have ppas10:39
charlesWI know, just seems like a lot to go through10:40
azizLIGHTif not, they probably have deb files you can easily install software with in ubuntu software center10:40
jibe211torrent is just addressing info to send and recieve data packets in the file10:40
azizLIGHTtorrents probably more suited for big programs and big files10:40
jibe211yes like he said, if you cant use the ubuntu software center, your best hope is windows emulation, if trying to run non linux software10:41
azizLIGHTyou probably want to look for ppas charlesW, add them to your repos, and apt-get install them. easy peasy done, and you get updates when you run apt-get upgrade10:41
charlesWactually, I am looking for a CAD like software to help me design my PVC Pips Irrigation Systems. You guys know of anything?10:41
somsipcharlesW: librecad, varicad10:41
=== __prefect is now known as nha
notsohumanU mean for 3d designing10:42
charlesWnotsohuman: that would be neat10:43
jibe211libre has excellent support for free software10:43
charlesWsomsop: I never heard of varicad.10:43
notsohumanU can even install sketchup using wine10:43
=== norm is now known as Guest85942
charlesWI going to look that up...Thanks guys10:44
jibe211Looking for advice on how to rollback nvidia graphics driver in 64 bit trusty, after I installed wont boot up, I have 32 bit trusty on other disk, but cannot boot 64 bit os anymore.10:44
somsipcharlesW: paid for, with a free trial10:45
charlesWthanks somsip10:46
jibe211Looking for advice on how to rollback nvidia graphics driver in 64 bit trusty, after I installed wont boot up, I have 32 bit trusty on other disk, but cannot boot 64 bit os anymore.10:49
charlesWAlso, One more thing...How different is the 32 bit version of ubuntu 14.04 lts from the 64 bit version? Visually? I always install the 32 bit version, because I know what it looks like and where everything is.10:49
dearhawkjibe211: just go into the graphics config file and comment out the line that loads the nvidia driver I think10:50
jibe211I have both, diffrences are negligeable10:50
MrElendigjibe211: read your logs and find out what is the *real* problem10:50
MrElendigjibe211: also what hardware do you have?10:50
jibe211geforce210 (512 MB) card10:51
charlesWjibe211: Is one faster than the other?...You know, like boot time, program loading, things like that.10:52
jibe211i used the nvidia driver installation interface from command line10:52
jibe211charles tbh i cant see diffrence10:52
VexenaCan I remove the /etc/update-motd.d 00-header & 10-help-text shell files without any problems to show the /etc/motd only upon login?10:52
MrElendigjibe211: never ever use the .run directly10:52
MrElendigthat will break your system10:52
MrElendigwhich version did you install?10:53
VexenaI only used to edit them before so it doesn't show it, but can these files be removed?10:53
charlesWjibe211: thanks10:53
jibe211mrelendig: yes I see that lol,10:53
jibe211Charles:no prob mate10:53
bojanI had freecad 0.14 before and i updated that to o.16..But it is not working fine now..Can anybody please help me...Even i am purging and installing it still i get the same version10:53
MrElendigbojan: post actual errors10:53
MrElendigbojan: and how did you install 0.16?10:54
bojanMrElendig:please check the link10:54
bojanMrElendig:i have installed from that repos10:55
naftilos76Do i need to setup resolv.conf in my ubuntu vps while running bind dns server in my vps as a private name server only for domains hosted in this vps?10:56
bojanMrElendig:You got any idea??10:58
MrElendig12:53:40  MrElendig ╡ bojan: post actual errors10:58
bojanMrElendig:The error is i cant able to install my previous versions10:59
MonkeyDustnaftilos76  that's a very specific question, try asking in ##networking (double #)10:59
MrElendigbojan: no, the errors you get when running freecad11:00
bojanMrElendig:"There are no errors11:00
MrElendigfixing the actual problem > downgrading11:00
lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all11:02
jibe211MrElendig: Thanks mate, gonna try restore default graphics from tty  and NO MORE *.run's lol =)11:03
bojanI got this error when updating chroot http://paste.ubuntu.com/10969406/11:11
=== fakeblood is now known as fakebl00d
ioriabojan i think you are a bit outdated11:20
bojanioria:what should i do now??11:28
VexenaDoes anyone know how to make that this init script start module: http://pastebin.com/qqEHSC0P starts with the user teamspeak3 that has login disabled?11:36
VexenaI found this: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/57292/how-can-i-make-this-daemon-init-run-as-a-non-root-user but not sure how to implement this into the start module11:37
VexenaOr could this be done easier?11:38
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Guest42950i need a small help11:41
lotuspsychje!fr | root11:41
ubotturoot: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:41
=== root is now known as Guest99206
Guest99206quelqu'un pourrais t-il m'aider svp?11:42
Guest42950in my ubuntu geeting 2 displays11:42
Guest42950how to resolve this11:42
Guest99206je n'arive pas a mettre kde en francais11:43
=== `hypermist` is now known as sleepypc
lotuspsychje!fr | Guest9920611:43
ubottuGuest99206: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.11:43
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: good day :p11:44
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, yowza^2!11:45
vashekwhen trying to talk to #rubyonrails group gettting this eror: #RubyOnRails :Cannot send to channel11:56
vashekwhat I am doing wrong?11:56
lotuspsychjevashek:  [#rubyonrails] Register with nickserv in order to talk: /msg nickserv help11:57
compdocvashek, tyou need to register your nick11:57
taozhijianghow to dismiss someone entering and leaving msg11:59
ObrienDavethat is a setting in your client11:59
vashekregister frasek0812:00
lotuspsychjevashek: you need another password now12:00
taozhijiangObrienDave: I am using konversation12:00
taozhijiangObrienDave: how12:00
vashekI am doing something wrong12:01
BluesKajHiyas all12:01
lotuspsychjetaozhijiang: you can hide joins/parts in chat12:01
lotuspsychjetaozhijiang: in xchat12:01
ObrienDaveand hexchat12:01
Fuchstaozhijiang: settings -> configure konversation -> behaviour -> chat window -> [ ]  Show join / parts12:01
taozhijiangObrienDave: tks12:02
taozhijiangand also thanks to ObrienDave & lotuspsychje12:02
ObrienDavetaozhijiang, thank Fuchs :)12:02
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jottrHi everyone. I need to read the systemd journalfile from a different system on a ubuntu 14.04 machine. Is there a good strategy of doing so?12:06
loahow i can install applet for cpu control?12:15
loai want powersave and performance mods.12:16
loai use now cpufrequtils but it is not userfriendly.12:16
MonkeyDustloa  is this useful http://www.maketecheasier.com/how-to-control-your-cpu-frequency-in-ubuntu/12:25
solsTiCeafter some bad manipulation in ubuntu guest in vbo, I got an oversized mouse cursor. How do i get it bakc to normal ?12:31
bipHello ;-)12:31
biphello solsTiCe ;-)12:32
bipI need help: http://pastebin.com/zXWkfgkD12:32
hellyeahis there a software for rotate the video?12:33
cfhowletthellyeah, ffmpeg/avconv can rotate12:33
hellyeahis it a software or is it codec?12:33
cfhowletthellyeah, sudo apt-get install ffmpeg libav-tools12:34
hellyeahcfhowlett:  those package was installed12:35
cfhowletthellyeah, good.  rotate away12:36
MonkeyDust!details | bip12:36
ubottubip: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)12:36
hellyeahwill i do with vlc or totem or what12:36
cfhowletthellyeah, avconv -i original.mp4 -vf "transpose=1" -codec:v libx264 -preset slow -crf 25 -codec:a copy flipped.mp412:37
arieansyahfix player gmusicplayer not play.12:37
bipMonkeyDust: ;-) is more simple. I put this Hardisk (USB). Open in terminal Gparted and i got this error ;-)12:37
bipMonkeyDust: the scope is: backup all file present on hardisk ;-)12:38
loaMonkeyDust, found indicator-cpufreq12:38
loai under unity, so gnome tips are not helpfull.12:38
loai am12:38
hellyeahi took that errors what does that mean12:40
MonkeyDustloa  unity is a gnome plugin12:40
hellyeah[mpeg4 @ 0x10ec580] ac-tex damaged at 13 5 [mpeg4 @ 0x10ec580] Error at MB: 24312:40
cfhowletthellyeah, seems to not like your input video12:40
cfhowlett"damaged" ...12:40
cfhowletthellyeah, did you get an output video?  play it.12:40
hellyeahgot output12:41
ioriaGparted understands GPT ?12:42
BluesKajioria, http://akabaila.pcug.org.au/gpt/gpt_gparted.html12:45
cfhowletthellyeah, http://askubuntu.com/questions/269429/how-can-i-rotate-video-by-180-degrees-with-avconv   http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3937387/rotating-videos-with-ffmpeg12:45
ioriaBluesKaj, it seems yes, thanx12:46
wildc4rdGood afternoon, just put Ubuntu on my spare laptop, first time I have used ubuntu with AMD/ATI gfx hardware, getting irritating screen tear and cursor sticking etc on desktop, any recommendations?12:55
MonkeyDustwildc4rd  which version?12:55
wildc4rdthe disk I had was 14.10 x64, just about to update to 15.0412:57
kazdaxI have tried installing google chrome but it dosnt work12:58
MonkeyDustwildc4rd  try changing the screen resolution13:00
kazdaxchrome keeps crashing13:01
kazdaxit wont open ..it just gives me an error message13:01
kazdaxand closes13:01
loahave somebody problems with copy paste in chrome? sometimes it freezez13:01
hellyeahchrome and firefox suck13:02
kazdaxwhat do you use hellyeah  ?13:02
wildc4rdIts the same MonkeyDust, it looks like a driver issue to be honest, but I don't know the AMD/ATI drivers as I do the nVidia ones13:02
k1l_kazdax: start chrome from a terminal and see what error comes up13:02
kazdaxFailed to load modules errors13:03
k1l_kazdax: because "my car is broken" doesnt help to help you. details and errormessages matter13:03
colbyfanyone know how to make 'top' display human readable, such as MG/GB13:03
k1l_!paste | kazdax put all of it there13:03
ubottukazdax put all of it there: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:03
k1l_kazdax: what ubuntu is that exactly?13:04
kazdaxthe latest one13:04
kazdaxjust installed it yesterday13:05
k1l_kazdax: "lsb_release -d"13:05
k1l_kazdax: sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine13:06
kazdaxstill wont open13:07
k1l_kazdax: sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk-module13:07
MaimsterMorning all.13:07
MonkeyDust3pm here13:07
kazdaxnope still not working13:08
kazdaxwhen i dod the install it says the package is already installe13:08
k1l_please start it again in a terminal and show the output13:09
k1l_kazdax: what desktop is that? what did you do to it?13:12
kazdaxwhat do you mean ..i did nothing13:13
kazdaxi tried installing ht epackages yout od me..but the installer said they are already installed13:13
k1l_ok, try to install the 32bit package: sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine:i38613:13
kazdaxstill gives error13:14
kazdaxthe same one as before13:14
kazdaxjust missing some lines13:14
k1l_kazdax: try a relogin.13:15
k1l_did you relogin? i am not sure if the modules get loaded without a relogin13:16
MonkeyDustkazdax  have you tried chromium, from the repos?13:16
=== karan is now known as kazdax
kazdaxyea still not working13:18
k1l_kazdax: working? or same errors as the last one?13:18
k1l_kazdax: sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk*13:18
kazdaxsam as the last ones13:18
kazdaxnope still the szme errors13:21
k1l_can you show the install output?13:22
kazdaxthe libcanberra-gtk one ?13:22
k1l_<k1l_> kazdax: sudo apt-get install libcanberra-gtk*13:22
k1l_that one13:22
codemagicianWhere do I find logs for Wifi network disconnects and reconnects?13:32
MonkeyDustcodemagician  is this what you want http://askubuntu.com/questions/75872/where-are-the-networkmanager-logs13:36
