zequenceDalekSec: Interesting thread07:45
DalekSecThought you'd read it..07:45
zequenceI didn't know about ardour changing their development method as far as branches go07:46
zequenceAlso, Adrian is pointing out the problem with how the development model of ardour doesn't work with how debian does packaging07:46
zequenceJessie just came out, with ardour3, when ardour3 is already EOL07:47
zequenceThe answer could be backporting though07:47
zequence..all though I'm sure las and other would prefer people used their builds07:47
zequenceOr even doing SRU, since ardour3 is not supported at all anymore07:48
zequenceBut you can't SRU ardour3 with ardour4. That becomes weird07:48
DalekSecWell, it makes sense to not include the major version number in the package name, IMO.07:52
DalekSecJust like any other software.07:53
DalekSecAh, in the past they had issues with backwards compatibility... I see.07:53
zequenceDoesn't seem like anyone has reported a bug on the potential file loss caused by the trusty ardour3 version07:58
zequenceI'm filing one, all though there doesn't seem to be any hard proof of a fix - the ardour people are saying they never found out how it happened, but found some stuff in the code that could potentially cause file loss07:59
zequenceI'm going to file a bug and start a SRU process for ardour308:00
DalekSecNiiiiiice.  Good luck.08:00
zequenceDoes anyone know how to make a bug only point to certain releases?08:06
DalekSecSome people can nominate it.08:11
zequenceIf someone wants to confirm. bug 145099208:40
ubottubug 1450992 in ardour3 (Ubuntu) "audio and MIDI files irreversibly deleted from disk" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145099208:40
zequencePackages built for testing. Should not be very different from the original https://launchpad.net/~zequence/+archive/ubuntu/sru-testing10:49
OvenWerkszequence: the ardour3 in 15.04 is the right one (well, latest one)13:11
zequenceOvenWerks: Yep. I'm going to request it to be synced to Trusty and Utopic13:13
zequenceJust need to try a build to make sure it works, but should be fine13:13
OvenWerksI will go confirm the bug.13:14
OvenWerksThis is a problem with the LTS model in audio. Two years is a long time and the audio SW changes a lot in that time (well some of it)13:16
zequenceDepens on how you see it13:17
zequenceFirefox is updated continuously13:17
zequenceWe could set up a similar thing for ardour13:17
OvenWerksThen it would have to be just ardour, not *3 *4 or whatever13:18
zequenceI've had problems when using updated version of plugins for an ardour project13:18
zequenceOvenWerks: It will be, from now on13:18
zequenceardour3 will be removed, as will ardour2 and ardour4 will become ardour13:18
OvenWerksthe calf plugins have problems.13:19
zequenceSo, I wouldn't want to update anything in the middle of a project anyway13:19
OvenWerksThey look good in their own GUI, but can not be automated properly13:19
OvenWerksI have tried both ours and DL the latest and built. 13:20
OvenWerksqmidiroute has a bug too, but it needs to be fixed at the dev level :) One of the config values does not reload properly.13:27
OvenWerks I have sent email but not received a response13:27
zequenceTried the latest ardour3 on trusty, and it seems to work fine. Will setup bzr branches for utopic and trusty and request merges13:30
zequenceOvenWerks: Would you be able to spot the bug in the code?13:31
zequenceDoesn't sound too hard to debug13:31
zequenceWe could do a patch, and then send it upstream13:32
OvenWerksI will look... c++ is not one of my strengths :)13:32
OvenWerksIt was last updated in 2009, which should tell you how often the parameter I tried to use gets used by others...13:35
OvenWerksJust going through the change log and it looks like a complete rewrite in 2009.13:42
zequenceI've made merge requests, but the trusty branch has some merge conflicts14:28
zequenceI'll see what the response is before I do anything else14:29

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