xubuntu16wi need some help with reloading my network stack programs. i removed a few of them. namely due to the 14.04 bug for nm-applet not showing up after install. im pretty good and will follow along rather quickly, but im not able to reserrect it myself...03:08
xubuntu16wthis is for my 2nd laptop03:08
xubuntu16wthansk for your help03:08
xubuntu16wversion - 14.04 LTS - amd64 - xfce4 desktop, some gnome is running at login03:09
xubuntu16wnot unity03:09
xubuntu16wdriver = iwlwifi, state: unmanaged, default = no,03:13
xubuntu16wwhere can i download network-config03:16
xubuntu16wi most likley will have to install it with dpkg03:16
xubuntu315IRC online!04:48
xubuntu315IRC  on Web!04:48
xubuntu315IRC on Browser!04:48
xubuntu32wgetting like only a screen after i type startx08:14
brainwashxubuntu32w: use startxfce4 instead08:18
Alina-malinahey guys i am upset, in install the xubuntu on my machine, and it is lagging, even browser with youtube laggs as hell, could not even watch a 10 minute trailer :-/ i have an asus delux p4p800 with single core 2 atom processor 2.4 mhz each, and 2 GB RAM, is this machine too old for wonderful xubuntu to run?09:23
Alina-malinaso i need some help, i did a dual boot winxp and xubuntu, i i have ext3 partition with 50 GB space dedicated for xubuntu, so right now i am on winxp, any ideas how i can speedup xubuntu for this machine?09:29
hookhi! as of today, I can't open files from any network drive (smb/ssh/...) from thunar any more. I also checked the .gvfs directory and made it globally writeable, but it's still not working. gvfs seems to be working, at least its mounted: gvfsd-fuse on /run/user/1000/gvfs type fuse.gvfsd-fuse (rw,nosuid,nodev,user=hook). Is there anything else I could try? Updates are all installed for xubuntu 14.0410:20
brainwash_Alina-malina: maybe your system is too old/weak to play youtube videos10:20
brainwash_this is usually a CPU heavy task10:21
Alina-malinawell, on windows xo it works perfect10:22
Alina-malinai can do multiple stuff etc10:22
brainwash_test with chrome/ium10:23
Alina-malinawell, it is not only youtube, video files when i play they also lag10:23
brainwash_disable compositing via settings manager > window manager tweaks > last tab10:24
Alina-malinahmmm ok let me try this10:24
Alina-malinait is in xubuntu settings right?10:25
Alina-malinaand not in firefox settings?10:25
Alina-malinaok brb10:27
hookdoes anyone has any ideas for my problem with opening files from network drives?10:30
brainwash_hook: which error message do you get?10:32
brainwash_and did you check if any packages related to gvfs were updated recently?10:33
hookI can't find any error message. it displays all the contents of the share, either it's ssh or smb, but I can't open or copy any file from there. also gvfs-mount smb://nas/downloads gives no error10:34
Alina-Xubuntuok back10:34
Alina-Xubuntuwell, i feel a little difference, but still there is some lag10:34
Alina-Xubuntubut that definitely changed something10:35
Alina-Xubuntubrainwash_, any other tips?10:37
hookbrainwash_: according to /var/log/dpkg.log and /var/log/dpkg.log.1 the last updates for anything gvfs related were on 2014-04-02 (a month ago). I have restarted my laptop multiple times since then10:38
brainwash_Alina-Xubuntu: maybe you can install a different driver for your graphics card, or apply some driver tweaks10:38
Alina-Xubuntui did not install any graphic drivers? how to find out what i need?10:38
brainwash_try a different media player / browser10:38
brainwash_Alina-Xubuntu: lspci -v10:39
hookbrainwash_: I can't tell since which update it's broken, because I only put my laptop to standby during the night, so it has not been restarted for about two weeks or so, and during this time, I could open files every day.10:39
Alina-Xubuntuok it gives me bunch of output :-/10:40
brainwash_hook: take a look at the session log file ~/.cache/upstart/startxfce4.log10:40
brainwash_Alina-Xubuntu: upload it10:40
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:40
Alina-Xubuntubrianwash http://paste.ubuntu.com/10969281/10:41
brainwash_hook: other than that, try to reproduce the issue with a different user account and/or different file manager10:42
brainwash_Alina-Xubuntu: it's a Nvidia GeForce4 Ti 420010:43
Alina-Xubuntuwhati have to do?10:43
hookbrainwash_: I can find some errors regarding gvfs: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10969288/10:43
brainwash_Alina-Xubuntu: the open source driver is already being used. I don't think that you have any other option10:43
brainwash_Alina-Xubuntu: it's really an ancient graphics card10:44
hookI'm gonna switch to another user account. brb10:44
brainwash_Alina-Xubuntu: don't expect any miracles :/10:44
Alina-Xubuntuyes i know :-/ thats all i got, but winxp works with it very fast :-/ eh i like this xubuntu so much i want to use it10:44
brainwash_sadly, I don't have any other ideas. you can go ahead and search the internet for optimization tips10:46
Alina-Xubuntualright, i will try, though have no idea what to search form but anyways thanks for tweak, i feel its working a little faster then it used to be before10:47
brainwash_try something like "GeForce4 Ti 4200 ubuntu performance"10:48
brainwash_good luck :)10:48
Alina-Xubuntualright thanks:)10:48
hookbrainwash_: it's not working with a freshly created user account either10:54
brainwash_hook: check ~/.cache/upstart/dbus.log also10:59
hookbrainwash_: all gvfs related from dbus.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/10969384/11:03
hookalso, the folders /run/user/1000/gvfs and ~/.gvfs are all empty11:04
