Garrick1or can i disable "recent used" in pcfman ?01:46
LinuxGamerHello. Is anyone here? I need help with installing a program.02:34
positionanyone can help me to find and install non-free RS300 ati radeon driver for lubuntu? I need to find the correct deb package17:38
positionit is very rare driver nobody has a solution in forums17:53
ianorlinposition: Amd does not make the non-free driver that works with RS300 anymore since the community doesn't have source code for it the commmunity can't support it either18:06
ianorlinand any older non-free rs300 will not work with recent version of X1118:07
positionbut the driver for windows is working good18:07
positionsomeone cannot make a driver for linux from driver for windows?18:07
ianorlinposition: not from a binary version of the driver from windows18:09
positionthis is bad lack because my laptop was quite good with windows xp and now with linux freezes often and needs reboot18:10
positionand nobody has a solution in forums18:10
ianorlinIf you had the source of the driver for windows with a lot of work you could probably make it with enough skill and lots of time18:11
positionwell how to find the source? I have the .exe file18:12
ianorlinposition: you can't really and non-free stuff doesn't let you18:15
positionwhy the old drivers of card cannot run well in x11? is there a way to run well?18:18
Nairolf21Hi everybody19:07
Nairolf21I have some troubles during the installation step of Lubuntu 15.04 i386 version. I have verified md5sum. I used UnetBootin. And then, with the computer, the first time I succeed to have the installation menu, I check the disk and it said me there are not errors. But, now, I can't boot on my usb key..19:09
Nairolf21During the boot, it says "missing operating system". It's really strange because few minutes before, I could check the integrity of the usb key, and it was correct. Why, now, I can't access to Lubuntu ?19:11
nick__hi  my name is nick  I   upgrade  at  latest  lubuntu  edition and I  found this problem  : When I login  with ethernet my internet  is  very slow20:08
nick__does anyone has any idea20:09
ianorlindid you do a fresh install or an update?20:10
ianorlinalso it would be helpful to know what kind of ehternet it is so I can search for other similar problems that might have a solution20:10
nick__  everytime  that  is asking  me  an update  I am doing  it20:15
nick__ if I remember  correct  I  have  a realteck20:15
nick__ but how I can  see it20:15
nick__ I have try  to  disable   ipv6  as   I search  in  google20:16
nick__ I  went to  network  connections20:17
nick__ edit  the  ethernet connection20:17
nick__ and  in ipv6  I choose  ignore20:17
nick__ but this does not help20:17
ianorlinis this laptop or desktop20:18
nick__ laptop20:18
nick__ Hp compaq CQ6020:18
nick__01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 02) 02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR242x / AR542x Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)20:19
ianorlinhow slow are we talking20:20
ianorlinif it is 100 megs then that is as fast as that ethernet goes20:21
nick__ well   in  my  wifi  I  have   58 ping  and  2 mpbps20:21
nick__ in my  ethernet  I have  80  ping  and  0,54 mbps20:22
nick__sometimes   the speed test  does not open  at all20:22
nick__it take me  3,4 min to open the  google  search20:22
nick__thanks for  your help I need  to log off21:33

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