Kilosmorning all05:25
Kiloshi captine  you got lotsa data07:36
Kilosmorning superfly  07:42
captineKilos, you think she is really singing? sitting like that and having such control... will let my wife watch.  she studied music and singing and was a music teacher07:47
Kilosthats my daughter man , i know its her singing07:49
captinei was hoping it was someone you knew07:49
captinejust messing with u07:49
captinenice effects07:49
captineon the voice07:49
Kilosyou must go see her xfactor audition with i will always love you07:50
Kilos2 or 3 years back now07:50
captinesend link07:51
captineso she lives in Aus?07:57
Kilostell me what your wife thinks07:57
captinehope it was recorded on Linux ;)07:58
Kilosno all her recording and art things are win 07:58
Kilosbut she has ubuntu on her old pc07:59
captineeven sounds australian... eish.  wheres the ja bru accent...07:59
Kilosshe grew up there07:59
Kiloshi magespawn  07:59
Kilosive only ever seen her on my pc08:00
Kilosmagespawn  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wczRExQRttk08:00
Kilosmany megs08:01
Kilostaras latest recording08:01
magespawnhi all08:02
magespawni'll save the link then08:03
captinehi magespawn 08:03
captineKilos, does she make a living through youtube publishing?08:03
captineor more a hobby?08:03
Kilosshe has always wanted a singing carrear hence the xfactor audition now she does her own thing08:04
Kilosshe does art work for a living08:05
Kilosthat funny stuff, manga or something08:05
captinewow.  so why would my volume be super soft in youtube but loud on everything else08:07
captinevery strange08:07
captineignore me08:08
captinechat later.  need to sleep. got flu08:11
Kilosrest well08:12
magespawnsome pretty cool art there08:41
Kilosim gonna have no power monday and tuesday from 0800 to 180009:31
Kilosyeah very ouch09:32
Kilosyeah tswane power peeps working09:33
magespawnthat is a long time09:42
magespawn20:00 hours all together09:43
Kilosspose ill have to get to fencing ive been putting off09:45
magespawnmmmm, might be a plan10:05
Kilosnono barbed wire and razor wire fencing not good for hands10:08
magespawnunless it is electric fencing10:08
Kiloselectric fencing i had lotsa practise with, fenced 2500 hectare farm with it10:09
Kilosno bards or razor pieces10:09
Kiloselectric fences only keep idiots out, anyone with a brain works out quick how to short it out10:11
Kilosfences only keep honest peeps honest10:12
georgelappieshi all10:32
Kiloshi georgelappies  10:32
Kiloshi gremble  11:20
grembleGood afternoon Kilos 11:24
Kiloshi Vince-0  11:48
inetprogood morning Kilos15:17
inetprohi everyone else15:17
Kiloslol hi inetpro  did you sleep all day?15:18
inetprowhat have I missed?15:18
Kilosnothing really15:18
inetprohmm... you getting old?15:18
Kilosonly taras next song15:18
inetprocan't even talk to yourself any more15:18
Kilosna im deaf to me15:19
Kilosyou all well?15:19
Kilosyou better say what you want to say because no power here between 0800 and 1800 for 2 days15:20
Kilospta power peeps say they gonna be working15:22
inetprosend them to the moon15:22
Kilosyou guys have to greet15:22
Kilosi used youtube-dl for the first time today15:23
inetprowhere do they come from?15:23
inetprocan they not isolate the area they work on and then only do a short switch over?15:23
Kilosthey are supposedly replacing our over head with underground15:24
Kilosgo see tara man15:25
inetproso they take the same lines from the top and put them below?15:25
Kilosi dunno15:25
inetprono, I bet you they don't15:25
inetprothey put different lines below15:26
Kilosmost likely proper underground stuff15:26
inetproexactly, at least we hope so15:26
Kiloswho knows nowadays15:26
inetproso, I rest my case15:26
inetproyour power should be down for less than 5 minutes if they do a proper job15:28
Kiloswhat were you doing with qa yesterday morning15:28
inetproa whole 2 days of downtime is not acceptable, end of story!15:29
* inetpro started the May report now15:36
inetproKilos: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports/15/May15:36
Kilos 17:28] <Kilos> what were you doing with qa yesterday morning15:37
Kilosi dont know what we are going to do this month15:38
inetproKilos: doing the monthly report is an easy job15:38
Kilosdid you make it readable and understandable for me15:38
inetprowhat do you not understand?15:39
Kiloswell when you first open it there are all those other things to check that show in case there is already one like it or something15:40
Kilosgive link and ill look and say15:40
inetproKilos: look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TeamReports/April201515:40
inetproclick edit and read the code, but PLEASE do not modify and save 15:41
