pleia2sorry about forgetting the email :\ sent now03:13
* PaulW2U counts summaries after writing a few - 13 to do08:50
* ahoneybun will work on a few later today15:32
pleia2thanks :)17:53
* ahoneybun wrote 321:04
pleia2thanks for tackling planet ones, most important :)21:05
ahoneybunI just saw which ones I could take21:06
ahoneybunpleia2: you have my address still right?21:07
pleia2ahoneybun: I do, shall I send stickers? :) (along with some more UW ones)21:07
ahoneybunpleia2: if you have some needing a good home, yes plese :)21:07
ahoneybunstill have one spot on the front of my notebook21:08
ahoneybunpleia2: when was the first time you left the country?21:08
pleia2Canada, 2008 (I was 26)21:09
pleia2in 2009 I went to England, which was my first time overseas21:10
ahoneybunI'm going to spain21:10
pleia2nice, I've never been, my father was a big fan of Madrid though21:11
* ahoneybun is excited21:12
pleia2for akademy, I assume? :)21:12
pleia2an ubuntu developer summit is what first got me to mainland europe, brussels in 201021:13
ahoneybunsadly the last UDS was in Orlando when I was near it but did not think of asking my parents21:14
pleia2well, one of the last :)21:14
pleia2oakland and copenhagen came after21:14
pleia2oakland was local to me, that was nice21:15
ahoneybunstill was the closet I could have gotten21:15
pleia2I'll have to remember to say hi next time I'm in south florida21:15
ahoneybun:) we'll grab a beer lol21:16
ahoneybungo to https://funkybuddhabrewery.com/21:16
ahoneybuncool place21:17
ahoneybunI'm waiting to see where FOSSETCON it this year21:17
* pleia2 nods21:17
ahoneybunif HP has more hat swag I'll keep mine closer this time (left mine at the hotel.....)21:18
ahoneybunif they can make it again of course21:19
ahoneybungo to this then http://www.southeastlinuxfest.org/21:22
pleia2I'm not making it out to either this year, too much other stuff going on :\21:25
ahoneybunoh ok21:28
=== aaron is now known as ahoneybun

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