lo0xyf4roBonjour la communauté Ubuntu ! Comment puis-je configurer le wifi sur Xubuntu ?13:37
cfhowlett!fr | lo0xyf4ro13:37
ubottulo0xyf4ro: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.13:37
b4tm4nso, i'm trying to get a handle on systemd in 15.04, but am getting more and more confused.  I just installed redis-server and it is starting at boot.  However, I cannot find a .service file for it anywhere.13:39
b4tm4nhowever, it is in /etc/init.d/redis-server as a SysV file13:40
EriC^^b4tm4n: it should be in /etc/systemd/system i think13:41
b4tm4nEriC^^, but it is not, that's the problem13:42
b4tm4nit's in /etc/init.d/13:42
EriC^^type locate redis-server.service13:42
b4tm4nyeah, did that, nothing13:42
ankkhow can i change keyboard layout for system-wide on ubuntu 14.04 ?13:43
b4tm4nEriC^^, furthermore, systemctl start [tab][tab] for auto complete does not list it either13:43
MonkeyDustankk  system settings > keyboard > text entry13:44
ankkMonkeyDust, i deleted ibus in .config dir. i fixed. thank you. i tried something on that window but it didn't work :s13:44
genkahelp solve the problem access for shh. the command s 22 (tcp failid connetion refused) Team Iptables -L shows >> ACCEPT tcp --anywhere anywhere tcp dpt: ssh13:45
EriC^^genka: is that a typo in the ip?13:46
MonkeyDustgenka  that's one 0 too many13:46
roriWhat laptop CPU do you recommend? do you need an i3 to have proper speed? is it such a big difference between CPUs of the same MHz/GHz?13:49
genkaroute from the port and outer ip13:50
compdocrori, an i3 is a decent cpu, but mobile versions can be slow13:51
genkaconfiguration shh was not edited after start =(13:51
MonkeyDustgenka  it's ssh, not shh13:52
ObrienDavemums the word ;P13:52
genkaMonkeyDust ??13:53
ObrienDave[07:51:58] <genka> configuration shh was not edited after start =(13:54
mrindeedhelp, my system wont lock13:58
mrindeedand i have hiberanate enabled13:58
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dinetcan networktype and/or screentype make the system instable?14:15
Parabolamorning folks, fakeraid dual boot issue :) installer ran, boot-repair ran, from grub i can start windows but not linux14:16
dinetI have an asrock that works fine on my desktop but when I connect it to the TV it wont start x14:16
Parabolawhen i edit the ubuntu boot option it doesn't appear to be pointed at /dev/mapper/.... almost like its context is wrong14:16
MonkeyDustdinet  what's asrock?14:19
dinetMonkeyDust: an 3-4 year old nettop14:20
MonkeyDustdinet  ok, found it, it's a hardware manufacturer14:22
dinetMonkeyDust: yes. ASUS to be exact14:22
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=== aslaness is now known as OutlastWolf
=== OutlastWolf is now known as shellness
Parabolai've got my boot summary if that is of help to anyone willing to assist14:27
irgendwer4711hi, which is the right kernel for 12 LTS?14:27
MonkeyDustirgendwer4711  3.214:28
irgendwer4711MonkeyDust: somewhere I read 3.1314:28
=== shellness is now known as nJinx
alteregoawhy was ddate and stuff removed from the distro?14:29
irgendwer4711MonkeyDust: http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/kernel/14:29
MonkeyDust!info ddate | alteregoa it's still there14:30
ubottualteregoa it's still there: ddate (source: ddate): convert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.2-1 (vivid), package size 10 kB, installed size 59 kB14:30
OerHeks!find linux-image precise14:31
=== nJinx is now known as pureness
ubottuFound: linux-image, linux-image-3.2.0-23-generic, linux-image-3.2.0-23-virtual, linux-image-extra-3.2.0-23-virtual, linux-image-extra-virtual, linux-image-generic, linux-image-server, linux-image-virtual, linux-image-3.2.0-23-generic-pae, linux-image-generic-pae (and 364 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image&searchon=names&suite=precise&section=all14:31
irgendwer4711ubottu: what is this? http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/linux-image-3.13.0-39-generic14:35
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:35
irgendwer4711OerHeks: ...14:35
k1l_irgendwer4711: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack14:35
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=== erwin is now known as PHPLearner
irgendwer4711k1l_: ahh, some kind of backport14:36
=== ahmed is now known as Guest80965
Guest80965hi,i have problem i can not resume from suspend the does work but the screen turned off without respond14:39
Guest80965i mean the machine14:40
ioriaGuest80965, see if you have this file : ls -al /usr/share/app-install/desktop/light-locker-settings:light-locker-settings.desktop14:45
Guest80965No such file or directory14:46
genkahelp, a lot of running processes 98.14:48
ioriaGuest80965, cd in /usr/share/app-install/desktop and ls -a light-locker-settings:light-locker-settings.desktop14:48
lo0xyf4ropolop ?14:48
lo0xyf4roen français ?14:49
SchrodingersScat!fr | lo0xyf4ro14:49
ubottulo0xyf4ro: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:49
lo0xyf4romerci =)14:49
genkahelp pls, a lot of running processes 98.14:49
OnkelTemHow to disable 4th and 5th mouse buttons? They are used to Back and Forward actions in Chrome, and I continue pressing them accidentally. Ubuntu 12.04/KDE14:50
OerHeksgenka, what do you mean by 'a lot of running processes 98.'???14:50
genka OerHeks  >> System load:  1.19 Processes: 9714:52
genka OerHeks  >> this is not normal14:52
ObrienDaveaccording to......?14:53
SchrodingersScatgenka: I like the program 'htop' for checking processes, you can also run 'ps aux | more' or similar.  A number of processes doesn't really tell us much.14:53
Guest80965ls -a light-locker-settings:light-locker-settings.desktop14:54
Guest80965ls: cannot access light-locker-settings:light-locker-settings.desktop: No such file or directory14:54
genka OerHeks  >> root  372  0.0  0.0   3216  1440 ?   Ss   18:47   0:00 /sbin/udevd --daemon (40 Processes)14:55
ObrienDavegee, i have 110 processes running, will my CPU overheat?14:55
OerHeksgenka, does 'top' give you any zombie process?14:55
SchrodingersScatOerHeks: I have one zombie, am I in danger?14:56
OerHeksSchrodingersScat, no, maybe that zombie is. can you paste it?14:56
ObrienDavecan't be in danger from yourself ;P14:56
genka0 zombie -_-14:56
OerHeksgenka, try to restart any open browser, might fix that14:57
ioriaGuest80965, are you ubuntu 14.04 ?14:57
SchrodingersScatOerHeks: root     18202  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        Z    Apr29   1:00 [apport-gtk] <defunct>  <--is this a zombie? it has a Z14:58
OerHeksZ = zombie indeed.14:59
ActionParsnipSchrodingersScat: kill it's parent paid. If that is 1 then you will need to reboot15:00
OerHeksSchrodingersScat, >   kill -HUP $(ps -A -ostat,ppid | grep -e '[zZ]'| awk '{ print $2 }')15:01
genkaTasks:  94 total,   1 running,  93 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie15:01
=== darkdevil is now known as whodafak
OerHeksgenka looks oke15:01
=== whodafak is now known as DarkDevil
SchrodingersScatActionParsnip: seems to be a child of update-notifier.15:02
ioriaGuest80965, do you have in Preferences Light Locker Settings ?15:02
autonomoidHi could someone please explain the difference between the a login password and an encryption passphrase?15:03
genkasleep processes 93 -_-15:03
alteregoais there a script to deja-dup to usenet?15:03
ActionParsnipSchrodingersScat: then go for the head. Kill that zombie15:04
EriC^^autonomoid: an encryption passphrase decrypts the encrypted fs or dir15:04
Guest80965how to know if i have or not?15:04
ioriaGuest80965, look at it ... it'a a menu entry15:04
autonomoidErc1, so when I login to Ubuntu do it enter the passphrase automaticallly to decrypt the home directory?15:04
=== pureness is now known as noteness
EriC^^autonomoid: i think when you login it decrypts the home dir, unless you're using full disk encryption then you'd need the passphrase after it boots15:05
EriC^^autonomoid: it uses the passphrase to decrypt it though i think, you could boot a live usb and decrypt it manually using the passphrase15:06
genkawho is  user/sbin/console-kit-daemon -no-daemon15:06
autonomoidThe reason I ask is because I just upgraded an old box from 10.04 to 12.04 and it prompted me to enter an encryption passphrase. I haven't found an detailed description of what it's used for.15:06
EriC^^autonomoid: is only your home dir encrypted or the whole installation?15:07
EriC^^usually do you enter your passphrase when you boot?15:07
SchrodingersScatalteregoa: it uses duplicity as a backend right?  Doesn't look promising from a quick search of duplicity usenet.  Could you make a backup to a local directory then upload those using whatever news tool you can automate?15:08
autonomoidI'm no expert but from what I've read its just the home dir. FDE wasn't available in earlier releases.15:08
ioriaGuest80965, type in terminal :   /usr/bin/light-locker-settings15:08
autonomoidEric__, No just user login15:08
ActionParsnipautonomoid: is this a desktop system?15:08
alteregoayep backup it and compress it with rar or somthing using 30% redundancy with encryption15:08
ActionParsnipautonomoid: then why are you using encryptfs?15:09
alteregoaat the end of any backup it creates a file with the nzb's you can put on dropbox or something15:09
autonomoidAll I did was take the existing 10.04 desktop installation and upgrade to 12.04 desktop. There was never any mention of using encryptfs15:09
ActionParsnipautonomoid: I see. Seems weird it is a factor then...15:10
autonomoidActionParsnip, THis is why I'm asking.15:10
colligencehello. i have the following problem: on my arch pc i only have to type "systemd shutdown" to shutdown my system without root previleges. how could i do this in ubuntu WITHOUT modifying the suders file?15:11
MonkeyDustcolligence  arch? this is ubuntu support15:11
Guest80965i can not understand when i type /usr/bin/light-locker-settings i got bash: /usr/bin/light-locker-settings: No such file or directory15:12
ActionParsnipcolligence: set the sticky bit on the shutdown binary. It will run as root no matter who runs it....  Anyone15:12
alteregoafirst duplicity encrypts the entire stuff with a passphrase and then rar. should be safe enough, (256bit aes)15:12
colligenceMonkeyDust: i know. i said how i did it on arch, and i want to know how it works on ubuntu.15:12
colligenceActionParsnip: ok. thanks15:13
ioriaGuest80965, last attempt :    locate light-locker-settings15:13
SchrodingersScatalteregoa: are you saying this is a script that already exists?  idk why you would need to rar them, but it's your freedom.15:13
ActionParsnipcolligence: https://www.howtoforge.com/linux_setting_suid_sgid_bits15:13
alteregoabecause of the redundancy15:13
ActionParsnipcolligence: sorry, setuid is what you want.15:14
alteregoaSchrodingersScat, parts of that exists, but the thing is to refine the script so there is no user interaction needed anymore and a GUI15:14
colligenceActionParsnip: thanks. i guess it will work.15:14
=== le is now known as Guest32034
ActionParsnipcolligence: it makes the file always run as the owner15:14
colligenceActionParsnip: but i need root previleges to set it, don't i?15:15
genka sudo gcc -Wall -o console-kit-daemon console-kit-daemon.c sudo: gcc: no comend15:15
ankki have kinda weird problem.15:15
genkano comand15:15
autonomoidActionParsnip, I think I found the anser: "On the first boot after setting up an encrypted home directory, you will be prompted to learn the master password for your home directory"15:15
ActionParsnipcolligence: yes but after that, it's done15:15
colligenceActionParsnip: ok. thanks, i'll try it.15:16
ankkwhen i click somewhere on terminal to copy and paste, it selects a random number of lines immediately and while i'm holding to select text, it doesn't track my mouse pointer15:16
