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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:27
knightwisehey brobostigon08:31
knightwisehow are you doing today :)08:31
brobostigonnot bad, and you? knightwise08:32
* brobostigon has a few questions about ubuntu touch, and about the system upgrade process depending on the type on install.08:33
knightwisedoing ok , just restoring my Surface pro tablet to Windows 8.108:34
knightwiseI need to do a prsentation on the cloud pretty soon08:34
knightwisenot obvious to restore it after you installed ubuntu on it :)08:35
knightwisebrobostigon: your question about ubuntu touch. Is that on the phone or the pc  ?08:35
brobostigonknightwise: phone.08:35
knightwiseok , lets see if i can help you08:40
knightwisewhat would you like to know ,08:40
brobostigonok, if i do an install into my nexus 4, ie, full install not dual booted in some way, will ubuntu touch versions upgrades work as normally.?08:41
knightwisei have no experience with that , i just bought the bq preinstalled :(08:43
knightwisebut i do think you'll get the updates08:45
brobostigonok, ty. but it has to be a full proper install?08:46
knightwiseof that i'm not sure08:46
knightwisewhen i tried it on the nexus 7 , there was no dual boot08:46
brobostigonso you did a full install with phablet-tools?08:47
knightwiseyep , but this was about a year ago08:47
knightwisesorry i'm not much help ..09:04
knightwisenow I have to say , my first impressions of ubuntu phone are .. mixed09:05
popeybrobostigon: yes09:06
popeyif you install ubuntu touch on the nexus 4 you'll get over the air updates09:06
brobostigonbut not in dualboot?09:07
brobostigonupdates depending on which channel i choose as well?09:08
popeyI don't know anything about dual boot, never done it09:08
DanChapmanupdates work for dual boot aswell.09:08
DanChapmanwel the used to when i used multirom manager09:08
brobostigonok, ty you both.09:09
popeyI haven't charged my bq phone for at least 2 days. still 62% battery09:19
zmoylan-pihaven't charged my nokia for 3 still 100% :-P09:41
brobostigonis anyone familier with trouble shooting fb's sms notifications,?12:47
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mapppsordered a new portable charger..stupid connectors seem to have become a bit dodgy on my anker one16:40
mapppshaving to hold the cable while it charges is no fun;)16:41
daftykinssounds like someone does not baby their possessions enough!16:41
mapppsi kept it in my pocket while phne charges its portable..for out and about16:42
mapppsit works fine..just have to hold the USB cable in16:42
mapppswhich well kinda sucks :)16:42
daftykinsaaah loving win10 so much, lovely fast UI16:43
mapppsrunning in a VM?16:45
daftykinsnah on this spare quad core desktop i have16:46
mapppsah cool16:46
mapppshow much ram?16:46
daftykinssays right there16:47
daftykinssuper snappy despite some low end nvidia card16:48
mapppsnot used it yet myself16:49
mapppswas talking to someone yesterday still using vista lol16:49
mapppseither use XP or 7..vista ugh16:49
mapppsand obv now support's ended finally for xp16:49
daftykinsXP should not be touched, nah16:49
daftykinsplus i'd rather not see its' installer ever again16:49
daftykinsstill get people coming in #ubuntu after a suggestion on what to install on their ancient netbooks, amusingly16:50
daftykinsi say bury the damn things16:50
mapppsbut vista?16:50
mapppsi love my netbook;)16:50
mapppson it now:P16:50
mapppssamsung nc1016:50
mapppsperfect little machine..brilliant for travelling16:51
mapppsuse lubuntu/xubuntu/win7 all run fine on them16:51
diddledanthe hampshire police had a thingie in sainsbury's which allowed you to sign up for some spam service they're offering. it was running vista.16:51
mapppsvista ugh16:51
diddledanthis was on wednesday16:51
mapppsi dont think i used it for more than a day16:51
mapppsstuck with xp then onto 716:51
mapppsfor my windows adventures16:51
daftykinsmappps: you probably just have very low standards on how a machine should perform ;)16:52
SuperEngineerdaftykins, nice to see such a closed mind at work - your comment re netbooks... you obviously have never heard of Ubuntu MATE ;)16:52
daftykinsVista is terrible yeah, 7 was a great improvement16:52
daftykinsand in fact 10 is to 7 as 7 is to Vista, so far16:52
mapppsI#ll try 10 eventually..i've got the ISO dl but not got round to it16:52
daftykinsSuperEngineer: closed mind? netbooks sucked when they came out, in the bin they belong16:52
daftykins(well electronics recycling ideally)16:53
mapppsil have them all then16:53
daftykinsmappps: probably the wrong version now, it's on build 10074 right now16:53
mapppsil give netbooks a good home16:53
mapppsyea will be an old build16:53
mapppswll grab a new build later16:53
daftykinsdefinitely keen for it to go gold :D16:53
daftykinsrumoured release of July apparently16:53
mapppswhat's gold mean?16:53
mapppsproduction i guess16:54
daftykinsyes, final16:54
zmoylan-pii love netbooks16:54
daftykinsthough in MS terms it's typically RTM - release to manufacturing16:54
mapppswhat ne you got zmoylan-pi16:54
