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howefield#startmeeting Ubuntu Forum Council Meeting - 03rd May 201518:01
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howefield#chair elfy slickymaster cariboo907 bapoumba18:01
meetingologyCurrent chairs: bapoumba cariboo907 elfy howefield slickymaster18:01
howefieldevening all and thanks for coming to the party :)18:02
bapoumbathanks howefield18:02
howefieldhere's to a good one.18:02
howefieldnothing of note on the agenda so will we start with a goodbye and a hello?18:03
bapoumbaworks for me :)18:03
slickymasteralso for me18:03
howefieldWe 7 rather quickly became 6 again, so best wishes to s.fox and thanks for all the time and effort she put in to bettering the forums over the years.18:03
howefieldand a huge welcome to slickymaster, thanks for joining the Forum Council slickymaster. :)18:04
elfyboth :)18:04
* slickymaster bows anf thanks the council18:04
slickymaster* and18:04
bapoumbahappy to have you on the FC slickymaster :)18:04
howefieldnow if you could hand out the doughnuts...18:05
slickymasterit's an honour to be among you18:05
elfyfor the moment ...18:05
slickymasterlol, forgot those :P18:05
cariboo907yesm just wait :)18:05
slickymasterI'll make sure to bring them next meeting18:06
cariboo907I like the chocolate ones :)18:06
bapoumbawell, I'll not wait for next meeting slickymaster :)18:06
elfyI just like the free ones18:07
* slickymaster will open a thread so each of the members can state their preferences, doughnuts wise18:07
elfypreferably not radish flavour - thanks :)18:07
bapoumbaI'll have pancakes, thanks18:07
slickymasterthose will be mine18:07
howefieldcustard and fudge for me :)18:07
howefieldso, no items on the agenda bar the fixed/repeating unless anyone wants to bring something up ?18:07
slickymasterdamn am I the only one who don't eat sweets?18:08
howefieldanother good reason slickymaster for you to provide them... ;p18:08
slickymasterI wanted to bring something howefield18:08
bapoumbahas everyone checked the monthly report ?18:08
elfy#info we've done another call for new Moderation Team via the nomination method18:08
elfylet's hope it actually works this time - would rather not go back to the old method18:09
howefieldthanks for that reminder elfy18:09
elfynothing else from me in AOB18:10
slickymaster#info the FC github wireless repository is now live18:10
slickymasterand there's something we need to decide regarding that18:10
slickymasterwhich is http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2275349&p=13277783&viewfull=1#post1327778318:11
cariboo907what's AOB again? :)18:11
elfyfor the irc log readers and anyone who can't read that thread - it is in regard to access to the github18:11
elfycariboo907: lol18:11
slickymasterso the question is will we provide Wild Man access to the master branch as a script maintainer /that he is)18:12
slickymasterthat would mean providing him the account username and password18:12
bapoumbahow often is the script updated ?18:13
slickymasternot very often, I think18:13
bapoumbaso FC validating a push may work for them18:14
slickymasterthe other possibility is for him to make a push request and one of us approve it and merge to the master branch18:14
howefieldcan the access be done by the FC (via wildman) slickymaster ?18:14
slickymasteryes bapoumba18:14
slickymasternot sure I understood howefield18:14
howefield+1 "for the other possibility is for him to make a push request and one of us approve it and merge to the master branch"18:14
slickymasterI'm +1 on that option also18:15
bapoumbahe should not see that negatively18:15
elfyI doubt he would18:16
bapoumbathat is just the way the git works from whant I've seen18:16
slickymasteryes, I agree elfy, it doesn't seem to be that type of +person18:16
slickymasterok, I'll post our decison in the thread18:16
bapoumbathanks slickymaster18:17
howefieldso, for the minutes then,.. "FC to approve and merge amendments to wildmans script to the master branch". that ok ?18:17
elfyhowefield: you can use #info18:17
cariboo907works for me18:17
howefield#agreed FC to approve and merge amendments to wildmans script to the master branch18:17
slickymasterand I can deal with those whenever necessary guys18:17
elfyand that too howefield :)18:17
slickymasterI mean if no one wants to step in and do it, that is18:18
elfyno - that's fine with me - you carry on :)18:18
howefield#action slickymaster to post in relevant thread and approve/merge amendments to wildmans script to the master branch.18:18
meetingologyACTION: slickymaster to post in relevant thread and approve/merge amendments to wildmans script to the master branch.18:18
slickymaster:P elfy18:18
howefieldthanks slickymaster :)18:19
slickymastersure, np18:19
bapoumbafine with me slickymaster :)18:19
howefield#subtopic Any Other Business18:19
howefieldjust for cariboo907 :)18:19
cariboo907gee thanks :)18:20
howefieldI'd like to record thanks to the writers of the 3 blog posts since last meeting, many thanks to the writers and all involved.18:20