Kilosthen scroll down to us right?15:42
inetproyou see how it just says include XYZ?15:43
Kilosyou mean Include(ZATeam/TeamReports/15/April)15:44
Kilosthen say so man15:44
Kilosi hunt for include XYZ15:44
captineinetpro, power down less than 5 minutes??? why waste an opportunity to "load shed" through upgrading lines as apposed to running out of power... 20 hours sounds right15:44
inetprojust do some tiny bit of thinking oom Kilos15:45
inetprocaptine: ai!15:45
inetproKilos: so obviously the main report reads our page at where?15:45
Kilosits the thinking thats wearing me out15:45
Kilosok i got that now, so what do we put in there15:46
captinejust heard my avr kick... eish.  poor quality power will be the death of my PC's15:46
inetprono look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports/15/April15:46
inetproKilos: s/no/now15:46
captineanybody know of companies getting rid of some old 1U, 2U, 4U servers?15:46
captinewant to play with openstack on dedicated hardware15:46
inetprocaptine: I also want15:47
Kilosi see the last one yes15:47
captinemy company has 2, but they are taking long to image the hard drives and convert the drives to VM's... so the servers just sit15:47
inetproKilos: so how difficult can it be to edit that?15:47
gremblecaptine: What is a 1-4U server? U is for Unit?15:48
inetproKilos: that is all the info that is needed for the main report15:48
Kilosoh ya ok ill try next one15:48
captineit is do do with the thicknes15:48
inetproKilos: ok, next step15:48
captine1U chassis vs 4U etc15:48
grembleAh Now I understand captine 15:49
captinegremble, basically how much space in a rack it takes15:49
grembleI have a 1U server under my bed15:49
inetproKilos: obviously we want our own bigger report to make sense, don't we?15:49
grembleHaven't had time to play with it yet though15:49
captinethat must keep you up at night15:49
inetproKilos: now look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/TeamReports15:49
grembleIts off15:49
captinethey normally quite noisy (the 1 U's)15:49
captineI would love a supermicro Atom based 1U to run PF Sense on, and then a 4U for storage15:50
Kilosthats already three links opened15:50
captinegremble, what you planning to do with it?  15:50
inetproKilos: keep in mind, we do this to achieve the end result15:50
gremblecaptine: I have no idea. A friend bought it cheap and didn't know what to do with it, so he lent it to me to play with.15:51
inetproKilos: so I started at the end result and put your gears in reverse15:51
Kilosyou think im backwards15:51
captineinetpro, who is chairing the next meeting? thought something was going to the mailing list, but haven't seen anything yet15:51
Kiloshe is15:52
inetprocaptine: hmm... we still need to decide15:52
gremblecaptine: Think I may use it to do practise some sysadmin things. I would like to do some LPI certifications some time15:52
Kilosinetpro  the neology will do the following one if you teach him nicely15:52
inetproKilos: who is the neology?15:55
Kilosthe neology man15:55
inetproKilos: was it not captine who also wanted to have a go?15:55
Kilosman my head is sore read between the words15:55
Kilosya him too15:55
inetprocaptine: I suggest we arrange a time to go through the motions with anyone who wants to learn to do it in another channel15:56
inetprobefore we decide15:57
Kilosuse my channel15:57
Kilosi wanna see15:57
inetproKilos: QA is not quite ready for it15:57
Kiloswell the readiness relies on you15:57
inetprothough I can easily fake it to look ready15:58
Kiloswhat isnt ready?15:58
* inetpro still needs to work on a website15:58
inetproactually still doing some thinking in the back of my mind15:58
inetpronot sure whether I want this for the long run15:59
Kiloswhat site?15:59
inetprowhen the meeting is done the meetings need to be accesible 15:59
inetproyou access them on a website15:59
inetprothe meeting logs16:00
Kilosoh to dend the minutes etc to where maaz does16:00
inetprothe minutes are logged by ibid16:00
Kilosso you need to link qa to the right place for reports16:01
inetproall that is required is to configure the website to see them16:01
Kilosyour ec2 site?16:01
inetproKilos: obviously QA is running on a free instance of EC2 right now16:02
inetproKilos: but I have not set up the web server just yet16:02
inetprosetting it up is peanuts, just requires a few minutes16:03
superflyLong day tomorrow 16:04
inetprothe address though is something that requires a bit of thinking16:04
Kiloseish whats happening superfly  16:04
superflyDriving for 4 hours with 3 kids 16:05
inetproyay! superfly is on holiday?16:05
Kilosgo safe superfly  and enjoy every minute16:06
Kilosteach them to identify cars16:07
inetproKilos: that might help for half an hour or so :-)16:09