ankkwhat is the problem?15:16
autonomoidActionParsnip, What is slightly misleading is that the dialogue window saying "Record your encryption passphrase", which to me suggests entering a passphrase not "writing it down"15:16
notenessgenka: sudo apt-get install build-essential15:16
notenessType that15:16
SchrodingersScatalteregoa: I think you want to use duplicity then, since it's cli, and then you can automate a bunch.  if you use either keys or a passphrase you can have that automated.15:16
alteregoahere you cn get gigabit or 2gbit isp for less a grand /year so backing up to usenet is not just a choice it is reliable the files are distributed on various places15:16
ActionParsnipautonomoid: indeed. Not something I use, I can't really comment15:17
ioriaActionParsnip, sorry mate, now i'm with Lubuntu . Do you have a /usr/bin/light-locker-settings ?15:19
ActionParsnip ioria: I'm on my Samsung S5 sorry15:19
ioriaActionParsnip, np15:19
ActionParsnipioria: you could boot LiveCD and copy the file to your user's home from there15:20
LadyAlissaQuick question - When on Ubuntu 15.04, how can I set it up so that the 'super' key takes effect instantly? I'm having to hold it down for about 5 seconds before I can press a number key.15:21
ioriaActionParsnip, yep, just i don't remember the exact location in Ubuntu.... (she's a Girl) :-P15:21
genka98 ps-_-15:22
ActionParsnipioria: sudo updatedb; locate light-locker-settings15:22
ioriaActionParsnip, i'm in Lubuntu, now15:23
SchrodingersScatgenka: I have 267, depending on how we're counting, so I don't get the concern.15:23
ActionParsnipioria: it works in any distribution of Linux....15:23
ioriaActionParsnip, THAT i wanted to Know , tx15:23
ActionParsnipioria: very useful. Although the search is only effective if you updatedb. The search is in a database of files15:24
ioriaActionParsnip, yep15:25
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
ammehi guys. i would like to make a bootable windows pendrive15:30
ammei follow this instruction15:30
amme3. part15:30
ammeafter first command15:31
ammegrub-install: warning: Attempting to install GRUB to a disk with multiple partition labels.  This is not supported yet..15:31
ammei dont get it what does it mean15:31
ActionParsnipamme: I believe if you format the partition to ntfs then unetbootin should work15:32
ActionParsnipamme: does the USB have only one partition?15:33
gp5stit appears that applications aren't using /etc/hosts to resolve? How can I make w/e in the OS is doing (or forwarding) resolving to use the hosts file?15:33
gp5stbut it seems to work sometimes, but not for others :-\15:34
ammehi actionparnsnip15:34
ammeyes it have only one15:34
gp5sthis this the accepted answer in 14.04? http://askubuntu.com/questions/347152/why-is-the-etc-hosts-file-not-working15:35
ammeif i would format it in drives app: Error synchronizing after initial wipe: Timed out waiting for object (udisks-error-quark, 0)15:35
ammehave no clue15:35
ActionParsnipamme: I'd wipe the USB and retry.15:36
ammeActionParsnip: i tried but its sad: Error synchronizing after initial wipe: Timed out waiting for object (udisks-error-quark, 0)15:38
ammein disk app15:38
genkahow to reduce swap??15:39
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
ActionParsnipgenka: swap use or swap partition size...?15:42
genkaActionParsnip >>> mem 2415 /swap 245815:46
ActionParsnipgenka: then you have a good amount of swap space...15:47
ActionParsnipgenka: 1 times RAM amount for 2Gb RAM is fine.15:48
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest4352
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
studio_what is more close to ubuntu-touch for the desktop, ubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso or vivid-desktop-amd64.iso?15:49
martysiaminthi I have a question - why is my Ubuntu overheating my netbook whiereas other systems like Windows or Linux MInt do not?15:52
ActionParsnipmartysiamint: configuration...15:52
martysiamintI use 14.04 Truimfalna Turkawka and 17.1 Rebecca and XP15:53
martysiamintconfiguration of what? what should I change?15:53
OerHeksmartysiamint, that 'Truimfalna Turkawka' is a polish remix, not ubuntu.15:53
ActionParsnipmartysiamint: if you have a switching GPU then you will need to set that up.15:53
ActionParsnipmartysiamint: so not actually using Ubuntu?15:54
ngomeshello , i have pulseaudio 6 on xubuntu 15.04. yesterday it was all fine an i find myself on configuration trying to select other profile. suddently sound stoped working and it seens to fail to establish connection with pulse audio server. how can i reset pulse audio config ?15:54
martysiamintI have set it using HTOP and lmsensors15:55
martysiamintand some other software15:55
ActionParsnipmartysiamint: what is the output of: cat /etc/issue15:56
martysiamintI'm logged in on mint at the moment15:56
martysiamintwill need to change system15:56
studio_any idea?15:57
MonkeyDustmust say, i had the overheating issue too, in 14.04, turned out it was most likely due to HWE15:57
OerHeksstudio_, 15.04 = vivid.15:58
LadyAlissaQuick question - When on Ubuntu 15.04, how can I set it up so that the 'super' key takes effect instantly? I'm having to hold it down for about 5 seconds before I can press a number key.15:58
studio_OerHeks, so it is the same?15:58
LadyAlissaThey're the same.15:58
OerHeksLadyAlissa, i can hit superkey and press any nuber immediatly.15:58
LadyAlissaOn 15.04?15:59
ActionParsnipLadyAlissa: what video chip do you use?15:59
OerHeksi don't have to wait for the numbers to show up.15:59
LadyAlissaActionParsnip: No idea. What would that have to do with anything?15:59
studio_again, "ubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso" and "vivid-desktop-amd64.iso" are the same?16:00
martynaI'm back16:00
LadyAlissastudio_: Yes.16:00
ActionParsnipLadyAlissa: the Unity is a shell for Compiz which uses 3D acceleration to exist. Poor video card setup makes the rendering default to the CPU which is significantly slower.....16:00
ActionParsnipLadyAlissa: so it has everything to do with your issue16:01
martyna~$ cat /etc/issue16:01
martynaUbuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l16:01
k1l_studio_: ubuntu desktop next is the unity8 + MIR testing iso. but it is a development release and not a working desktop16:01
LadyAlissa"AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics × 2 " ActionParsnip Is that what you need?16:02
=== martyna is now known as martysia
ActionParsnipLadyAlissa: did you install the additional drivers using the additional drivers application?16:02
studio_k1l_, thanks.16:02
martysiaso am I using Ubuntu or not?16:02
LadyAlissaActionParsnip: Nope.16:02
k1l_LadyAlissa: you can press the super+number right away. it just takes some time to display.16:02
pavlosLadyAlissa, check system settings | keyboard16:03
ActionParsnipmartysia: may want to ask in #ubuntu-pl16:03
LadyAlissamartysia: I guess so. Try 'lsb_release -a'16:03
daftykinsmartysia: "lsb_release -a" ?16:03
ActionParsnipLadyAlissa: then you are using the open source driver, try the proprietary driver16:04
LadyAlissak1l_: Doesn't work for me. If I try super1 then it just puts in a 116:04
martysiaNo LSB modules are available.16:04
martysiaDistributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS Release:14.04 Codename:trusty16:04
LadyAlissaI'll try some things, then return.16:04
martysiaso....I guess I am16:05
daftykinsmartysia: just use what works. all netbooks should be thrown out now, they're terrible16:05
martysianothing workes16:06
martysiaI've tried many times various things16:06
daftykinsyou claimed M<int did?16:06
martysiaoh...you mean the system, yes16:06
k1l_martysia: please pastebin a "lsb_release -a" and a "uname -a" to paste.ubuntu.com16:06
daftykinsso yeah - why fight with Ubuntu if you found an OS that works? :)16:06
martysiabut I wanted to configure Ubuntu as well16:06
daftykinswhat is the point of running multiple OSs on a single ancent netbook?16:07
=== ahmed is now known as Guest42063
martysiadaftykins, because so16:08
Spec-Chumis there a way to enable system wide surround sound like what dolby home theater does in winblows?16:08
daftykinsmartysia: then i have no sympathy for your struggle :)16:08
Spec-Chumfake surround obvioulsy, from 2 speakers16:08
OerHeksmartysia, so your 'Truimfalna Turkawka' is heating up?16:09
martysiaOerHeks, yes16:09
daftykinsOerHeks: doesn't yours? ;)16:09
OerHeksmartysia, you should update, ubuntu is at 14.04.2 now16:10
martysiabut I do not have to update, do I?16:10
martysiaOerHeks, it's a LTS, isn't it?16:11
k1l_martysia: of course you do have to run the updates.16:11
julindumm hi16:11
k1l_martysia: "sudo apt update&& sudo apt full-upgrade" into a pastebin please16:11
julindcan i get some help on some weird problem pliz?16:11
daftykinsjulind: not until you explain it16:11
martysiabut this command will upgrade my system, right?16:12
k1l_martysia: this will update your system. it will not make it 14.1016:12
daftykinsmartysia: update packages, NOT change version16:12
OerHeksto 14.04.2 yes16:12
k1l_martysia: without running updates you have security issues.16:12
martysiait's being updated at the moment16:13
julindim trying ti install pygame but when i run "sudo apt-get build-dep pygame" some dependancies problems show up and i canot fix them16:14
julindapt-get -f install doesn nothing and checking held packages shows nothing aswell16:15
julindit says gnome-control-center : Depends: libcheese-gtk23 (>= 3.4.0) but it is not going to be installed16:15
julindthe same for unity-control-center16:16
studio_back ...16:16
k1l_julind: can you put all that output onto paste.ubuntu.com?16:17
julindsure one moment16:17
studio_uch, i installed "vivid-desktop-amd64.iso" on a usb-stick with "sudo dd bs=4M if=vivid-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc" is it still heavy beta?16:18
k1l_julind: any 3rd party sources or PPAs active?16:19
julindnot sure16:20
k1l_studio_: where did you get that iso from?16:20
studio_from the main server16:20
k1l_julind: "cat /etc/apt/sources.list" and "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d"16:20
k1l_studio_: where exactly?16:20
martysiathis takes time16:21
martysiait's not even 50% YET16:21
studio_i think16:21
k1l_studio_: if its the "desktop next" iso, then yes, that is a heavy beta iso. like told several times already16:21
rust__I am trying to make hotspot from my laptop!!but its showing doesn't support AP mode!!16:22
studio_k1l_, so the gui is also different.16:22
julindk1l_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10971267/16:22
martysiabtw. what is with this new computers and ubuntu?16:22
k1l_studio_: desktop-next is unity8+mir.16:22
k1l_martysia: ?16:22
martysiaon the polish forum they were saying the same thing to me16:22
martysiathat my netbook is old16:22
martysiaand that I should buy a new one16:23
k1l_martysia: netbooks are old. and due to the really slow cpu its not capcable of proper speed for modern desktops16:23
martysiacan I not use the one that I have ?16:23
rust__I am trying to make hotspot from my laptop!!but its showing doesn't support AP mode!!16:23
studio_k1l_, and what is 15.04? without the unity incl. mir?16:23
k1l_studio_: can you please rephrase?16:24
julindk1l_: and this is the ls http://paste.ubuntu.com/10971290/16:24
k1l_studio_: there are 15.04 isos that were used during alpha/beta. but you should use the final 15.04 now if you want to run a regular unity7 15.0416:24
rust__I am trying to make hotspot from my laptop!!but its showing doesn't support AP mode!!16:25
julindk1l: wait thats wrong my bad16:25
martysiabut LM and Debian and XP are working well16:25
k1l_julind: you missed the path: ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d16:25
martysiaDebian works well on even much more old computer than this one16:25