brainwash_hook: no idea. these error messages should help you at least when searching the web11:16
hookbrainwash_: thanks so far for your help. I'll see what I can find. Have a nice day!11:22
ftvHi. I'm having some trouble with suspend with a new install of Xubuntu 15.04 on a Thinkpad T450s. The laptop wakes up but the desktop is unresponsive. I can move the cursor but not much else happens. For instance, I can click on the start menu button at the top left and only a grey box appears. Some of the icons appear when I hover over them. I can switch to TTY and everything works there. Restarting lightdm does not fix the issue.16:45
ftvAny suggestions for what could be causing this problem?16:45
holsteinftv: you may be able to check some logs from tty, since, you have access to that.. what GPU driver are you using? i find that can relate to a lot of issues17:26
TravelerWho uses xubuntu?17:36
holsteinmost in this channel.. this is the #xubuntu official support channel, Traveler .. welcome17:36
ftvholstein: gpu is Intel integrated graphics with i915 driver17:37
holsteinftv: are you simply up to date with all upgrades? are you booted into the latest available kernel? have you tried with another kernel, such as, from the 14.04 lts version? do you have any ppa's added?17:37
TravelerI have some problems with nvidia driver. My screen glitches while scrolling.17:38
holsteinTraveler: i implement "smooth scrolling" and i also try with compositing and without compositing, to see if anything addresses the "glitching".. you also tried the open driver? i find sometimes, its less glitchy, though, arguably less performant..17:39
ftveverything up to date. no ppa's. running 3.19.0-1517:40
ftvlet me try a different kernel in that case.17:40
Travelerholstein: It happens when I use every nvidia driver, regardless of the version.17:42
holsteinTraveler: how about the open driver? have you tried it? just the one in the kernel?17:42
TravelerYes, I tried17:42
holsteinTraveler: have you implemented "smooth scrolling"? that really took care of my personal issues with it.. please try implementing that in the browser you are using17:43
TravelerI'll try it17:44
ftvholstein: sorry for the stupid question. what's the quickest way to downgrade the kernel? i can't see any older kernels in the repo.17:45
holsteinftv: i dont.. i'll simply load up a live iso, where, i can see if its even addressing my issue or not, without effecting my install17:46
holsteinftv: there are mainline kernel .deb's one can easily use.. but, this is not a "Fix".. its just one of many things i would be looking at, if i wanted to try and address the issue17:46
ftvholstein: what logs should I be looking at?17:50
ftvholstein: and what services could i try restarting? currently my only way to get everything back is to reboot.17:51
holsteinftv: anything relating to what is problematic.. x logs, gui.. whatever seems to be hung-up..17:51
holsteini would also just search "model # ubuntu" and see if i found anything relevant.. usually others have the same issues.. and anything relating to main ubuntu should be the same for xubuntu, since xubuntu is ubuntu17:52
holsteini would be happy to help search forums, etc, if you want to share more information on what hardware you have17:52
ftvholstein: thank you for your help. i've had a look around already without much success, probably because it's a relatively new model. it's a thinkpad t450s with Intel i7-5600U, integrated graphics, full hd panel. any other specs that might be relevant?17:55
holsteinif its "new", i might look into the most recent kernels possible.. see if a deb for a mainline kernel addresses anything17:56
holsteinftv: i would look for, and create a bug, if there is none, and just try and get active.. if you have new hardware, you could literally be the only person using that hardware in xubuntu..17:56
holsteinfor me, i may go to one of the larger communities.. such as, loading a live iso for the main ubuntu distro, and check there.. try and find *anyone* to confirm the issue..17:57
holsteinalso look for bios updates that may or may not address the issue, or make it better or worse17:57
ftvholstein: i found this bug that looks similar: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/144733117:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1447331 in linux (Ubuntu) "will not resume from suspend " [Medium,Incomplete]17:58
ftvbut it's pretty useless17:58
holsteinftv: what is useless?18:04
holsteinim not following..18:04
ftvthe bug that i linked to. doesn't contain very much information.18:04
holsteinftv: make your own, then.. or, add whatever information you want to that bug18:05
holsteinftv: the key being, confirming it.. replicate it with different live isos if possible, and get another person with that hardware to replicate it18:06
holsteinif it happens with a live iso, its much easier to test for..18:06
holsteinanyways, it'll be up to you, since, as i said, you *could* very well be literally the only person with that hardware trying to run xubuntu on it.. thats a very realistic possibility18:06
d-rockHi all, just installed Xubuntu 15.04 and tried to install fglrx-updates -- however, after reboot the system freezes on xubuntu splash screen, anyone else experienced the same?18:44
ilhamijust wanted to say that xubuntu is nice.22:32
knomehello, and nice to hear. enjoy!22:33
ilhamione of the more beautiful UIs I have seen in my life. :)22:45
knomethanks for the compliments22:45
ilhamiand lightweight at the same time, right? :P22:45

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