ahoneybunI can do it00:00
ahoneybunUbuntu GNOME has one person00:00
ahoneybunUnifed accounts would be awesome00:00
sitteryou'll want to talk to Riddell about that, he has access everywhere I think00:01
ahoneybunsitter: I think it should have a name like "Kubuntu Promo00:02
ahoneybunsomeone else came up with the name00:02
sitternot sure what you mean. the accounts are called Kubuntu xD00:03
ahoneybunwell seeing as there is a user with the kubuntu name on instagram lol00:05
sittersurely canonical can trademark threaten it away from the user :P00:06
sitteralthough I think in the past we just had to ask nicely00:06
ahoneybunthey still hold the trademark?00:06
* ahoneybun pokes Riddell00:06
ahoneybunI know he will be asleep00:06
sitterbest send a mail00:06
ahoneybunworst part of using Gmail is that it is not on the ML so I can't send to it00:07
sittermany things are wrong about it :P00:09
sitterwhat we need is a discourse setup and stop using mail00:09
ahoneybunits fine00:09
EtriaphI've been evaluating this tool, I think it's actually very well done.00:14
* ahoneybun starts to watch YouTube00:14
ahoneybunit is00:14
EtriaphBeen looking at Blossom too.00:14
Etriaphhttps://www.blossom.co/ if anyone was interested.00:16
EtriaphTrello works too.  I liked that Slack had support for so many other data stores.00:20
sitteryeah, slack seems decent00:21
EtriaphErr.. you won't be able to see that :D00:21
sitterblossom isn't too impressive though00:21
sitterjust fancy graphics00:21
EtriaphOh ya?00:21
sitterwhat it does isn't exactly rocket science now is it ^^00:21
EtriaphNo, it's not, but I can see how someone could have that interface sluggish if they were using it all day.00:22
EtriaphThat gave me a good idea, brb00:23
* sitter only sees konsole all day :/00:23
EtriaphHalf of my life is vi and half of my life is Kate00:37
valoriewe talked about slack at LFNW with the SanFran contingent04:51
valoriethey all said it is great, but unfree so it feels wrong04:52
alvinIs there a reason that pinentry-kwallet (from the kwalletcli package) is not set as a pinentry alternative?05:23
ScottKIt's KDE4 and we're using Plasma 5 might be one reason.05:50
Riddellvalorie: slack?07:31
valoriesort of IM/mail/irc hybrid07:34
valorieprobably not a good description, but I've not used it07:34
valorieTorrie Fischer is using it at Noisebridge and at Ripple Labs I guess07:35
lordievaderGood morning.09:22
BluesKajHowdy all12:59
ovidiu-florinHello world :D:D:D14:00
ovidiu-florinI'm back :D:D14:00
BluesKajovidiu-florin, hey14:01
ScottKvalorie: Looks like it's tied to their servers. Personally, I need less stuff like that rather than more. 14:50
tazzHappy Birthday valorie 15:14
BluesKajwhat's the command to totally delete the xorg.conf file?15:16
BluesKajseems persistent for a user who doesn't need it15:17
ScottKBluesKaj: rather than delete it, I'd move it so if for some reason it's actually needed, it's not gone.  Something like "sudo mv /etc/xorg.conf /etc/notxorg.conf" or whatever the path to the file is, I don't actaully remember.15:25
BluesKajok ScottK, thanks15:26
ahoneybunHappy Birthday valorie15:32
BluesKajdo the backports include plsama 5.3 or is it still beta/ppa ?16:14
BluesKajsoee_, ??16:17
soee_backport has final 5.3.016:18
BluesKajok thanks16:19
=== soee_ is now known as soee
Etriaphvalorie: Gleb contacted me wrt basket port to qt5, glad to have a project in my hands.  Thanks for encouraging me :D18:08
snelesoee: yeah plasma 5 is far from ready. i can live with some bugs/missing feauters, but not having systray icons for dropbox, viber, steam etc... really? and probably they won't work in near feature18:25
mitya57snele: that has nothing to do with plasma 5 readiness18:27
mitya57blame those apps for using ancient toolkits :)18:27
sitterit occurs to me that steam is working just fine http://i.imgur.com/2pLX69T.jpg18:28
soeesteam has systray18:36
snelelet's hope most things will be fixed till next LTS :) 14.04 is rock stable and I updated "kde 5 look" on kdelook.org for anyone who wants new look and old features :)18:37
snelesitter: soee: great to see that :)18:38
sitterhoping usually helps18:38
soeetest, report bugs, test, report bugs18:38
ahoneybunso we need the backports to get Plasma 5.3?20:42
ahoneybunI think plasma-shell just crashed20:44
ahoneybunor just lost my panel for some reason20:44
Riddellahoneybun: yes20:49
ahoneybunthats weird, no?20:49
ahoneybunRiddell: I was talking to sitter yesterday about taking over the social media accounts20:51
ahoneybunthat mockup layout for System Settings is awesome20:57
lordievaderPlasma 5.3 is never going to go to the main repos?21:04
ahoneybunI think it is the freeze21:07
ahoneybunstill not open yet21:07
valoriethank you ahoneybun21:12
ahoneybunof course21:12
valorieScottK: yes, a free alternative would be nice21:12
valorieEtriaph: good news :-)21:13
ahoneybunvalorie: https://community.kde.org/KDE_Visual_Design_Group/System_Settings_Application#Layout_Design21:15
valorieahoneybun: ? That's what we have, is it not?21:16
ahoneybunvalorie: no that is development for 5.421:17
valorieah, ok21:17
valoriemust be some tweaking I don't see21:17
valoriewhich is why I'm not on that team21:17
valorieon the Plasma 5.3 - a release is a release21:17
valorienew stuff goes in the next release21:18
valorie5.2 barely got in as it was21:18
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Etriaphvalorie: Is there any way to determine when a patch made to resolve a bug could trickle down the pike?22:48
sneleno mouse over highlight in libreoffice in 15.0423:42
sneleis that known bug?23:42
snele*no mouse over highlight in menus23:43
EtriaphNo, doesn't work for me either snele23:43
EtriaphNot since Beta 223:43
sneleEtriaph: ok I'll submit a bug report23:46
ahoneybunsnele: give me a link to the report when you are done please23:51
sneleEtriaph: ahoneybun: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/145127623:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1451276 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "No mouse over highlight in libreoffice menus in Kubuntu 15.04" [Undecided,New]23:53
ahoneybunawesome a picture!23:53
sneleahoneybun: check boxes are broken too23:53
ahoneybunis that just for writer or the whole suite?23:54
ahoneybunit does it on my system as well snele23:55
sneleahoneybun: yes whole suite23:56
ahoneybunsnele: please add that to the bug also23:57
sneleahoneybun: libreoffice stands for all suite i think :)23:58
ahoneybunI'm looking though here https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/buglist.cgi?bug_status=UNCONFIRMED&list_id=532364&order=opendate%20DESC%2Cchangeddate%2Cbug_status%2Cpriority%2Cbug_severity&query_format=advanced&resolution=--- snele23:59
ahoneybunto see if there is a bug as well23:59
sneleuh this oxygen font is very hard on my eyes. too thin and bricky...23:59
ahoneybunnot sure if it is upstream or from us23:59

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