studio_k1l_, please give me a minute, to boot from the other usb-stick with "ubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso" to compare ...16:25
k1l_martysia: then try Lubuntu. that is made for slow and old hardware16:25
martysiaI've tried Xubuntu16:25
julindk1l: here it is http://paste.ubuntu.com/10971302/16:25
julindk1l: seems like there actualy are16:25
martysiadidn't help - it was overheating as well16:25
rust__I am trying to make hotspot from my laptop!!but its showing doesn't support AP mode!!need help!!16:26
k1l_julind: try to install libcheese7 and see what is blocking it.16:26
martysiathe Xubuntu was overheating my netbook even quicker than Triumfalna Turkawka does16:27
julindnothing blocks it - it says it already is at the latest version16:27
k1l_julind: and unity-control-center?16:27
ioriajulind do you have xorg edgers ppa ?16:27
k1l_martysia: we dont support "Triumfalna Turkawka"16:28
julindthe same thing16:28
martysiak1l_, why not?16:28
julindioria: running that ls on the sources ot shows up yes16:28
k1l_martysia: its not official. its not from ubuntu16:28
julindioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10971302/16:28
martysiak1l_, it's on official Polish Ubuntu's website16:30
k1l_martysia: then please ask that in #ubuntu.pl16:30
k1l_martysia: then please ask that in #ubuntu-pl16:30
julindioria: is that xorg ppa affecting it or what?16:31
k1l_martysia: but i still suggest you try Lubuntu (not Xubuntu) on your old hardware16:31
martysiak1l_, the Xubuntu was not fully translated...I assume that with Lubuntu is the same thing16:32
martysiaand I like the Unity desktop16:32
martysiaand I have asked on polish forum...16:33
martysiaof Ubuntu16:33
martysiaand they said that it is a blame of my computer16:34
martysiathat my computer is to blame16:34
julindwhats the problem?16:34
k1l_so, what other answer do you want now if you know already what the reason is? martysia16:34
k1l_julind: so the packages named in that error are installed?16:35
martysiak1l_, I do not believe that it's my computer's fault because other systems do work properly16:35
julindexatcly thats whats driving me crazy k1l_16:35
k1l_julind: please run a "sudo apt update &&sudo apt full-upgrade"16:35
studio_back ...16:35
k1l_julind: and there is no "pygame" in the repos. only a "python-pygame"16:36
julindThe following packages have been kept back: libgbm116:36
martysiayou don't seem to care...16:36
julindwhats the problem m8?16:37
studio_k1l_, ubuntu-15.04-desktop-amd64.iso is using autologon an got full apps. vivid-desktop-amd64.iso needs passwort to login and got less apps.16:37
martysiajulind, my Ubuntu remix is overheating my netbook16:37
julindmartysia: how old is the netbook?16:38
martysia5 or 6 years old16:38
martysiabut it has gone through serive of the hardware16:38
martysiacleaning and stuff16:38
julindmartysia: you should  be lucky you can even run ubuntu let alone a remix. unity is heavy and it will surely heat things up16:38
noobkidHi all, I want to purchase a SSD HD for laptop with Ubuntu, should I buy samsung 850 evo or intel 530? Can you help me to take a buying decision?16:39
k1l_martysia: the 1000h netbook is more than 7 years old, and its cpu was slow back then.16:39
k1l_martysia: its atom cpu is really really really slow16:39
=== jParkton_ is now known as jParkton
ioriajulind if you can purge xorg edgers, try this , at the end http://askubuntu.com/questions/575548/system-settings-stopped-showing-up16:39
studio_k1l, so i can compare vivid-desktop-amd64.iso more to the ubuntu-touch?16:40
k1l_studio_: i dont know what your issue is16:40
julindioria: ill gove it a go16:40
k1l_studio_: i still dont know if you have the desktop-next iso or not.16:40
studio_k1l_, i have both versions16:41
martysiaso...you're telling me that there is nothing I can do?16:41
k1l_studio_: so to make it clear a last time now: the desktop-next iso is the one with the prototype of unity8 and MIR. but that is still under heavy development and is not meant for users. its meant for developers.16:41
k1l_studio_: you dont need to compare it to the regular ubunut, since there is a lot that will change in the next time. so your idea is just "sisyphus"16:42
studio_k1l_, i understood, it is the same as on the phone.16:42
julindioria: it says its going to downgrade stuff - 157MB will be freed16:42
ioriajulind wow16:42
noobkidHi all, I want to purchase a SSD HD for laptop with Ubuntu, should I buy samsung 850 evo or intel 530? Can you help me to take a buying decision?16:42
k1l_noobkid: that doesnt matter for ubuntu. it works with both. for hardware recommendations better ask in ##hardware16:43
julindill give you a pastebin ioria16:43
julindioria http://paste.ubuntu.com/10971410/16:44
noobkidkll_: I was not aware of that channel, thank you!16:44
ioriajulind yes, you have to downgrade16:45
julindioria ok, doing so16:46
julindioria i hope it doesnt mess my nvidia drivers16:46
ioriajulind sure it is16:46
julindioria u wot m8? that means i need to reinstall them?16:47
ioriajulind nvidia comes from there...16:47
julindiroia .. im sort of a noob on ubuntu stuff so16:48
ioriajulind you enable them again16:48
yellowdogI've got a mobo that supports 1600/1333 MHz DDR3. So, any DDR3 memory module won't do, but must be of one (or both) of those frequencies?16:49
julindioria the ppa? or redownload nvidia drivers?16:49
=== lazaro is now known as habanany
ioriajulind the ppa16:50
OerHeksyellowdog, maybe that module is dualchannel, better ask in ##hardware16:50
newlarkzzyellowdog: memory must match or they can't run a double speed.16:50
julindioria will this damn thing fix that dependency problem?16:51
ioriajulind according to the post,  yes16:51
julindioria fingers crossed16:51
yellowdogOerHeks I don't have a computer to register with (doing this on a toaster).. since my hardware is broken. Channel is ruled by some Nazi that require registering16:51
ioriajulind indeed16:51
newlarkzzyellowdog: not only will they run at the slower speed if not matching. It will defeat the ddr3 setup.16:52
yellowdognewlarkzz: thanks. By "matching", you mean the two modules: must be the same brand and all?16:52
julindioria ok shits done, now what?16:53
ioriajulind any errors ?16:54
julindioria no errors showed up thankfully16:54
julindioria says ppa purged successefully16:55
ioriajulind sudo apt-get update16:55
newlarkzzyellowdog: You can mix up different sizes, but it's not recommended. For example, a dual channel 2x2gb 1600mhz pair of sticks will be faster than 5gb 1600mhz of 2+2+1 sticks16:55
julindioria done16:56
yellowdogthanks newlarkzz :)16:56
ioriajulind is this what you are doing ?    sudo apt-get build-dep pygame16:57
julindioria ill run that now16:57
rust__I am trying to make hotspot from my laptop!!but its showing doesn't support AP mode!!need help!!16:57
julindioria ran it and its gonna install some midding things16:58
k1l_rust__: some (old) chips dont support that16:58
rust__kil_: My laptop is new16:58
julindioria missing*16:58
studio_k1l_, will cairo-dock be supported under mir?16:59
rust__kil_: Any other way to use hotspot in ubuntu16:59
newlarkzzyellowdog: i-Nex on ubuntu or cpu-z will really show you what speed your memory is running.16:59
k1l_studio_: its to early to tell16:59
julindioria code ran now wait a moent need to see if it worked or now17:00
julindioria not*17:00
rust__wants to make hotspot in ubuntu!! help17:01
julindioria got it working17:02
ioriajulind you are super17:02
julindioria how do i check if im using noveau or nvidia?17:02
julindioria lol thanks17:03
ioriajulind if you want nvidia again : http://www.binarytides.com/install-nvidia-drivers-ubuntu-14-04/17:04
julindiora thank you17:07
julindiora bai17:07
MonkeyDustrust__  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/180733/how-to-setup-an-access-point-mode-wi-fi-hotspot17:07
sjmikemWhy do I have to periodically restart network-manager ?17:25
MonkeyDustsjmikem  start from the beginning, what brings you here17:25
darthanubissjmikem, you have to provide some details to your situation17:25
sjmikemSo periodically, when connected to wifi, I can no longer ping my home gateway17:26
sjmikemit happens on other networks too17:26
sjmikemI am running UU17:26
sjmikemwhen it happens, I "sudo service network-manager restart" and the problem goes away17:26
MonkeyDustsjmikem  is this also with cable, or only with wifi?17:27
sjmikemMonkeyDust it does not happen on wired networks17:27
sjmikemonly wifi17:27
ioriasjmikem, broadcom ?17:28
sjmikemioria: lspcia has: 04:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 7260 (rev 6b)17:30
Guest123NVidia emergency help on UBUNTU?  -- After installing v346, I have no access to my UI at all.. from login it causes to flash a screen couple of times and returns to login screen.  Ctrl-AltF1 ...> installing manually ->  Failed to apply ACL /dev/dri/card0: No such file or dir...17:30
MrElendigGuest123: 1. fix your nick  2. what card?17:30
MrElendigGuest123: 3. how did you install it?17:30
ai6pgGuest123: you might want to switch to a console and do sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade17:31
Guest123NVidia GEForce GT 630. Install and reinstall 10 different ways,.. a mess already.17:31
MrElendignever ever use the .run file17:32
ioriasjmikem, dmesg | grep iwl ?17:32
Guest123getting updates does not help. I always end up with the ACL issue17:32
Fjorgynnannyone familiar with Cryptsetup/Luks?17:33
sjmikemioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10971760/17:33
zadokHola, mundo...17:33
=== mayday is now known as Guest68861
MrElendigGuest123: lsmod | grep nvidia17:33
MrElendigGuest123: and post your xorg log17:33
MrElendig(and fix your nick)17:33
ioriasjmikem, seems ok17:34
sjmikemioria: is there some verbosity level I can turn up that will help identify problem further?17:34
ioriasjmikem, i think so, but don't remember   dmesg | tail ?17:35
Guest123MrElendig: lsmod shows nothing with this filter17:35
MrElendigmodprobe nvidia17:36
PHPLearneris it possible to install IE 8 and safari on ubuntu 14.0417:36
* MrElendig bets kms is not disabled17:36
MrElendigPHPLearner: why?17:36
PHPLearnerI need those two browsers to test my web dev project17:36
MrElendigPHPLearner: IE is so bad that even MS have discontinued it17:36
PHPLearneryou mean Microsoft17:37
sjmikemioria: grepping wlan in dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10971789/17:37
MrElendigthat is what "MS" usually refer to, yes17:37
PHPLearnerbut in Asia a lot of not so into IT people are using Internet Explorer17:37
sjmikemthe entry at 947 I'm guessing is when I restarted network manager17:37
PHPLearnerwhat to do17:37
Guest123MrElendig: sudo modprobe nvidia -> The same: ACL on /dev/dri/card0: No such fice or dir..17:38
ioriasjmikem, deauthenticating from 66:0b:bf:81:c5:a1 by local choice (Reason: 2=PREV_AUTH_NOT_VALID)17:38
bluedogzup noobs. Regular mechanical harddisks. Got SATA2 and SATA3 on my mobo. Do I connect them to the SATA2 or 3?17:38
PHPLearneris there a way I can install Internet Explorer and Safari browsers to my Ubuntu Linux 14.0417:39
PHPLearnerthanks in advance17:39
MrElendigdmesg | grep drm17:39
BoreeasPHPLearner: I think IE comes bundled with wine?17:40
BoreeasIf not you should be able to install it on wine at least17:40
jParktonBut the performance is not going to be anything worth testing on17:40
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
MonkeyDustPHPLearner  yes, with wine, but better don't use IE anymore, it will be replaced by Edge http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/browser-for-doing17:41
sjmikemioria: you think that is the cause?  that was at 9.762308 - network was fine after that17:42
PHPLearnerok then what about Safari17:42
ioriasjmikem, because you restarted networ-manager ?17:42
PHPLearnercan it be installed on ubuntu 14.0417:42