grembleinetpro: Are those free instances of EC2 nice? My mother is currently out of a job and I want to see if I can help her get somewhat of a "webpresence" for marketing purposes16:09
inetprogremble: a year goes past very quickly16:10
inetproso whatever you do, you need to think ahead16:10
grembleYes. The idea is to use something like that and see if it works16:10
* inetpro just received his first invoice16:11
Kilosoh my for a free thing?16:11
inetproscary to see a message with subject: Amazon Web Services Invoice Available [Invoice ID: ###]16:11
Kiloshow much?16:12
inetprofortunately, Total for this invoice $0.0016:12
grembleinetpro: you are just running EC2?16:13
inetprogremble: yep16:13
grembleI am looking at their pricing structure and it's nice and confusing like a pricing structure should be16:14
captineonce needing to pay, I think DigitalOcean is a good option.  I have run a droplet there for 3 years now16:14
captineyou can get 2 months free using a linux unplugged promo code16:14
inetproall the many options are intimidating for sure16:14
grembleHmm.. I Have $100 at DO, I think16:14
Kilosspeak to jacques tomorrow he is using a paid one16:14
captinegremble, $100... nice16:15
captinemany months16:15
grembleBut I need a credit card to redeem it16:15
captinehow did you get $10016:15
grembleGitHub education pack16:15
captinei really like Digital Ocean.  Very simple to get up16:16
captineheading to help with bath time.16:16
superflyI use Linode16:19
superflytheir support is amazing16:19
* inetpro even installed the AWS console on Android16:19
superflyhrm I should do that16:19
magespawnnow that is an idea16:19
inetprocan switch the server off and on via mobile16:19
inetprosadly Kilos won't like me if I do that now16:20
* magespawn proceeds to suit word to deed16:20
inetproKilos: QA qill die16:20
Kilosi just need to tell qa to /j16:20
Kilosoh no join16:20
Kilosoh ya you must make her auto restart16:21
inetproKilos: haha, what's the point if he goes sleeping16:21
Kilosrun a script to make him auto boot16:21
Kiloswith init16:21
inetproKilos: and if you wake up early and want to talk to him?16:22
Kiloslike the one im running to make nm start16:22
Kiloshim is a her16:22
inetprohmm... 16:22
inetprooh ya16:23
Kilosill just ping you and you can pong 10 hours later as ususal16:23
inetproshe needs to be awake 24hours man16:23
magespawnthere is enough confusion over that in this country already\16:23
Kilosso inetpro  if you turn server off without reason you the naughty one not me16:24
Kilosi have maaz and spotty as well remember16:24
Kiloscowboys dont cry16:24
Kiloswb georgelappies  16:40
georgelappiesthanks Kilos16:40
captinesuperfly, linode does look good.  just more pricey if I recall17:00
superflyNot sure if DO was around when I signed up for Linode.17:01
captinethey pretty new.  i heard of htem in 201317:02
Kilosinetpro  when may i become just a greeter bot again?17:16
inetproKilos: are you not just the greeter bot?17:17
Kilosnono you have added lots17:17
inetproKilos: what did I add for you?17:17
Kilosafrica site and irc channel17:18
inetprouh, serious!?17:18
* inetpro don't remember forcing anyone to do anything17:18
Kilosno youre a diplomat17:19
inetprowhat is a diplomat?17:19
KilosMaaz  diplomat17:19
MaazA diplomat is a person who can tell others to go to hell in such a nice way that they look forward to the trip17:19
* inetpro wants to be a diplomat17:20
Kilosyou are17:20
Kilosa very good one too17:20
inetproKilos: well you don't seem to look forward to the trip yet17:21
Kilosthat is an example of what a good diplomat can achive17:22
inetprosuperfly: how long will you be gone?17:24
captine19:35 and feeling VERY tired... eish.. getting old17:35
inetprooh Kilos, so you are enjoying the extra workload?17:40
Kilosi feel like captine  all the time17:40
Kilosbut its exciting too17:41
inetproKilos: at least you saddled up your own horse17:43
inetproenjoy the ride!17:44
Kilosover the last five years or so we have had some fun times here17:44
Kilosstill the best buntu irc channel out there for noobs17:44
captinehow is this for a cool project.  very inline with the documentation project going on.17:53
Kilospoint them to mybroadband18:08
Kilosthat should bring in some advertising18:08
superflyinetpro: just a few days, took this week off from work.18:19
inetprosuperfly: good idea, hope you get a bit of rest and enjoy it with the family18:21
inetproI know driving with small kids has it's challenges and can be very tiring, but it's all part of the fun18:22
inetproits challenges*18:23
* inetpro keeps mixing up it's vs its18:23
inetproamongst others18:24
Kilosit's=it is18:24
inetproKilos: I know18:24
