DF__some one here??01:58
nik90mhall119: It seems that the theme manager doesn't seem to work with Ubuntu.Components 1.2 without restarting the app. Are you seeing this issue on your end?11:28
DF__hi ho12:04
akiva-thinkpadDF__, ho ha12:05
DF__akiva-thinkpad, at least today some one is here12:06
DanChapmannik90: hey o/ have you ever had any luck getting the qml profiler to work when running on device. I've been pulling my hair out over it for a few hours now12:11
DanChapman^^ or anyone else :)12:12
akiva-thinkpadDF__, It is sunday~12:13
ahayzenDanChapman, have you tried disabling the JIT cache by putting this in your /etc/environment and restarting? QV4_NO_JIT_CACHE=112:14
ahayzen(on device that is)12:15
DanChapmanahayzen: I have not tried that! :-) lets see............12:15
nik90DanChapman, ahayzen: Yeah the qml profiler works for me without any additional arguments required12:32
nik90I haven't tried disabling the JIT cache yet12:33
ahayzennik90, yours worked on device straight away?12:34
nik90ahayzen: assuming we both are referring to the qml profiler in qtc, then yes..it works on the device straight away12:34
ahayzennik90, interesting, before when i last tried it you had to disable JIT to get it working, maybe something has changed in vivid12:35
DanChapmanahayzen: \o/ it worked thanks alot. Just out of curiosity is that env change actually documetned anywhere?12:35
nik90ahayzen: could be since I only tried this using the 15.04 chroot on devel-proposed images12:35
ahayzenDanChapman, erm i don't think it was on the web as me and Florian kept forgetting what it was so i eventually wrote it down lol12:36
DanChapmanlol ok then. Best make a note of it myself then :-D12:37
ahayzennik90, you appear to be right with a 1504 chroot and vivid-proposed it appears to work12:38
ahayzenDanChapman, i assume your not on 15.04 then?12:39
nik90ahayzen: may be its the sdk dev elves at work ... (yes bzoltan I know u r reading this ;D )12:40
ahayzennik90, hopefully it just sets it for you when you hit the button now :) (thats what it seems anyway)12:40
DanChapmanahayzen: no rtm r21 trying to get to get some benchmarks from krillin to solve some poor listview performance problems.12:44
ahayzenthat makes sense then :)12:44
* ahayzen is just porting music to the 'new' listitems \o/12:45
nik90ahayzen: so much code removal with the new listitems since all features are provided by the sdk itself..I ported podbird yesterday to the new listitems and is much better as a result in terms of the listview performance12:53
ahayzennik90, yeah its looking pretty good so far...minimal changes lots of code removal :) haven't noticed much performance gain/loss yet but haven't really checked that part totally out12:54
ahayzennik90, for the trailing actions do you get a white background when you drag too far?12:57
ahayzen...and is there any way of changing that colour without putting a big box somewhere lol .. i want it to all be the same colour like the leading actions12:58
nik90ahayzen: yes I notice that..I changed the box color to green or red and still notice the white color when pulling it too much13:00
nik90ahayzen: zsombi would be the best person to ask that ^^13:00
* ahayzen senses a bug report13:01
DF__does some one know how to install org.qtproject.examples.calendar 1.0??13:01
ahayzennik90, i also assume the leading actions would be the same just it happens i want them to be the red they are already set to :)13:01
nik90ahayzen: I think so...I only tested it for the trailing edge13:01
nik90ahayzen: but to be honest, it looks like the default behavior is to show only negative actions on the leading edge13:02
ahayzenyeah but i guess there should be a way of changing that 'background' colour to the overflow of the actions13:02
nik90ahayzen: may be its possible using Ubuntu.Styles for ListItemActions..although there isn't a stable API released for that13:03
ahayzenyeah that'll probably be the answer :)13:04
DF__guys can some one help me ??13:16
DF__i have a problem here, the compiler says that he doesnt recognize page13:17
akiva-thinkpadDF__, hmmmm? Do you have a screenshot?13:23
DF__i can send you the code if you want13:25
akiva-thinkpadDF__, sudo apt-get install shutter13:25
akiva-thinkpadyou can use that program to export screenshots directly to imgur, and it gives you a link that is easy to share13:26
akiva-thinkpaddo you know what a component is?13:31
akiva-thinkpadno pm's please13:32