sjmikemioria: no, my restart of network-manager was at 947.64140217:43
MonkeyDustPHPLearner  yes, just told you: with WINE17:43
sjmikemI just tried restarting again to verify dmesg contents were the same17:43
MonkeyDustPHPLearner  a safari, not sure...17:43
sjmikemi.e. there was no symptom of failure in dmesg log prior to me restarting network-manager17:43
MonkeyDustPHPLearner  http://www.guguncube.com/694/ubuntu-how-to-install-apple-safari-in-ubuntu-12-04-12-10-13-10-14-04-14-1017:44
k1l_PHPLearner: you can try one of the webkit browsers like midori, arora or rekonq17:44
Guest123NVidia (GT630) emergency help on UBUNTU?  -- After installing v346, I have no access to my UI at all.. from login it causes to flash a screen couple of times and returns to login screen.  Ctrl-AltF1 ...> installing manually ->  Failed to apply ACL /dev/dri/card0: No such file or dir....  lsmod shows nothing with this filter. modprobe = same error17:44
sjmikemioria: FWIW this happened on my router with stock firmware, as well as wit dd-wrt17:44
ioriasjmikem, infact it's a different warning17:45
PHPLearnerwhat does this command do: sudo apt-get install -y wine17:46
ioria947.641402] wlan0: deauthenticating from 66:0b:bf:81:c5:a1 by local choice (Reason: 3=DEAUTH_LEAVING)17:46
PHPLearnerwhat is -y for17:46
darthanubischeese keeps crashing17:46
k1l_PHPLearner: it says "yes" to the questions asked17:46
darthanubisCall to S_FMT failed for YU12 @ 1280x720: Device or resource busy17:46
k1l_PHPLearner: see "man apt-get" for more details17:46
darthanubisregardless the resolution17:46
PHPLearnerso that command is safe right17:47
sjmikemioria: should I set regulatory domain?17:47
sjmikemit is currently unset17:47
k1lledhello. i have this netbook: acer emachines em350. what version of ubuntu or another linux based system is best to install ?17:47
darthanubiscamera works fine in kubuntu17:48
ioriasjmikem, for me, it's driver mode issue... but don't want to mess with it  ... if at the end is working17:48
MonkeyDustk1lled  try ubuntu 14.04, as it is lts17:49
bluedogif my PSU is too weak, will I experience performance degration or just a halt? (if halt, I know that it's insufficient)17:50
sjmikemioria: any suggestions of commands to try next time I lose connection to troubleshoot furhter?17:50
k1l_bluedog: hardware failure due to not enough power. could be "just" video errors or system freezes or complete reboots.17:51
bluedogk1l_: thanks. So the insufficience will be noted and not silent? :317:51
PHPLearnerwhat is WINE17:51
PHPLearnerhow come it took so long to install17:51
k1l_!wine | PHPLearner17:51
ubottuPHPLearner: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu17:51
ioriasjmikem, http://askubuntu.com/questions/236119/how-do-i-troubleshoot-problems-with-my-wireless-connection17:52
PHPLearnerso this WINE thing can it be uninstalled later on without causing a lot of problems17:52
k1lledMonkeyDust 14.04 for this netbook 14.04...i think is too much.. may be will not work good17:52
k1l_bluedog: if the psu is really to weak you will notice that if your system needs the cpu and gpu to shift gears, yes17:52
PHPLearnerwindows and microsoft stinks17:52
k1l_bluedog: if its in "idle" most of the time, you can be lucky to not have any issues.17:52
bluedogk1l_: by system failure?17:53
bluedognotice by*17:53
sjmikem"Disable the card power-saving ability " - that could be it?17:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1295247 in cheese (Ubuntu) "Cheese says "There was an error playing video from webcam"" [High,Confirmed]17:53
k1l_bluedog: in idle, the systems dont need much power. like 10W for a whole system without a video card. but that can go up to 1kW depending on your hardware.17:54
iorianever heard, let us know if it works :-P17:54
PHPLearneranyone here who knows how to program in Libre Office Basic17:54
k1l_bluedog: yes, if the hardware doenst get the power it needs you will get system freezes and reboots. with possible data loss17:54
streulmahello, I have a Bay Trail computer and only the battery is recognised, no power adapter, what can it be, ACPI 5.0 features ?17:55
sjmikemioria: ok, thanks for your help17:55
streulmathe computer thinks he is running on battery17:55
ioriasjmikem, np17:58
MrElendigstreulma: old kernel?17:58
MrElendigstreulma: check /sys/class/power btw17:58
streulmaMrElendig: no, 15.04 Ubuntu, or with 4.0 kernel17:58
AlcyiusI've tried everything I could find so maybe someone here can help me. Does anyone know how to connect a Iomega 100 Parallel Port Zip Drive?18:02
darthanubisIs the startup disk creator still unable to make proper startup usb drives?18:02
OerHeks!info jazip18:03
ubottujazip (source: jazip): Mount and unmount Iomega Zip and/or Jaz drives. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.34-15.1 (vivid), package size 93 kB, installed size 281 kB18:03
AlcyiusI installed that but it isn't working properly.18:03
Alcyius"bash: /usr/bin/jazip: Permission denied"18:04
k1l_Alcyius: that should work in the background when you attach that drive18:06
usernullI want to copy some file from a remote server, I have ssh access into that server, What will best way to copy files?18:07
k1l_usernull: "scp" or "rsync"18:07
Mr-Xmanhi guys18:08
Mr-Xmani need some help18:08
joaojottaHi guys18:08
Mr-Xmanthis easy methode but i need to speak with some one18:08
joaojottaAny news on Steam @ 15.04 (Mate)?18:08
k1l_scp is just cp over ssh. rsync has some more magic like delta-transfer, hashes etc etc.18:09
darthanubis!ask | Mr-Xman18:09
ubottuMr-Xman: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:09
k1l_joaojotta: what news do you mean?18:09
PHPLearnernow I realize that running safari is useless as wine is very slow18:10
joaojotta@k1l_ Somehing like working... it's not working on my machine (works with 14.04).18:10
PHPLearnerhas anyone here tried using wine with safari before18:10
PHPLearnerthis is crazy18:10
darthanubisPHPLearner, no reason to18:11
k1l_PHPLearner: just use a native browser like midori. it uses the same base system18:11
k1l_joaojotta: sorry, i am not aware of a general "not working" bug there.18:11
PHPLearnerso if it works in midori it will work in safari18:11
darthanubismidori is not run through wine18:12
darthanubishence native18:12
joaojottak1l_ it doesn't start. Open the app but nothing happens. Can't find anything but for 12.04.18:12
sjmikem1ioria: happened again with PM off :-(18:12
sjmikem1behavior sounds like Invalid misc:8818:12
sjmikem1oops: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/98455218:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 984552 in linux (Ubuntu) "[8086:0085] intermittently losing connectivity" [High,Fix released]18:13
PHPLearneralright I've had enough18:13
PHPLearnercan anyone please help me undo by uninstalling wine and safari18:13
=== martyna_ is now known as martysia
k1l_PHPLearner: midori is in the ubuntu repo. so install that18:13
sjmikem1gonna try disabling N next18:13
PHPLearnerplease help me from the nonsense I just did18:13
k1l_joaojotta: start it from terminal and see what error is there18:14
ioriasjmikem, you are updated ? uname -r ?18:14
PHPLearnerok but before I do that can anyone help me uninstall wine and safari from ubuntu 14.0418:14
joaojottak1l_ can I PM you the result? So I don't spam...18:14
Mr-Xmanwho know how to jailbreak iphone in kali ?18:15
DJones!kali | Mr-Xman18:15
ubottuMr-Xman: Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)18:15
Mr-Xmani have kinda prob with installing idivicer18:15
Mr-Xmanand thanks18:15
OerHeksPHPLearner, uninstall wine, and remove the ~/.wine folder?18:15
k1l_!paste | joaojotta18:15
ubottujoaojotta: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:15
k1l_Mr-Xman: we dont support "jailbreaking" or kali in here. please see the kali and iphone support on that issues.18:16
=== sjmikem1 is now known as sjmikem
sjmikemioria: yes, I think so: 3.16.0-36-generic18:17
k1l_joaojotta: what video card is it? and what driver do you use?18:17
ioriasjmikem, 14.10 ?18:18
sjmikemioria: yes18:18
k1l_joaojotta: steam only works with the prop. drivers. not the open source ones18:18
joaojottaRadeon HD 5450 - I usually use the open driver. But, of course, what was I thinking? Let me try the proprietary one.18:19
ioriasjmikem, for me 14.10 is -23 and -34 .. ... bah18:19
joaojottaI'll feedback in a moment. Thanks! (sometimes we forget the simplest things)18:19
sjmikemioria: you're broadcom though?18:20
ioriasjmikem, b44 ehernet, realtek wifi18:20
=== jean is now known as Guest31989
joaojottak1l_ I run steam on Xubuntu 14.04.2 with the X.Org drivers. I could be wrong but I'm almost sure of it!18:21
=== Guest31989 is now known as Jean2k
ioriasjmikem, did you upgrade recently the kernel via  apt-get upgrade, dist-upgrade ?18:21
sjmikemioria: yes, but had problem prior to that too18:22
ioriasjmikem, i see.... you restarted again network-manager to make it works ?18:22
PHPLearnerrm -f $HOME/.local/share/icons/????_*.xpm18:23
PHPLearner what is this message below18:23
PHPLearnererwin@erwin-M720SRS:~$ err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x110060 "heap.c: main process heap section" wait timed out in thread 001d, blocked by 0000, retrying (60 sec)18:23
sjmikemioria: correct.18:23
sjmikemtrying turning off N now...18:23
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
ioriasjmikem, with sudo modprobe ?18:25
darthanubisSession error : Some files may be corrupted on the disc (brasero_burn_record brasero-burn.c:2856)18:25
sjmikemioria: right18:25
ioriasjmikem, yep.... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222037718:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1424915 in usb-creator (Ubuntu) "dd an ubuntu iso to usbstick, then it can't be erased with usb-creator" [Medium,Triaged]18:27
joaojottak1l_ lots of love from Portugal. At least the update window is running after a quick reboot. THANKS!!18:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1059872 in util-linux (Ubuntu Trusty) "Error formatting disk using disk utility" [High,Triaged]18:28
k1l_joaojotta: :)18:28
reddogfor what reason would you pick two 1333 MHz memories instead of two 1600 MHz? Mobo seems to support both. Suspect I have a weak PSU.18:30
k1l_reddog: ##hardware is the better place to discuss that plain hardware issue :)18:31
joaojottak1l_ but I'm still confused because Xubuntu runs Steam out of the box and with X.Org drivers. Well, all is good at the end.18:31
reddogk1l_: they have issues with identifying nazism-fascism. Can't write there without an account18:31
OerHeksreddog, please don't call then nazis, as you don't want to register on freenode.18:32
k1l_joaojotta: i am pretty sure you need the prop. driver for steam. maybe you installed that there too18:32
k1l_reddog: i am sure they got reasons for that. but this is not the place for that isssue. maybe ask in #ubuntu-offtopic but i suggest using ##hardware18:33
reddogOerHeks: I'm a strong opponent to nazism, hence I'm not goign to let myself get censored just like the german people did18:33
=== martyna is now known as martysia
Dragnadhweirdest thing i have with the ubuntu mate iso, it wont let me install it besides windows(dual boot).18:33
Dragnadhother ubuntu versions work fine but this one does not18:34
k1l_reddog: you dont have a clue what you are talking about. so stop that immediately18:34
phixgo team~!18:35
phixteam ubuntu!18:35
reddogk1l_: I sure do. What you said is exactly what hitler would have said. And I would have been executed for saying this. Call it freedom if you want, I don't.18:36
ioriareddog   i'm afraid history is a bit more complicated and stop that, please.18:36
joaojottak1l_ thanks for the help. Shutting down away from off-topic conversation.18:37
spenmennwhat does hitler have anything to do with Ubuntu18:37
k1l_Dragnadh: are you sure there is enough space/unused primary partitions?18:37