Kilosthe other one looks good too18:24
inetproits just my fingers don't seem to know quick enough al the time18:25
inetproalways somebody/something else's fault18:25
Kilostotal diplomat18:26
* Kilos sniggers18:36
Kilosbecause i can18:39
* inetpro looks around18:44
* Kilos hides18:45
inetprowhere is every body?18:45
Kilosi dont know actually18:45
Kilosresting for monday18:45
captinemust be resting18:47
captinebeen a long weekend of business.. :)18:47
captinenight all18:49
Kilosnight captine  18:49
Kilossleep ight18:49
Kilostight too18:49
captinei'll try18:49
inetprogood night captine18:51
* magespawn is still lurking19:35
Kiloslol hi magespawn  19:36
gremblethat was quite the gurgle19:36
Kiloswhat language was that19:36
magespawnkeyboard mash19:36
magespawnlike they do when hacking in the movies19:36
Kiloseven python doesnt look that heavy19:36
magespawnnah i just code straight in the machine language19:37
magespawnhave you seen this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ifttt.dobutton&hl=en%2F%3Futm_source%3Dnewsletter2819:38
grembleI can't believe I just did that19:39
grembleAnyway, that prints out Hello, World!19:39
grembleIn brainfuck19:39
gremble(it is a programming language)19:39
magespawnokay then19:40
grembleI missed a . at the end19:40
magespawnahh yes, saw that straight away, changes the message completly19:41
grembleI am sorry that I disappointed you so magespawn 19:41
grembleI can't get this FPGA to talk to the computer19:42
magespawnwhat does the the FPGA do? or what are you trying to get it to do?19:46
grembleI am trying to get it or the computer to show me that they are talking to one another19:47
grembleSo that I can learn how to program the damned thing19:47
Kiloswhat is a FPGA19:49
magespawnField Programmable Gate Array19:50
grembleIt is a hardware device that you program to do specific tasks19:51
grembleFor example signal processing19:51
Kilossjoe some more19:51
Kilosserious things that20:00
Kiloslike programming bios chips20:00
Kilosinetpro  what are you doing?20:02
inetproKilos: I can ask you the same question20:02
Kilosits bed time20:02
Kilosyou need to be greeter bot tomorrow20:02
Kiloswhen you ask me i tell you dammit20:03
Kilosbut ill remember that20:03
Kilosjou beurt is jou beurt20:03
* inetpro is busy20:03
Kiloseven when you sleep you are busy20:04
inetproof course20:04
Kilosbust doesnt float the boat anymore20:04
inetproKilos: it's magespawn's fault20:05
Kilosya he is too cool to slum with us on my channel20:05
Kilosdont go to bed too late inetpro  magespawn  superfly  20:12
Kilossleep tight all20:12
inetprogood night oom20:12
Kilossee you when power returns20:13
Kilosdrive safe superfly  and keep in touch please20:13
magespawnwhat's my fault now?20:14
inetpromagespawn: you keeping me busy :-)20:36
inetprolots and lots of reading to do with setting up and managing a ec2 server properly20:38
magespawnahh right20:39
magespawni just wing it myself, and see what goes wrong, then start again20:39
magespawnisn't that the best thing about ec2, wipe the slate and start again20:48
inetpromagespawn: not if you have Kilos breathing down you neck with services that require 100% uptime20:52
magespawnno such thing, but restoring an image should be near instance20:54
inetproyikes, I should try that as well20:55
magespawnmaybe do the tinkering while he is asleep20:55
inetprohaha... I need sleep as well :-)20:56
magespawnor during the electricty repairs/loadshedding20:56
inetpromagespawn: anyway, been fun so far and still so much to do20:57
magespawnyes learning is fun, i like it too20:57
magespawnjust so much and so little time20:57
inetpro1st month down the drain already20:58
magespawnyup only 11 more20:58
inetprohopefully in a month or three we will know whether it's worth paying for or not20:59
inetproand then the real challenge will be to make it pay for itself :-)21:00
magespawnwould we pay for it collectively as ubuntu-za?21:00
inetproit is an idea that I am toying with21:00
inetprobut let's not jump the gun21:01
inetproat the moment not high on my agenda21:02
magespawnright, we could then also use it for other projects as long as the funding was there21:03
magespawnmaybe something like an online lug21:03
inetpromoney can complicate many things21:03
magespawnas always21:04
inetproI'd like to keep things simple for as long as possible21:04
magespawnmaybe a subscription model21:04
magespawnyes, does make it manageable21:05
magespawnoops going flat21:05
magespawnlet me plug in21:05
inetprotime has run out for me... really need to go sleep now21:09
magespawnsleep well21:09
magespawnalmost time for me too21:09
inetprogood night21:09
magespawngood night all21:14

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