DF__kind off13:32
akiva-thinkpadokay, here is a component13:32
akiva-thinkpadItem { }13:32
akiva-thinkpadNotice how it is capitalized13:32
DF__yea, i understand that13:32
akiva-thinkpadnow do you know what a property is?13:32
DF__i have that with the page that i'm calling in main13:32
akiva-thinkpadyou have many Components13:33
akiva-thinkpadTab {} is a component13:33
DF__yes i see13:33
akiva-thinkpadso is Page{}, Rectangle{}, etc13:33
akiva-thinkpadnow, do you know what a property is?13:34
DF__the thing is that yesterday befor i made changes to the code it worked well13:34
DF__kind off13:34
akiva-thinkpadDoes Rectangle {} have properties?13:34
DF__yes width13:35
DF__color etc.13:35
akiva-thinkpadDoes it have a property, "model:"?13:35
akiva-thinkpador for that matter, a property, "bacon:"?13:36
akiva-thinkpadHow do you know, or how can you figure out, without using google?13:36
DF__i always use google to find those things13:37
akiva-thinkpadDF__, okay then I'll teach you a trick13:37
akiva-thinkpadcreate a Tab {} componenent, make a new line within that component13:37
akiva-thinkpadthen hold <ctrl> and press <spacebar>13:38
DF__and then13:38
akiva-thinkpadand then a box should appear13:38
DF__i know crtrl and spacebar thats what i use to make code faster13:38
akiva-thinkpada menu with a list of valid properties is displayed13:39
DF__yes i see13:40
akiva-thinkpadDF__, http://i.imgur.com/3Dk0iej.png13:40
akiva-thinkpadI type "pag" for "page:", and nothing showed up13:41
akiva-thinkpadmeaning that "page:" is not a valid property of "Tab {}"13:41
akiva-thinkpadwhich puts this error into context13:42
akiva-thinkpadfile:///home/akiva/Programming/_tmp/QML_App_with_Simple_UI_qmlproject/Main.qml:19 Cannot assign to non-existent property "page"13:42
akiva-thinkpad"Cannot assign to -----Non-existent-property------ "page"13:42
DF__thats strange, i must have done something so that he could not find it13:42
DF__yesterday it workd very well13:43
akiva-thinkpadDF__, are you sure that the Tab {} component has that property?13:43
akiva-thinkpadDF__, mmmm I see...13:44
DF__see http://imgur.com/zuatFsy13:44
DF__that was yesterday13:45
akiva-thinkpadDF__, hmmm you may have found a bug...13:46
DF__i jujst wanted the tabs to work that way and then i had this error13:47
akiva-thinkpadDF__, http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/Ubuntu.Components.Tabs/13:50
akiva-thinkpadtry the example13:50
akiva-thinkpadit works13:50
akiva-thinkpadyou must of did something13:50
DF__yep i was looking that right now13:54
akiva-thinkpadgood luck13:54
DF__btw do you know how to implement a calendar??13:54
akiva-thinkpadDF__, bzr branch lp:ubuntu-calendar-app13:55
DF__ty akiva :)13:57
akiva-thinkpadDF__, np good luck!13:58
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bzoltannik90:  Of course I do read it :)14:46
ahayzenbzoltan, are you aware of the issue/behaviour we described?14:55
bzoltanahayzen:  I have not read yet back all the lines... would you please brief me in few words?14:55
ahayzenbzoltan, when you have trailing actions, if you pull them 'further' you get a white background behind that i have not found a way of changing the colour of14:56
bzoltanahayzen: I see. No I have not heard about it. It sounds like something what zsombi will be interested to hear about14:59
ahayzenbzoltan, is it best to report a bug with a mini app example?15:00
bzoltanahayzen:  that would helpt the case fore sure15:16
ahayzencool i'll do that then :)15:17
bzoltanahayzen:  thank you15:38
ahayzenHi, anyone tried running autopilot with the 1.2 sdk components...seems the MainView helper assumes useDeprecatedToolbar still exists as a property?17:15
bzoltanahayzen:  of course we run autopilot tests on the 1.2 components. Several per week.17:16
ahayzenbzoltan, do you have an example that uses MainView ? mine explodes17:16
ahayzenunless i add... property bool useDeprecatedToolbar: false  :)17:16
ahayzenbzoltan, this is the line it hits http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/ubuntuuitoolkit/_custom_proxy_objects/_mainview.py#L13017:20
bzoltanahayzen:  the simple application template from teh QtC?17:21
ahayzenno when i've ported music-app to Components 1.2 and then trying to get autopilot to run17:22
ahayzenas you then have MainView1217:22
ahayzenbut it seems the helper still has stuff that refers to useDeprecatedToolbar .. unless there is some other helper for MainView12 that I should be using?17:22