LMNOP__Hitler did one good thing18:38
LMNOP__he killed Hitler18:38
OerHekslets move on with support, please, thanks.18:38
k1l_guys, lets drop that hitler and censorship topic. that got nothing to do with ubuntu. thanks18:38
Parabolai'm only able to boot my ubuntu install if i go into recovery, select the GRUB option, then continue boot, if i boot regular i get an mdadm loop18:38
Dragnadhwell its weird because i can boot ubuntu mate from the usb if in eufi mode but if i boot in non uefi mod it will just be stuck at a black screen with a underscore beeping18:38
Parabolapretty good with linux, not so much with any of the initrd / bootup stuff18:38
Parabolaany ideas on how to resolve this?18:39
OerHeksDragnadh, if you want no uefi boot, disable secure boot in your bios?18:39
Dragnadhi have18:40
Dragnadhi wouldnt have problem with it if uefi ubuntu mate didnt tell me in the install screen that i will have booting problems with my windows install if i continu18:42
ParabolaDragnadh: you trying to dual boot?18:43
Parabolalet the grub stuff fail, its fine, reboot into the live CD / USB stick again, select Try ubuntu18:43
Dragnadhwell i have windows installed on 1 hard disk and im trying to install ubuntu mate on a second one18:43
Parabolathen install boot-repair, click "automatic" it will fix it18:43
Parabolaitll ask you which drives you want grub on, select both :)18:44
spenmennif you added a repository with a newer version software that also exist in the offcial repositories and they are marked with the same priority how do you instll the newer software18:46
EriC^^spenmenn: type apt-cache policy <package>18:47
spenmennit shows the version table18:49
EriC^^ok, i think apt installs the one with the newest version18:50
OerHeksspenmenn, what repository exactly?18:50
ioriaspenmenn, add a repo from where ?18:50
ioriaspenmenn, debian ?18:51
spenmennthe question is theoretical18:52
ioriaspenmenn, well test it on a test machine :-)18:52
OerHeksspenmenn, theoretical you would get the packages from that repo18:53
spenmenni mean, if the old version of the software is marked newer than the newer version, does that happen?18:54
OerHeksspenmenn, theoretical yes.18:57
harrisi am using thunderbird as my mail client19:00
harrisis there a way that i can close it but still get notifications when a new email comes in19:00
Parabolano, because its closed19:01
Parabolacan you drive a car without an engine19:02
spenmennare you asking how to run thunderbird in the background19:04
phixyou type in thunderbird &19:04
phixor thunderbird > /dev/null 2>&1 & if you dont want any output from it19:05
harrisspenmenn, yes19:06
spenmennyou can use an addon19:06
marianneVLC 2.2.0 isn't playing MP4 at all and not playing .avi files well either running 15.0419:07
ioriamarianne try Gnome player19:08
MonkeyDustharris  as Parabola says, it's not possible, but there's this, scroll down http://askubuntu.com/questions/210365/how-do-you-setup-email-notifications-with-thunderbird-for-when-the-main-app-isn19:09
marianneioria: software center?19:09
harrisi found https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/thunderbird/addon/firetray/19:09
harristhanks guys19:09
ioriamarianne try Gnome Mplayer, sorry19:10
marcos_how is everyone?19:13
k1lmarcos_: yes19:13
marcos_does anyone here speak spanish?19:13
k1l!es | marcos_19:13
ubottumarcos_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:13
marcos_thats great! thanks kll!19:14
marcos_I did not know that19:14
=== mmigdol is now known as sjmikem
marianneioria: same issue with MPlayer plays fine on my desktop, but on the laptop is pixalated19:15
excelsioraHey, just helped a friend install Ubuntu 14.04 on an acer laptop, seemed to install fine, but now says No bootable device19:16
ioriamarianne Edit -> Preferences and try changing Video output19:16
ioriamarianne maybe x1119:17
excelsioraeven switched BIOS from UEFI to legacy19:17
marianneioria: ok gonna try it19:17
OerHeksexcelsiora, did you disable fastboot?19:18
excelsioraI'll look19:18
spenmennexcelsiora, also disable secure boot19:19
excelsioraok, looking19:19
cyphawHello, I have a question about networking19:21
excelsioradisabled quiet boot, but don't see fast boot or secure boot, should I enable F12 boot menu? I'll try it19:21
marianneioria: thank you... it's fixed and working  :-)19:22
ioriamarianne glad to hear that. have fun19:22
=== norm is now known as Guest25246
excelsiorashould I reinstall via legacy mode?19:23
cyphawMy computer creates a WAN for my phone and other wireless devices. I'd want that when my phone tries to access a specific URL, it'd be redirected to a local web server on the gateway. Any idea about where I should look to?19:23
Paddy_NIFor some strange reason gparted will not launch, when I run gparted-pkexec from terminal I get the usual password prompt which I input correctly then I get a segfault19:23
excelsioranext thing I'll try is that, but would like some feedback19:23
Paddy_NIIs there an alternative to GParted so I can format my usb flash disks19:24
spenmennlegacy seems to work better on my computer...19:24
cohnationhow do i reset my root password?19:25
k1lcohnation: ubuntu never had a root account. use sudo with the user password19:25
krismatrixHi...i have an ubuntu linux os on my laptop. I currently have full access as a super user (apparently)19:25
krismatrixHow do i set it up so that I am not using an account that is by default in super user mode?19:26
k1lkrismatrix: just create a new user and use that19:26
ioriaexcelsiora, did you put usb hdd on top of the list ?19:26
cyphawcohnation: sudo passwd root19:26
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:26
k1lcyphaw: cohnation dont do that19:26
OerHekscohnation, there is no root password19:27
krismatrix@k11...is that the only way. That is I need t create a new user account?19:27
krismatrixI can't set my current account to not be super user?19:27
OerHekskrismatrix, you can, but you will need an extra account to do sudo tasks.19:28
cyphawkrismatrix: take a look at /etc/sudoers, but be careful, if you remove your sudo rights without having access to a superuser19:28
MonkeyDustcohnation  the guest account is non-root19:29
krismatrixAh...so you are saying i should have a super user account AND a non-super user account....and as a good practice...always use non-super user account unless I really need to?19:29
krismatrixreally need to use super user account19:29
OerHekskrismatrix, that would be ultra safe yes19:29
itachifuck yeahh :P19:29
krismatrixIs that what you guys do?19:29
spenmennkrismatrix, it is not good to use a super user account for security reasons19:29
spenmenn(all the time)19:30
OerHekskrismatrix, if i would use ubuntu proffesionally, yes.19:30
krismatrixwhat are the benefits or safeties or securities of using a non super user account19:30
krismatrixand what can and cannot be done with a non-super account?19:31
cyphawkrismatrix: on debian and others, you have root and a normal user by default. On ubuntu and others, root has no password, so unusable unless you set one, and the default user has root rights through sudo19:31
ioriakrismatrix, when you are super-user not only you can  make typo and  ruin your system but all door are open19:32
cyphawI'd advise you not to remove your sudo rights on your default user19:32
krismatrixIf by root you mean sudo? Cause when I need to install...I always have to do > sudo apt-get <something>19:32
k1lkrismatrix: the standard setup is: you have on user account that can get super user permissions when using the command "sudo".19:32
krismatrixand then asks for password19:32
krismatrixwhich I enter and it installs19:32
brainwashkrismatrix: please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo before asking further questions19:32
k1lkrismatrix: so you have a "dumb" user account on everyday and have the admin mode if you use sudo19:32
excelsiorashould I select a bootable thing? shimx64.efi, grubx64.efi, MokManager.efi?19:33
excelsiorawe had to set up a password to enable this stuff19:33
k1lkrismatrix: with only one user without the sudo capability you cant manage your system anymore.19:33
krismatrixoh..ok...i think i am in admin mode all the time.19:33
marianneok, second issue... friends laptop (HP) bootloader is hosed when he tried to resize a ubuntu partition. now it doesn't boot. Am I far off the mark thinking I can fix it with a ubuntu install disc (won't it recoginize the 2 OSs are installed?19:33
k1lkrismatrix: what makes you think that?19:33
krismatrixBecause I can use sudo on terminal all the time19:34
krismatrixIt just asks for a password...which I give and it does installations.19:34
spenmennyou can keep a rooted virtual machine if you really want to work in the root enviroment19:34
k1lkrismatrix: you can use sudo. it safes the password for some minutes (10 minutes iirc) before asking again19:34
=== mike_ is now known as Guest61197
OerHekskrismatrix, terminal had got a timer, so you can do multiple tasks with sudo without entering your password every time19:34
krismatrixoh..did not know about the temporary timer...but cool19:35
ioriamarianne i tried to resize from live ?19:35
cyphawkrismatrix: your user is not admin, if you type a command without sudo, it will follow your normal rights. But your user has sudo rights defined in /etc/sudoers, that allows it to perform action as root by using sudo. That's the default behaviour in ubuntu19:35
krismatrixSo how is that different from admin rights?19:36
marianneioria: I'm not sure exactly what he did19:36
k1lkrismatrix: that is "root rights" when you use sudo19:36
ioriamarianne well, i cannot do that19:36
=== x1_ is now known as jaley2
=== jaley2 is now known as jakey2
k1lkrismatrix: its just that you dont use the "root rights" for running the browser or irc or....., so you dont have the security issues there19:37
filenoxsomeone using Ubuntu 15.05 on a Macbook? I'm wondering if they improved support for multi touch gestures, can't find a thing about it..19:37
spenmennkrismatrix,sudo gives you the admin rights19:37
krismatrixok...but you guys are saying that I should go ahead and create a user account without sudo rights. Correct?19:37
k1lkrismatrix: think of it as a gun. sudo loads the gun. without sudo it is unloaded and safe for handling.19:37
marianneioria: I'm hoping if we put in the install disc, it will at least repair the partitions and fix GRUB... does that even sound doable on a ubuntu/win7 box?19:37
k1lkrismatrix: no19:38
ioriamarianne in any case if he erased grub, boot in recovery with net support and try boot-repair19:38
spenmennkrismatrix, no, that is for debian19:38
k1lkrismatrix: you already have that setup on a standard ubuntu19:38
krismatrixso you are saying i have the correct and sage setup?19:38
krismatrixsage = safe19:39
krismatrixok. that helps19:39
k1lkrismatrix: that is the standard ubuntu setup. so if you didnt change that its ok.19:39
excelsioraso I set up shim and don't worry about grub?19:39
marianneioria: that's the plan... i haven't done much with duel boots and was wondering if i was on the right track19:39
krismatrixA friend suggest that I was using ubuntu in an unsafe method...so I was asking.19:39
ioriamarianne i hope it  is19:40
k1lkrismatrix: the problem that some ubuntu users have is that they start to run everything with sudo. which spoils that safe setup then.19:40
spenmennkrismatrix, if you really want a root eviroment all the time, you should keep a virtual machine with a root account19:40
krismatrixI don't think I need a root environment all the time. I am trying to keep my system secure in a smart way. I do run all installs using sudo...other wise I see no reason to do sudo19:41
spenmennstay safe19:42
k1lkrismatrix: that is fine. you need sudo to install stuff since that is a system-wide task19:42