howefieldUbuntu Membership https://ubuntuforumsorg.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/ubuntu-membership/18:20
howefieldForum Council Addition https://ubuntuforumsorg.wordpress.com/2015/04/01/forum-council-addition/18:21
howefieldand Ubuntu phone and tablet forum support https://ubuntuforumsorg.wordpress.com/2015/04/20/ubuntu-phone-and-tablet-support-on-the-forum/18:21
bapoumba+1 howefield18:21
slickymasterthanks elfy and bapoumba18:21
howefieldnice to see us on the planet, but it takes time and effort, so a good job :)18:22
bapoumbawell, thanks elfy & slickymaster :)18:22
slickymasterhmmm, I was convinced that you wrote the https://ubuntuforumsorg.wordpress.com/2015/03/29/ubuntu-membership/ one bapoumba18:22
elfy#info QIII joined the Supermoderator team, bringing that back up to 318:22
howefieldthat process seems to be working nicely.18:23
slickymasterQIII is great at it18:23
slickymasterdidn't have any problems dealing with adminCP18:24
bapoumba#info s.fox updated the mobile theme before leaving the FC18:24
howefieldthanks bapoumba : I'll need to try that out :)18:25
bapoumbaimg are still blue :)18:25
cariboo907actually I preferred the default version18:26
howefieldso does that only leave Review Ubuntu Forum Membership Applications to discuss18:26
howefieldsorry, thought we were done there.18:26
slickymasterI think so howefield18:27
bapoumbaWell, img would need to be all created ..18:27
howefieldmoving on, we have one application on the go for now..18:28
bapoumba+1 from me18:28
howefieldare we in a position to vote?18:28
howefieldhang on bapoumba , let me get the commnads lined up ;p18:29
bapoumbasorry howefield :)18:29
howefield#vote Approve sammiev for Ubuntu Forums Member18:30
meetingologyPlease vote on: Approve sammiev for Ubuntu Forums Member18:30
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (for private voting, private message me with 'vote +1/-1/+0 #channelname)18:30
meetingology+1 received from bapoumba18:30
meetingology+1 received from cariboo90718:30
meetingology+1 received from elfy18:30
howefield#voters elfy slickymaster cariboo907 bapoumba howefield18:30
meetingologyCurrent voters: bapoumba cariboo907 elfy howefield slickymaster18:30
meetingology+1 received from slickymaster18:30
meetingology+0 received from howefield18:31
meetingology+1 received from elfy18:31
slickymasterthat would +2 from elfy :P18:31
slickymastera previous one and now this one18:31
howefieldcoffeecat by proxy ;p18:31
elfythat'll be coffeecat's thread +1 then :)18:31
elfyif it counts twice ...18:32
meetingologyVoting ended on: Approve sammiev for Ubuntu Forums Member18:32
meetingologyVotes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:118:32
meetingologyMotion carried18:32
elfyit didn't :D18:32
howefieldwell done and congratulations sammiev :)18:32
howefieldeven if you don't know it yet.18:32
slickymasteryeaps, kudos sammiev18:32
elfyyep - who's going to do the stuffs - I vote slickymaster :)18:32
howefieldit's a tradition so I'll +1 that elfy :)18:33
slickymasterwhat are the stuffs exactly elfy?18:33
howefieldteam report I guess...18:33
elfyooh - that's all secret :p18:33
slickymasterno love howefield :(18:33
elfyhowefield: I was talking about sammiev Membership stuff :)18:33
elfyI've started the May team report and included on the Current already :)18:34
slickymasterthat was my impression also elfy18:34
cariboo907but slickymaster can do the report too :)18:34
howefieldwell, thanks on both counts :)18:34
howefieldI think it is a good learning experience :)18:34
slickymasterok, I'll do both18:34
slickymasterafter dinner18:35
bapoumbaediting the report18:35
elfymmm - I did the reports :D18:35
slickymasterwhich still has to be made18:35
slickymaster\o/ elfy18:35
howefieldSo, I guess we are done ? any more for any more before we close ?18:35
slickymasterso, no reports for slickymaster18:35
elfynot from me howefield18:35
slickymasterneither from me howefield18:35
bapoumbanot here either18:36
cariboo907I've got nothing here18:36
howefieldthanks everyone, I'll finish the meeting then.18:36
howefieldsame place 5th July, all being well for the next one :)18:36
elfywho's going to set up fridge?18:36
elfyguess who's got my vote18:37
howefieldit's a learning experience... lol18:37
slickymasterlol, you're way to good for me guys18:37
howefieldmy head says slickymaster but my heart says me :)18:37
elfyha ha ha18:37
slickymastergo with your heart howefield18:37
elfyslickymaster escapes18:37
howefieldok, done.18:37
howefieldthanks everyone.18:38
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meetingologyMeeting ended Sun May  3 18:38:12 2015 UTC.18:38
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2015/ubuntu-meeting.2015-05-03-18.01.moin.txt18:38
slickymasterthanks howefield18:38
bapoumbaSee you on the 5th July :)18:38
elfythanks howefield18:38
bapoumbathanks howefield18:38
cariboo907thanks howefield18:38
DalekSecThanks, howefield.18:39
howefieldthank you DalekSec :)18:39
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