Connor__Can anyone help me.  I've installed the server program 14.04.02. It's asking me login and I can't figure out a login and an password01:31
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chrhohello everybody11:14
chrhoI want to ask if is it possible to debug qml/c++ apps directly on the bq ubuntu phone?11:15
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mptMy phone is stuck14:20
mptWhen I press the wake button, I just get a black screen with time and date — no indicators, no “No messages received today”, no edge gestures, nothing14:20
mptAnd because I can’t unlock it, I can’t restart it14:21
brunch875hold down the power  button for long14:21
brunch875it should power off14:21
brunch875if that doesn't work14:22
brunch875hold down all buttons at once for long14:22
mptThanks brunch87514:24
brunch875That should work even if you're stuck in bootloader/recovery mode14:25
bqphoneis there an app that let you stream from win 8 desktop to ubuntu phone?16:27
andy19781Is there a workaround for this adb bug? https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg00623.html17:04
andy19781I want to edit a remote file via adb shell and nano but the "return/enter" keys isn't working17:04
ahayzenandy19781, use phablet-shell instead?17:09
andy19781ahayzen: hm, not in the debian repos so I guess I have to install it from src17:18
ahayzenandy19781, IIRC it is in the package phablet-tools sorry should have mentioned17:19
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chrisccoulsonMirv, do you know if there is any plan to have a public API in qml for exposing custom value types? (à la QQmlValueType)18:09
hanneandy19781: I use ssh to phablet (http://askubuntu.com/questions/348714/how-can-i-access-my-ubuntu-phone-over-ssh)18:13
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Guest88209i need help23:48
Guest88209My device is 480*854 with density 24023:48
Guest88209How to set up this23:49
Guest88209And this23:51
Guest88209Please help23:51

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