MonkeyDustkrismatrix  tip: use vagrant/vbox if you need a safe environment, apart from your own working machine http://www.vagrantbox.es/ and http://docs.vagrantup.com/v2/getting-started/index.html19:47
excelsioraok, that's what we did, I said to trust the shim, and we restarted and ubuntu came up!19:48
krismatrixi have a different question19:48
krismatrixi have a tor browser...but what i want to do is use thunderbird in such a way that my mail goes through tor19:48
krismatrixis that possible?19:48
ubottuTor is a program to route connections through several servers for anonymity. It is in Ubuntu's repositories, but the Tor Project recommends using their Tor packages due to past issues with Ubuntu's. For setup info, see option (2) of https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en | To use Tor on freenode, see !tor-sasl19:49
=== x1_ is now known as Jakey3
krismatrixwhat does it mean by installing tor on ubuntu19:50
krismatrixnever mind...i'll look into it19:52
stacks88kris wants to log into his mail using tor lol19:52
comodo_dragonbad idea19:52
DarkAceZmy xsession_errors file is +200GB19:54
DarkAceZwhat should I do? I kind of need that space, especially on my SSD19:54
bekksDarkAceZ: You can truncate that file.19:54
DarkAceZI could just delete it right away, but I'm also curious as to what has filled it up19:54
DarkAceZit was apparently happened at a very fast ratge19:54
bekksDarkAceZ: You could also delete it, and restart X.19:55
ioriai heard about that19:55
DarkAceZbut there's really no easy way to read some of its last lines without waiting 10 hours?19:56
excelsioraok, trying to add to the collective knowledge here: his acer was brand-new, he needed to create a password for the bios to enable selecting a bootable .efi file, and he needed to select the shim one.19:57
=== JenS_ is now known as Jen_S
neldogzSo gnome disks crashes if i try to format my external USB hard drive using Ext4. I noticed that If remove all partitioning from the USB drive (no msdos or GPT) I can format the USB drive no issues. Are there any downsides to not having a partition on the external HD? Is this common behavior?20:04
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
karenHi, how do I get skype?20:12
=== karen is now known as Guest58471
stacks88my guess www.skype.com click downloads20:12
stacks88and download linux version20:13
DoverMo58471, enable canonical partners repo20:13
Guest58471ok  I'll give it a try. thanks20:13
DoverMothen apt-get install skype20:13
=== tabris|a1ay is now known as tabris|away
=== Misha is now known as Guest93714
Fjorgynnis there anyone familiar with cryptsetup?20:16
Guest93714hello, can I ask questions(I've broken my ubuntu while doing assignment) here?20:16
Guest93714I've following f_up happening: (how it came to be) I was writing a shell simulator for my uni project, which on one certain point should kill the forked processes20:18
terraformerHi everyone, can someone help with an issue I'm having with canberra-gtk-play command for the startup sound...20:18
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:18
Guest93714eventually my code did not check correctly for parent PID and killed everything20:19
Guest93714Everything closed, and graphic glitchess ensued20:19
terraformercanberra-gtk-play returns failed to play sound: system error20:19
Guest93714After a restart I am stuck in login_screen20:19
Guest93714also login screen has lower resolution20:19
terraformerit only plays sound with sudo ahead20:20
parhi everyone. I am stuck a bit, hopefully you can shed some light on it. It's ubuntu 14.04 - I am trying to make it shutdown on closed lid. I have etc/systemd/logind.conf as follows: HandleLidSwitch=poweroff LidSwitchIgnoreInhibited=yes; Doesn't help though20:20
=== amir_ is now known as Guest71290
Guest93714so I guess I've somehow broken graphics drivers20:20
Guest93714I am currently in a i3 session, so i can use terminal20:21
=== dustin is now known as Dusti[n]
kostkonGuest93714, first of all, check your logs in /var/log   also .xsessionerrors that's in your home folder20:24
martynacan you see me now?20:25
MonkeyDustdid anyone see martyna lately?20:26
martynasome bastard was doing ddos on my IP20:27
martynaI didn't have internet for a while20:27
Ben64martyna: thats not really relevant here, if you have an ubuntu support question, just ask it20:27
Guest93714my .xsession-errors: is containing this:Script for ibus started at run_im. Unable to create /home/0xAF/.dbus/session-bus Script for ibus started at run_im. i3status: trying to auto-detect output_format setting i3status: auto-detection: parent process is "sh", looking at its parent i3status: auto-detected "i3bar"  (gnome-terminal:2634): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_settings_get: the format$20:28
kostkonGuest93714, nothing really unusual. What about your other logs20:29
Guest93714var_log has different files, i'll try to l ook at the recent onces20:30
kostkonGuest93714, yes, your Xorg.0.log, kern.log, dmesg, messages, etc20:30
jhutchinsGuest93714: That sounds like what happens when you run GUI programs as root; folders in your $HOME get bad ownership/permission.20:32
jhutchinsGuest93714: One thing to try is add a new user and see if the problem happens for them.20:32
brainwashterraformer: do you have to use the canberra-gtk-play command? tried any alternative command/player?20:36
Guest93714ill try creating a new user, currently my kern.log  has so many entries I am not sure if i can find the relevant info20:37
dinethmm. how do I get a regular user on my system to be able to play sound?20:42
MonkeyDustdinet  what do you mean by a regular user?20:45
dinetMonkeyDust: that is not in sudo or anything20:47
=== Dio is now known as Guest87110
dinetMonkeyDust: I created a user to be used with kodi and on that user I have no sound but on the user created at install I have sound20:47
k1ldinet: is the user in group "audio"?20:48
Guest93714what would be the ati alternative to "apt-get purge nvidia*/bublebee*"?20:48
dinetk1l: yes. added it and the rebooted20:49
k1ldinet: that group should be deprecated anyway. but better to try20:49
dinetk1l: no luck anyway20:50
Jakey3is there a way to ls in a different folder to the one one you want to ls in20:55
MonkeyDustJakey3  ls /folder/you/want20:55
Jakey3MonkeyDust, thanks20:56
=== ricardo is now known as Guest24306
dinetno idea on how to get sound aviliable to all userns on a system?21:04
MonkeyDustdinet if it's not available to everyone, there's something wrong21:05
k1ldinet: i didnt think that was an issue on a regular install nowadays21:05
ezioi've setup dhcpd.  here's my subnet declaration and the error i'm getting is right underneath. https://gist.github.com/anonymous/24eb3496feb24a0f65a321:06
dinetMonkeyDust: that I know. the problem is I have no idea on how to fix it21:07
Basketballcan i save my current set up so that i can install it on other pcs21:10
k1ldinet: what install/setup is that?21:10
ricksebakBasketball: clonezilla would let you clone a hard drive to another hard drive, if that's what you are looking for.21:11
dinetk1l: I did a -server21:11
Basketballricksebak, i just want to make a live ubuntu cd that makes the setup exactluy how i have it now21:11
k1ldinet: and then?21:11
k1ldinet: is pulseaudio installed? what desktop?21:12
dinetk1l: I have sound on the user added in the install so sound works21:12
dinetk1l: I use gnome21:12
ricksebakBasketball: oh okay, i misunderstood your request. My suggestion isn't helpful for that. Maybe someone else knows.21:12
k1ldinet: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure21:13
dinetk1l: google found me this page.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting#Sound_Output_Troubleshooting21:13
ricksebakQuestion: I want to install the OS on an SSD and install /home on a second drive. like this: http://imgur.com/djSamsM but I want all the drives to be encrypted. How do I do that?21:13
k1ldinet: see if "rm - rf .config/pulse; pulseaudio -k" helps for the user21:14
dinetk1l: seems like that user can't do anything with pulseaudio21:16
DemonFruitSalut à tous !21:22
IronicBadgeri followed the steps on this website to get AUFS compiled in a certain way to use as my drive pooling solution but now docker service won't start on ubuntu. anyone got any ideas please? http://zackreed.me/articles/89-compile-aufs-with-3-18-6-kernel-hnotify-and-nfs-exportability21:26
Parabolaif i install the mate-desktop on my install (which has unity) will i be provided some mechanism to pick my DE at login time?21:26
tanstaafl74parabola: yes.21:27
IronicBadgerdpkg --reconfigure lightdm21:27
IronicBadgerif you choose to replace your dm that is...21:27
Parabolai'm not a fan at all of unity, it brings out my inner neckbeard21:28
Parabolatanstaafl74: awesome thanks21:28
tanstaafl74meh, sorry, wrong window21:32
joshh20For some reason all of the screen sessions on my server have been stopping for no apparent reason on Ubuntu 15.0421:34
[n0mad]does anyone else's sidebar in nautilus have some weird overlap thing going on where the different drives seem to overlap each other. happens in the drives and network sections?21:34
netlarIs there going to be a contacts app in Unity 8?21:51
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
k1lnetlar: most probably :)21:52
netlarThat would be awsome, hope it ties into google21:53
brainwashnetlar: you can test unity 8 and provide feedback21:54
netlarbrainwash: I am on 14.0421:54
kostkonnetlar, probably there is already one (on the ubuntu phone)21:55
netlarI am so looking forward to 16.04, it is going to be a killer21:56
kostkonnetlar, there's the ubuntu next iso if you want to get your feet wet21:58
octoprissyHi, I am trying to run OpenGL over SSH but I am getting a long list of annoying errors. What can I do?21:58
netlarkostkon: you mean test drive?21:58
kostkonnetlar, well get a taste of the unity8 desktop21:59
=== rob is now known as Guest7138
kostkonnetlar, or unity8 on the desktop more like21:59
joshh20Yea dont switch to 15.04 yet, buggiest release I've seen in a while22:00
Blue1octoprissy: this might work:  http://pkill-9.com/getting-x-windows-to-work-over-an-ssh-connection/22:00
k1ljoshh20: cant confirm22:00
octoprissyBlue1: this doesn't look like it will work.22:01
brainwashoctoprissy: you could actually pastebin some of these errors, otherwise we have to guess why it's not working22:01
joshh20k1l screen sessions just randomly close for some reason and another guy had his whole system shut off22:01
octoprissyOpenGL works on both client and host. I can use Xforwarding, just not anything that uses 3D rendering.22:01
Blue1octoprissy: works for me -- I am able to run another programme like firefox in the terminal window and have it appear on the remote desktop22:01
k1ljoshh20: see logs what the cause is.22:02
Blue1octoprissy: 3d over an ssh connection -- I guess the question is why would you need that?  that is beyond my knowledge level22:02
joshh20k1l There is no log of it22:02
geriunbuntu pste22:02
k1l!paste | geri22:03
Blue1!paste | geri22:03
ubottugeri: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:03
octoprissyBlue1: the answer to a problem is never "why would you want that."22:03
octoprissybrainwash: http://pastebin.com/rgPSpp0c22:03
nroetertJust installed OpenStack on 14.04 and ran openstack-install successfully, now it says my username is ubuntu for the OpenStack dashboard. Can't login though and saw a YouTube video where somebody logged in as admin. Is admin the right user, or should it be my own username?22:03
octoprissybrainwash: those are examples. I get a long list of these.22:04
Blue1octoprissy: but it begs an answer22:04
k1ljoshh20: i doubt there is no hint in the logs22:04
octoprissyBlue1: no, it doesn't.22:04
Blue1octoprissy: well good luck finding help -- Sorry I couldn't assist22:04
octoprissyBlue1: thanks.22:05