spammer31don't check this is a spam :p http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/10980019/17:54
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newsagesI can get focus of TextField,, how?18:18
t1mpahayzen: the same autopilot helper should work for mainview 1.219:21
t1mpahayzen: which errors are you getting?19:21
ahayzenuseDeprecatedToolbar is undefined19:22
ahayzenor something along those lines19:22
ahayzent1mp, AttributeError: Class 'MainView' has no attribute 'useDeprecatedToolbar'.19:23
ahayzent1mp, but i'm not sure if my way of getting the MainView was correct19:23
t1mpahayzen: it sounds like a bug in the mainview helper19:24
ahayzent1mp, i had to put return false in the validate_dbus_object http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ahayzen/music-app/refactor-bump-framework-1504/view/head:/tests/autopilot/music_app/__init__.py#L43619:24
t1mpsome of the tests for the mainview helper still import uitk 1.0.. because we don't want to break that19:24
ahayzenotherwise you get ... ValueError: More than one custom proxy class matches this object: Matching classes are: <class 'music_app.MainView12'>,<class 'ubuntuuitoolkit._custom_proxy_objects._mainview.MainView'>.19:25
ahayzent1mp, yeah looking at the actual helper, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/trunk/view/head:/tests/autopilot/ubuntuuitoolkit/_custom_proxy_objects/_mainview.py#L130, you can see it detecting MainView12 at the top but still using useDeprecatedToolbar further down19:25
ahayzent1mp, shall i report a bug?19:25
t1mpahayzen: yes, please19:26
t1mpahayzen: about the validate_dbus_object function I don't think that returning false is the right approach, since then it will not use your class19:26
t1mpahayzen: if you can catch elopio on irc tomorrow he probably knows best how to deal with this19:27
t1mpahayzen: I can try to help you too, but on Monday and Tuesday I will be away for most of the time19:27
ahayzent1mp, yeah i'm not sure what i should do though lol ? everything i did either ended up with it saying it didn't exist or there were two19:27
t1mpahayzen: maybe it will work if you just rename the MainView12 in your AP helper to MyMainView or something similar?19:28
ahayzent1mp, also if you are still working on the new headers (when they were in the image) i noticed that with a dark theme the divider is dark, should it not be light or calculated like the text colour? https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XynHVKfrvMVE51dlRFWXdjMlU/edit19:29
ahayzeni'll try that..19:29
ahayzenoh but that won't work as it won't be able to find the type19:30
t1mpahayzen: do you use the type to select a qml object?19:30
t1mpahayzen: don't do that. Better to always select by objectName19:30
ahayzeni use both19:30
t1mpselecting by type gives us a lot of issues like this19:31
ahayzeneg self.app.wait_select_single(MainView12, objectName="music")19:31
t1mpahayzen: in the UITK tests I changed the code everywhere to use only objectName. Using type is tricky because the type names we can get from qml are not versioned, and don't have namespaces, and probably some other issues that I forgot again19:32
t1mpahayzen: I would have something like select_single(objectName='MusicAppMainView') instead19:33
ahayzenie bug 1341671 ;) but i have a workaround for that19:33
ubot5bug 1341671 in Autopilot Qt Support "Versioned QML classes are not recognized by their public type name" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134167119:33
t1mpahayzen: ah yes, like that bug19:34
ahayzenbut then by just specifying the objectName how does it use your helper?19:35
ahayzen...but then my hack wasn't earlier anyway :/ ugh19:35
ahayzent1mp, reported bug 1451243 for you :)19:38
ubot5bug 1451243 in ubuntu-ui-toolkit (Ubuntu) "MainView helper still uses useDeprecatedToolbar when under 1.2 components" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/145124319:38
t1mpahayzen: I cannot find the code right now for the CustomEmulatorBase in autopilot to see what validate_dbus_object does.. but I hope that contains some code to match the helper in this case...19:39
* t1mp gotta go nwo19:40
t1mpahayzen: thanks for reporting the bug.19:40
ahayzenno problem o/19:40
t1mpI assigned myself, and then unassigned because I won't be available for 2 days and someone else may like to take the bug in the meantime19:41
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