zmoylan-pii still have my olpc and a hp netbook with a 14hour battery life16:55
mappps14hr is impressive16:55
zmoylan-pislow but it just keeps going16:55
daftykinsyou need that time to get anything finished ;)16:55
zmoylan-piwell i can off load processing jobs to servers and desktops nearby while i sit in garden with decent keyboard and battery life.16:56
zmoylan-piultrabooks which were meant to replace them have gone nowhere.  the netbook has come back in a new guise as chromebooks16:57
zmoylan-pieven ms were flogging cheap windows laptops that were netbooks in all but name16:57
daftykinsmeh, my asus i5 sandybridge does 10hrs16:57
zmoylan-pisome people can't get by with the small screens and keyboards but for me as someone who uses public transport i prefer small16:58
daftykinsthat FHD Dell XPS 13 does 15hrs :D16:58
diddledanFHD: It's Flippin' HD Dammit17:00
zmoylan-pithat's what you said fhd :-)17:00
daftykinsFull HD17:02
daftykinsas sadly HD beans 1280x720 up :(17:02
daftykinsbeans!? means17:02
daftykinsthis keyboard is odd17:02
diddledan720 = CHD aka Crud HD17:03
diddledanor NRHD : Not Really HD17:03
daftykinsPTTTHD, pretender to the throne HD!17:04
diddledanor HHWGYMNHD aka HA HA We Got Your Money Now HD17:04
* zmoylan-pi waits for i can't belive it's not hd17:05
diddledanspeaking of which, you know butter.. I can't believe it's not "I can't believe it's not butter"17:05
diddledanand related, don't try to spoonerism the "Vicker of Dibley"17:06
diddledanhave I spelled that right?17:07
daftykinsugh i plugged my secondary screen in over VGA, text on here is so blurry XD17:10
daftykinsthem thar first world problems17:10
daftykinsor 1.1 since it's Guernsey17:10
* zmoylan-pi wonders if i can still get my mitts on a working cga monitor...17:10
daftykinsthink my old man's hiding an amiga one from my mum somewhere :D17:11
diddledanI've got a black-n-white cga monitor from an AMSTRAD PC151217:11
SuperEngineerzmoylan-pi, hang around the electronics skip at your local recycling centr... you'll probably own one within an hour!17:12
daftykinsmy dads mate calls that place Meerkey alley17:15
daftykinser Meerkat17:15
diddledanmeerkey alleys are where the dirty women live17:15
diddledanI don't mean dirty as in grubby, either! :-p17:16
* zmoylan-pi remebers when dec in ireland threw out a skip load of alpha powered workstations. word went out on the grapevine and a lad from the office snagged one onto his scooter... kids were hauling them away on skateboards as he left17:17
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)17:19
shaunoI used to work in dec's old factory.  I took a peek around, but there's nothing left17:21
* popey generates openstreetmap tiles for portugal for the lulz17:23
popeywonder how much disk space this will take17:23
zmoylan-picheaper than the roaming rates :-)17:25
popeyexactly :)17:27
popeymaking my own little offline osm webapp17:28
gingdidn't this channel used to be a lot more full?21:51
AzelphurHey folks, I've got two raspberry pis that were given to me by a friend, it looks like they may both be broken though. I'll start off with the most functional one, It turns on, starts to boot raspbian, then just boot loops. I had it boot once or twice, but it froze after a few seconds. Any ideas?22:27
* penguin42 assumes you tried with different SDs ?22:29
Azelphurpenguin42: 3 different SDs, one of which is an official Raspberry pi one22:29
penguin42and different power supplies etc?22:30
penguin42have you got a working Pi ?22:31
penguin42hmm, neither have I - I just thought it would be good to test the SD/Powersupply etc combination with a good Pi22:31
ali1234have you tested the sd cards?22:32
AzelphurI mean I have it on a 1A charger that was designed for the tiny TP-Link router22:32
Azelphurali1234: nope22:32
ali1234there's probably a reason why you got given this stuff22:32
Azelphurali1234: yea, he died :P22:32
penguin42how inconsiderate22:32
Azelphurbut I know he treated his stuff real bad, so it's no wonder if it's broken22:32
ali1234test the SD cards first22:33
penguin42Azelphur: Have you got an SD card of your own you could try writing ?22:33
Azelphurali1234: how would I test them? :)22:33
ali1234put it in an SD card reader and try to read it?22:33
penguin42yeh, checking you can do a full read   dd if=/dev/sdwhatever of=/dev/null bs=1024k22:34
Azelphurali1234: yea they all pass that test obviously, I had to write the OS to them..22:34
ali1234second get a bigger power supply22:34
Azelphurali1234: I tried them on my Bolse smart charger that does 2.4 on a port I think22:35
ali12341A is not enough for the original pi with a keyboard and mouse and HDMI plugged in to it22:35
AzelphurI have power, hdmi and sd, NOTHING else22:35
ali12342A should be though22:35
ali1234chargers aren't much good either, they sag under load22:35
ali1234consider that you only need 4.2V to charge a lipo22:35
AzelphurI tried a bunch of different ones, the ones for my Tablet, and even a USB Battery, none of them brought it to life22:44
penguin42I had heard the Pi was fussy22:47
penguin42but I don't have one22:47
ali1234sounds broken then23:09

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