chrisss123456hey guys, i have a MIDI controller question: i'm trying to use a MIDI keyboard through a program that I'm running with virtualbox, but virtualbox doesn't think any USB device is connected. anyone have any advice?22:06
burhanhi everybody22:06
burhanı have a plan22:06
brainwashoctoprissy: mmh, "libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast" looks like it tries to switch to software rendering, but fails. sadly, not idea what's wrong here22:06
octoprissybrainwash: http://pastebin.com/hNfFpZup22:06
burhanwho one wanna talk wirh me about my idea22:06
petrvsburhan: #ideas22:07
octoprissybrainwash: I think I had that error when it worked. It did work before I upgraded to 15.04 (from 14.04).22:07
k1lburhan: ask in here if its ubuntu support related. #ubuntu-offtopic or ##chat if its not22:07
sunstartheres also ##ventures22:09
chrisss123456no one know about running MIDI through virtualbox?22:10
kantlivelongis there any way to see the status of a backgrounded pvmove process?22:12
kostkonchrisss123456, http://askubuntu.com/a/25600/165122:14
Finetundrahey guys, I'm curious to know if "update-alternatives --config x-session-manager" works in ubuntu.22:15
chrisss123456kostkon: it seems i need the vm extension pack, which isnt available for 4.3.18. ill try and update to .26. thanks for the help!22:18
WovenMaggieHello I have an old pc like celeron 2400 1 gb ddr ram... crap video card...what is the best distro to run on it, im just going to use it for irc etc22:18
kostkonchrisss123456, and don;t forget to add yourself to the vboxusers group22:19
hikenboothi. I know there is a pvmove which copys then moves the pointers from one volume  to another. is there anything like a pvcopy or pvduplicate function?22:19
chrisss123456kostkon: yea will do that too. is there a way to do that from the systems' user settings on 14.10? i cant seem to find it...22:20
kostkon!lubuntu | WovenMaggie22:20
ubottuWovenMaggie: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.22:20
kostkonchrisss123456, hmm no idea, sorry.22:22
chrisss123456kostkon: no worries :) also, final silly question: i dont seem to be able to upgrade virtualbox from the app. if i install the new version, will it screw with my VM machine?22:22
kostkonchrisss123456, you need to add the virtualbox repo. Instructions are on the download page for linux on virtualbox.org22:23
chrisss123456kostkon: awesome! thanks a lot!22:23
kostkonchrisss123456, np22:23
chrisss123456kostkon: hold on... i can't seem to find an ubuntu 14.04 repo...22:27
chrisss123456got it, i think22:29
kostkonchrisss123456, just run the command given here and it should work fine https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox/Installation22:30
Free99anyone know of a ppa with gstreamer 1.4.5?22:30
chrisss123456kostkon: cool. thanks!22:31
=== giuseppe_ is now known as Guest41110
brainwashFree99: I couldn't find any. Debian has version 1.5.0 in experimental https://packages.debian.org/source/experimental/gstreamer1.022:36
Free99brainwash, thanks for trying, I was afraid someone was going to lmgtfy even though I tried that already haha22:37
Free99I did an "uninstalled" variant, but I'd like to actually replace the system version with the new ones now that I've completed testing22:38
kostkonFree99, we don't lmgtfy here ;)22:38
Free99checkinstall isn't the right way to do it, I'm sure and I don't know how else to do it22:38
ubottuWhile Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.22:38
=== ochorocho1 is now known as ochorocho
hikenbootif i use the lvcreate with the -m option it creates a mirror of a logical volume, what about in the case where an original with data exists, how do you specify which is the source disk of the mirror and which is the destination of the mirror and would it be bootable once put in another system?22:43
hikenbootthat is...would the mirror be bootable when put into an identical system?22:44
hikenbooti can do an lvconvert --splitmirrors 2 --name copy vg/lv or something similar to split but I am trying to insure the original is not touched22:45
=== swordsmanz is now known as buttingworth
dr-durubwhy we can't fix on contrast ubuntu22:57
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)22:57
dr-durubbrighness is not regulated ubuntu os for years now why ?22:59
k1ldr-durub: what do you mean? do the brightness keys not work on your laptop?22:59
dr-durubit works but after i shut down still full brightness23:00
jlimHey guys23:00
k1ldr-durub: if yes: see what exact laptop/system you got and if there is a known solution. because that is different for every hardware23:00
k1ldr-durub: what gives you "ls /sys/class/backlight/" ?23:02
dr-durubmy laptop is asus i3 x8623:02
Bashing-omjlim: Hello, A support request ?23:02
dr-durubi tried  backlight23:03
k1l<k1l> dr-durub: what gives you "ls /sys/class/backlight/" ?23:03
dr-durubbut when i install kubuntu every thing is ok23:04
dr-durubbut i love ubuntu23:04
jlimWhat's up with vbox not working in 14.0423:05
k1ldr-durub: ok, if you are not interessted to work on a solution please start a blog and keep ranting there. this channel is for support only23:05
k1ljlim: "it works". so what is your issue or errormessages?23:05
k1ljlim: make sure you got the proper kernel headers installed23:05
dr-durubthnks kil i will try my best23:05
jlimIt boots my machine and immediately shuts down23:06
k1ljlim: so vbox works. its just an issue with the guest-box?23:07
bekksjlim: "shuts down"? What exactly happens?23:07
k1ljlim: then make sure you have something to boot (like a iso or a disk) on that guest23:08
sunstari want to make a bootable recovery partition on the hard drive.  I have a windows 7 retail DVD.  could i just use dd?23:17
sunstaragain wrong room  >_<23:18
=== zz_Thelks is now known as Thelks
petrvssunstar: you can boot from a dvd image via grub, fyi23:18
Free99trying to do X11 forwarding on my 14.04 system as root, did ssh -X, ran "echo $DISPLAY" then "xhost +" and sudo -i to become root23:22
Free99export DISPLAY=:1.0 then xeyes, no dice23:23
bekksFree99: sudo does not cover graphical applications.23:23
Free99what am I doing wrong?23:23
Free99ah crap23:23
petrvswhy as root23:24
=== norm is now known as Guest71386
Free99petrvs, built gstreamer in root home, just don't want to deal with permissions on video HW for right now23:26
Free99bekks, ran su - after enabling root, still not working...23:29
bekkssu - will not help you at all.23:29
bekksUse gksudo23:29
Free99why gksudo?23:29
bekksBecause neither su nor sudo cover graphical applications.23:30
Free99bekks, any lxde compatible things like gksu?23:30
bekksFree99: gksudo is lxde compatible.23:31
FreezingColdhuh, why can't my user login via ssh? =\23:33
daftykinswhat happens23:33
FreezingColddaftykins: The user is just blocked. It's a VPS, root login by default23:35
FreezingColdobviously I'm turning that off.23:35
daftykinsdigitalocean huh?23:35
daftykinsso you created a user... then tried to SSH in as that user - and no go?23:35
daftykinsgive us some details... help me, to help you...23:35
FreezingColdOh. Oops.23:35
daftykinswhat specifically happens?23:36
FreezingColdlol, I put the key in root's account and not mine by mistake23:36
FreezingColdwell crap23:36
FreezingColdI locked myself out.23:36
daftykinsah well, seconds to nuke it and spin up a new one23:37
FreezingColddaftykins: I just attached the serial console23:38
daftykinsah right23:38
FreezingColdgod, I'm failing a lot.23:40
FreezingColdI deleted my only ssh key.23:41
daftykinsSaturday nights = not tech setup nights23:41
FreezingColdthere we go23:42
FreezingColddaftykins: yeah, didn't sleep well last night either.23:42
FreezingColdWoke up at 4am.23:42
daftykinson a Saturday :S23:43
Free99Need something to listen to? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIUD1FZBvbA23:43
FreezingColdGot a killer headache.23:43
daftykinsFree99: no links here thanks23:43
Free99daftykins, k23:44
FreezingColdany ksplice users here btw?>23:44
tzanolohello. my ubuntu cannot access anymore a microsoft remote desktop.23:44
daftykinsi didn't think that was an Ubuntu thing23:44
daftykinstzanolo: using Remmina?23:45
Free99xfreerdp or remmina can do it23:45
FreezingColddaftykins: actually, it's one of the only systems that ksplice is offered for free.23:45
tzanolofrom others computers I can access, from my ubuntu simply does not work..23:45
daftykinso rly23:45
tzanoloremmina and the build in remote desktopo23:45
daftykinstzanolo: using what client?23:45
tzanoloremmina is the client23:45
daftykinsso what happens23:45
tzanoloi sudo remove remmina, and reinstall, and nothing happens23:45
FreezingColddaftykins: yeah, it looks sick.23:46
tzanoloi run in terminal, remina &23:46
daftykinstzanolo: that is not an issue connecting to an RDP host, that's a package management query...23:46
daftykinsyour explanation left a LOT to be desired.23:46
FreezingColdI wanted to install it, then I remembered I just bought a OpenVZ instance :p23:46
tzanoloI dont understand23:47
daftykinscarry on, what happens when you run it that way? (also what's wrong with the normal way)23:47
tzanoloi will try at terminal, remmina & and paste here the error23:48
daftykinsno don't paste here, use http://paste.ubuntu.com23:48
Free99tzanolo, try "apt-get install xfreerdp -y" then "xfreerdp -u <remote username> <remote server IP/DNS name>"23:49
Free99xfreerdp is the backend for remmina connecting to windows remote desktop, any error message you see there in terminal will tell you much more23:49
Free99unless, as daftykins suspects, you're having package manager problems23:50
tzanoloxffreerdpl cannot find package23:50
daftykinswell i more threw a dispute at being told step #1 was reinstalling remmina23:50
tzanoloi have reinstalled remmina and still doesnt works23:50
daftykins!info xfreerdp trusty23:51
ubottuPackage xfreerdp does not exist in trusty23:51
daftykinsi don't know what ubuntu version you're on mind you23:51
FreezingColddaftykins: why doesn't this work? curl --data 'poster=user1&syntax=text&content=test2' http://paste.ubuntu.com/23:51
daftykinssorry no idea.23:52
Bray90820 How would I add a script to my path23:52
Free99ubottu, what? I'm on trusty with it23:52
ubottuFree99: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:52
daftykinsFree99: then the package you have must come from a PPA23:53
daftykinseither that or the name is different23:53
Free99ah you're right daftykins, it "freerdp-x11"23:54
Free99but the command to run once installed is xfreerdp23:54
FreezingColdubottu: I think you're smart :)23:54
ubottuFreezingCold: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:54
FreezingColdaww, don't be so hard on yourself23:54
daftykinsshe's a modest bot23:54
FreezingColdyou're perfect just the way you are.23:54
tzanolofree rdp I already have the newest version23:54
FreezingColdevery edge case is what makes you, you.23:54
tzanolofree rdp says something about `man in the middle attacl~23:56
tzanoloautentication error, check credencials23:56
tzanolobut credencials are allright. they work at other machine23:56
antivirtelhello! I'm running a 14.04 LTS, and I want to create an USB boot disk from 15.04... but the startup disk creator fails to create the bootloader, it just writes, that "Failed to install the bootloader." and I can just quit... what can I do now? it didn't boot, I've checked, and the MD5 is OK...23:57
Free99tzanolo, aha! There's your problem. I have this issue occascionally myself23:57
daftykinsantivirtel: open a terminal, plug the flash drive in, use "sudo dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=2M" where sdX = your flash drive23:57
Free99you need to go into ~/.freerdp/hosts or something like that and get rid of the old key for your machine23:57
tzanoloill try it now23:58

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